March 5, 2014

Happy Hump Day

Have a happy hump day, babes, you hear me?


You deserve it. Plus you all look hot today. :twisted:

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  1. Oh MY Goodness! What I would give to be able to touch that chest.
    Happy hump day baby!

  2. Yowza! Great picture. Hunkalicious. Hopefully he will appear down the road in a New Book!

  3. Definitely happier now!!

  4. Good Lord! He makes my teeth sweat! There is a God and he loves us!

  5. I’m breathless. Wow. Thanks for that!

  6. Whoa! Alrighty then..;)

  7. Now he is a fine dude to wake to up to.

  8. Thank you for making my day.

  9. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “OH MY GOD YES!!!”. LOL. Whew, thank you.

  10. OH MY GOD. I just spit coffee.

  11. Uh he is so beautiful!

  12. Mmmm, you look hot too! Love the fur!

  13. *drools* good Lord

  14. oh hello

  15. Well now, good morning and happy trails hump day

  16. This guy is just, just…I have no words really. *drooling*

  17. God bless you! That sure makes my morning so much better!

  18. Okay, usually? I’m not so into the pictures of hot men; I’m just not that into it, for some reason. But this one? Definitely made me perk up! Whew!

  19. All I have to say is YUM

  20. Thank you Jill…just my day…just got up and it’s snowing…I’m so tired of the snow….lucky thing for me my nice neighbor has plowing it..
    Bless your beautiful giving heart for this….Have a wonderful day…

  21. You are a force for Good, Jill. Keep up the great work.

  22. Why are these guys never living in my neighborhood?
    (pouting) I want one.

  23. Oh, yeah – what a chest!

  24. Oh yeah!

  25. Well he sure looks good, that helped my hump day thanks

  26. Great body, minus tattooes.

  27. Oh, YES! Happy Hump Day <3

  28. Um…………..*drool*

  29. Thank you, Jill. You look hot too!

  30. Wow!!! What a (very) nice way to start the day!

  31. I follow him on Instagram just for the fun, davidbyersemery

  32. Happy hump day indeed! That picture almost set my knickers alight!:)

  33. Lori Foster would LOVE him! Thanks for getting me over the hump!

  34. Crap, I just fell out of my chair! Snikies he’s hot!!!

  35. Now I can wake up.

  36. Come closer…I didn’t hear what you said. I think my eyes are on fire!!!

  37. Now……..he is amazing!

  38. You are always so thoughtful Jill, thank you! Happy hump day to you.

  39. So I love all the men you post. I have this ad my screen saver on my phone. When i have a tough day at work he makes me smile.

  40. He is so yummy. Lori Foster would love this one. I think she has a thing for hair on the chest. LOL

  41. omg. that is all.

  42. He is hot too!!!! A nice hump there also!! Thank you!!

  43. Wowzers! Um!! What was I thinking?? My brain seems to be stuck!! Oh, yeah! I hear ya! I “MOST DEFINITELY” hear ya!! I will for sure have a happy hump day now!!! Thanks Jill!!!! :) ;)

  44. Put that man in all black and I will now have a new visual for Ranger. yummy!

  45. thank you!

  46. Yum – the old lady in me wants to pull his pants up – the young vivacious woman in me wants to linger while pulling :-]

  47. OH MY GOODNESS!!!….Wonder if his name is Mike, because I would so be saying….Mike, Mike, Mike…..any day is what it is. LOL I have cookies…but would gladly trade them for him….no matter what his name is.

  48. Thank you for sharing!!!! He is not only a hotty – he has dimples. Whoo Hooo You just made my day much better!

  49. Definitely a Happy Hump day

  50. I am now wide awake!! He is hot!!!

    Ya’all have a good day! I need to go cool down!!! :-)

  51. Yum! Made my day better!

  52. Just had a hot flush! Started at my toes and just blossomed! My oh my!

  53. That man and hump day will be imprinted in my brain forever…..heavy sigh :)

  54. Happier and hotter!

  55. Yes, SIR! Rrrrrooowwwrrr!

  56. Jill i so look forward to these rules of posts! They make my day! Loving all the books i have read of yours! Thanks for the fun!

  57. He takes my breath away. That is some one who can wish me “Happy Hump Day” any time. These post are fun, Thank you.

  58. WOW!!!

  59. Oh. my!

  60. We hear you Babe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. Okay, if you insist….

  62. Absolutely breathtaking! Gonna have to steal him to share with the girls!

  63. Perfect way to turn your day around. I would love to touch that chest.

  64. you just made a long day so much better!

  65. Yes, yes, yes. I hear you loud & clear. Yes.

  66. Bad day at work but great evening after seeing this! WooYoo! Happy, happy hump day!

  67. I love that story. It gives me a warm feeling all over. So glad you drove all that way to get Frat Boy. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Wow! How did I miss this yesterday? Thanks! :)

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  71. Personally, I’d like to soften that look on his face!

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