May 23, 2014

Friday’s Tease

Hey, happy Friday to you…

“I like that expression you’re wearing,” he said. “But there’s one I like better.” He wrapped his hand around the nape of her neck, slid his fingers into her hair to hold her where he wanted, and covered her mouth with his. When she gasped, he took full advantage, stroking his tongue to hers, kissing her until she’d plastered herself full front to him. Her arms had snaked around his waist and up under his shirt, where the touch of her fingers against his bare skin was sending currents of electricity out to every nerve ending he had, including the ones currently pressed against her

She blinked up at him, dazed, her fingers still fisted in his shirt at his back.

“There.” He smiled down at her. “That expression. That’s my favorite.”

What is that, you ask? A teasing excerpt of THEN CAME YOU.

then came you_front mech_CLO.indd

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  1. Holy reading!!!! I can’t wait for this one, I love your books.

  2. I pre-ordered this and CANNOT wait for it to come out! I have loved this entire series and will probably re-read it in order before this is released. July 1 is too far away!

  3. If her hands under his shirt touching his skin, how did they “still” fisted in his shirt?

  4. Oh wow, that sounds yummy — can’t wait!

  5. Wow! Sounds so nice and can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for the pleasure you give others, with your books!

  6. Now that the girlie parts are wide awake, off to work I go!!! Oh Jill, I can’t wait to meet Wyatt!! Hope you are feeling better and doc gave and all thumbs up!

  7. I just got all gooey inside…but touching his skin and ‘still’ fisting his shirt?

    Ya’ll have a ‘touchy bare-skin’ weekend.

  8. So hot!

  9. Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  10. That was hot! I get that title is highly accurate ;-)

  11. Counting the days till the release date

  12. OMG!!! I need fan to cool off after that tidbit. Thanks for sharing!! Hope the back is doing better!!

  13. Mine is pre-ordered. Yummy!

    Hope your back is doing better & you have a great weekend.

  14. Already preordered……but after that didn’t hurt to make sure.

  15. I LOVE this series, Jill. I’m so excited a new one’s almost here! Like waiting for a baby to be born! Thanks for the teaser!

  16. Love it!

  17. Looove it!!!

  18. Wow!!Awesomeness!! :-) :-) Definitely makes me want to read!!:-) :-) :-)

  19. OMG, this is the way yo heat up my day…

  20. …. And I need some water. Wow.

  21. WOW!!! You are such a tease. Can’t wait.

  22. July 1 is SO.FAR.AWAY. Why????

  23. Waiting until July is going to be difficult…….wow!

  24. WOW!!!! OMG, if that’s the tone then that book better come out soon!!!

  25. YUMMY!!!!

  26. I need more!

  27. Can Not Wait!!!

  28. Love it! Can’t wait.

  29. I preordered a long time ago and now just waiting for delivery on May 27th!

  30. You are such a tease! Great excerpt to make us want the book…now!!

    Have a great weekend.

  31. ** sigh **
    I sooooooo can’t wait for it!

  32. I love your books. Have a hard time being patient for the next book in the series. Your posts on FB are a hoot to read, as well. Between alpha man, your dogs, your kids and the bears – never a dull moment at you house!!!

  33. Wow, can’t wait to read it 😊

  34. Sounds great! Hurry Release Day, Please.

  35. Awesome excerpt. It’s on my TRL now. Thanks for sharing and teasing. :)
    Carol L

  36. Oh I can’t wait for the release! Already pre-ordered it! Hope you are feeling better! Have a great week-end!

  37. Love it.

  38. I cannot wait! He’s seriously alpha and hot!!

  39. This sounds great thanks,

  40. That. That’s the tease I like. LOL That was hot!

  41. Jilly, I love all of your books, but that cover….the dog is looking up her skirt!

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