March 25, 2014

It is Tuesday right?

Because all day Sunday I thought it was Monday and now I’m all messed up.

ANYWAY, I have a question. If I was going to write a Lucky Harbor Christmas novella for this year — which I totally am — and I kinda sorta wanted to revisit one of the Lucky Harbor couples, which would be the one you’d want me to write about?

Let’s discuss…


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  1. Sawyer and Chloe. He and Jack are my favorites!

  2. Sawyer and Chloe

  3. Sawyer and Chloe but would love updates on Tara snd Maddie as well.

  4. Thats hard! Anyone would be good! But i love Tara and Ford!

  5. Let’s go back to the 3 sisters … where it all began!

  6. Back to the beginning!

  7. Sawyer and Chloe. My favs!

  8. Chloe and Sawyer

  9. I think going back to the beginning to any of the three sisters, or maybe somehow incorporating all three would be great. They’re still around from time to time, but it would be great to know what they are up to now. :)

  10. the first three books! and i think lucille needs a facebook page!

  11. The Beginning…Sawyer and Chloe…maybe the first three sisters.

  12. Ford and Tara!!!

  13. I would love to see a story about Ford and Tara.

  14. I love the idea of re-visiting the first three sisters, a troubled teen and Chloe and Sawyer (or any of the sisters) thinking about what trouble their offspring could get into!

  15. Sawyer and Chloe are my faves, and I was so excited that she was pregnant (though sad we missed out on the details ;)).

    I like the idea everyone has been suggesting, doing a story with the original 3 sisters. Maybe Mia and Nick are home to have their wedding and we can see the family?!?

  16. It’s a tie for me between Maddie and Jax, and Chloe and Sawyer. I loved them both so much, I’m not sure who I loved more. But anyone would be wonderful, because Lucky Harbor is AMAZING!!!

  17. Ford and Tara!!!

  18. I can’t decide! Definitely one of the three sisters tho!!

  19. Ford and Tara!

  20. Sawyer and Chloe!

  21. I hope this “novella” doesn’t mean just on e-book. I want real books please.

  22. too hard to choose

  23. I am DEFINITELY a Sawyer and Chloe fan — but ANY, or maybe ALL??? — would do!

  24. I would love to hear more about Amy and Matt or Chloe and Sawyer. They are my favorites! :)

  25. Somehow the 3 sisters that started it all. That would be the best!

  26. I’m with everyone else, the three sisters. If we can only have one couple, Tara and Ford.

  27. I think it’s time for Josh’s sister to find a love interest so we can re-visit Mallory, AMy & Grace & their hunky guys. We already had the sister’s when you did the one for Ford & Tara’s daughter. Ladies catch up!!

  28. I would love to read a follow up on Chole and Sawyer! Love your Lucky Harbor books!!!

  29. Sawyer and Chloe!! They remain my favorite couple (but it would be great to hear updates from all of the Lucky Harbor couples!)

  30. Tara and ford – did they have any more children? I need to know.

  31. I’d like to check in with Dr. Scott and Grace and the family (including the dog.)

  32. The 3 sisters where it all began. :)

  33. I know you asked about Lucky Harbor, but I would like updates on the Animal Magnetism series.

  34. My honest choice would be all of them, but definitely Sawyer & Chloe, with my second choice being Amy & Matt.

  35. Oh wow. I’d love to see what’s going on with Ty and Mallory or Amy and Matt. Of course, everyone can walk through the story for an update, right? Um…can it be an extra loooong novella? LOL

  36. I would like to see a follow-up story on the 2nd lucky harbor series. Ty & Mallory and Amy & Matt. Josh & Grace had an epilogue at the end where Grace was pregnant. I enjoyed Toby’s character & want to see how he is doing. Oh! also loved Riley’s character & hope she gets her own story :-) We did see a glimpse on the 3 sisters with Mia’s story.

  37. Any of the first 3. It has been so long since we’ve heard from them, although we did get a small update with Mia’s story.

  38. Like Sarah smith said, I want to know if Jack & Tara had more kids. I’m not usually a must have kids to equal HEA reader, but that was my big disappointment with Mia’s novella (learning they had not yet). My second choice would be Ty & Mallory. Or Sawyer & Chloe or Maddie and Jax.

  39. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CHLOE & SAWYER but have to agree that I want Josh’s sister to find love too! But she deserves a full-on story! BTW, we love your books here in Toronto, Canada. I can’t wait for the next 3 Lucky Harbour books.

  40. I don’t care which one, but I want to see one of those big, tough, alphas being brought to his knees by a newborn daughter. If he was a basket case throughout the pregnancy, all the better. But I do like the suggestion that people have made of going back to where it started – with the three sisters at the B & B.

  41. I would love to hear about grace and josh or amy and Matt!!!!

  42. Back to the beginning with the 3 sisters! Chloe & Sawyer would be good too! Too many decisions!

  43. Jack & Leah is what I would crave – I REALLY wanted to see and read more of them. But as an after thought a 2nd choice would be Luke & Ali. Or maybe a touch of both?

  44. Tara and Ford! Please more Tara and Ford!

  45. Amy and Matt!

  46. I would love Maggie & Jax or Chloe & Sawyer or Mallory & Ty or Amy & Matt. If you went back to the three sisters it could be a full christmas novel. Please !!!

  47. Maddie and Jax!! Or Ty and Mallory please.

  48. I think we need a novella for each trilogy. It would be great to catch up with all of our favorite couples! Even if you wanted to space them out, maybe do one every other year – I know they’d go over really well! You give us the word and I’ll put them on the top of my To Buy list right now :)

  49. Chloe & Sawyer would be my pick too!

  50. Sawyer & Chloe

  51. def. about Chloe and Sawyer

  52. a fantastic idea…a novella for each of the trilogies!

  53. Sawyer and Chloe

    Tara and Ford would be second – but you could have them in the background of Sawyer and Choloe’s novella (LOL.)

  54. Maddie and Jax! They started it all!

  55. Sawyer and Chloe!!

  56. I would like to see a full novel for Anna and one for Riley they both deserve to find some hunks of burning love!

  57. I would like to see Ford and Tara have another child. One they can watch grow up and see the “firsts”. But what a do miss is Lucille’s list of hot guys. The 6 books heroes were set up with the hottest guys list: Ty, Ford, Sawyer, Mystery Cute Guy, Ranger Hot Buns and Dr. Josh. But that went by the wayside with the 7th – 8th books. I’d like for Lucille to fire back up that list with some more Lucky Harbor cuties.

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