March 7, 2014


Update: Winners, randomly drawn are: Pam, Laura, and Tasha. Email me with a few book choices and your addy!

Original Post:
My publisher sent me SIX dozen cookies for hitting the NYT with ONCE IN A LIFETIME.


Do they know me or what? Not too long ago I went to a party and someone I hadn’t seen in a long time pointed at me and said “you are such a liar!” I was trying to figure out what I might have lied about (um, hello, I’m a writer, I make shit up for a living…) when she said “there’s no way you eat as many cookies as you say you do.” Well, I can PROMISE you that I do.

And while we’re talking about my book, it’s in Sam’s Club!!!!


I’m not sure I can adequately convey how much fun it is to go buy chicken by the ten pound bag, soap for the one hundred people in my house, AND my book all in one spot.


Tell me where you have bought the book, or where you plan to (and hello, hurry up!) and I’ll draw THREE names who will win the book of mine of their choice.


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  1. I actually requested it at my library. I pick it up today, (long
    wait!!), but perfect timing since I leave Sunday on vacation!!
    I love your books!!

  2. Target!

  3. I bought it in both Kindle and pb from Amazon.

  4. nook and barnes and noble!

  5. I buy it for my Nook from B&N. I do love to go through the grocery store and see the new paperbacks on their shelves. Sometimes I find something new and interesting there.

  6. Kindle from Amazon

  7. Bought it from Amazon for my Kindle!

  8. Amazon. I read books on my kindle. Love it for the read it NOW impulse. Great book by the way.

  9. I brought it in Barnes and Nobles. It wasn’t easy to find which was a bummer.

  10. Bought your book on vacay at Target in Venice, FL! Read it….loved it!

  11. After having a new (and US purchased) Kindle Fire sent to me from the States, I was able to get your “unedited” (er, uncensored) book from Amazon. I’m a teacher in Hawally, Kuwait.

  12. Me too, picking it up at the library.

  13. I bought mine at the Wal-Mart in Gardner, KS after searching 5 different stores!

  14. Walmart for the print versioin. Amazon for the ebook:) Congrats on the Cookies! Books, dogs and cookies – life is good:)

  15. Well I bought mine at Walmart right when it came out. I have to say you loved it! <3

  16. Got mine from Amazon print, but I see it in Wal-Mart, Target and my grocery store.
    Like your all over the place, Jill…you gotta be very happy.
    BTW Cheryl’s cookies are de-lish.
    Ya’ll have a yummy weekend.

  17. Amazon for my Ipad!

  18. Amazon for my Kindle. :-)

    Did you tel the person who called you a liar that you burn the cookie calories chasing bears (while wearimg your little black dress)?

  19. I got this one from Amazon for the Kindle app on my Nook.

  20. Amazon Kindle version and Target.

  21. I bought it for my kindle and from Barnes and Noble. I have to have both.

  22. Bought one for my kindle and a paperback at Target!!!

  23. I ordered it from Amazon and it was delivered to my iPad Kindle app. I’m waiting for a quiet weekend to start it. Don’t want to have bookus-interruptus once I start!! :))

  24. Ordered it from B&N and am reading it right now.

  25. Barnes & Noble Nook; PRE-ORDERED!!! TYVM! It was great read; sitting on the edge of my seat for the next one.

  26. Amazon– easiest way to buy books while living abroad. :P

    Congrats on all your success, Jill! You deserve it! The book is wonderful. :)

  27. I use

  28. I’m a big amazon person. I buy all goods except for food thru them. I have a kindle so it goes straight there.

  29. I love Cheryl’s soft, iced sugar cookies. Will purchase from Amazon. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Pre-ordered mine for my Nook when it first became available for pre-order! 8-) Also, I’m so jealous!!! Cheryl’s cookies are the best!

  31. Kindle from amazon

  32. Either for my kindle or target.

  33. Amazon paperback have a Kindle but prefer the paperback.

  34. I bought mine from amazon because I am hopelessly addicted to my Kindle. ;)

  35. Amazon

  36. I bought it in Germany, at Thalia

  37. I will be ordering from Amazon.

  38. I bought the ebook through B&N.

    Cheryl’s cookies are so good. They’re very sweet, but every holiday, I savor them when vendors send them. The frosted ones are my favorite.

  39. Pre-ordered it & it magically showed up on my kindle.

  40. Will purchase the book at the Navy Exchange or Sam’s Club.

  41. Rocky Hill CT Big Y grocery store. i was gonna get on Higgins’ case because her books weren’t on that shelf! nice to see hers are in your Sam’s club.
    eat on!

  42. Amazon for my Kindle.

  43. I picked the latest one up at Barnes & Noble, though I have gotten several through my library and my library’s used book store, too. :)

  44. I always get your books at Barnes & Noble, they don’t normally have your books at the Walmart in my town :(

  45. Amazon for both my pc and kindle.

  46. I pre-ordered mine on my nook :) I love instant download.

  47. Bought from Amazon Kindle. Read it and loved it!!!

  48. I have bought books at Sam’s but I don’t get there too often. Other than that it’s Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

  49. Bought it at Sam’s Club! Read it and loved it!

  50. I have a nook so I bought it on Barnes and Noble. It must be surreal.

  51. WOW! Between those and all the lemon Oreos Alpha Man bought you, you should be set for a few weeks!!! All your books I buy on my Nook so I always have them, but I have also bought books at Wal-Mart or our used book store.

  52. Happy Friday Jill! I got it at my Sam’s Club and I loved it! I do so love your loving lust for all things cookie. I like to think when I hear the song “HAPPY’ by Pharrell Williams, You are somewhere in the universe dancing along to it while munching on your favorite cookie and avoiding stepping on FratBoy in the process. I love your COOKIE LUST MOMENTS!! Happy Weekend Everyone!

  53. I found one copy of it at Target, and bought it!

  54. I will buy it at walmart.

  55. Kindle!

  56. I reserved one at my library. I am loving it! :)
    I usually buy your books at Target. I get my Starbucks AND Jill fix at the same time! :)

  57. I borrowed it from my library’s ebook section. (Yay, you! My library has all your Lucky Harbor and Animal Magnetism books. For most, they have both paperbacks and ebooks.)

  58. I bought my copy at Target!!

  59. I bought mine at Target. I loved the book. Ben was a yummy “hero”!!!
    Enjoy those cookies. Congratulations on being on the NYT list. Well deserved. :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  60. Amazon or Barns and Noble

  61. I buy all my ebooks thru B&N, but read on a kindle. Like to cover my bases :P

  62. Planning to buy on Amazon. But it’s cheaper at your Sam’s club!

  63. I plan to purchase it on Amazon thru my Kindle. Which actually i just bought it! Yay

  64. Amazon! Nice cookie box.

  65. Bought it for my Kindle at Amazon! :)

  66. I buy it from Amazon for my Kindle.

  67. I bought it at Target and proceeded to read it in less than 24hrs and still get everything else I had to get done done!

  68. From Amazon!

  69. I tried to buy it in paperbackform online from Barnes & Noble but twice they decided they couldn’t deliver it to me. Considering I live less than a mile from one of their stores I had a problem with this & cancelled the ordered. The second time was the day before release. My library came to the rescue & had it ready for me, the first to get it after recommending that they get it for their collection.

  70. Amazon

  71. Hi Jill, I know what you mean, I love doing my one-stop shopping at Walmart! From books to clothes to groceries, I’m covered with all the essentials I need! :-)

  72. I too enjoy one-stop shopping but since we are currently stationed in the middle of nowhere and the nearest super walmart, super Target, and Costco is 75 miles away, all my books are on my kindle or nook. :) So and B& is where all my lovelies come from.

  73. I bought the book online from Barnes and Noble for my Nook.

  74. I’m hoping to find it at Costco. That’s my favorite local bookstore. Otherwise, Amazon.

  75. My go to places are Target or Walmart or BJ’s. Or B &N for Nook!

  76. Schuller’s – It is a local book store.

  77. I do all my grocery shopping at Sam’s Club! But when it comes to your books, its always on amazon~!

  78. Walmart or if I can wait a bit, Bookaholic a 2nd hanf book store.

  79. Chapters.Indigo in Canadaland. You’re paper to me. :-D

  80. Amazon for my kindle! But sometimes I buy it from local bookstore Town Crier! Loved the book! Glad you got cookies! Congratulations!

  81. Purchased at Barnes and Noble for my Nook.

  82. Congrats on the NYT. Once in a Lifetime is definitely on my favorites list. I preordered it from my Kindle from Amazon using a link from your site.

  83. Those cookies look amazing!
    I love to pursue any book store I see: the book isle at Costco, the book store in airports, but most come from my kindle app that updates new books at midnight!

  84. I purchased the book at my local Target the morning it came out. I was so impressed they had it on the shelves already.

  85. Barnes and Noble, for my Nook

  86. I will be buying at B&N.


  87. I have an ecopy of it from Amazon but I want to get a print copy. I usually buy it from Superstore (here in Canada) or Wal-Mart but they don’t always have a lot of copies of your books at my stores!

  88. Target for print and Barnes & Noble for ebook :-)

  89. I bought it amazon. Kindle version. Although I have admired and pointed it out to others at a few other places.

  90. Amazon/Kindle

  91. Amazon Kindle. Loved it!

  92. COOKIES!!

    I bought the book in all it’s glory at Target! It was top shelf, front and center! :-)

  93. I got your book from Amazon. Pre-ordered, it arrived the day it came out. Read it immediately. Loved it. Now in withdrawal until your next book is available……Will need more cookies to make it through withdrawal :)

  94. Target! They have a pretty great Shalvis selection :)

  95. Barnes and Noble, or Target.

  96. I bought mine from Amazon for Kindle. I loved the Happy Ending line.

  97. At Kobo.CA (After resetting my entire Amazon Canada account and realising my Iphone no longer likes Kindle books, downloading the new software for my Kobo, resetting my Kobo account, and installing a new desktop version to actually be able to load the book onto my Kobo after purchasing it) 2 days and 4 hours later, am in love with Ben.

  98. I got it at Target! And I LOVE Cheryl’s cookies. Lemon are my favorite!

  99. I’m an Amazon devotee :) Congrats on the “in the wild” siting!

  100. I plan to requested it at the library next week.Congrats for hitting the NYT with ONCE IN A LIFETIME.Have a wonderful weekend.I enjoy reading your books.

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