December 18, 2013

Mysteries of my life

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Top Five Mysteries In My Life Today:
1. How can a man object to pink socks (laundry accident, donít ask) but be fine wearing a torn, battered, ancient t-shirt?

2. How can that same man snub his nose at herbal tea and yet drink right out of the milk carton without even checking the expiration date?

3. How can a teenager not understand me when I ask her to make her bed and pick up her clothes, and yet she can be conducting sixty simultaneous text conversations?

4. How can the other offspring in this house stay up all night and sleep all day? Are they vampires?

5. How can a dog object to a low-cal diet and yet be happy slurping water out of the toilet bowl?

Anyone else Ö?


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  1. How can dogs sleep all day, yet as soon as you close your eyes for one minute they start panting, pacing, and acting as if they are in dire need of something rightthatsecond?

  2. How can dogs and cats fight all day and sleep together at night?
    Why does the phone ring when your hands are wet or you are in the bathroom?

  3. How can an intelligent Masters of Business not know how to turn on the: washing machine, the dryer or the vacuum?

    How can same intellect create smoke at working the printer/scanner but (when I ask) have no idea how to enlarge anything?

    After I’ve explained myself four (maybe five times) same person can’t understand one thing I’ve said?

    How can a person prepare lunch/dinner without using a single plate to catch the crumbs? Oh…and how do they clean the counter when the sponge is still dry?

    Daily quandaries…maybe they don’t have thumbs?

  4. How can a dog sleep all day, yet when they are lying in your lap in the evening go into an even deeper sleep ala snoring?

  5. How can girl offspring refuse to wear winter boots to work during snow storm yet call crying her feet hurt?

  6. how can my husband and daughter open up the refrigerator after I’ve gone shopping and say that there isn’t anything good to eat around here?

  7. No man wears pink willingly.. old torn stuff has memories attached.
    He smells the milk as it comes close to his mouth.
    Teenagers are teenagers… start picking up all the stuff on the floor and locking it away… they notice when there’s nothing left to wear. Close the door on the unmade bed – that’s never going to change.
    Yes they are vampires.
    Toilet bowls are just the right height for the dogs to use for drinking.

    My mysteries are:
    Am I the only persons who knows how to change out the toilet paper?
    Why does the empty carton get returned to the fridge?

    • Cates: Excellent insight!

      I’d prefer to stay up all night and sleep all day. The term is being a “Night person” and there is nothing wrong with it. We don’t need to be fixed nor are we lazy slackers.

      My question, why can’t a person who’s been doing the same job for over a year be able to provide me an estimate on when they’ll be done?

  8. I always wonder what is so difficult about changing the roll of toilet paper when it’s empty!
    And also on my list..Is it that difficult to open up the dishwasher and put a plate or glass in there. Perhaps if I texted them instructions……:)

  9. 1. How come whenever we get six inches of snow I am the only one home to shovel it?

    2. How can anyone be upset by one tiny cobweb in the corner of the ceiling but not even notice the piles of folders, books and newspapers stacked haphazardly over every available surface in his study?

    3. How come there was no need to rush when the basketball game went into overtime but then it was necessary to tailgate every car on the expressway to get to the in-laws house before dinner?

  10. How can teenager not understand when you say throw out your garbage it mean IN the can and not on the counter above the can?

    How come no one else in the house understands if you open the door below the bathroom sink, you can get the new roll of toilet paper. No need for the 19 year old to yell from the bathroom “Mom! I need toilet paper!” to which I reply “Did you look under the sink?”

  11. Since I live alone most of these problems do not arise at my place!!
    Why is it no one can use the turn signals on the car these days. I was right behind a car yesterday than turned into a drive way with absolutely no warning!! Granted the vehicle had slowed down but we are a tourist town. The person could have been trying to read the address numbers, looking for a certain house… I really wish people realized all traffic laws, regulations pertain to all of us!

    Whoops! Sorry for the rant!

  12. How can “grown adults” in a work environment think it’s ok to act like 12-year-old girls in a junior high cafeteria where each clique sits at their own table? Why must I “take note” of everyone’s actions instead of everyone being responsible for themselves? Sometimes I really hate being the acting supervisor. (sorry for the rant)

  13. How can my preschooler hear none of my requests to pick something up or put on her shoes, but hears me trying to sneak a cookie from the package when she’s three rooms away? “I want one too!”

  14. I think men put one res sock in the load of whites so they never have to do laundry again :D

  15. How hard is it for men to pick up there socks or underwear and put in the laundry basket? It’s located in there closet?

  16. I’ve got a winner here…my supervisor at work will actually get a new roll of toilet paper from under the sink cabinet…use said roll, then put said roll back UNDER the sink! As for the roll on the holder…it has 3 sheets left…I guess that isn’t considered to be an “empty” roll!! He’s also “allergic” to filling the ice trays!! :)

  17. Sounds like my house and my kids and dog.

  18. How can a hubby want wonderful things to eat, yet gripe that we don’t have room in the fridge for the things that I bought?

  19. How can a cat be so cuddly and sweet one minute then let out a fussy meow and bite me the next?

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