December 17, 2013

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Sometimes I get email asking what I’m working on. I got one such email this morning. So here. Here’s the page I just wrote:

“You’ve got a bruise on your face,” he said.

She pushed his hand away. “No I don’t.”

“You do.” Those intensely green eyes held hers prisoner. “What happened?”

She reached up and touched the tender spot. “I was reading in bed and smacked myself with my flashlight and ereader.”

He stared at her. “Is that your version of I ran into a door?”

She let out a mirthless laugh, which made his frown deepen. Apparently laughing in the face of an over protective alpha wasn’t the right move. “Seriously,” she said. “I did this one all on my own.”

“This one?”

Well shit. An over protective, sharp alpha. “Have you ever tried to read in bed?” she asked, feeling contrary. “You hold the flashlight and ereader above your head and if you start to fall asleep or relax, it’s smack.”

He gave one slow blink. “Maybe you should sit up when you read.”

Yep, that’s it. That’s all she wrote. I know, I’m a big, fat tease… :evil:


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  1. Great scene!

  2. But what a wonderful tease you are! I can’t wait for the rest of it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Based on real life was it? :D

  4. Can’t wait to read the rest of it !!!!

  5. You are a tease…but this is why I love you (and your books!).

  6. Thank you! Can’t wait to read the rest!!!

  7. Wooho , right out of Jills “I love Lucy moments” file!!! TEASE!! But we love you!!

  8. I’ be done the same thing, but when it fell I broke my glasses and gave me two black eyes!

  9. You are not big. You are not fat. But you are a tease. Cute little blurb there!

  10. I love the tease,it’s got me curious,love your books can’t wait for more . Hint hurry

  11. Did you get this one from real life? Sounds kind of like what happens to me, minus the flashlight as I have the Kindle with the light.

  12. Loved it :-)

  13. oh MY god!!! you are evil :/
    i want moreee!!
    p.s this has hapeened with me countless times!! so Ouch !!

  14. You are a fabulous, wonderful, sparkly holiday tease! Anxiously awaiting the remainder of this story!

  15. Tease!!! I need this book now!!!

  16. Very nice teaser, but I can’t help but ask: Is this scene from personal experience? I can’t tell you how many times I have smack myself with my Kindle while reading it bed.

  17. Been there done

  18. Gah! C’mon! You’re killing me! Can’t wait to drop my Kindle on my face while reading this one!

  19. If you sit up in bed to read, you wind up with seven Weeks of physical therapy for a pinched nerve in your neck and shoulder. Ask me hhow I know.

  20. I have my moments like this, I’ll admit only on this page…..oh Jill this is great…and this is a Lucy moment we know you have had…we love you…
    Have a great day sweetie…I read all the time in bed….😃

  21. Another ‘Lucy’ moment?
    Sounds about right.

  22. Sounds like something you did recently? :) Love it!! Can’t wait for the whole book. Finish fast. Love your books!

  23. I have this handy little clip on light that my sis bought for me… and herself… works great!! No flashlight bonking my head!

  24. did that myself last night actually!

  25. Yes…you are a tease! Can’t wait to read the rest….

  26. Sounds like something I’d do lol, can’t wait to read the rest

  27. Love it.

    And Happy Birthday too

  28. Can’t wait. Have a very Merry Christmas! !

  29. I love that you wrote that into a book. You are so awesome! Nothing like using your own experiences :)

  30. Your teases keeps us coming back for more! I have not experienced this yet & not looking forward to when I do. lol Can’t wait to read more. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  31. Well, you’re not fat!!!

  32. Love it! Laughed from “I was reading in bed…” till the end! :D

  33. Yup made me giggle in Starbucks (:

  34. A great tease! Waiting now for the book…. guess the question is, how far ahead do you write?

    Happy Birthday!!!

  35. Maybe your alpha should buy her a Nook or Kindle with a light. Great scene~

  36. Yes you are a tease & we love you for it. I’m just disappointed you didn’t name the work in progress to give us an idea of how long we would have to wait to read it. BTW, didn’t you claim recently to have done this yourself?

  37. Whatever book this is, I know I’m going to read it cause it sounds good already.

  38. You do know the new Kindle Paperwhite lights up, right? You can adjust the setting to low so as not to disturb ( annoy) the one next to you. It makes reading in bed much safer!!

  39. This is good information in case I ever get a tablet!! Of course when I read in bed I sit up!!!! :-)

    You are a tease. I love your books. I’m always ready for the next one.

  40. Love it!

  41. great excerpt. Hopefully from a new book

  42. That would be me smacking myself…but I read print in bed to avoid the problem”

  43. I hate falling asleep like that. When I start falling asleep I usually end up touching the screen and advancing the page, so when I do wake back up enough to read again I have no idea what the page means and have to back page until I find where I left off. LOL

  44. Love the “excerpt”! can’t wait to read the book!

  45. Sounds great! Looking forward to when it is released!

  46. You are a tease. Can’t wait to see the rest. Of course, this does “smack” of real life.

  47. It’s not nice to tease the little people. Santa is still checking his list!!

  48. Didn’t you just do that a few weeks ago?? Haha

  49. More! I need more! I absolutely love your dialogue. I’m a new fan and must admit that I binged on your books over the past weekend. The best compliment I can give you – I can’t find your books at my used book store! Everyone keeps them for re-reading!

  50. Happy Birthda, Jill

  51. Love it!!!

  52. Love this! My hubby drops his on his face a lot lol for he does the same thing falls asleep reading and smack! they he says guess its time for bed lol

  53. Love it, Have to admit I did the same thing reading in bed with a flash light and nice black eye I gave my self. lol. can’t wait for your next book out. Merry Christmas.

  54. Please enter me in your giveaway for today (12/24)
    Merry Christmas!!

  55. Which one of your books is this excerpt from? The hero in this sounds like my kind of man…

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