March 10, 2014

Today’s funny

Trust me, you just gotta wait and see the end.

Hee. Happy Monday. And hey, whatcha all reading? Inquiring minds wanna know.


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  1. I’m so ready for spring and baseball season I’m re-reading all my baseball books, including Double Play, Slow Heat, and Squeeze Play.

    • I hear ya, am looking forward to baseball season too. Go Dodgers!

      And I am reading a Bella Andre book on my kindle – One Perfect Night.

    • On my wish list – glad to hear it was vg.

  2. I’m reading Victoria Dahl’s So Tough to Tame. Pretty good so far.

  3. Funny…Sexy.
    Am reading N.Roberts’ Three Sisters Island trilogy.

    • I love that trilogy and it’s one of my favorites.

  4. That was funny!! I am reading Cider Brook by Carla Neggers.

  5. Great video!

    I just finished The Day He Kissed Her by Julianna Stone and starting Concealed in Death by JD Robb.

  6. A friend just sent me this one too.. OMG it is so cute… I am reading a book called Once in a Lifetime by an author called JILL SHALVIS..

  7. Funn! I’m Reading Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee.

  8. Very funny!!! Thanks for the laugh on a cold Monday morning!!!

    Just read RUMOR HAS IT last night…

  9. Very cute!

  10. Finishing Bella Andre Come A Little Bit Closer, A Sullivan Family book and EAGERLY awaiting Kindle publishing of Harper Sloan’s latest Uncaged, a Corps Security book. Talk about HOT Alpha’s!

  11. Marilyn pappano aman to hold on to. Loved it.

  12. Virginia Kantra’s 3 rd in Series “Carolina man.”

  13. So hilarious. Just finished and loved, loved, loved Once in a Lifetime. Thanks!

  14. What She Wants by Sheila Roberts

  15. The Misremembered Man by Christina McKenna

  16. Cute! Reading “The Rosie Project”.

  17. Married by Monday, Catherine Bybee. Just finished the Wife by Wednesday.

  18. Gotta love that ad. Still on Once In A Lifetime. Not much reading time the past few days. Loving it as all your books.

  19. I just finished Bound by Lorelei James. It was great book and one that everyone should read. I am now starting Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan.

  20. Reading book 5 of Lucky Harbor “At Last”

  21. Sexy cuteness on a Monday morning! Thanks I needed that today! ;-)

  22. That’s a great video. I just started Love, Chocolate & Beer by Violet Duke. Finished Once In a Lifetine & The Chance last week.

  23. I’m reading Karen Rose’s Watch Your Back. I have no idea what I am reading after that.

  24. Hilarious! and I’m reading (and loving)Danielle Steele’s Winners. Great Read! And of course anxiously awaiting your next book!

  25. Reading The Martian …riveting and boring? Would be an excellent movie!

  26. I just finished The Witness by Nora Roberts :)

  27. Just finished Concealed in Death and started Don’t Say a Word by Barbara Freethy.

  28. Funny!! Reading Amy & Grayson’s story in Bella Andre’s Sullivan series.

  29. Awesome! YS was wondering what I was giggling about. I showed him and he said, “oh gees! That’s just wrong, mom!! Where’s the optical bleach?”

    He’s 19. roflmao

  30. That was an awesome commercial. Thanks for that!

    I just read Kristan Higgins “Too Good To Be True”. What a great book! Hope you have a great week Jill. Look forward to more funny stories from your house to your readers’ houses!

  31. That was so hilarious!! I’m reading Blackberry Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke.

  32. Laughing about the window washer!! Never saw one that looked that good!!!
    I’m reading the latest in the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr, The Chance. Loving it so far.

  33. Just started Morning Glory by Sarah Jio.

  34. Hilarious. We women can be somewhat predictable. LOL

  35. That is so cute!!

    I’m reading some crazy book called Once in a Lifetime!!!!

  36. So funny!
    I’m reading “The Trucker’s Cat” by Christina Thompson

  37. Great commercial. Reading Fueled by K. Bromberg and Uncaged by Harper Sloan.

  38. Saturday I had one of those read-a-book–in-a-day sort of days and read all of Double Play. But I started Slow Heat yesterday so that’s what I’m working on today… at work. :D

  39. After devoring the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones on DVD, I am now about a third of the way through the first book. I have the others, plus many other books, stacked up in my TBR pile (since they’re all on my iPad, I guess it’s not technically a “pile”, although I still think of it that way!)

  40. Greetings from the beautiful French Alps! I am sooo sore that reading hurts :)
    I’m re-reading Lord of Scoundrels..

  41. Ha ha very funny! I just finished Once in lifetime (it was awesome!!!)and I plan to read either Evening Stars by Susan Mallery, The Chance by Robyn Carr or Four Weddings and a Fireman by Jennifer Bernard. Plus I’ve got an older trilogy The Carhart Series by Courtney Milan and another series Valentine Valley by Gayle Callen I am just thinking about getting into. Decisions, decisions…

  42. That was one of the funniest, ever!!

  43. A historical romance by Robyn Carr called The Bellerose Bargain. I’ve read many of her Virgin River and Thunder Point books, but I had not previously read a historical romance by her.

  44. Great viewing… cute….

    Reading All You Need to Know by Marie Force

  45. I’m re-reading the Lucky Harbor books. I just finished Grace and Josh’s book. I already read Once in a Lifetime, but then realized I wasn’t remembering enough detail, so I went back to the beginning. The last few days have been marathon reading sessions. I was on trains most of the day yesterday, so that was great! I’ve got Mia’s novella next, then the third trio. Of course, then I have to wait… *sigh*

  46. Very cute. Currently reading Addicted to Love by Lori Wilde.

  47. The Chance by Robn Carr! So loved Once in a Lifetime! Great video! That will keep me awake for awhile!

  48. I read The Chance by Robyn Carr Once in a Lifetime. Am finishing The seventh Sullivan book by Bella Andre. Then I wll read Main Street by Sinclair Lewis.

  49. This

  50. This was too funny

  51. So funny and cute. I’m reading Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Wild About You Series.

  52. Very cute.

  53. That was funny and adorable! Also, really bad way to clean a window.

    I’m reading Outside In which is about customer experience. Not nearly as interesting as one of your novels. I also have Double Play sitting next to me waiting to be read… After I get through blogs.

    How about you? What are you reading?

    Oh, I also nominated you twice for Dabwaha. Once in contemporary and once in the novella category.

  54. LOL That commercial was hilarious! :D

    I just finished MISBEHAVING by Tiffany Reisz.
    Now I’m reading TEMPTED BY THE SOLDIER by Nicolette Day.

  55. OMG that video was hilarious
    just finished reading Marriage by Mistake by Alyssa Kross
    started reading Crash Landing by Lori Wilde

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