December 19, 2013

Conversations and a giveaway.

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: Heidi U, and Jannifer! Hit the contact button, remind me which contest you won, provide your addy, and your preference of Lucky Harbor or an Animal series book on cd! :razz:

Original Post:
Snippets of conversations overheard in my house this week:


“Are you looking at me? Seriously?”


“I thought we established you’re not allowed to look at me.”




“I ate your Christmas present.”


“Everyone off the effing internet, I have an emergency! I’m trying to load the last episode of Breaking Bad!”

Yes, I live in the House Of Crazy. Don’t judge us. :grin: How’s it going, who’s done and ready for Christmas? (I’ll try not to judge you). And who isn’t? (Me…) I’m drawing a few names today, giving away audio books of Lucky Harbor and the Animal series!


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  1. I am so not ready for Christmas….I still have shopping to do…cuz, you know, my kids need clothes and I need two more bookcases for all of my wonderful display of romance books!!

  2. I am not ready for Christmas but I will get that way probably this weekend! It will not be a big one around here but thats okay. And I have 5 kids so I know all about crazy houses HAHA

  3. Your crazy house sounds fun but p

    • wow…
      I don’t know what happened. Was gonna say it sounded fun but probably because I’m not the mom there! My Christmas is done but it’s low key this year with just the kids & husband. Family all lives away and no one is visiting (thank goodness)

  4. I’m mostly done…just have to do some frantic goodie baking tomorrow. Gulp!

  5. ~LOL~ That so sounds like my friend’s house. Someone is always looking at someone, there’s always an emergency, and NO ONE is ashamed of anything they say! ~LOL~ Never a dull moment!

    I’m as ready for the holidays as I’m gonna get… ran outta money before ran outta holiday… ;)

  6. Not even close to ready… I hear similar conversations in my house 😊

  7. I particularly like this consistent conversation…
    “Boy! You left the toilet seat up!”
    “No,I didn’t,you did!”
    “I am a girl. I can’t use it up.”
    “Well, I didn’t do it!”

    Best part, my alpha male is trained, so it has to be adolescent boy. Sigh…

  8. Love it!! you always make me smile with the stories of your life! (and your books too!) I’m almost done but have those couple of impossible people to buy for yet. And still have tons and tons of wrapping.
    Hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!

  9. Went to a recital last week…they actually made it snow in the theater. Went to another recital last night. Will eat dinner with dear friends on Friday night, will go to my birthday dinner the following night. Then I have to buy the veges for Christmas dinner, set up the table, move in extra chairs. Go to our church service and then…another dinner (this time seven-fishes dinner Christmas Eve. Then comes the frantic ‘opening of the gifts’ (rather ripping and screaming). Christmas Day and more dinner and then…finally…my favorite part…Quiet at last…PEACE ON EARTH.

    It isn’t so much ‘I love Lucy’ moments…more of a terrific rush. But I love your household moments better than mine. Yours are more real and funny and make me laugh.

  10. I’m ready for Christmas! Well, that’s a bit misleading, I suppose– I live far away from my family this year, so I had to mail everyone’s Christmas presents at the beginning of December, to make sure they arrived in time. Luckily I did: Customs held up one of the boxes for over a week, and now it could go either way if it makes it before the family party. I’m not doing anything special to celebrate the holiday this year, so I suppose I’m all ready now! :P

    (Also, loading the last episode of Breaking Bad certainly counts as an emergency in MY book! Hahaha.)

  11. I finished most of my Christmas preparations already. Have a wonderful day! :)

  12. Love the crazy house! I grew up with 7 sisters and it was crazy fun! I miss those days believe it or not! But am very happy sitting down to read one of your wonderful books and enjoying the peace! Hope you & your family have a Merry Christmas!

  13. Thank you for making us feel normal! It’s crazy at our house, too. Yesterday, I wrapped (put into gift bags) the gifts I had purchased. Decided I was DONE! Just need to get some stocking stuffers. I have grown kids. I may email them and tell them they have to buy a stocking stuffer for everyone in the family. Sharing the love!!!! Would absolutely love to win an audiobook! I listen to books that I’ve already read when I’m driving or sewing. Merry Christmas, Jill! Good luck with your shopping!

  14. Well, I bought myself a Christmas present this year(first time I have done that)and I bought my pugs their Christmas presents and I am done. We don’t buy my parents presents because they always want to return them(the “you should save your money” line).

  15. Lol! Won’t judge. Since my house is the same! Love it!
    I am almost done. Need to find some things for the Bro-In-Laws. Then I need to wrap some stuff and then I will be done! Hopefully finish all that by this weekend.

  16. i will be ready for christmas when my exams end!!!!
    bring it on santa

  17. That sounds like my house! I am still not driving ( surgery) and I have no idea why I thought I would be fine with that.
    I told my kids “Christmas will be brought to you this year by the workers of USPS, UPS, &FEDEX. ” So. Now I am tracking pkgs like an insane madwoman. I hate not being independent!!

  18. Is that the sound of presents wrapping themselves? No? Oh, but I wish it was true. So many left to do…Merry Christmas!

  19. I miss a crazy house :( I’m not even close to ready for Christmas but we are not having it until New Year’s Day so I have an extra week!

  20. I’m not even close to being done yet! I have finished my son’s gifts nd he’s to most important so at least I feel like I’ve done something. I just finished my semester at school so it should be better now!

  21. Actually I am completed, which is a shock! Normally I will always have the last minute things to pick up or presents to wrap but not this year. Now when it comes to baking I am not, that won’t be done until I get to my brother’s place.

  22. I started shopping last Friday. I plan to finish today. Then I will wrap this weekend. I actually enjoy shopping late, I think it feels more festive to shop close to Christmas :)

  23. Baking is the last on my list to do.. and Im in the process now. The kids (adults) want lady locks and I am dreading that because it is an all day affair and I don’t know when I can fit that in between now and Christmas…

  24. Not even close!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!

  25. Are you sure you weren’t listening in at my house, lol? Sounds like home to me :)

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I fell in love with your Animal Magnetism series this year and can’t wait to get started on Lucky Harbor!

    Merry Christmas <3

  26. I have everything bought with no time to wrap. My husband and I work opposite shifts with different days off. So finding time to wrap with three little ones under 6 has been rough! I have started the slow process of wrapping… hopefully it will all get done!

  27. Totally not ready for Xmas and no clue what i am going to get! AHHHHH

  28. I am definitely not ready for Christmas! Plus it is my daughters birthday right after and I am not ready for that event either. :p But I am ready for being off of work for the week. haha Thanks for the chance to win, I am just really starting to get into listening to audiobooks. They allow me to do things and still get my book fix! Have a great Holiday! =D

  29. I love all of your quote here! So very true – each and every one of them. Iíve got tears running down my face from laughing. Please donít ever stop sharing. You are so funny!

  30. Almost done. Then starts the wrapping!

  31. I just want it to be March so we can be done with all the Jared and Kay commercials.

    • lmao on the jarod commercials!

  32. Wrapped up last night! Just baking cookies this weekend.

  33. I’m getting there, but there’s still a ton to do. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year!

  34. Are you sure you weren’t at my house? Sounds just like my daughters going back and forth, they are 22 and just turned 19 but you would think they were 5….LOL, but what would we do without them. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays!!!!

  35. I am 90% done but in all fairness we are having Christmas on the 21st. My 3 kids are all going out of state to their In-Laws.

  36. This year is our baby girl’s first Christmas (she’ll be 4 mths day after Christmas), but we do have 2 older boys (8 and 6).. We’re not doing the big Christmas dinner thing since we hosted some fellow soldiers for Thanksgiving. But we’re done with all the shopping. The number of presents are significantly lesser as the boys get older, but the cost gets higher *shakes my head*
    And all Momma wants is some free time to read her books in peace!!

  37. Sounds almost exactly like my house… Still have to wrap a few presents, plan on baking this weekend amidst a possible snowstorm and extra choir practices to be ready for Christmas Eve.

  38. Oh, I’m totally behind, so don’t worry! :-)
    I have some presents for the kids and myself, but I need some very good ideas for the presents of the rest of the family.

  39. Haha!! My house used to sound like that till everyone moved out but me. And yet the conversations between my parents and I are still hilarious.
    Not ready for christmas at all!! Shopping tomorrow ans sat.

  40. That sounds like my house. Between the dogs, the parrots and the grandchildren and my husband our house is always loud and in shambles. But I love it especially this time of the year.

  41. I am almost finished. (this is a first for me) usually wait till 24th.

  42. I am done as I ran out of money!

  43. My house is just as crazy. Are we ready for Christmas, I don’t think so. The dogs, yes dogs, seven of them. Four of which are
    rescued chihuahuas run the house. It sounds like a stampede in here when they start playing, running back and forth. They try to eat the real tree and pick the balls off the two fake one. Utter chaos. Seven year old Granddaughter who thinks the Elf on the Shelf is real. Thank GOD, I work till 11:30 pm. and can come home and move it around, cause nobody else remembers. I can’t wait till Christmas is over and the madness stops. By the way Jill, love your books. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  44. Picking up the last of the gift cards and pictures today. Then must get everything wrapped and I’ll be finished. I had to get most everything done early this year, since I had foot surgery last Friday.

  45. Luckily I am ready for Christmas, but that is mostly because all my gifts have to be shipped to my parents since I fly to get there. It’s good in the sense I am done earlier, but it’s bad in the sense that I can’t procrastinate! LOL!

  46. I will be done tomorrow (waiting on payday). Everything else is wrapped and ready for Christmas Morning. Making cookies all this weekend to give out next week to work friends!

  47. Well your house sounds about as crazy as mine and so do the conversations. Am I ready for Christmas well let’s just say aaah that would be a big “NO”…. But I am done shopping now I need to wrap go grocery shopping cook oh and bake. Yes you could definitely say I am behind. Merry Christmas Jill. B

  48. I actually took yesterday off from work and did a huge chunk of Christmas shopping. A few weeks ago I baked cookies and banana bread t0 freeze, so I think I have it all under control.

  49. Lol I have crazy conversation at my house also
    where’s your pants?
    don’t bite the dog!
    Your a Faller not a flyer!

    Yes I have kids at home!

  50. Mostly done except for some baking and lots of cooking left to do in advance of the crowd. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. I don’t have children so quiet Holidays for me because my doesn’t want to get together until January 5. I’m like really what’s the point. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  52. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, I get to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so my presents all go out early

  53. haha! That is awesome! Sounds like my house with the internet. We live in the middle of nowhere so we have crap internet! I am a grad school student and work from home, so when I have a paper I’m uploading or work to do, I’m constantly yelling for everyone to disconnect all of the 10 billion devices my kids seem to have from the internet! We literally walk around checking Kindles, Ipods, Xbox’s, WII’s and laptops!

  54. I love Christmas! No matter whether crazy or sane! The music, the smells, snuggle with a book by the fire! Love it!

  55. I’m done as I’m going to be, well except for all the cooking that’s got to be done.
    I have my gifts wrapped & under our little Charlie Brown/Elf Christmas tree as I call it.

    Merry Christmas & thanks for your giveaways!!!

  56. I want to run away and join the circus.

  57. I am just about ready…I do my baking on Saturday, then I really need to start wrapping…I keep putting that off!

  58. And you wouldn’t have it any other way! House of Crazy sounds fun, especially for the holidays. I live alone with my dog so not much crazy going on until some dastardly dog walks by on its way to the dog park. Then it could be a little bit crazy with the barking. Happy Holidays! P.S. Sydney would definitely drink out of the milk carton without checking the date, if I let her.

  59. I’m ready for Christmas, but that was easy for me as our family is small. My hubby is bringing up our oldest from college today. We made it through his first semester. Just seven more to go…hopefully! LOL!

  60. almost…

  61. Sooooo not ready for christmas. Not really my holiday. Ive heard similar conversations in my sisters house. “No! Dont put the cookie in the toilet! What happened to your clothes?!” I have a nephew thats two :) I will totally enter this book giving contest! And hope I win. I dont but theyre fun!

  62. I am not ready either and odds and ends still need to be done…

    It seems your house is like mine…

    Interesting snippets of my house this week are brought by my daughters…

    “Can everyone shut the blankity up I am trying to read my book here if you don’t blasted mind?”

    Another… the one you hear from the kitchen which is next to the bathroom… while your one daughter is taking a shower…

    “Oh man that is one slipper sucker… Bad soap get back here…”

    “Ooh bubble wrap… Pop Pop time… tee hee…” then my toddler laying it out on the floor then proceeding to walking over it and laughing… While my 80lbs pup whines and runs off into another room…

    I can go on… It’s fun :)


  63. I actually cook for this holiday even though it isn’t mine. Off to get roast and chicken to make… And the last minute gift cards too. Have wonderful holidays to all who celebrate.

  64. About 1/2 done :( Just seemed like a lot less time this year (with late Thanksgiving!). Hoping to get a lot done in the next 2 days. Have extra time to shop for family coming in after Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  65. I am done shopping and everything is wrapped and ready to go. Bring on Christmas!

  66. Done holiday shopping thankfully but caught a darn cold… ’tis the season!

  67. Im almost read for Christmas :) plus I now have 2 of my grandkids already staying with me till then so it will be a bit trickier to finish getting ready lol might need a sitter for a few hrs :D

  68. I am almost done. Still want to get one more gift for my Alpha man. Maybe I should get him a blindfold. I couldn’t sleep this morning & it was too soon to get up so I grabbed my cell phone to play a game with the volume down. Guess the bright light was disturbing. He rolled over and asked, “What are are you doing?” Anyway one more gift to find and need it by tomorrow evening.

  69. Not quite ready. All shopping is done, but gifts need to be wrapped. I am sending our 3 boys (7,8,11) to my mom and dad’s house for the weekend, so that I can clean house, wrap gifts, and prepare food for hosting my husband’s family on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!!!

  70. I took a different approach to Christmas this year and scaled back on the amount of shopping and baking I normally do. I’m tired of the stress I pile on myself this time of year, so I’m taking a break. It’s been wonderful! Some people aren’t happy with me, but oh well…you have to make yourself happy first before you can make others happy! PS Your house sounds similar to mine! haha

  71. sounds like a day in my life:)

  72. LOL sounds almost like conversations in my house. Okay the tree is up and decorated thanks to husband and son. Some presents bought but nothing wrapped. Discussed the Christmas day lunch with m-i-l but have to go to the grocery to purchase my ingredients. My house smells of rum because hubby has finished baking our Trini black cakes and the pastelles (hallacas/tamales) are in the freezer. The house still needs a good de-cluttering and cleaning before any other decorations can go up. What gets done, gets done. I’m too tired to stress myself with it all.

  73. Your house sounds very entertaining!! Almost ready, love the hustle and bustle of Christmas!

  74. I still have presents to wrap and a couple of things to exchange. Tree is up and decorated. Sons are flying in on Saturday. We’re going to my nephew’s wedding Saturday night (2 hours away). Who gets married the weekend before Christmas? The stress! Watching the weather report, snow is predicted today & tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for safe travels all around!

  75. Not at all ready. i need another 2 weeks to be ready for the holidays. i’m afraid i’m going to have to go to that dreaded place that everyone hates this time of year…the mall!

  76. My shopping is done with the help of elves. Its always a feat to surprise hubby with gifts. Now the hard part is planning the menu for the dinner party saturday.

  77. I have all my holiday shopping done but need to finish up on crazy Birthday shopping. Yes, Birthday. Tomorrow Dec 20th is my mother-in-laws birthday and my only nephew. Dec 21 is my Mom’s birthday. Dec 22 is My birthday along with my Moms sister. Dec 23 is my Dad’s birthday. Dec 24 is my moms other sisters birthday and Christmas Day was my sisters birthday. Big hit to the wallet but soo much fun!!!

  78. Oh the memories. I can still hear my children. Although, my mother in law’s favorite saying is ” I bought you the cutest Christmas present but decided to keep it for myself.”

  79. Dear Jill,

    Don’t be jealous. All my shopping done and presents are wrapped. YAY me

  80. Not ready for Christmas at all. Added a five month old to the chaos this year–and although he makes a great present on his own, it seems he’s the only one who is checked off the list. Books make great gifts :) give aways even better!!!

  81. Still have a few things to pick up & cookies to bake. I know y’all will have a great family Christmas. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  82. Your house sounds really awesome, like a family! I’m almost ready for Christmas. All the online shopping is done, anyway.

  83. Sooooo no ready. Still finishing decorating, still have shopping to finish, freezing rain expected tonight/tomorrow morning, 2 daughters flying in tomorrow, family ugly sweater photo session on Sunday (up to 12 inches of snow expected on Sunday), haven’t even begun to THINK about wrapping.

  84. Sounds like a week in our house when we were growing up, minus the internet, so telling how old I am. We were always on each others nerves….on purpose most of the time. I am mostly done with the
    shopping but the wrapping is not done and I hate that part of it,
    mostly because I am not good at it. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all the great reading!!

  85. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I must say I enjoy your stories in your books and your everyday life….

  86. I am completely not ready! Haven’t hit panic mode yet but it is getting close. lol

  87. A quiet house kids all grown….I think I divorced them when they were teenagers!
    Not ready and work full time….probably last minute
    Merry Christmas

  88. Christmas at my home seems to be late every year — so busy doing Holiday stuff for my church that my packages don’t get sent on time (much less wrapped) .. cards don’t get mailed ..
    tho I always find time to let go of the busy making stuff and read!! Love the animal series!

  89. I have one person to shop for but nothing is wrap. Eek!!!

  90. Sounds like a fun house. So not ready for Christmas!

  91. I am as ready as I am going to get. (Well, except for the presents for myself :)

  92. Trying to get ready for the holidays, so much still to do…cooking, wrapping, still sending last minute Christmas cards out, and cleaning…..having a hard time catching up due to Christmas movies, music, and Christmas books haha… Starting over reading the Lucky Harbor Series again because of this and enjoying it as much the 2nd time as the first! Also just reread on of my Christmas favorites “The Christmas Pearl” by Dorothea Bedford Franks which I highly recommend if your looking for a good holiday read! Soooo if something don’t get done….if it’s ok.. I’m blaming you LOL!? Totally worth it!! Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas!!

  93. With a broken foot, I’ve been fortunate that my daughter has taken handfuls of my cash and my credit card and bought the majority of my gifts (and wrapped them!). She has gone to the grocery store the majority of the time for me and I’ve evidently missed out on MY FAVORITE COOKIES — the white chocolate/fudge covered Oreos that are only available in November-December. I am devastated! I buy to give to the kids and keep some in the freezer to have for a few months. Now I will have to wait for the Girl Scout cookies.

    With my 29 yr old daughter and now my 35 yr old son is here from out of state (he’s an active duty Marine), there have been a few comments you wouldd normally hear from much younger children – ‘you got more than me’, ‘what??’, etc. With a broken foot, I would be happy eating a turkey sandwich but no, we have to cook the big meal. I’m just waiting to get up early one more day and then I have a week off and can sleep in. Happy holidays to you, your family, and all of your readers. LOVE your books!

  94. Gosh, this could be my house. I have heard these same comments many times. Christmas is coming early this year, isn’t it. Still not ready. Only thing up is the Christmas tree. Going to make a run this weekend to try and buy gifts. Probably still be shopping on Christmas eve.

  95. Completely NOT ready. 2 small kids and no free time equal lots of online shopping…and hoping everything arrives on time :)

  96. Sounds like a typical home to me! LOL
    I’d love to be included in your drawing for an audio book of yours. Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. I guess I’m ready, although it’s in the hands of UPS and the USPS. They seem to be having a disagreement as where one very important gift is at this time. But as I’m typing this, I realize that I don’t have teacher’s gifts ready for tomorrow! Where’s the panic button?!

  98. I’m 90% done! I hurt my knee end of September but because I hadn’t taken my vacation yet, most of December I’m off work! So, with my patient husband, we’ve been going to 2 stores a day to get price matching, and all the shopping done. Now, to wrap and finish some baking. Yay me!

  99. I went to put on my mocks and found them soaking wet from my teenager’s son boats. and the door rug missing, and wet floors. That’s was my morning.

  100. Not finished yet! Cards should be done today?!

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