March 26, 2014

Hump Day

Hump Day should be Stay In Bed Day.


Would you agree?


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  1. Definitely!!! Especially with him! Mmmmm…snugly.

  2. With him, most definitely! Are you going to write about him? *Begs with puppy dog eyes!*

  3. I’d be there ready to spoon with him. very nice!

  4. Yup…but where is THIS guy when I need him?

  5. Where do you find these men? I never see them on my internet, or in real life!! You keep showing them and I’ll keep enjoying them!!

  6. Oh, I totally agree!

  7. I would definately stay in bed all day if I was sleeping with that hunk!

  8. Totally would stay in bed all day with him! I LOVE man wars!

  9. with him? Yes please!

  10. Oh yeah

  11. OH YEAH!!! With him anyday anytime…

  12. I wanted to stay in bed late today.

  13. Yes, definitely!!! Especially if he’s in bed with me.

  14. Excellent idea. I just returned from working out at the gym. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Yes, staying in bed is a very good idea.

  15. If he was in my bed? Uh, yeah.

  16. Absolutely and enthusiastically, yes!

  17. Stay in bed, with him, oh yea! Sleeping, no way!!!!


  18. Definitely agree. :P

    Also, MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS on being nominated for TWO RITAs! So very excited for you, Jill! You’re awesome. :D

  19. I would so call into work sick! No sleep just fun all day! Thanks for the visual!

  20. Yes!

  21. Especially if I can be next to him.

  22. Well, now I do. LOL

    Congrats on the RITA noms, Jill!

  23. Yummy :)

  24. looks good to me ahem I mean sounds good to me LOL

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