March 13, 2014

Strangers Kiss

This was silly and cute and sexy, and made me think of romance novels.


So here’s my question. Could you kiss a stranger?


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  1. I think if the moment is right anything can happen. Hopefully he is hot ;-)

  2. Depends on the type of kids and the stranger. Wouldn’t want to French a stranger :)
    In Germany they have a festival type thing where a woman can walk up and kiss any man she wants and they cut their ties lol

  3. I meant kiss lol

  4. That would depend on what he look like. Shallow but true.


  5. Why not? :) Most of the people that meet in clubs are virtual strangers and they end up kissing.

    And now for the spoiler part: The viral video, directed by Tatia Pilieva, is actually an advertisement for a clothing company. And people in the video are actors, musicians and models. But the idea was good :)

  6. Nope. Happily married, so that wouldn’t go over too well. ;)

  7. Before I was married I would have…

  8. I love this video, it did make me think of romance novels too. I was skeptical that these were strangers, because one of the actresses I noticed was from All My Children, a soap opera. I would think that if someone asked me to kiss him, I would be too shy to say yes. I don’t have the nerve to just walk up to someone that I don’t know and kiss them.

  9. I have, accidentally. I fell for the old, “Can I have a kiss on the cheek?” Trick. :p

  10. I love this video! I think I could kiss a stranger, it the moment was there and just screaming at me to do it.

    It definitely made me think of your books! :-)

  11. If I weren’t married, and there was a physical attraction, I think I could. Maybe it seems a little shallow, but I don’t know that I could kiss someone whom I don’t find attractive. But isn’t that where all relationships start, with that instant realization that he/she is pretty?

  12. Some of those were really sweet and some were super awkward, but what a concept! I’m not really sure that I could do that, but it may, in fact, be easier to kiss a stranger than some of the people I know.

  13. If I was somewhat attracted to the person I could.

  14. Line up about twenty of your Monday make believe boyfriends and SIGNED ME UP. I’d be in kissy-face heaven.

  15. If I was attracted then definitely! For some reason I want to say it may be easier than kissing someone you’ve spent more time with as well as more intense in my opinion.

  16. Not as well as some of these couples did!

  17. No no no, a kiss is something really personal and is something only to be shared with someone really special

  18. If there was some kind of attraction I could but not with all the French stuff….

  19. Neat video. Some of the couples were hot and others just a bit awkward!I think it would depend on the circumstance and the stranger ;)

  20. yes, it might actually be easier than someone you know. No sticky emotions involved at first. But it would help if they were hot. And not in front of a camera, NO cameras.

  21. Yes, if there was some sort of attraction to the person. Have a great weekend!

  22. I would require dental records first. That ruins the moment ey Lucy?!!!

  23. I have kissed a stranger, it was on New Years Eve.. But then again I was a little tipsy…

  24. If I wasn’t about to get married and I was single…Definitely!! I love this video…I love kisses in general I think they are so sweet!

  25. No, too personal of a thing. I need to know the person at least a little first.

  26. Probably not!

  27. If they look like the men you post on your fb page THE Hell YES!!!

  28. No, I could not. I like to know with who am I swapping spit with and if they have great hygiene. I mean, they could of just threw up in their mouths.

  29. At first I was going to say, no, because I think a kiss should be a personal and intimate exchange. However after thinking it through, I’d have to say maybe if I was attracted to the person, then yes I would. After all, aren’t all couples strangers at the beginning of a relationship?! BTW, cute video! :-)

  30. Maybe in young days but I don’t think I could today. Fun video to watch tho.

  31. Absolutely, as long as I was at least moderately attracted to them. When I pledged a sorority we had “kissers” waiting for us on the lawn that we went down the line and kissed. Now I’d be thinking colds, flu, stomach bugs…but at 18 it was all in good fun (and some were definitely better than others)

  32. Love the video! I don’t think I could, I’m too shy.

  33. Yes, and I have before. A kiss can tell you a lot, if you kiss and feel nothing you move on, but if that kiss makes you feel something, you’ll want to get to know the person.

  34. If it was the Right stranger!

  35. They are always strangers until the first kiss. Then we decide if they should stay as such

  36. I’ve never been keen on kissing strangers and to this day will make sure my husband and I are home before midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, there is always that exception. When I was young, single, and cute, I worked as a “booth babe” at trade shows, handing out literature and selling my company’s products to store buyers who were mostly old guys. On the first day of a show, one younger guy kept coming back to our booth to the point where my boss was teasing me about my new boyfriend. This guy was HOT, like Robert Redford gorgeous. At the end of the day, he asked me out for a drink. There was a memorable liplock in the hotel bar. We ended up together for a while but no HEA as neither one of us would relocate. After him, I reconnected with my college sweetheart and we’ve been happily married for 30 years. :)

  37. Uh, no…

  38. Interesting video. Some couples were much better than others! I saw a bit of this on the news last night so knew in advance something about it. Kind of fun. Could I kiss a stranger? I think I did in my much younger years!! You are so right, this does make me think of romance novels where people meet in all kinds of ways for the first time. :-)

  39. I love that the video I shared with you started a blog entry!! :) And, yes, I could kiss a really, really hot stranger. He would have to be close (within 10 years?) to my age though. Really young or really old- not so much. Thanks Jill!

  40. Well… would depend on what the stranger looked like!! And if he’d really want to kiss a woman who’d been married 42 years!!!

  41. I have, In my early twenties I was a party girl and I love kissing.

  42. No, I couldn’t!!

  43. Great video but nope…don’t think I could!

  44. Nope!

  45. I was so drawn in by this video; I’ve seen it several times already, as it’s been posted by a number of people on my Facebook wall. Some of those couples just really seemed to… connect! ;)

    For myself, I don’t know if I could kiss a total stranger. I’m thinking that in this scenario people were vetted a bit. Maybe I read too many crime novels and watch too much Criminal Minds, but I can’t help but think a random person on the street could be a psychopathic murderer. I’m not sure I could lose myself so deeply in kissing someone I don’t know…

  46. Even if I wasn’t completely in love with my husband, I still would not be able to do it.

  47. Can I pick him and is there tongue involved…

  48. On the cheek

  49. Well on a first date you are basically kissing a stranger. So yes I would.

  50. I know! I agree! I saw this yesterday and enjoyed it! They had a choice of whether to participate or not…;)

  51. I’m married so no. If I was single, I might. I would probably need some liquid courage though.

  52. Hmm…not sure.

    You should watch the parody of this video on College Humor. The video is on YouTube, “20strangers give each other hand jobs”

  53. There is also a dog sniffing and a Chelsea Lately parody of the video. :)

  54. I did once. The Sax player in a band.
    No regrets

  55. No. Kissing can be very intimate and I don’t want to share that with a complete stranger.

  56. I’m not sure. But to me a guy that does the face hold before a kiss is sexy. Jill you do that great in your books.

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