March 12, 2014

Name that excerpt!

You know the drill, tell me the name of the book this excerpt came from. Bonus points if you let us know if you’ve read it yet or if you’re cheating. But no worries, cheating is allowed. Go.

She got a look at the man she’d inadvertently drenched and stopped breathing. Oh, God. Had she really thought her day couldn’t get any worse? Why would she tempt fate by even thinking that? Because of course things had gotten worse. They always did.

He slowly stood up from his barstool, dripping vodka from his hair, eyelashes, nose… He was six feet plus of hard muscles and brute strength on a body that didn’t carry a single extra ounce of fat on him. For the past five years, he’d been in and out of a variety of Third World countries designing and building water systems with the Army Corp of Engineers. His last venture had been for the Department of Defense in Iraq, which Aubrey only knew because Lucky Harbor’s Facebook page was good as gospel.

He swiped his face with his arm, deceptively chill and laid-back.

In truth, he was about as badass as they came.

She should know, she’d seen him in action. But she managed to meet his gaze. Cool, casual even. One had to be with Ben, the man could spot a weakness a mile away. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Are you?”

She felt herself flush. He’d always seemed to see right through her. And she was pretty sure he’d never cared for her. He had good reason for that, she reminded herself. He just didn’t know the half of it. “Yes, I am sorry,” she said. Her heart was pounding so loudly she was surprised she could hear herself speak. “Are you okay?”

He ran his fingers through a sexy disorder of sun-streaked brown hair. His eyes were the same color, light milk chocolate marbled with gold caramel. It was hard to make such a warm-colored gaze seem hard, but Ben managed it with no effort at all. “Need to work on your aim,” he said.

I’ll draw three random winners tonight so check back. And happy Hump Day. :twisted:


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  1. Once in a lifetime. I loved this part!! Lol

  2. Once in a lifetime! It’s on my list. Reading Get a Clue right now though :)

  3. Once In a Lifetime! That scene was funny!!

  4. Once in a lifetime! Loved it :-) just re-read it again.

  5. Once in a Lifetime! Read it and loved it! :)

  6. Starting this book today! It’s Once in a Lifetime!

  7. once in a life time, read loved it, will most likely reread it again. also can’t wait to hear the further stories from lucky harbor <3

  8. It’s from Once in a Lifetime, and I’ve read it. :) Have a wonderful day!

  9. Once in a Lifetime! I haven’t read it yet but tomorrow is my birthday and I’m taking the day off. I think I’m going to spend my day reading this book!

  10. HA! Once in a Lifetime! No cheating necessary– I finished it within 48 hours of its release. Hehe. :D

    LOVE IT.

  11. Once in a Lifetime. Read it on my vacation

  12. Once in a Lifetime. I haven’t read it yet, it’s sitting on my night stand patiently waiting on me :)!!! I know that once I read it, I will have to wait for your next release. So I try to hold out as long as I can ;)!!!

  13. Once in a Lifetime! I read it the week it came out! Great book and great series!

  14. Once in a Lifetime! I am halfway thru it!

  15. Once in a Lifetime. Loved it!

  16. Once in a Lifetime…preordered it and read it right away. It was great. Cannot wait for more :)

  17. Once in a Lifetime! Love it!

  18. ONCE IN A LIFETIME…page 5-6.

  19. Once in a Lifetime! I didn’t have to cheat since I downloaded and read it when it was released!

  20. Once in a Lifetime. I’m almost finished with the book. :)

  21. Once in a lifetime! Finished in one day and loved it!

  22. Once in a Lifetime, just got it in the mail, going to start reading it today!

  23. Once in a Lifetime, just finished reading it…loved it!

  24. Such a great part of Once In A Lifetime! Loved it!!!

  25. “Once In A Lifetime”. On Chapter 10 right now and LOVIN’ IT!!! Love this series so much. Thank you for writing it!

  26. Once In A Lifetime…read it the day it came out, loved it!!

  27. Once in a Lifetime – Loved it!

  28. Once I a Lifetime … and I am cheating because Amazon screwed up my order and I am still waiting … they we going to deliver it in May, can you believe it … May, so I cancelled my order with them and it is in the mail from Chapters/Indigo. It will be the first thing I read when it arrives … until then I live vicariously through others and the blog!

  29. Once in a Lifetime. Read it, LOVED it.

  30. Once in a Lifetime! So close to starting it- it is waiting for me on my ipad!

  31. Once in a lifetime. I read it last weekend and loved it. It is my new favorite Lucky Hatbor book.

  32. Once in a Lifetime and yep I read it the day it came out!! It was so good!

  33. Once in a Lifetime – Read it the day it was released.

  34. It’s from Once In a Lifetime. Loved this book!!

  35. Once in a Lifetime!

  36. Once in a Lifetime. Lucky Harbor series just keeps getting better!

  37. Once in a Lifetime. Haven’t read it yet waiting for it at library. Should be in soon. I hope!

  38. Once in a Lifetime! Ben and Aubrey!

  39. Once in a Lifetime. Reading it now.

  40. Once in a lifetime poor Ben

  41. Havent read it; cheated – LOL – Once in a Lifetime. Cannot wait to read it.

  42. Once in a lifetime. Loved it.

  43. Once in a Lifetime. Set to read it this weekend!!! Figured it out because that was the teaser in the last book.

  44. Once in a Lifetime. Haven’t read it…yet.

  45. Once. In a lifetime, which I’m rereading, my last two books not Jill’s and I need a lucky harbor fix❤️

  46. Once in a Lifetime. I can’t get it until the first of the month when I get paid. I really like all the Lucky Harbor books.

  47. Once in a Lifetime. Fabu Ben and Audrey! I preordered and started reading it the day it was released! I believe Ben is my absolute fav!

  48. I’m guessing “Once in a Lifetime”. I’ll admit it, I haven’t read it yet but I have it in my TBR pile! :-)

  49. Once in a Lifetime

  50. Once in a Lifetime, yes I read it and I didn’t even have to cheat ~ recognized it from the first sentence!

  51. LOL. I just finished it last night. Once in a Lifetime. Loved the ending.

  52. Once in a Lifetime – Ben and Aubrey’s story. Poor Aubrey can’t seem to do anything right, even though her intentions are good. Love it!

  53. It’s Once in a Lifetime.

  54. Once in a Lifetime. :)

  55. Once in a Lifetime!Have a wonderful week.I enjoy reading your books.

  56. Once in a Lifetime. And not yet, but I love this excerpt!

  57. ONCE IN A LIFETIME! Love this series!

  58. Once in a Lifetime. I have it at home and it’s the next one on my list to read! Can’t wait!!!

  59. Once in a Lifetime. Finished it last week!!

  60. Once in a lifetime? :) I haven’t read it yet :(

  61. Once in a Lifetime- great addition to this series!

  62. Once In a Life Time. I finished reading the book on Sunday night. Totally loved the book. And my personal favorite was the comments about Lucille getting banned from facebook for inappropriate pictures. I cracked up on that one.

  63. Once In a Lifetime….. Great book! I love that your male characters have depth as well!

  64. Once In a Lifetime – Read it and loved it!

  65. Once in a Lifetime : Aubrey threw her drink at exboyfriend Ted who ducked & it hit Ben.
    Of course I read it :-) Reading Room Service right now :-)

  66. Once in a lifetime! It’s in the beginning of the book and i know this because i read it :)

  67. Once in a Lifetime and I’m reading it right now! I bought it yesterday at Target. :)

  68. Once in a lifetime

  69. Once In a lifetime!! Loved this book!! Actually I love the whole series!!

  70. Once in a Lifetime. Haven’t read it yet, trying to be a goooooood girl and read my review books

  71. So easy, that’s Aubrey and Ben from Once in a Lifetime. Such a great scene!

  72. Once in a Lifetime

  73. Once in a Lifetime. Haven’t had the pleasure to read it yet. I’ll get to buy it next week!

  74. ‘Once in a lifetime’ and I have not read it ‘yet’!

  75. Totally cheating here. Real life is getting the way of reading. Once in a Lifetime.

  76. Once in a Lifetime, no I haven’t read only on book 5.

  77. Once in a Lifetime. Had it read within 48 hours of its release.

  78. Once in a lifetime.

  79. Once in a lifetime, of course ive read it! Ive read them all….but ford is still my favorite! :(

    • Lol…that was supposed to be :) stupid smart phone is clearly not so smart!

  80. Once in a Lifetime, just started

  81. Once in a Lifetime :) I am cheating because I haven’t read it yet…but I totally want to so pick me!!

  82. Once in a Lifetime. Ben…sigh…

    Read it, loved it!

  83. Once In A Lifetime! Read it…LOVED it! And passed it on for friends to enjoy!! :)

  84. Once in a Lifetime! Read it, loved it, will probably read it again! :-)

  85. Once In a Lifetime. Read it the first day it came out! Love it!!

  86. Once in a Lifetime.. I haven’t read it yet.

  87. Once In A Lifetime and yeap I’ve read it.

    This is where Aubrey threw her drink in his face before knowing who the man was.

  88. Once in a Lifetime! Loved it…Ben I’d do yummy and broody–my favorite combo!

  89. Once in a Lifetime and yes I have read it

  90. Once in a Lifetime. I read the book the week it was released.

  91. Once in a lifetime, no I haven’t read it but want to read it

  92. Once in a Lifetime! Read it, Loved it.

  93. Once in a Lifetime. I couldn’t put it down once I started.

  94. Ben and Aubrey. Once In A Lifetime. Pre-ordered and read it the day it was released.

  95. Once in a lifetime. Read it in 1 night, I loved it and couldn’t put it down.

  96. Once in a Lifetime!! I love Aubrey, I just started it and made it to chapter 2 or 3 but Aubrey is one of my favorite people from the books so far :)

  97. ONCE IN A LIFETIME. I’m waiting for a copy from the library. Long list of holds. Thanks for entertaining us with your stories!

  98. This is the book that started me reading all of your books. Once in a lifetime

  99. Once it a lifetime…read it and loved it!

  100. Once in a Lifetime!!! Read it twice. Loved it!!

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