March 23, 2014

Monday’s Musings

On the flight home last night, I sat next to a cute guy. I told myself to try and act normal. And I totally pulled it off, until I dropped my cell phone in his lap. I had Alpha Man on the other side of me and when I slid him an “oops” look, even he couldn’t believe it. He said I need a sitcom. And I don’t think he meant it as a compliment…

What’s your latest embarrassing moment? I’m drawing two names who will win my NEXT book, THEN CAME YOU. :razz:


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  1. While visiting at the Grand Canyon, I put my arm around the guy next to me who as it turned out wasn’t my husband!

    • Cheryl That’s funny! I was at a friends house for her little girl’s birthday party and I was bent over to get my son out of his car seat when I felt a hand on my lower back, I seriously thought it was my five year old so when I turned around, imagine my surprise when it was her hubby. He jumped back so fast and was so red! He thought I was his wife and he was going to ask her why she was messing with the baby. LOL I laughed so hard. But I kind of felt bad for him because he was so embarrassed he couldn’t even look at me for the rest of the party!

  2. My Brother-in-laws girlfriend telling me about their sex life. LALALALALA I don’t need or want to know.

  3. Years ago I was picking my husband up from work and my son christopher who was around 4 years oold broke away from me and ran upbto this guy a complete stranger and grabbed him screaming daddy daddy. The poor guy had the look of a deer caught in the headlights. Like oh hell could this be my kid? Of course I had to apoligize. Seems he had a shirt and cap on very similiar to my husbands.

  4. I’ve been a little under the weather lately with pneumonia and a cold, but I had to travel this weekend. I fell asleep on the bus– only to be woken 30 min later by my neighbor across the aisle, who informed me I was snoring too loudly! :P

  5. i messaged someone else by mistake “oops” and that message wasnt good

  6. I was grocery shopping with my hubby on a rainy day. We were leaving and I walked up to his car and opened the passenger-side door. I was very surprised when I came face-to-face with another women who had her mouth stuffed with a hamburger. Amazingly, this wasn’t the first (or last) time I’ve done this, but it is the only time the car’s owner was there to witness. :)

  7. While I was making breakfast this morning I pulled a pan out of the cupboard and hit myself right in the face. Split my lip – blood everywhere. My husband says no one will believe he wasn’t involved until I reminded him this is the girl who trod on her own foot while playing badminton once.

  8. When I was 10, my Daddy said that he would buy me a bikini at KMart. We were traveling to California. I was so excited. I just about ran in the store, pulling everyone with me. I asked the lady where the bathing suits were, and she pointed and said, “over there in the little boy’s section.”

  9. You know how quiet a courtroom is, well I tripped knocking my cane, it fell making a loud noise. Now why I tripped, the lawyer left his bag on the floor I didn’t see it, you can imagine the noise I made trying to catch myself so I won’t fall. I just wanted to crawl in a hole. It was bad!!!

  10. Please tell me I didn’t miss a day I hate when that happens. Isn’t this Sunday the 23td? Lol.

  11. I had to take care of a patient one to one. He was in his early 30′s and ex marine. I was sitting waiting for him to finish his shower. The next thing I know, he walked out of the bathroom completely in the buff. Claimed he prefers to air dry. I spun around and turned all shades of red. Then he proceeded to ask if I was married because he was looking for a girlfriend. Said he had quite a lot to offer.


  12. There are so many . . . maybe the time I slipped on sand on a sidewalk coming out of a bathroom at a crowded beach and splatted right in front of a huge crowd walking behind me and they had to practically leap over me. It was lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My husband and I were in Lake Tahoe for New Years in 2000 with friends. We were engaged at the time. He was walking towards me with all our friends around, looking right at me. He stopped at my friend who was standing across from me and he pinched her ass! He thought it was me! The look on her face was hysterical and the look on his face when he realized it wasn’t me was priceless! That’s what happens when you mix alcohol on New Years Eve!

  14. It IS still Sunday, right???? I’ve messed that up often enough! :>)

    Sigh. I am such a klutz and often have ILL moments, too. My favorite one is when I tripped, managed a spectacular shoulder roll (a la stunt person, thank yew very much!) when a ladder and I were in the same room! This may not sound very funny but I am afraid of heights, I am not steady on a ladder, and USUALLY I fall when I try to climb one. This time? I just had to look at it. Do you know what kind of razzing I take when I shop with the hubs at Lowe’s or Home Depot???

  15. I was grocery shopping with my husband and since I’m on the short side he has to reach the upper shelves for me. I was straining to get something when he reached past me and grabbed the can and put it in the cart. I turned and patted his butt and told him he’d get an extra long backrub in bed that night when I realized the butt wasn’t my husband’s and the amused cutie (young enough to be my kid) just smiled and asked where he should show up for the massage. Dear husband was down the aisle oblivious to my embarrassment.

    • Amy, that story has me really chuckling! I am short too, so can easily identify with the situation.

  16. Getting lost – last to arrive. Honestly, I have no sense of direction (sigh).

  17. Going to my aunt’s Christmas party I slid on a patch of ice and fell. Hate being a klutz.

  18. what is even funnier… is Sunday.

  19. Is it Monday already? Lud, there’s a reason I hate Monday’s! It came a day earlier than I expected!! lol

    I rock at clumsiness….I tripped up the stairs in the middle of University commons where everyone could see. The worst part was my backpack took that momentum to swing up and clobber me in the head. So not only did a entertain the masses, I gave myself a concussion. *le sigh*

  20. We My husband and I were at our friends house for a BBQ cook-out. I was going inside the house for a drink refill, and ran smack dab into the glass door…right in front of everyone. It took me a second to realize what had happened, then I just bust out laughing. Of course everyone was asking if I was OK, which I was…*sigh*

  21. We were at a restaurant for my granddaughter’s birthday, and I spilled my drink all over the table–twice! So, so klutzy!

  22. While babysitting my nephew the other day he fell asleep on me, which was the sweetest thing in the world. Unfortunately, he fell asleep with a death grip on my bra strap and managed to pull it from it’s hook in the back. It’s a bit awkward explaining to your brother why you need him to take the baby for a minute so you can escape and fix your bra!

  23. Oh Lord, I’m such a clutz I’ve got a ton to chose from. One of the first is when I stepped on my shoelace and did a header on to the corner of a concrete step. Split my head open and had to get miltiple stiches. I’ve still got the scar and it happened more than 40 years ago when I was in Kindergarten. We were taking food to a drug rehab place for teen boys, so I was surrounded by then while I was screaming and bleeding. Not fun.

  24. when i graduated from college with my associates degree and the president of the school mispronouced my entire name

  25. Ok I’m going to say it…you do realize you posted this on Sunday and not Monday right? hehe

    Once a group of friends and I were emailing each other with a group email. Well this one particular instance, our discussion was about sex. Somehow our message got forwarded to my friends cousin who is a priest!!! lol VERY embarrassing!!!

  26. I told my boss “love you” when I was hanging up the phone.

  27. Last week I met the lecturer for one of my courses at uni. I’ve seen him around campus and he’s drop dead deliciously gorgeous. I spent the entire class trying not to make eye contact, and then at the end I was packing my books away and he complimented me on a debate point I made. I felt myself blush, then I giggled like a 13 year old, tripped over my feet and landed on my desk…taking out my bag, my books and my laptop and essentially landing at his feet. I don’t think I can ever step foot on campus ever again.

  28. OMG Jill… What did Alpha do? Inquiring mines what to know….lol
    Latest embarrassing…it totally was not my fault…it was at the eye doctors..ok you know when they say put your chin on here and your forehead against here..well I missed it..she had to lower it…ugh!
    Then she says so sorry…ok,fine..guess who she had before me?
    My dear Hubby we both had eye exams…she says your hubby is pretty tall…Yup he is 6’3…

    So Embarrassing…so nearly as falling out of a hammock but this was the most recent…

  29. Last year I took my daughter to a pediatric dentist for the first time. I had a hard time finding the office, only to realize that I ended at a pediatric Dr. Office instead……. The problem, I did not realize it until I was in the office talking to the Dr. , and wondering where the dental chair is. No wonder they looked at me crazy, when I asked for a toothbrush for my daughter at the front desk.

  30. I can’t talk to really handsome men…my face gets red and I just got nothing…usually they think I’m autistic or challenged…luckily I found myself my own hunky man so I can just not have to worry about talking to any of the rest of them😻

  31. Accidentally texted my male boss bitching about my period. It was obviously meant to go to my best friend. Oops. Sad to say stuff like this is pretty par for the course in my life

  32. I was running late for a hair appointment and dressing in a hurry. My room was a little dark while putting on my shoes. When I got to the salon, I plopped down in the chair breathing a sigh of relief only to look down to see that I had on two different shoes! The only thing they had in common was that they were both sling back sandals. I did everything I could after that to hide my feet.

  33. Probably the MOST embarrassing was when I accidentally canned my dentist. I was waiting for the freezing to take effect…….stretched my arms back and BAM….JJ’s hands, meet Hot Dentist’s whatchamallit.

    Of course, then I couldn’t stop laughing bc I’m such a dork. OMG.

  34. Now that I’m retired finally at 68 I no longer have embarrassing moments… I’m using my senior citizen card… I do really enjoy yours…and all your books…you keep me young…

  35. I tripped over a male stripper because I was trying not to look.

  36. Not the latest, but my most embarrassing moment happened years ago during an activity at the World Youth Day. We were asked to bring a token from our city/country so we could give it to a new found friend. As I was about to take my token out of my bag, out came other stuff including a sanitary napkin. It landed on the shoe of a guy standing next to me. I think he saw it first, and whem I looked at him, he looked away while trying not to smile or laugh. He wanted to pretend that he didn’t see it maybe to save me from embarrassment, but we ended up laughing anyway.

    Oh, also I tripped on the stairs of a department store and I can still hear the “ohh” and “aww”.

  37. My son was probably about 3 or 4 at the time and we were at 8 am church service where the average age was at least 65 and above for the most part and when the priest said peace be with you my son yells loudly “I have a penis too”.Of course it was fairly quiet when he did this,my husband starts trying not to laugh & smirk,I of course want the floor to swallow me up & there was an awful lot of choking in the pews around us.This of course is just one of many because like you they seem to happen often to me. :)

  38. I gave somebody directions. Whilst i was giving them i realised they meant another place. But i was to chicken to tell thema i was wrong. So basically i sent thema to the wrong part of town…

  39. Decided to try skiing and went SPLAT! Tried to get up but couldn’t move as the skiis didn’t come off and had to ask strangers for help. Did I mention I was on the bottom of the bunny slope?

  40. My husband was calling me a while ago (which he has a wonderful ringtone that says “warning its the husband calling”). When i answered i thought it would be cute to make a little dirty talk to him. To bad it was his FATHER using his phone to call me. Pretty sure i almost gave the old man a heart attack.

  41. I was at a softball tournament with my hubs. There was one portalet for everyone to use. It was way away from the field….Too far away to walk back and look for other options when I realized it didn’t lock. I stood outside for a minute to make sure no one was headed my way and jumped in. I was almost in the clear, until it stood up to pull up my pants just as my husbands buddy swung the door open wide! There I stood with my junk exposed!!
    He slammed the door shut, then whispered ‘no lock?’.
    I wanted to stay in there.

  42. My husband and I were at a birthday party in a large hotel suite, I had my head turned away listening to a conversation while I was discreetly playing with the seam of his jeans between his legs slowly moving up towards the front, he seemed to be enjoying it. I just happened to look over my shoulder in the other direction and there is my husband with some people he was visiting with watching me. I screamed and turned back towards my hand only to find my friends boyfriend and his friend standing there laughing at me. I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!! He told me afterwards, he wondered how long it would take me to notice that he wasn’t Jeff,cause I was making his knees weak! I have to say there were a few drinks involved.

  43. I was walking across the atrium at work one day – it was full of people milling about. I was new to the job. As I’m walking, I slipped and did a superman – flew straight out across the whole floor, first flying, then sliding, my bag contents going everywhere. No one helped me. They all just stared. Finally a maintenance guy came running and helped me. I almost died. One of my many falling moments.

  44. This isn’t embarrassing to me but it was for my husband. A few years ago around Christmas we were in Target (with our 2 older kids) just shopping around. We were in the boys section looking for jeans for my oldest son. Across the aisle in the home goods section there was an older couple…the man farted it was loud too (loud enough that we all heard it in the boys section). Without missing a beat I looked over at my husband and asked him (in a really loud voice), “Did you hear that man fart?” He was so embarrassed by my outburst that he took off running and ducking between the racks of clothes. Meanwhile I’m standing in the aisle with the kids laughing hysterically, tears rolling down my face. A little while later after I stopped laughing I went looking for my husband and asked him, “What was wrong?” He says to me, “You didn’t have to say it so loud.” I looked at him with a straight face and said, “Well the man shouldn’t have farted so loudly.” LOL. Years later we look back on that day and laugh, this is my favorite story to tell all of our friends.

    • Anna, this totally made me laugh. When we were much younger, we were at church and the person saying the prayer was really long winded. This old man in front of us farted a silent but very deadly fart. We were all gagging it stunk so bad. So my older brother stood up and yelled AMEN at the top of his lungs so we could leave. My parents were so embarrassed!!

  45. Well this happened yesterday. I was in the bathroom doing my business when my 9 yr old daughter burst into the room holding the phone. She said that her Poppy (her grandfather and my father in law) was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. I told her that I couldn’t talk right now as I was using the bathroom. She handed me the phone anyway and ran out. I answered “hello?” Poppy was laughing so hard and said obviously I was busy and he would call back later. I was not amused at the situation at all.

  46. I’ve had so many that I can’t recall the most recent one. I just chalk them up and move on.

    I can tell you what is probably my MOST embarrassing moment when my daughter was in Kindergarten (she’s now 24). I was volunteering for the PTA to staff the refreshments table at the 5th Grade Graduation and was also running for a parent seat on the SBDM (Site-Based Decision-Making) committee. The principal asked us all to come to the meeting so that she could introduce us before voting began.

    She didn’t introduce us until after voting was complete, which annoyed me at the time (since she specifically asked us to be there before) but was probably a good thing in the end.

    It was raining cats and dogs that night, and a large puddle was developing at the door where the parents came in. I kept telling the custodial staff that they needed to mop or put a rug down there before someone slipped. As you might imagine, my words were never more prophetic.

    What I hadn’t realized was that the drips off umbrellas had been carried out further into the room. I decided to make a quick trip to the restroom before the 5th graders were marched in, and right in front of the stage, I slipped in a puddle. My shoe flew off into the seats for the graduates and my dress, unfortunately, blew up over my back, displaying my panty hose and underwear to the crowd of parents. You could have heard a pin drop until one bold parent said, “Well, that was a flash shot.” Someone fetched my shoe for me, and I got up with torn hose and hobbled (because my knee was seriously torqued and hurt for about 3 months after that) to the restroom and back with as much dignity as I could muster. I had also jammed my fingers on my right hand, which turned purple pretty quickly, the knuckle of one of them remaining a size and a half larger to this day.

    Shortly thereafter, still before the students filed in, one parent stood at the refreshment table with his video camera pointed in my face, pretending to film the refreshments? Really, guy?

    I won the SBDM seat, but I suspect I wouldn’t have if they had seen my slip-and-fall prior to voting. So, in the end, the delay worked in my favor, but the humiliation still burns.

  47. As a previous poster commented, I too have too many embarrassing moments to recall when the most recent moment was, but I recall in college wearing my favorite slip on flats – cute ones with a tapestry fabric that just gave me so much class. I was walking back from class with some friends, chatting about how much rain we had gotten, when I accidentally stepped off the sidewalk into what would normally have been a grassy area. Unfortunately, due to all that rain we were discussing, it had become a mud pit, and my shoe decided it wanted to stay there, but the rest of my body kept going, landing me flat on my face in the mud. I had to walk the rest of the way back to my dorm (about half a mile) covered in mud with people staring at the mud monster… :)

  48. When in college I met my now husband in the cafeteria. I was leaving and he told his friend she has a cute a$$. It echoed in the domed cafeteria so about 2,000 people heard it.

  49. Hmmm, one of them? How about the time me and one of my friends went to the cinema. The movie was really loud, so I had to raise my voice and just then, the noise fell away so everyone (and I really mean EVERYONE) could hear my not so appropriate comment. Oops!

  50. The MOST embarrassing, but also quite funny (now), was when we bought a Xbox Kinect. We had it for approx. 45 minutes and I broke my ankle & really sprained the heck out of it by playing virtual hurdles. VIRTUAL. HURDLES.

  51. I guess mine would have been when my son was about four and we were in a crouded pet shop. There was a cat there with kittens. He was yelling at the top of his lungs Mon come and look at these little pussys. He got this name from my sister who always called her cats pussys. I kept telling him to hush and be quiet but he just kept yelling it. That was one of my most embarrassing times.

  52. Not sure if this is embarrassing or mortifying. I was send a confidential email that a priest at our church was being sacked or “transitioned to a new church.” I replied to the email with my opinion but some how forwarded it to most of the parents of the parochial school. Within minutes my inbox was flooded. Oops!

  53. When my husband and I were just married, we were playing horse. I was on his back and he reared up and I fell backwards on his ankle. Well, something snapped, and I had to take him to the emergency room. We were the talk of the emergency room that day. I have never been so embarrassed…

  54. On my first date with my husband I fell out while getting into his SUV and then dragged toilet paper on my shoe at dinner! But he still married me!!

  55. I can’t think of any that I would want to post on here. I love your stories.

  56. I’m not telling…don’t want to relive that horrible episode…not Lucy-like.

  57. I went to the store very early one morning. I thought I combed my hair until I caught my reflection in a glass as I was walking out. This was no simple bed head look. The bed was ON my head! My hair was literally ALL over my head. So embarrasing.

  58. Oh my… the first moment that comes to mind happened many years ago. My sister, her daughter (Chelle), and I were at the mall food court. My sister needed to go to the bathroom so Chelle and I picked out a table and sat down. All of a sudden, Chelle says “Aunt Diana, that baby [pointing, and loud, of course!] isn’t white!” I shushed her and she said, “Well, it isn’t!” indignantly because I had shushed her… I looked at the mother and, luckily, she was smiling… I love my niece with all my heart, but she really got me that day! ~LOL~ Sadly, about 10 years later, we lost her at 16 in a car accident. Life hasn’t been the same without her! She will be gone 10 years in November…

    • My sympathies on your tragic loss. It’s wonderful that she lives on in your heart and your memory, though.

  59. One day I was wearing a new pair of jeans for my day of teaching. Before the end of the first hour I knew I had a problem. They would not stay up!!! They kept slipping down. Realize that I have almost no butt & definitely no hips – but do have a bulging tummy. I had to teach holding up my pants most of the day until my daughter could come over to the school (15 miles from home) to bring me a paur of pants that I knew would stay on. It was a long morning!!

  60. At the moment I can’t think of anything that I haven’t posted before!! Lucky me, guess I haven’t done anything to klutzy or embarrassing recently!! I’m sure it will change.
    So did you get your cell phone back?

  61. There are two Friendly’s restaurants in our town. Someone pulled up to me in the mall parking lot, and I directed them to the one on Main St–forgetting there was one at the mall!!! oops!

  62. I got “caught” dancing in my car at a red light by a police officer.. Not only was I dancing, I was also singing along at the top of my lungs to “Call Me Maybe”!! He blipped his sire and when I looked over (hadnt noticed him before that) he an his riding partner were laughing their butts off at me.. I smiled, waved, turned 50 shades of red and tried very hard NOT to burn rubber when the light turned red! The worst thing is that my husband owns a tow business thus he knows all the cops in our area so he heard about it before I even got home!!!!!

    • Oops, should say when the light turned green!!

  63. I had just purchased a new sugar shaker and was walking from the store over to a restaurant for lunch when tripped on the brick in front of the restaurant’s windows landing flat on my face. All I could think about was not to break the new sugar shaker and kept it up in the air as I fell.

  64. The latest was this morning in the supermarket. The very nice guy who was stocking the potato chip shelves moved out of my way so I could pass with my cart…which I then immediately rolled over a bag of chips he had piled on the floor. Whoops. In my defense, I needed more caffeine. But I almost always need more caffeine.

  65. I was walking around Target for a while when I felt a breeze, looked down and noticed my fly was opened. I mentioned it to my daughter (early teens) and she said – oh yeah mom, I noticed when we first came in but I didn’t want to embarrass you! (No – not embarrassed at all flashing people for 1/2 hour!) Thanks for the give away!

  66. Falling flat on my face in front of a store full of people, really embarrassing at the moment.

  67. I just say you have an interesting life. I apparently snore quite heartily. The neighbors upstairs told my son they could hear me from their bedroom, snoring. I never told them I could hear them having sex every night. And I wore a headset to bed an listened to music or a movie every night until they moved. My says I don’t snore but my granddaughter said grandma’s deaf and can’t hear me.

  68. I was talking to someone at the grocery store and complimented her on her outfit. Then I asked her when she was due. You can guess the rest. (She wasn’t.)

  69. Today, I accidentally invited the wrong person to an instant message chat room for a work project. After a little while he typed, “Why am I here?”

    It did not become a philosophical discussion. :(

  70. I was cleaning out the inside of my car a few weekends ago and I had my iPod plugged in to the AV slot blasting the tunes from the car speakers. I stepped inside for a minute, which actually turned into five and when I came out, Rodney Carrington’s “Dear Penis” was playing. I rushed as fast as I could to change the song. The next one up was “The Lap Dance is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying” from Bloodhound Gang. I just opted to yank the cord out of my iPod and pretended to not see our neighbors loading their kids in their car less than thirty feet away.

  71. I didn’t have any kids of my own so I had gotten my nephew for the weekend he was about 2 1/2 and I took him to walmart with me. He was sitting in the buggy and I was looking at some purses and he used both hands and grabbed both my boobs. I smacked his hands and told him no in a very stern voice and this lady next to me got all mad and said your not a very good mom! Lol

  72. I sat at a meeting at work, offering very deep thoughts and ideas, only to find after the meeting that I had raccoon eyes. So happy I chose that day to speak a lot and have people look at me.

  73. This coming Wednesday when I’m giving a presentation. That’s always an opportunity for stress & embarrassment.

  74. I wish I had a good one because I’m usually a total clutz. However I don’t embarrass easily since I grew up with a father who used to skip anywhere we went while singing! You get over embarrassment real fast with a dad who is very young at heart! He has now taken up embarrassing my 3 young children and so have I ;)

  75. I walked into work and was standing at my male bosses desk, introducing myself to a new staff member, also male. I unzipped my coat, and took it off only to realize I also unzipped my sweater, and didn’t even know it until my bid turned fifty shades of red and said, um… ahhh…and pointed to my shirt. I was mortified

  76. Boss….not bid

  77. A few years ago I was flying back from Las Vegas and was on a big plane with the three seats in the middle. I was in the middle seat next to a friend on the left and a young mom with an infant on the right. A large screen was dropped down for a movie, I did not realize how close it was in front of me so when I stood up I hit my face on the bottom of the screen. I stood up so quickly that I hit across the bridge of my nose, completely knocked myself out. I fell backwards into the seats, half in mine and half across my friend. By the time the plane landed I had a nose that was so swollen and two black eyes.

  78. My sister usually has the better of the embarrassing stories which I’m thankful for but back when I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I am told that I was much like a drunken sailor, singing and calling out and making a fool of myself. To this day, no one in my family lets me live it down! Good thing that was before the times of smart phones at every corner!!

  79. One time I had to wear an outfit that I wore the day before to work the next day. I had planned to go home after a concert, but I ended up staying at my parents house, I live over an hour drive from my parents, so I did not have a change of clothes. But what was really was embarrassing was when I got home that night from work, my top was inside out…I could not look any one in the eye for the first little while at work the next day… Never did that again. Always kept a change of clothes in the car in case I decided to stay over night at my parents after that.

  80. At my college, the dining hall is right in the middle of a group of dorm buildings, right. Me and some friends were walking back to our dorm after breakfast one day and one of my friends hip checked me and I kind of did a foot over one foot trip yourself move and face planted on the cement, hands out palm down and everything like a kid on a play ground. And this water polo player – cutest guy in my dorm building – totally saw. Dieful.

  81. I was trying to give a raffle ticket to someone sitting several seats in from the aisle. I went down the empty row behind them, kicked over a ceramic travel mug someone left on the floor, and, when I leaned over to pick that up, I dumped the box of raffle tickets I was carrying on the floor.

  82. I had my girl scout troop wrapping presents for donations this past holiday at a local sporting goods store. A man had brought a box for them to wrap and walked away with it when it was finished. Later he walked by our table again on his way out. I noticed he had a wrapped present so I called out “Hey, nice package!” before I thought about what I was saying. He paused mid stride and just looked at me. When I realized what I said I turned many shades of red and my girls just busted up laughing at me! :p I was so embarrassed. haha

  83. Most of my embarrassing moments come when food hits the “shelf” that is my rather large rack. You’d think I never went to charm school (I didn’t)!!

  84. I once told a perfect stranger that he had a nice butt. I turned shade of red when I realized I spoken it out loud. He chuckle at me, said ‘thanks’ then smile at me. I walk away. I had to walk away.

  85. My most embarrassing moment happened in college. I remember walking late in class (it was in theater ) it was very quiet and all of sudden i heard soft whisperings i sat on my seat next to my friend asking what happened she told me that everyone was looking at my back because my skirt was caught up and i was flashing my undies. I felt mortified walking in that class every time.Now i double check my wardrobe.

  86. At work I had to answer the phone, you see I work at Marshalls and when I answered the phone I said thank you for calling TJ Maxx how can I help you, needless to say if wouldn’t have been to bad if I didn’t know who was on the other end but it was our GM thankfully he got a big laugh out of it.

  87. I am always embarrassing myself when I try to parallel park. It always takes me like five tries before I can get my car into the space and I’m always flushing red from embarrassment afterward because there’s always a line of cars waiting on me to finish so they can pass lol

  88. I was talking to our new neighbors about my kids and saying how oldest is at college studying Pharmacy. I made a comment how most Pharmacist I know are very arrogant, and that this will suit my daughter because she tends to think she is better than most! Well I asked the new neighbor what he does and he replies….Pharmacist! His wife just laughed and agreed with me!

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