December 27, 2013

The Goings On

We’ve been very busy in the Shalvis household having a Friends marathon and eating goodies — until yesterday when I came down with the flu in like two seconds. Just before that, we took the dogs out to Prosser Lake, which is frozen over. Bear, Frat Boy, and Dumb Ass had the time of their lives.


Bear especially. He was a Prosser Lake virgin, and kept insisting on going too far out on the ice and stressing us out. Maybe we should have named him Little Monster. Except he’s not little. He’s five months and 50 pounds, and he isn’t even close to done.


All of us were there, but here’s a shot of Middle and myself enjoying the warm sun. Keep in mind, “warm” is relative.


Now I’m home and still sick. I am, however, off the bathroom floor, so that is a huge improvement.

How did your holiday go? Tell all.


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  1. I kwym, when on a snow covered, frozen (ya hope) lake, the reflecting off all that snow is warming, relatively speaking of course. Bear’s getting there isn’t he! Lil dare devil. Youngins always got to push it.

    My Cali da collie would love this but it would have to be a fenced in lake or one deer sighting and I’d never see here again.

  2. We had a nice, quiet Christmas.

    Sorry you’re sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Quiet couple of days that I wasted playing when I should have been writing…:(

    And I’m sooo sorry your sick Ms. Jill. Feel betters! Soup, lots and lots of soup!

  4. If it helps, you are not alone in being sick. Dreadful sore throat/cold here, started Christmas morning and my poor three year old granddaughter began sneezing non stop also as she opened presents. So I took something and slept in the car all the way home (6 hours) while hubby drove. So I offer you sympathy as I struggle to swallow anything with a painful throat, and let’s hope we both bounce back really soon!

  5. Hope you are feeling better in time to ring in the New Year! Knock wood, have avoided getting sick this holiday, which is good because I will again be visiting friends and the husband really can’t be exposed to too many germs….he’s 1 year post-op from kidney transplant and we don’t want him getting sick. Thanks for posting even though you got hit!

  6. I spent Christmas Eve in Urgent Care with my daughter because she also has the flu. She was miserable. Christmas day wasn’t much better. Glad holidays are over.

  7. Love the look on Bear’s face! Kind of a “Look at me! This is the coolest thing EVER!” vibe.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. We had a good turn out for Christmas,me and my husband hosted Christmas at our house for both sides of our family’s. There was only one person missing on my husband side and about 3/4 missing on my side and we still had 55 people here. Had a lot of great company good food can’t ask for better and everyone was hea

  9. Hope you feel better soon. Looks like your babies had fun on the lake. Bear is beautiful…

  10. We had an ice storm here in Lansing, MI. I have been without power for the past week. It’s been a stressful Christmas :(

  11. Dinner was postponed due to roads but it was lovely. Our area was hit by ice. We only lost power for about 29 hours, but many are on day 6 without it. We do have a large branch resting on our roof. I have to say the trees are spectacular!!!! Happy New Year!

  12. Very sorry to hear your not feeling well. My Christmas was very quite. Oldest had to work on Christmas. But did skyp with my sister who I haven’t seen in years and with my youngest. Took day after off (which I might as well have worked). Started getting calls at 5:15 am.

  13. Hope you feel better quickly! I have a coworker who claims taking concentrated oregano pills shortens illnesses due to its antibiotic properties. I warn you though, if you take one & especially if you take the 4 every 4 hours, you’ll be burping oregano.

    My holiday was exciting & calm. I’m from MI, so power went out Sunday. We were lucky and got it back 35 hours later. Many of my coworkers are still without power 6 days later. The ice that caused all the problems is beautiful though! With power restored, we visited family and that was quiet. Only adults were there. Youngest was my hubby at 38 years old.

  14. Hope you feel better soon. We had an ice storm last weekend and my parents live on a farm, so instead of going to their house for dinner on Christmas Day, I stayed home and it has been re-scheduled for tomorrow.

  15. It was the usual family drama in our neck of the woods – my mother and middle sister not talking, so my being the oldest tried to find the peace and spend time with both of them. I am seriously thinking of going away next Christmas – let them hash it out on their own! My dog had a great time – she got to spend time with her mom and sister. No drama there…we could learn a lot from our furry friends.

    Bear’s face is priceless, by the way. You can tell he had the BEST time!

    Feel better soon, Jill. xoxo

  16. Xmas day I had a marathon pukefest of my own but that’s cuz I am pregnant (not sure who to blame, your books, susans books or Mayas books!) Boxing day we had my in-laws & siblings over. Fun but exhausting. Today no m/s and getting ready to travel to see my family this wkd and celebrate my grandma’s 90th bday.

  17. We had a house full of crazy people so after they left I spent a few hours in our padded cell to recoup…but now everything is right side up again and I feel semi-lucid. I believe a sugar overdose was the culprit ;0)

    Hope you feel better.

  18. My whole Christmas season has been great as I am soaking up as much family time as I can before I head back to Montana. So far I have seen 4 of the 5, 16 of the grandchildren including 2 I hadn’t seen in 10 years plus all 6 great grandkids. Best Christmas ever. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  19. That flu is awful – hope you are feeling better. We had a family get together last weekend, and by Monday, 20 out of 27 people had the bug…..I’m guessing it was the 7 year old who was the carrier – the one that didn’t get sick!

    Spent a quiet day on Christmas recovering….and watch Christmas movies! :)

  20. My niece is almost 2 so my Christmas involved a ton of presents that took her over 2 hours to open, what with the milk breaks and wanting us to open everything immediately. Then, at my aunt’s house we always have our traditional Christmas lunch of Filipino food cooked by my uncle, followed by Christmas Bingo. Unfortunately, I didn’t win this year.

  21. Get well. Had a very quiet Christmas, just husband and me. Only toasted one luminaria.

  22. Had a GREAT Christmas! All 5 of my kids are home this year, one from Florida, one from Texas. They are being real Michiganders putting up with our ice, snow and cold! Expecting a warm spell today (33) and tomorrow (39) then back down to 13 by Tuesday. I think they will have mixed feelings going back to the warmth of FL & TX. Sad to leave us but glad to be getting back to warmer temps. They are hear until after the New Year! Hope you are feeling better so you can get back to eating cookies.

  23. Christmas was nice. Fun times with the family.

    Hope you feel better.

  24. We went to the movie & Saw ‘Saving Mr Banks’ which is a very good movie but a sad back story we didn’t anticipate & ended up crying (I usually save these for my living room). I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care, lots of fluid & rest.

  25. My husband was sick for the holiday so it was a little crazy. Hopefully he will be all better for the New Year and I can sit down and relax.

  26. Christmas was too quiet this year. This was one year that we should have had friends and family around. But we’ll do better next year.

    So sorry to hear you are sick. I hope it goes as fast as it came.

  27. Had a wonderful Christmas. My daughter surprised us and came home for Christmas. She was in New York when the snow hit and her flight was cancelled. This caused her to miss her flight from the west coast to China so she rescheduled and came to Texas instead. Had my all my family together for the first time in 4 years. What a blessing.

  28. Feel better Jill. Some Smart Water by glacau the folks who make the Vitamin Water. It has electrolytes in it so you don’t dehydrate. If all else fails, there is always ices.


  30. I had a very, very quiet Christmas.. The first year that I have never been with family… Because of circumstances, we could not get together until today..
    But to tell you the truth, I am not looking forward to celebrating Christmas on the 27th… Oh well maybe next year. Feel better Jill.. I have had the flu on Christmas, it’s not fun.

  31. Great pictures of the puppies…ok! Not…Hope you get better Jill…
    Christmas was great…close family friends was the first stop…
    Then off to my sisters for an overnight stay…boy was that awesome…
    My nephews helped open my presents up for me….Auntie Mona was a big hot with the gifts this year….cars, games, electronic battleship of course it lights up,makes noise that will drive my sister nuts…LOL
    But that’s what she told me he wants..
    I’ll have a little niece next year….😝… was seeing those boys faces Christmas morning…All those gifts from Santa…..

    Take care of yourself…..hope Santa was good to you…

  32. Sweet puppies!! Not anything but that…….lol, are awesome…and Bear is getting so big….just on my first cup of coffee….

  33. Feel better soon. Moms aren’t supposed to get sick. Milk it and stay in be an extra day!

  34. Had a great time with my two kids who are home from college. My son flew to Houston yesterday for his college bowl game tonight (he is in the University of Minnesota marching band…Go Gophers!). Hope you feel better soon Jill!

  35. Hi Jill – So happy to see your post this morning. OMG – that Bear is one happy puppy. So adorable I want to hug him. Our holiday we quiet this year – too quiet – got a lot of rest – nothing wrong with that!! Great picture of you up there – sorry to hear you got sick right afterwards. Hang in there.

  36. We got the evil flu the first two weeks of December so before Christmas. I still have a cough from it. It is not fun! So sorry to hear you have it! Our holiday was great, went to my sons house, good food, fun with the grandkids and then we started putting together a puzzle they got at Disneyland, we got it about half finished and they finished it the next day.

  37. Jill, so sorry you are sick. Stay under the covers, drink a lot of liquid, chicken soup so you get better. I am happy to say I’m not sick.

    My Christmas was quiet but it is okay as circumstances were beyond my control. I talked to my daughter & grandkids in Oregon. They put me on speaker phone which was kind of hilarious as there was a lot of talking at the same time!!! My son in law got left out of the conversation! He may have been in the other room!! We laughed a lot! All in all it was a good day.
    Take care Jill. Get better.

  38. Christmas was at my home this year. Thankfully the weather cooperated so that my folks and my mother-in-law came over for dinner and visiting. Food turned out well and my granddaughter loved her gifts. I was smart to put them together before she got there so there was no assembling on Christmas Day.
    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Feel better soon.

  39. Hope you feel better as quickly as you came down with this!!! Thanks for the post. We had a terrible ice storm on the weekend and have just gotten our power back. So we are thankful for power and heat!! :) I live in an apt so the generator lasted only until Monday and then we had no water as well as no power or heat. Was a very quiet holiday but am relieved that things are back to normal. Hope its back to normal for you before you know it!! :)

  40. We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. A friend came over to eat dinner with us and we all rolled out of our chairs but it didn’t take long until everyone wanted some warm cherry pie and natural vanilla ice cream. :)

  41. Well, I received a new bundle of Christmas socks. I was given a new double feature Debbie Macomber book. That lasted me all of a day. I also got an Anchor Man 2 poster. Good times!!

  42. Did not do much. Hubby and I woke up early to put a turkey in the oven. I went back to bed while he monitored the turkey’s progress. Then our sons woke us up so they could unwrap gifts. Then hubby and I continued to fix the rest of our christmas dinner. The boys played their new video games, hubby had control of the tv, and I read and watched anime on my computer. Just another ordinary day in our household for us adults.

  43. My B-I-L came to visit and our kitty took a dislike to him. She would do a quiet “hiss” whenever she walked by him or would stand in the doorway to give him her best “death” stare. He renamed her “El Diablo”. He left this morning and she is so happy. Quiet Christmas Day but had some great food cooked by my hubby…now working on leftovers.

  44. Christmas season is going great for us. I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. Flu has been terrible this year. I’m hoping you’re back to your whole, well, witty self soon.

  45. I’m glad you are on the mend. I’d be worried about the furkids on the lake too.

  46. Sorry to hear your under the weather…feel better… love the pics :)

  47. Christmas for us was a little upsetting. We planned to have all four of our daughters home for Christmas supper around 5 pm. At 3:30 oldest called and said she was heading 200 miles away to boyfriend’s parents’ house. At 4:30 middle #2 called and said she had to take her roommate to a town 150 miles away and was not going to make it. So, middle #1 showed up at 5:30, MIL and FIL got there around 5:45 – hubby, baby girl and I ate at 5 like we had planned. Both guest brought meat and cheese trays – we already had assembled one of our own.

    We ended up with lots of leftovers – chili and oyster stew – and meat, cheese and crackers to last a few weeks! We had a good time after our guests finally arrived.

    I have decided that hubby, baby girl and I will be taking a vacation over the Christmas holiday next year – my cousin DID just buy a fixer-upper in Hawaii…

  48. Our holiday was very nice, Christmas Eve at mom’s, Christmas day at sister’s. Our wonderful girls surprised us with a picture collage of the 2 of them…nice to see them wok together instead of bickering!
    Glad you’re feeling better, but don’t ya hate that holiday sickness? Seeing your beautiful pups makes me long for a big house and a big dog!!

  49. Christmas was great. Lots of time with the grands (age 7 & 4) while they are on school break. They are both here today.

    I had a 24 hour bug last week. Hope you feel better soon.

  50. Jill, when you were writing Lucky Harbor, what town did you have in mind, what inspired you? When describing the habor and the scenery… or did you just make it up as you went along?

  51. My maiden name is Prosser – where is Prosser Lake??? I need to visit this!

  52. P

  53. Is the dog’s name really dumb ass and Im not judging because everybody gives me judgey looks when i tell them pup is named paws they look at me and go why i tell him because when he was born he super tiny all black with one white paw so i call him paws the poor dog i love him he is mix between a pug and mini snouser and ugly but he is my baby

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