March 11, 2014

Today’s Tidbits

We had a little celebration this past weekend after my publisher sent me a bottle of champagne to celebrate ONCE IN A LIFETIME. Mine’s the glass with the ice cube in it. Classy, I know… :)


I’m not a big drinker, so it didn’t take long for me to be VERY happy. The rest of the evening is a blur but I’m told by Alpha Man I had a GREAT time. :lol:


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  1. Congrats on “Once In A Lifetime”!

  2. Congrats! It was a great book! One of my faves in the series! :)

  3. You deserve it! Great book – I loved it. I have a crush on Ben. You look like you are already having a good time!

  4. It was a great book.

  5. Congrats! And what a way to celebrate!

  6. Congratulation! Hope your head doesn’t hurt! You are well deserving of many bottles of champagne and boxes of cookies!

  7. Congrats & well-deserved as usual.

  8. Dunking cookies in champagne makes everything bubbly. So happy you were SO happy! Congrats.

  9. Congratulations!!

  10. Love your books and your blog. I stopped by for what was supposed to be a minute or two, now I have to hustle to make it to work on time. Thank heavens for an understanding box. Have a truly great day.

  11. Congratulations! Thank you so much for writing such great books. Keep them coming!

  12. My husband tells me I’m a cheap date. No tolerance for alcohol. I am funny to watch. I’m a happy lush.

  13. Congratulations! Great Book.

  14. HaHa too funny. My mom does the ice cube in the wine. Congratulations on Once in a lifetime.

  15. How awesome!!Well deserved!

  16. Congrats!! You definitely deserve it!!

  17. You deserve it! By the way, what do you do when you’re VERY happy? :-D

  18. $165/bottle and you put an ice cube in it? Hookay ….

    Congrats on the honor. And thanks for the book. Now if we can just upgrade your wine tastes!

  19. Congratulations , ya when your not much of a drinker it doesn’t take much , at least you had fun!!!!!

  20. I just finished reading it and loved it! I think Ben is my new favorite, until the next book at least 😉

  21. Congrats. I have never had “The Dom” as we call it, what did you think?

  22. Congrats! Well deserved.

    I had a bottle years ago – an anniversary gift from our friends. I did not know what all the hubbub was about it; but then I am not a champagne lover. But the thought was VERY nice. I was happy to get the chance to try it – I would rather have a chocolate ice cream soda. LOL.

  23. Congrats Jill…you deserve it…Once in a Lifetime was my favorite..,Smilling….😃,,,Hugs to you…

  24. I am almost finished it and I don’t want it to end….. Ben has charmed my heart…

  25. Congrats Jill. I just finished it and I loved it.

  26. Congratulations on your totally deserved success. Once in A Lifetime is one of my very favorites in a long list of favorites from you.

    I don’t know how you stay so pretty with all the cookies either. It must be the inside coming out to the outside, so to speak.

  27. Congrats! Cookies and bubbly= a fabulous way to celebrate your amazing book! :)

  28. Congrats on Once in a Lifetime!!!

  29. I’m sure you did. Congratulations. I’m still reading it and I love it. I really don’t want to finish!!

  30. Congratulations! Well deserved Jill!

  31. What, no strawberries? Congratulations.

  32. Congratulations!! Sounds like a fun celebration to me! :-)

  33. Your publisher sends good champagne!! Glad to know that you had a great evening.
    Congratulations! Once in a Lifetime was a most enjoyable book to read. Loved it!

  34. Congratulations. Very nice bottle.

  35. Great job, Jill. Congrats! ~ You should celebrate more by releasing Then Came You early. just a suggestion.

  36. I’m what my mother called a cheap drunk! I do not drink, usually, but when I do bubbly is my choice. Nice gift!

  37. Champagne gets me every time. I don’t normally drink carbonated drinks but I think that’s what makes it so lethal. Congratulations!!!

  38. LMAO. Glad alpha man enjoyed you er….it. 😄

  39. Just getting ready too read that. Went looking through my tablet library got something to read and started to read Lucky in Love, sorry but I forgot what it was about. End up reading it all over again!! Just love that story.

  40. Which means Alpha Man had a great time as well! ;-)
    Congrats! I loved that book and cannot wait for the next one!!!!

  41. Congrats! And not just champagne, but Dom! You deserve it!!!

  42. Congrats!!!!! Enjoyed the book–great story!

  43. Congrats – very well deserved – great pic!!!!

  44. Always nice to know when you have a great time!! :)

  45. Congrats!!!

  46. Congrats, you deserve a little celebration to yourself for writing great books.Agatha

  47. Congratulations!! And don’t feel bad, I always drink my champagne with ice in it too!! lol I like it to be cold.

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