March 6, 2014

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The story of how we got Frat Boy. :) So we left the mountain …

And drove.

And drove …

We were headed to a woman who lives out in the middle of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, and she rescues animals.

Any animal in need is welcome.

Even really funny looking ones.

To be honest, we went because we’d heard through the grapevine that she’d rescued two yellow lab puppies. And she had. She’d rescued two puppies out of a horrible situation.

But the golden wasn’t who stole our hearts. Nope, it was her little baby brother. The runt of the litter.

He was filthy and living in a hovel. And the minute he saw us, he came alive. Wriggling, happy, loving. All you had to do was touch him and he writhed in joy and dropped to the floor for a belly rub.

And once he was picked up by the teenagers and loved up by them, he didn’t want to get down.

So we never put him down again. Meet Frat Boy…


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  1. The picture of the girls kissing him teared me up. This is wonderful.

  2. Such a sweet story. All he needed was one look to see he found his forever home!!

  3. What a great story.

  4. That is a wonderful story. Lucky frat boy to have a family and lucky family to have frat boy.

  5. Oh my God! I have tears in my eyes! This is why my next two dogs will be rescues! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gosh, you are such a wonderful writer! Frat Boy is as lucky as you are! Thank goodness for rescue facilities!!!

  7. This has always been one of my favorite stories on your blog! I always look foreard to Frat Boy’s adventures! T
    hanks for the smile to start my day.

  8. Ah! So wonderful! One of my favorite of your stories!

  9. <3

  10. Precious. It makes me tear up. Love my four dogs

  11. we just got a lab puppy, a little girl named Ginny. Any tips? She looks just like Frat boy and my daughter is in. LOVE.

  12. My newest dog was a rescue & I can’t imagine our household w/o her. Frat Boy is lucky to have you and vis versa.

  13. Love the frat boy pictures & love his name

  14. I love hearing about Frat Boy. He’s perfect….ly funny.

    So you will love this. Monday, I was in a rush to leave, but was taking the dog out again before I left. I wore my coat, because it was about 10F. And managed to lock us out of the house!

    Of course, my daughter had just gone into the shower and couldn’t hear me pounding on the door. Luckily I had car keys (but not house keys) and my gloves were in the car because my hands were freezing. After 20 minutes, we were so cold, Gina and I got in the car. I had to open the garage door again to run the car but it was worth it to get the heat. Of course, the garage went from 20F to 15F in about 15 minutes. But the car was so warm. It took an HOUR, for my daughter to get out of the shower and come let us in the house. UGH.

  15. Such a sweet story!!…Yall are lucky to have him!! lol!

  16. So sweet. And how wonderful of you to rescue him like that. Looks like all he needed was a loving a family.

  17. Such a wonderful story. He is still a heartbreaker.

  18. That is your best story ever.

  19. wonderful story!!! and kudos to the woman that rescues any and all animals!! Frat Boy knew a good thing when he saw it…glad he wound up in such a loving family. I really believe they pick us-not the other way around.

  20. Such a great story!! He really lucked out, didn’t he? I think he knew that from the beginning!

  21. So sweet! Love it!

  22. Awww. So cute! Some dogs just are meant to be part of the family!

  23. Love that story!

  24. I love stories with a happy ending.

  25. What an awesome story. You just know it was meant to be! Love at first site.

  26. My dog, Jack, was a “pound puppy”. Somebody had tossed him out and he was a stray. I went to the shelter to just look. I had recently lost my dog to cancer and wasn’t quite ready to get another. The workers talked me into going into a room and wait……a few seconds later the door opened and in came this ball of fire. A wiggling, tail wagging, ball of love. From that moment on we have not been apart. Thanks to all of those people who rescue and love our strays and rejects…….they were not rejected by me.

  27. so sweet, but you should’ve took them both :)

  28. It’s always the ones you weren’t looking for who steal your heart and become an everlasting part of your life. I went to the humane society looking for a playful cat, who was rambunctious and instead I got a cat who’s idea of playing is to chew my pen or pencil when I’m trying to write, lays on all my papers I’m working on, wants me to exercise and chase her up and down the hall and assumes all my black clothes need a little kitty ‘color’. I’ve had her for 9 years and counting and she’s not going anywhere soon. :) Glad frat boy and all the others are permanent fixtures in your household too.

  29. Awww, how sweet.

  30. Thanks for sharing Frat Boy’s story. It was a wonderful read. He’s a lucky boy.

  31. He is so cute.

  32. he’s a rescue. good story and I love the girls loving him up.

  33. What a wonderful story. No wonder I love your Frat Boy stories. :)

  34. And he lived happily ever after! Great story!

  35. Tears….. Made me hug my three rescues….

    Good job Shalvis Family!

    BTW – enjoying the heck out of Once in a Lifetime!

  36. Wonderful story. What a lucky pup to have a pack of adoring people to love him.

  37. Great story and very well documented! I love hearing stories about rescue animals, thank you for sharing. ♥

  38. Aw, sweet story!

  39. We have a yellow lab named Parker. He is the sweetest boy. Yell “BELLY RUB” and he drops to the floor and rolls to get his belly rub. Love that boy.

  40. I love this story!!!! So wonderful to be able to rescue a furry baby!!

  41. I love this story

  42. Wow beautiful story…made me tear up! Nice rescue you are angels.

  43. sounds a lot like the story of my lab Subaru.

  44. rescues are the best animals. giving an animal a second chance.

  45. Best HEA.

  46. You all are wonderful. So is the lady who rescues at risk animals. Thank G-d for you.

  47. Great story!!

  48. He’s a lucky dog! I love rescuing dogs too! My sister & I drove 4 hrs to Long Island, NY to get our Springer Spaniel, Beau. He was 1 1/2 then. He’s 11 1/2 now!

  49. Love this story Jill. The first time we saw our Yorkie, Riley, and our Kitty, Toby we fell in love. We got Riley 7 years ago after we lost our only child our son Jeffrey. Riley has eased our pain, and made life a little more bearable these last 7 years. We got Toby just 3 months ago for our 17 year old granddaughter who lives with us. He is another great pet. They are great animals, and Toby is
    a rescue Cat. We love them both and they make everyday wonderful. Congrats on your great stories, I always look forward to reading them. THANKS!!!

  50. What a wonderful story! That’s how we fell in love with Luna! My daughter took one look, and never put her down!

  51. This is your best story. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness. Your family rocks! :-)

  52. Oh my goodness how did you not walk away with both of them? The eyes on the little golden girl… All of my animal friends (4 cats, 1 dog) are rescues and when we went to the SPCA nearly 13 years ago to get our Taffy dog, she was there with her mum and a brother. I would have taken the mum in a heartbeat, but the four kids wanted a puppy… she is a lovely old lady now, no regrets here!

  53. I love this story and pictures – it’s cheered me up today! What a sweetie Frat Boy is!

  54. I rescued (or should I say. I was rescued) by a wonderful cat named Bridie. I named her after a trip I had just been on to Ireland, . Before I went on my trip I’d lost my rescue kiity Starlight to cancer. I was heartbroken. …so when this little four legged lady and I looked at each other she came into my arms and stayed there for an hour. Everyone said that was so unusual for her. I was suppose to wait for them to call me and let me know if I could adopt her. Well…I got to take her right home. She never left my arms. I renamed her Bridie because my trip to Ireland had brought me so much joy and I knew this little girl would too! :)

  55. You made me cry! LOL!!

  56. Sweetest story EVER!!! Love all the pictures also😃

  57. I love that you and your family have such warm hearts. Taking in animals needing love and attention. I would love your books without the animals, however, being an animal lover, it just put them over the top for me.

  58. That is so sweet! We went to get a puppy one time after our beloved Collie had died. We too left with the runt of the litter because she crawled up on my foot and would not leave. That did it for me and she came home with us and we went from a 75 lb Collie that we had to step over to a 6 lb pup we couldn’t find!

  59. Such a sweet story. Remember to pull it out next time he shows up after rolling in bear poop, lol.

  60. Our two dogs are rescues also. Aren’t they wonderful?

  61. He’s so gosh darn adorable. Reminds me of mine, Abby and Sabrina, when they were puppies. I would have taken both of those puppies.

  62. That is the way to get a dog. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Awww, you were supposed to be. What a nice story.

  64. Such a sweet story! We got our dog (turning 15 years old this month) from the pound, and, like Frat Boy, she choose us, coming up to the fence, putting her paws on it, and wagging her tiny tail at us. She had a little red bandana around her neck, and she was so tiny and precious (12 weeks old and 3.5 lbs.) that I feel in love with her instantly. She has been or precious furry daughter (as distinguished from our precious human daughter) ever since!

  65. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us. My daughter has three rescue dogs. We got ours from the shelter.

  66. Rescues are the best- I have two and they are two big wiggle worms of joy. :)

  67. Oh Jill that was such a sweet story. If it would have been me, I would have left with two puppies. I’m a sucker for Labs. They are so cute when their little. They are also so smart.

    My old boss had two he used for duck hunting and I swanny they were the smartest dogs, I ever seen. I know you weren’t disappointed with your baby. And P.S. what a nice looking family. Hope to see you at RAGT!

  68. Awnn, that’s SO adorable! And he was a cute little guy!

  69. I have been married 49 years and these last few years are the first that my husband and I have not had a dog. Because I worked long hours and my husband wasn’t home, we didn’t replace our last pet. His name was simply “Dog” He was a twin. We took both of them home with us when they were really small, rescued them, but the larger of the two was robust and healthy. Dog wasn’t and we didn’t think he would live, so my husband wouldn’t name him. He said he didn’t want to get to attached and if he named him it would hurt to much if he died. Fate, with her usual twist, changed that. My husband had taken Butch with him to a job site, a piece of lumber got away from one of the men and it hit Butch across the head. He seemed alright but he died in his sleep that night. “Dog”, the runty one that was not supposed to live took on the life of his brother and proved all of wrong. He lived and because we had started calling him “Dog”, it just stuck. We loved him and had him for years, he was a long nosed Pit Bull. Five years ago Dog started bleeding from his nose, ears and mouth. It was midnight but our vet met us at his office. He started and IV, and tried to figure out why he was bleeding. We had to leave him there that night, it broke our hearts. The vet told us he thought it was DIC, a blood condition that is very seldom survivalble. Early the next morning, the vet called us and said “Dog” was gone. That somehow, he had gotten rat poison, which causes massive bleeding in animals. He had stayed with him all night and tried to save him but couldn’t. We never discovered how he got the rat poison, but we know it wasn’t from around our place. When I see your posts about your pets I want another one so bad but worry that I can manage one now. We loved both of our Pit Bulls and all the other dogs we have had over 49 years and someday soon I hope to have another. Thank you so much for sharing your pets with me and for the opportunity to share “Dog’s” story.

  70. Is that the animal rescue shelter by Moab, Utah? I have heard wonderful things about that place.

  71. I have read this before, but I love it. I don’t know how anyone could be cruel to animals. It hurts my heart so. One of my dogs is a rescue, and my father says that she won the doggie lottery. I have a feeling Frat Boy did too. :)

  72. Loved reading about Frat Boy picking out your family. He hit the jackpot.

  73. Awww! What a sweet story! I love hearing about pups finding their forever homes! Great pictures too!

  74. Such a wonderful story. Love Frat Boy and Satan err Sadie too.

  75. So sweet. Animals are amazing live that you resced one. :)

  76. Aww!! I got my little Chihuahua K.C. when my husband told me he had to drive Up North to his Dad cabin to check “something” out. He came back empty handed….as I would expect. But then he put his hand in the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out my lil baby. He weighs about 4 lbs and is my constant shadow.

  77. We found our puppy at the county pound with similar reactions to yours and Frat Boy’s. There was an immediate connection once I laid eyes on Lady. When they let her out of the cage, she immediately rolled onto her back for a belly rub! I always say “she spoke to me.”

  78. Jill,

    I just got done reading Animal Attraction, and I just wanted to tell you as an avid dog lover I loved this book. It was just fantastic. Thank you for such a great story. Wish there were men like the hero in this book!

  79. Aww. Absolutely love hearing about dog adoptions.

  80. This made me cry. I just LOVE IT when a puppy that as had a rough start to life finds a loving home.

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