December 23, 2013

Making a list and checking it twice

One of the things that’s good about waiting so long to get ready for Christmas, my panic time has really been cut down. Because I don’t have time to panic…

Oh, found this shirt of Middle’s, which is still apropos.

Dear Santa,
Let me explain …

I’m not sure she can explain, to be honest. But it might fun to watch her try.

So … you ready for the holiday? I’m drawing two names today, giving away an audio book of any Lucky Harbor or Animal series … :lol:


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  1. as ready as I will be :) The biggest factor is going to be the weather, which I haven’t quite figured out how to control.

  2. I’m ready. I finished wrapping family gifts on Friday night.

  3. All set. Not one thing left to do. Yea me. Thank you for all the giveaways you do. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Ready maybe; thought of another spontaneous gift or two I may go pick up today.

  5. I am so ready! We are keeping it simple this year.

  6. Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

    I’m (more-or-less) ready for the holiday– I finished wrapping my last present two nights ago. Of course, I just remembered five minutes ago that I forgot to get something for one of my colleagues, but, uhh, maybe I can crochet something really fast and just leave it unwrapped. ;)

  7. Deeefinitely ready! Happy Holidays!

  8. Not ready and will never be….LOL guess I am in good company

  9. Merry Christmas! I’m surprised but I’m almost ready :-)

  10. I’m ready, thank Heaven! Now it’s just “hurry up and wait” time. Luckily, I don’t have to cook this year. Our daughter and her husband of a year and 1 day :) is having dinner at their house and I don’t have to bring anything! I’d much rather do the dishes anyway (especially since she just got a dishwasher! ~LOL~).

  11. My birthday was yesterday and the temperature was 82…but it will cool down to 60 by Christmas. Gifts are wrapped, food is stored, people are gathering and church clothes are waiting…Yes, I am SO ready. Merry Christmas to all.

  12. I have done all my shopping today I have to wrap gifts while everyone is gone today.

  13. I’m ready!! Bring on the celebrating!!!

  14. All I have left is some wrapping!

  15. I haven’t bought my husband anything other than a card ;(. I’ll be one o those last minute crazies this year. LOL

  16. I need to get just a couple more small gifts. I’ve been saying this for a week now… *sigh*

  17. As ready as I will be! Oldest is moving home from grad school and youngest is moving out into her own apartment all at the same time! 2 days after Christmas!!!

  18. Need to finish wrapping my kids gifts. Also, need to find two more gifts for Brother In-Laws. Time crept up too fast!!

  19. I am ready! Yay! Merry Christmas, all.

  20. I am ready and grateful for the fact that we’ll drive in, celebrate, eat and leave for the hotel. I don’t have to cook!!!

  21. Ready here in Arkansas! I think!!…..

  22. I am never ready, but Xmas comes anyway. Oh we’ll! Love Middle’s shirt. Got my oldest son a shirt that says,
    “Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is the phone numbers for all the girls on your naughty list.”
    My hubby thought it was so funny we had to go back and buy one for one of the guys on his fire crew.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

  23. NOT READY … missing a gift … thought I had bought it, but it was just a dream … not I must brave the crowds and go find it, hoping it is there!

  24. I work today and tomorrow so I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Good thing is office will be closed until January 6 when I finally get off tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

  25. Ready! Whew. Literally just zipped my suitcase, carefully packed with all the gifts I’m bringing home for my family. Flight leaves in four hours. It’s -5 degrees where I’m headed, but my weather app says it “feels like” -23. Home sweet home. : )

  26. I am ready! I think…I hope….
    Happy Holidays!

  27. I am going to do my shopping tomorrow afternoon – it’s the first chance I have gotten. LOL! Other than that, I think I’m ready!

  28. I guess I am as ready as I am going to get because I ran out of time. Christmas slipped up on me this year.

  29. Thankfully, I finished all my Christmas preparations early this year. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! :)

  30. Do I really have to wrap them? They will just tear the paper off anyway. Nothing is wrapped.

  31. I am ready. I just have 3 more gifts left to wrap and I’m so excited to get out of the stores. Although Kohls dept. store is open 24 hours!

  32. I’m as ready as I’m going to get. I do have to gift wrap but not much!
    Everyone enjoy the season, enjoy however you spend Christmas Eve & Christmas count your blessings. Be safe if you are traveling.

  33. I just have wrapping to do.

  34. I’m ready and I really need to quit going in stores. I keep seeing things my grandkids would enjoy. My budget is shot.

  35. Sigh. Nope! MerryChristmas!

  36. Am I ready…no. But I have decided that I will work today to get ready and whatever doesn’t get done today doesn’t get done at all (boy am I glad we’re not hosting anything this year) and if anyone has a problem that’s just too bad. My husband’s work schedule has been crazy this last month so I’ve had to do most of the stuff myself (with my 5 and 3 year old kiddos with me) and I’m just tired and done! I’ll wrap presents this afternoon while hubby goes shopping with the 5 year old to get the last of the presents and then that’s it, no more, all done!

  37. I am totally ready! Still completely anxious…but ready!

  38. All finished with the shopping and wrapping. Now all I have to do is prepare my dish for the dinner at my sister’s. Yeah! Finally the time to just enjoy the holiday!!!

  39. Who is ever ready for the holidays!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  40. No where near ready, but I let everyone know that I might be a LITTLE late. I did cook though.

  41. House decorated, gifts bought & wrapped, house cleaned, candy made, groceries bought, 3 sisters, spouses and children headed here for Christmas. It is snowing and I am going to pour me a hot drink and finish Merry and Bright. I so love your books! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  42. Four more presents to wrap and then I’m done!

  43. I think I am close to being ready but I am pretty sure that I will forget something.

  44. I am so ready. More the time off then anything

  45. Just finished Maddie and Jax’s book and am well into Tara and Ford’s. Truly amazing stories. Really anxious to check into Chloe and Sawyer. Sawyer sounds a little bit like me, very upticght.

  46. I’m as ready as I’m going to be, Jill. LOL I’m determined not to sweat the small stuff since I got the last box of gifts boxed and shipped on Monday. :)

  47. I am in the Home stretch. Just finished making 1 batch of peanut butter fudge, then I’ll make the sugar cookies. I’d send you some sugar cookies, but they DO NOT travel well. The 1st time I sent any the person I sent them to called and told me they got the cookies, ALL 250,000,000 of them. Said they were good, but they were eating them with a spoon, because they received a container full of crumbs. Not 1 whole or piece of a cookie to be found. So needless to say I never mailed any ever again. These cookies break way too easily, but they melt in your mouth and are soooo good.

  48. I’ve been ready for weeks. I’m not good at last minute stuff. I’m a planner & I hate crowds. So you won’t see me in a store between Thanksgiving & Christmas unless it’s a grocery store.

  49. Almost! Lots of cooking/prep to do tomorrow but most of the other stuff is done … I hope! :)

  50. Getting there. Power was restored today for us. Still a lot of people around us without power. I’m more than a little worried for some friends.

    As for gifts and such all is done.

    Hoping all have safe travels if you’re going anywhere.

    Merry Christmas!

  51. I am about ready, except I need to go to the grocery store for supplies to make more COOKIES!

  52. All ready for the big day. We start a day earlier than you…in Australia it is only a few hours away! Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and thankyou for your fabulous books and your great fun Facebook page too! Cheers

  53. merry christmas jill and enjoy

  54. I am so ready!

    Merry Christmas!

  55. I am as ready as I can be!!

  56. It’s been a great Christmas season, and I’m ready! Money has been really tight, which cut wayyyyy down on what I could, which meant really I could totally relax and enjoy the season. It’s been the best December in ages!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  57. Doing a bit of last minute stuff today… panic time, nothing wrapped..HOW do you wrap a KAYAK??!! And fit the 10′ thing in my tiny living room? Yikes…lol

  58. I finish up today!

  59. Im close to ready only missing one thing…an important gift that the USPS lost in transit…hoping for a miracle and it arrives today or I get to find a way to tell a little one why she was the only one that did get what she asked for. Sad thing is I ordered it early enough and it was guarnteed to be here

  60. Love that shirt! I’ve decided I’m ready. Enough is enough. :-)

  61. Great shirt! Had to be ready and done a month ago! Decided for tschotskies for those at work, we would celebrate New Year’s instead…something everyone celebrates! :)

  62. Ready…kind of lol… Merry Christmas everyone

  63. My explanation would include something along the lines of it was fun and I would do it again! Happy holidays!!

  64. I’ve been mostly good this year. Just naughty when appropriate.

  65. Wishes for a Merry & Bright Christmas for you!!!!!

  66. I THINK I may be finished with shopping. Wrapping, not so much. Bought lots of bags to make things easier. I think I have an aversion to wrapping because of all those years the 5 kids were small and we did marathon wrapping on Christmas Eve/Morning. Only to be awaken at the ungodly hour of 5 am! All the best to you!

  67. Merry Christmas! I hope all your dreams come true!

  68. Ready to celebrate! Merry Christmas!

  69. I am so not ready for Christmas. What do you mean it’s tomorrow????

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Jill. :)

  70. I am almost ready! Presents all wrapped and under the tree, baking pies today!

  71. I’m still baking and wrapping presents!

  72. I just need to wrap, which I put off till the last minute because I hate wrapping

  73. Merry Christmas! I finished up last night!

  74. If she’s anything like my Oldest even at 28 she’s still trying to explain!! I would love to win one of your books. I just finished reading everything Kristan Higgans and I just purchased your Christmas special with 4 books. Thanks for all your fun posts!!

  75. I always wait till last minute. Merry Christmas!!!!

  76. Yep I am done here….been at my in laws since Saturday . We will go to church tonight as a family and then the wait for Santa will begin .

  77. I have one more gift to wrap plus cookies to bake!

  78. Finished the last 2 things last night. No more shopping! Ahhh! =)

  79. Still not ready. Wrapping and baking still need to be finished.

  80. Hahahaha love your post really do! I’m in my kitchen busy cooking thought to check facebook and without fail there you are! Now I’m sporting a big smile and my hubby wants to know wants going on! xx

  81. WELL…I do have to go grocery shopping for our holiday meal today, but otherwise I’m not doing much else.

    I love audios!

  82. No one is ever ready. There is always that one little last thing……

    Thanks for your books and your posts!

  83. Nope, not close to ready. My power has been out for three days now so I’m busy just trying to stay warm in the 18 degree Michigan weather. Good thing we are not doing gifts until Saturday :)

  84. Gift wise, yes. Food wise, no. And I have to drag the kids out to get it done, ugh. lol

  85. I’m ready and excited!

  86. I’m Jewish but I do celebrate the day with my Catholic/Christian friends… I so look forward to the good food and company!!!!!!

    May you all have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!!


  87. You are awesome, love reading your books!

  88. Hi Jill, looking forward to new books from you this year, have a wonderful Christmas!

  89. Can’t wait for your next book! Almost done with Christmas in Lucky Harbor.

  90. Merry Christmas-looking forward to Christmas tomorrow.

  91. Love this shirt. Would be perfect for my daughter too!

    Merry Christmas!

  92. Totally ready….. I think.

  93. Love audio books. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

  94. Merry christmas. Hope you are all ready. I’ve reached the point if I don’t have it I don’t need it!

  95. Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to reading more of your books in the coming year.

  96. Enjoy Christmas with your family!

  97. I still have to shop today 😱

  98. I do believe I have just about everything, just finishing up some baking today,Merry Christmas to everyone.

  99. I’m ready thanks to a couple of Elves that came over yesterday and wrapped for me plus vacuumed my house while I went to the grocery store! Thanks to my oldest daughter and Grandaughter !

  100. I did most of my shopping this year online and let me tell you it was great! Merry Christmas!

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