December 20, 2013

I Love Lucy, Youngest Edition

There’s something about going snow shoeing on fresh powder surrounded by a million acres of powdery forestland that appeals to me. Odd, for a misplaced Los Angeles girl who went years and years without even seeing snow, I know.

But after a fast paced city life, where everything moves at morphed speed, it’s really amazing to get out into the wild open space where the only thing moving is the wild life.

Well, and me, especially once I see a coyote or bear. Yep, I can really move under those conditions.

I dragged Youngest with me the other day. She isn’t fond of snowshoes. Or rather, not fond of trying to get up once you fall . . . And once she sees these pics, she’s not going to be fond of me.

Going down . . .

Staying down . . .

Struggling in tune to my manic laughter . . .

Almost got it . . .

This is where I need to tell you that it truly is really hard to get up once you’re down. But it’s really fun to watch . . .

Yeah. Maybe if you ever come visit, you don’t want to go snow shoeing with me . . .


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  1. Oh, that’s just mean. And funny!

  2. yeah she isnt gonna be happy with you..but thanks for sharing with us, you always make us laugh ..Merry Christmas

  3. If I fall it would be so ugly. poor youngest.

  4. Love it! You were just being helpful and documenting how much effort she puts into everything!

  5. Oh Ms. Jill! Poor Youngest! (Psssttt…next time, take the video camera! It’s much more fun when you have a video…*nod nod*) *pats the youngest!* It’ll be ok, really. Next time, remember to get your knees under you!

  6. Aww Mom! I love it, payback for all the times she laughed at you. Never tried ss so I can only imagine it would be hard to get up after a fall.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Speaking from the “youngest” position in my family, just remember mom….payback is a bitch ! LOL LOL I feel for you youngest !

    Merry Christmas Shalvis family !!

  8. Still looks like fun!

  9. lol that is something I would do!!!!

  10. Looks like Bear is trying to help her

  11. Have you tried Cross Country skiing? One question…Why is youngest not wearing gloves?

  12. Oh are you in trouble!!!!!

  13. I don’t fall pretty either and you laughing wouldn’t help. Hey, Mom give the kid a break and yeah…where are Youngest’s gloves? I get cold in a stiff breeze.

  14. Sorry Jill. My sympathies are with youngest, Youngest, sorry you have been tortured yet again. Merry Christmas. My advice is to hide the cookies… Should be payment.

  15. I’ve fallen and can’t get up,lol sorry youngest couldn’t help myself. Jill you will be on Santa’s naughty had a good laugh.

  16. Yea, I think you should be aware when you open that present under the tree from Youngest. ;)

  17. Omg sorry to say but I’d have to get you back big time for posting this if I was her. I’d be careful if I was you. Everyone has a camera lol

  18. Watch your back!

  19. My sympathy is with youngest also. Hey girl, remember this someday when you are sitting in the therapist’s office! That’s a dish best served cold, called Revenge. Jill, dear, I would watch my back if I were you! LOL

  20. Funny MOM, uh oh, watch your back! Bet she will shop for a new gift for you Mom. Follow up Please!

  21. I have to agree with Cheryl in NJ. She’s like mom putting her heart and soul into it. It does beg the question though. Is tomorrow’s blog entry Youngest’s revenge… er rebuttal?

  22. Oh,my, she is going to love you for this. But, next time it’ll be her taking pics….of you. Yea, can’t wait!Lol ;-)

  23. I would love to try it…your in big trouble but maybe she can be bribed with something…little Bear is so cute..likes the snow I gather…
    Yeah I want to see pictures of you Jill…
    Have a Merry Christmas with your Family..🎄…Hope Santa is good to you…lots of love,

  24. Too funny, poor youngest!!! These are the Times that memories are made of. Someday she will thank you for this. Thanks for sharing!!! Merry Christmas!

  25. Have to say I don’t miss the snow since moving to Orlando!!
    Looks like the dogs were having fun!!!

  26. As a mom, you have certain rights. One of them is to post embarrassing pictures and tell embarrassing stories of your kids. So I see nothing wrong with these pictures! Of course, I’m not the one who will have to sleep with one eye open… Just sayin’! LOL!

  27. I admire her resolve… But you should know that this will come out in therapy later on…lol

  28. You are such a mean mom! Just kidding!! LOL!!! That is really funny and something I would do to my kids. I love how the dog is helping.

  29. I’m the same way on snow skis. I have to kick a ski off to get back up.

  30. Be sure to save these pictures for the future day when you are a grandmother & can show these pictures!! I think the Shalvis clan knows how to have fun. If it were me someone would have to help me up because I’d be laughing!!!
    A couple of years ago I fell on the rocks over at the coast. I was with my youngest two grandkids, teens, my grandson had to give me a hand so I could get up. My camera was in one hand so I had no leverage but I saved the camera!!!!

  31. So, what did youngest do to get you back! Be afraid, be very afraid, as I am sure something’s coming, I would say! :))

  32. Maybe you should have waited until after Christmas and Youngest has already given you your pressies before posting those, Jill! LOL

  33. You are just being a good Mom & making memories last, she will look back years from now & laugh.

  34. I hope you fed youngest cookies and hot chocolate when you got home!!! Her struggle reminds me of having to cross country ski up the hills… Humans are not supposed to do that!!!

  35. Tell her to ‘embrace struggle’. You learn more than always haven it easy! Silly girl. Like having cold snow in your face, sucks.

  36. Is she speaking to you yet? ;)

  37. Awesome! We moms have to enjoy a little revenge… er, learning moments of our offspring here and there!

  38. I don’t think so because I would be in the same predicament as your daughter was lok

  39. LOL.. ok I can laugh because it didn’t happen to me. I do not like the snow, I hate to be cold, though I have a good reason for that. The cold makes my joints hurt, especially my right shoulder, I had surgery on a few years back and when it gets to throbbing the entire right arm will be pounding in pain in less then 30 minutes and that instantly makes me not a very nice person to be around as I get all grumpy and snappy. If it wasn’t for the joints hurting I’d probably have no issue with the white fluffy stuff. On the few trips we made as kids and found snow we would play in it and have a blast.

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