March 20, 2014

Dog and cats

Update: winners are Valentina, Beth, Nancy, Gail, and Andrea T. Contact me with a few book choices, your addy, and print or ebook. :)

Original post:
Satan– er, Sadie strikes again. Here is Middle’s beloved “Dumbass” (don’t ask, just trust me that she earned this nickname) reduced to trying bribing Sadie off the dog bed with her favorite chew toy.


It didn’t work. Captain this pic and five of you will get a book from me!


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  1. Silly dog. Tricks are for kids.

  2. “why won’t he leave? I thought cats liked fish?”

  3. But Sata err Sadie I Freed Willy for you!

  4. Maybe if you bring me real fish!!

  5. “but Fratboy said the fish was her favorite”

  6. Moooommmmmm…..HELP ME!

  7. This fish is great….want some?

  8. Do I look like I play with toys, little boy?

  9. And claws come out in 3…2…1…

  10. You want me to do what?

  11. She decoyed me with a doggie treat first!!?? MOM!!!!

  12. But Mom…you said it was mine!!

  13. I thought all cats liked fish? Try it. I swear it isn’t rubbery!

  14. It’s a fish. Really. It just smells like dog slobber…because I drooled on it while bringing it to you.


  16. Move along dog, there’s no room here for you.

  17. Drat! i can’t smack her upside the head with my fish–the press is here…

  18. I guess I need a new bed. Preferably in another state.

  19. Mooooom! Sadie won’t share! I even offered her my fish.

  20. Another failed dumbass ploy for a superior kibble eating feline.

  21. Huh. It always works on Mom when I bring her her favorite cookie!

  22. I’m comfortable where I’m at, thank you very much!

  23. Oh PLEASE!!! Better dogs than you have tried (and I really mean better dogs than you…)!

  24. Mom I don’t want to share!Can’t you just buy her her own bed?

  25. Cats Rule and Dogs Drool, that’s just the way it is!!

  26. cat quoting Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon, what a ignoranimus.”

  27. I bring you this token of appreciation in hopes that I can share a little bit of that bed…

  28. I got this great gift for her and now she won’t even look at me. What do I do now?? I just got outta the dog house!!

  29. “I’ll trade you a fish for my bed!”

  30. But mom, she said she’d play fetch with me. I fetched and she stole my bed!

  31. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…. You know you want it!! Just pretend it’s Fratboy!! Come on, kitty!!!

  32. “But-but-but…This toy is sooo much better than the bed, Sadie. Please take my toy, I’m so sleepy.”

  33. These dogs are so dumb to think that they came outsmart the superior species with a fake fish! Now go away you make me lift my head ” I was in a deep comfy sleep on this great bed”

  34. Come on Sadie Mom said it was my turn. See she even said you can have this toy!! Please oh Please!

  35. Awwww, C’mon, see– it’s a fish.

  36. Who’s the Dumbass now?

  37. Wouldn’t you love this orange fish????? I will even bring it to you and keep your spot on the bed warm???? Please…..

  38. Puleeeze Dog… Not Happening…

  39. Last offer. My rope toy, rubber fish butt, and all my treats for a week. Now can I have my bed back?

  40. Yeah right…go dig in the yard or chase some squirrels, I got this😸!

  41. You are so not getting this bed no matter what you try. I was here first

  42. But Sadie, look! It squeaks! C’mon, I’ll even toss to you…

  43. I AM the Queen of this castle.

  44. Look at this juicy fish. I’ll trade the fish for the bed.

  45. But but but, its a fish and its my FAVORITE! MOOOOMMMM!

  46. “Keep movin’ Dumbass, nothin’ to see here”

  47. …but, but you said you’d give me back my bed if I brought you my toy and I did as you asked.

  48. If you think I’m leaving this bed in front of this toasty fire for a plastic fish you are a dumber Dumbass than anybody ever imagined.

  49. No use trying to use bribery to get me to move, even some big tomcat with catnip is not getting me off this bed…

  50. Oh great she’s got the camera out again now my shame will be posted for all to see and laugh on her blog….this isn’t over Sadie

  51. What do you mean..this is your bed? I don’t think so.

  52. “Dear Kitty, I haz a fish?”

  53. Help!!! It did not work and I want my bed back.

  54. Yeah right. So not happening Dumbass.

  55. Just keep walking Dumbass, I could care less about that thing in your mouth…I’m nice and cozy on this nice big bed…

  56. Mom, it’s no fair…I was there first! Sadie won’t even take my favorite toy to move. Can I hit her with it? Please?

  57. Hey, want to go raid the kitchen, I know there’s more of this stuff and some other great treats that Mom hasn’t opened yet. I could help you get to them.

  58. “Hey you, Dumbass”!! “Yeah you”!! “You dummie”!! “Bring me the “real” stuff!!! “Real fish”!! “Not the fake stuff”! “If you do then “maybe” I will let you have the bed”!!

  59. But I thought cats LIKE fish! Why didn’t it work???

  60. Damn! I knew I should have gone with the wine and chocolate but noooooooo Fratboy insisted this rubber tuna works every time.

  61. Time to pull out the big guns. Where’s the catnip?

  62. You take mine then I’ll take yours.

  63. Not fallin for it … Dumbass!

  64. How about a trade? Your toy for my bed?

  65. Mom….Let’s make a trade here…..I’ll give you the fish and you give me the bed……..pretty please with sugar on top!

  66. where’s sissy? i’ll go find sissy she love me, she cuddle with me

  67. My Queen, I bring you a fish in the hopes I could trade it for my bed?

    You brought me a fake fish covered in dog slobber? REALLY? Did you really think I would fall for that? Silly, stupid dog! Bring me a big, fresh real fish from the lake & maybe then we can negotiate.

  68. Just call me Putin!

  69. The Queen on her throne!

  70. ” I’ll just take my toy and go sit over there….”

  71. Please Mom! Make her move. I’ll even share my favorite toy with you. It’s just a little slobbery.

  72. I’m not moving for a dumb toy!

  73. Dumbass: “Loaded this sucker up with Catnip…now we’ll see who the Alpha-Dog is in this house!!

  74. Mom, it’s not fair. I knew you loved her best :(

  75. Pleeeeease, move. I need to warm up. I just came in and my butt is cold.

  76. LOL! That is great!!! no caption-terrible at that–just wanted to say thanks for the pic!!

  77. She’s a cat, of course she’ll fall for the fake fish and get up to eat it, right.

  78. Move along Big Boy!! Just keep moving and no one gets hurt…

  79. Come play with me! When Sadie moves I’ll grab my bed!!

  80. Dumbass: “Can I have my bed back now?”
    Satan– er, Sadie: “No.”
    Dumbass: “But, I brought you your toy. ”
    Satan– er, Sadie: “No.”
    Dumbass: “Please???”
    Satan– er, Sadie: “No. Go away. You’re disturbing me.”
    Dumbass: [Whines and slinks away in shame and humiliation]

  81. “You know I rule this house so just back off DA!!”

  82. Hey, Sadie! Look! Mom’s in the next room giving away toys and treats! Go see her. I’ll keep your spot warm. Promise!

  83. Trade ya!

  84. Cats rule-Dogs drool….

  85. Here Kitty Kitty. I have a treat for you.

  86. Can I pay you to get off my bed??? I want to sleep

  87. That will teach you to mess with ME!

  88. That’s a start Dog. Now go fetch me my catnip!

  89. Outsmarted…again!

  90. Here kitty kitty!

  91. You’ve got to be kidding! I’m comfortable!

  92. Every home has it’s ups and downs…Sometimes ups outnumber the downs… but not when Satan is here. (Singing sadly to the tune of Disney’s Robin Hood)

  93. That is my bed, get off and I will give you back your fish

  94. Mom, I tried being nice… Make her move!!

  95. My finest gift I bring pa rum pum pum pum
    To lay before the cat pa rum pum pum pum

  96. Here, kitty kitty!

  97. “No way am I moving. Take your slobbery thing away.”

  98. Do I look like I’m leaving this nice big bed anytime soon, I don’t think so!


  100. Here comes Frat boy! Don’t worry Sadie, I’ll save your fish!

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