May 21, 2014

A writer’s life

Sadie, exhausted after writing chapter four today.


Bless her heart…

Caption this pic. I’m drawing three names today, you will win whatever book from my list that your heart desires. :razz:

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  1. This is so cute. “Nap time! Writing is hard work! Especially after I shredded your first chapter!”

  2. Do you mind, I’m trying to sleep here!

  3. The glasses don’t help

  4. Sadie had to take over due to the abundance of dogs in Jill’s books. According to Sadie, Cats rule,dogs drool.

  5. “…and all of you thought Jill wrote her own books…ha!”

  6. Minerva McGonagall writing romance novels between transfiguration lessons!!!!

  7. I think I’ve got Car-paw Tunnel Syndrome after all that typing!

  8. She is BEAUTIFUL

  9. Look at me mum I am ready to read!

  10. Protecting my work….its secret stuf til I decide to share it

  11. “Excuse me, let me sleep. I need to get the creative juices flowing.”

  12. I really hate that I have to wear these glasses just to see my nails…

    (This is admitting nothing about my real life and reading glasses.)

  13. Okay Chapter 4 done that calls for a nap. Nighty night.

  14. He did WHAT to her?

  15. Darrrrrling, I’m simply too exhausted for your shenanigans. (Said in a snooty British voice of course)

  16. Dude, I’m toast.

  17. Where are the cookies?

  18. Really? If your going to embarrass me at least use the Groucho glasses.

  19. I live for the a-paws, a-paws, a-paws.

  20. Was it good for you, too? ;-)

  21. I have officially become and old lady cat :-)

  22. I’m exhausted. Need. Sleep. Now.

  23. You keep resting, Jill. I’ll start the next chapter in a few. Just need a little break to stretch the legs.

  24. And everyone thinks SHE writes the books…. [snooze. snore. mumble…]

  25. I am whipped, this writing is hard work. Obviously I need more cookies.

  26. I’m exhausted! After all my hard work that editor person better not try to change a word or I’ll scratch her eyes out!

  27. of course 4 chapters, what did you expect.

  28. leave me alone,I’m sleeping!

  29. “The Giving Tree: So brief– yet so profound! Must nap to assimilate wisdom…”

  30. It’s either the glasses or I sit on your keyboard to follow Man Wars. You decide.

  31. Lets just chill for a while, so I can get on board for another round of writing!

  32. Writing is such hard work. Nap time now. Wake me when it is lunch time.

  33. I can’t think of a better caption than yours, that she’s exhausted after writing chapter 4 today!!!!! That says it all.

  34. What do you mean it’s too early for the hero to get some sex??? How dare you. There is no way these two are getting a dog!!! It’s cats all the way!!

  35. I really need cookie power!!

  36. You want me to do WHAT?

  37. Aw nap time then back to writing!
    So cute

  38. I’m going to steal Jill’s manuscript AND her glasses. Serves her right for putting all those darn dogs in her books!

  39. purr…I’ve earned this nap!

  40. It’s been hard work looking for that mouse all day!

  41. “How do see out of these? ” Sadie wants to know.

  42. All wring and no play makes Sadie a tired girl!

  43. “I will get the next chapter from my dreams, give me 20 minutes.”

  44. Now where did I leave those glasses again?

  45. “I read until my eyes got blurry, then I got the glasses. In the end, books won but sleep cheated”.

  46. Overworked and underpaid. (But will work for treats)

  47. wheeew I over did it on the cat nip…..

  48. I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my brain!

  49. Now, Jill. If I have told you once I have told you a thousand times. You must simply must have more cats in your books!!

  50. Are you talking to me?

  51. Jill always gets the credit whilst I do all the hard work. I need a nap.

  52. “…and the tree was happy.” The end. Now, let me to my nap.

  53. “Time for much deserved and much needed cat nap.”

  54. Hugh Jackman is so sexy when he purrs :)

  55. “Yes, how may I help you?”

  56. Ahhh…Man Wars took everything I had today. I must take my cat-nap before resuming the next chapter.

  57. Why do these Humans think I need glasses? I can see purrrfectly fine.

  58. Ohhh jill you slave driver. I finally finished writing the book for you, now it’s nap time.

  59. Oh, too many different endings to choose from, need more cat nip to get through it all…

  60. I know you think you’re being cute…’re not.

  61. Oh how I hope it’s me!

  62. This was photoshopped! I would never fall asleep on the job!

  63. I do all the hard work, and “I Love Lucy” gets all the credit! She better buy me more cookies!

  64. I’m sooooooo tired….but I just want to read ONE MORE CHAPTER!

  65. Bring tuna, I’m exhausted.

  66. Just bring the catnip here. I’ll just wait for you…*falls asleep*

  67. Wrote so much, I can’t see straight. Wait…. maybe it is the glasses.

  68. That was ruff, and she thinks she works hard!

  69. I’ve got nothing…

  70. So many stories… little time. How will I every get them all down?

  71. “You don’t pay me enough for this…”

  72. Chapter 4 put to bed, now put me to bed…

  73. Dumbledore don’t let me drink that much butterbeer again!!

  74. Chapter 4 in the bag…now it’s time for my hourly cat nap.

  75. The things I do for catnip

  76. Mom, I need new glasses – these don’t fit.

  77. Writing that last scene just wore me out. I think I will take a cat nap.

  78. “My human simply doesn’t understand how difficult it is to hold down this desktop. Ahhh…the things I do for her!”

  79. I hate it when I fall asleep with my glasses on!

  80. Wow – that is what that really said.

  81. Writing (and reading) prevent catatonia.

  82. Humans!!!

  83. Do these glasses make me look sexy? Ah, who cares, I wanna nap!

  84. Its cat nap time

  85. You think you’re so clever with the glasses. But I know where you keep your pillow….

  86. Such hard work! How does Mom do it? Another Oreo, please.

  87. Just a little cat nap and I’ll be good I promise.

  88. Wish Jill would hire a proofreader!! This cuts into my naptime…btw…how do you like my glasses?

  89. Girl, you need to slow your roll.

  90. the first four chapters of the book-check… no it is time for me to take my fifth nap of the day before i go pester the dog!! :)

  91. Writing is so exhausting. I think ill nap :-)

  92. All this work has made me very tired.

  93. proofreading is a tough job, but somecat has to do it!

  94. All this hotness is exhausting!

  95. This writing stuff is exhausting. I need a nap!

  96. Maybe if I lay here and look cute while I pretend to sleep, she won’t ask me to write chapter 5 for her as well!!

  97. “I wish the hero would get laid already…his complaining is tiring”

  98. I’m Catwoman!

  99. Jill, now that I finally can see you better with my cool new glasses I really think you should stop eating all the cookies in the house!

  100. Jill had better list me as co-author on this one!

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