December 16, 2013

Jill’s Top 5 Holiday Moments & a giveaway

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My Top Five Holiday Moments:
1. When my youngest turned eight she very solemnly told me she knew that Santa was a hoax. I said no, baby, it’s not a hoax. Santa lives in your heart. As long as you believe, he’s real. She took this in and gave it some thought, and shook her head. “I know it’s daddy. But that’s okay. I love daddy more than Santa.” I gave her a hug and then she pulled back. “But it’s a good thing the Tooth Fairy is real, cuz daddy would not look good in a tutu.”

2. When our then nine month old black lab puppy waited until we’d finished decorating the tree, complete with a really pretty tree skirt and wrapped presents to … pee on it all.

3. When I, in a bout of anxiety, ate all the cookies in the house the day of Christmas Eve. And then when it came time to leave out cookies, we had none. So I hurriedly baked some from frozen dough and burned them and the fire alarm went off and the fire department came …

4. When I shopped months ahead of time FOR ONCE, so proud of myself, and then couldn’t remember where I’d hidden the gifts. Literally, couldn’t remember. Couldn’t find them. I found them the following June.

5. Every single Christmas morning when I have all my kids with me and feel like the luckiest woman on earth. Until the gifts are unwrapped and the fighting and bickering resumes…

Tell me one of yours! I’ll be drawing names today and giving away a copy of my upcoming book ONCE IN A LIFETIME!


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  1. When my sons were little and would come running out of their bedrooms on Christmas morning in their footie pjs so excited that Santa and come.

  2. Coming home from Grandma’s on Christmas Eve,in footy pajamas, trying to keep the girls awake in the hour long car ride so they would eventually sleep that night. I don’t know how many planes we told the girls was Santa’s sleigh just so they would go right to sleep and my husband and I could go to sleep before 4am when they came running down the stairs.

  3. I had given my girls their Christmas footie pajamas and they decided to test out the bottoms early Christmas morning. They were sneaking downstairs when they both tumbled down the stairs. There bottoms weren’t slide-proof and their feet went out from under them. I heard the loud thumps and jumped out of bed from all the noise. My heart was in my throat and thinking the worse but all was fine. They were more scared and embarrassed that they woke us up. It was 5 in the morning!! we had an early start in opening our presents. I tease them to this day that they both aren’t quiet as a mouse especially on Christmas morning.

  4. I got a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas and even though every other little girl in the 50′s had one, she was the most beautiful doll in the world that Christmas morning.

  5. The first Christmas after my husband passed away, I woke up early Christmas morning and found new bikes my 6 & 9 year olds. Yes there is a Santa and yes he is my daddy. <3

  6. When our nieces and nephews were little, my sister-in-law’s father would call the house on Christmas Eve pretending to be Santa and he would take the time to talk to every one of the kids for as long as they wanted to talk. About an hour later, there would be a lot of stomping by the door (by my husband and brother-in-laws) and they they would say, is that Santa we saw just leaving, and the kids would run down the stairs to see if Santa had come. Their eyes would light up and the opening of Christmas presents from Santa would begin. Such a happy memory.

  7. One of my greatest memories is every year my grandparents would come over and open presents with us and my dad would cook a huge breakfast. Then my grandmom would play with all our toys with us. I still look back on those Christmases with a huge smile on my face. With having a huge extended family it was so nice to have that time with my grandparents and my family.😍❤️

  8. In the mid 70′s when my siblings and I snuck out and found an atari (pong version) under the tree…went back to bed and the next am it was GONE!! Later in life I asked my mom about it, she said they decided we did not need it. So disappointed then, now looking back it was the best thing that we never got, they were right, we did not need it!!

  9. having a Japanese husband and living in Japan, there are many parts of my culture that are hard for him to truly understand for him. when our oldest was 3, it was the first time for him to be really excited about Santa. we sat out the cookies and milk (and carrot…for the reindeer!). and my hub just kind of played along. the next morning, we heard our son walk slowly down the stairs…..then, after a few seconds, he came running back up….into our room and jumped on the bed. he grabbed my face with both of his little jhands and got almost nose-to-nose with me, saying “mommy!!! he came!!!” then switching to daddy, “Santa came, daddy!” that was a day of magic for all of us.

  10. Bringing home my Christmas baby, he was born right before Christmas and my two year old daughter was SO excited to have a baby brother for Christmas! One of my best ever!!

  11. Went to a boutique two stores away from my local grocery store and saw the cutest change purse about 5 X 5. They looked to be hand-painted. Each one was more beautiful than the last. I had the saleslady bring out more so I could make a decision of which one I would buy for each female family member…until she told me the price. They were $650.00 each!!!! Heck…red-faced I told her I changed my mind and left the store never to return again.

  12. I’m not sure how old I was…maybe 5 or 6. We were at my grandparents home as we always were for the holidays but my dad and grandfather had run out for supplies (probably beer and cigarettes lol) on Christmas Eve. I remember a sense of tension, as if they were late returning. They finally came back. My dad had a cap on, with a white string (yarn) hanging out on his forehead. I imagine some teasing ensued, because I remember trying to jump up and grab the string, and my dad basically playing keep-away. Eventually, I grabbed a hold. The white string was the tail of a stuffed Christmas mouse that I had for many many years after that!

    My other favorite Christmas tidbit: I was born in April. The Christmas preceding my birthday, my grandfather bought me a stuffed panda. I still have him, and he will be 41 this year!

    • Christmas preceding my birth, rather than birthday. Pandy is older than me :)

  13. As a teenager making cookies for my nieces and nephews after my December exams and having them think that their grandmother made them.

  14. Best childhood Christmas memory: when I was 10 I got 13 books for Christmas. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

  15. My mother had been on a waiting list for a Cabbage Patch doll for me and we received two of them a couple of days before Christmas. My father worked with a nurse whose daughter was very sick and a cabbage patch doll was her Christmas wish so I wrapped up one of the dolls that I liked more and asked my dad to give it to the little girl. Sadly the girl past away after Christmas but the doll would be with her always.

  16. When my siblings and I were little, we would go to my grandma’s house for breakfast Christmas morning. She lived right next door, so it wasn’t much of a trip. BUT– she would make pancakes, scrambled eggs, and so much BACON. My brothers could polish off a pound by themselves, easily. Now, half of us are married and scattered across the country. When I don’t have to work, I make bacon and pancakes for my husband on Christmas morning.

  17. We would hide the wrapped presents downstairs in garbage bags and one year my son got up to go potty and caught us carrying up all the bags of gifts. He asked why we were taking the trash out so late. LOL

  18. We came home to a dog who had eaten all of the snacks left on the coffee table – between not remembering whose job it was to put the snacks away to trying to figure out what had actually been left & eaten… Since no chocolate had been involved, the dog spent the night in the garage..

  19. When I was a little girl and Santa rang our doorbell with a beautiful Siberian Husky puppy with a red bow on her paw & a red ribbon on her neck.More recently when about 8 years ago my husband got the kids a puppy for a combination daughters birthday and Christmas & the kids put the presents they bought with their money at school under the tree & the dog decided o bth pee and poop on the tree skirt my mother made & the presents.Not a pretty cleanup.

  20. One year my brother and I told each other everything we were getting, thinking it would only make it better if we knew ahead of time. Needless to say it was the worst Christmas we ever had. We never did that again but it was a good lesson to learn. I told my girls every year how doing so spoiled the magic of Christmas and I never had a problem with them trying to sneak a peek ahead of time!

  21. Living overseas and having my family- myself, my husband, my three kids, and my Newfoundland dog all together (no matter where we are!).

  22. When I was in Highschool my cheerleadin squad decided we were giving back that Christmas. We raised money and adopted a family. We got all of the gifts on the list from our families and School. Then with the extra money we went and made wreaths and centerpieces and went door to door at a nursing home and sang carols and then gave each resident one! That year we also all rang bells for the Salvation army and on Christmas Eve we all volunteered at our local soup kitchen! We did this my senior year in Highschool. Now I am 26 and my little sister is a Junior in high school. One of her best friends is a cheerleader and I have known her since she was born and she informed me that she was going to do it again her senior year! That was my most memorable Christmas ever!

  23. In 2006 when I was diagnosed with lupus, my husband and I decided to spend a stress-free Christmas away for the first time… Just the two of us. We went to a resort and we had a cliffside villa with an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.

  24. I have to say, the one that sticks out the most is my first Xmas with my first child. I love Xmas anyway, and get way too excited, but that first year with my son just made everything that little more magical.


  26. My favorite memory, my middle daughter hated Santa. Did not want to sit on his lap, and every Christmas Eve cried (this started at the age of 3) she did not want some strange man coming into her house and let alone give her presents. She would cry and scream…oh the happy days.

  27. Each year my hubby puts together a DVD of all our videos of the year to send to the grandparents. Our children were very little, excitedly ripping through their gifts with my husband tapping when he turns to me to ask what gift I have for him. (Away from kids) I naughtily flash him mouthing later quickly turning away. I then realize he caught it on video. He swears to delete it. See where I’m going? A few weeks later I get a laughing voicemail from my mother saying she didn’t know we were sending out porn. I learned my flash didn’t get deleted going out to my folks and husband’s folks. I will never live it down. Every year since when my in-laws get their new video they call first to tease I mean ask if its safe to open.

  28. After being raised away from family my whole life we moved close enough for my grandparents to spend Christmas with us I was 12. It was the only christmas we spent together. So special.

  29. Christmas when my kids were little. It is just not the same when they are married!

  30. Seeing the looks on my kids faces when they see the tree and stockings Christmas morning. Of course now it’s my grandkids faces…. But it still thrills me. I still at 68 have a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve.

  31. I will always remember this Christmas. This will be my 10 month old son’s first Christmas. Children really do make the holidays extra special!

  32. Every Christmas is special to me, the one I remember best is when my oldest grandson was just crawling good. He would crawl to the Christmas Tree and tear open this one gift. I had to rewrap this one gift 4 or 5 times before Christmas Day. It was his baby Dinoroar, he is twenty now and still has that toy. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I think in his too.

  33. When I was very little my 2 older sisters wrapped up a piece of coal for my gift from them. I was very excited about this gift but they made the mistake of telling mom about it. Mom unwrapped it and put a jump rope in. She wrapped up a piece of coal for each sister in a ring sized box. When I opened the gift they were very surprised to see the jump rope. See there really is a Santa.

  34. In 2007 I was pregnant with my first son and due any day. I felt like I was going into labor so I made my husband open presents with me at 2:00 in the morning on Christmas Day! We did not have Ryan until the 28th. :)

  35. Christmas morning opening up one of my presents and found a black and white checkered portable stereo and being so excited until my Dad mentioned that I had to share it with my three other sisters! What a bummer of a Christmas that was! Well, I was only around 13/14 then! Now, I share anything and everything with them!

  36. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old and my sister and I shared a bedroom with bunk beds. I slept on the top bunk because I was the oldest. Our beds were lined up so that we could see down the hall into the living room where the tree was. I woke up when it was still dark and looked down the hall to see the lit tree with all the presents underneath. I was really freaked out because there were a set of beady eyes starring back at me at about chin level and I knew we didn’t have any pets. I curled back up under the blankets and went back to sleep, afraid of what the creature was that was guarding the tree. We got up after it was light outside (much to my parents delight) and went out to unwrap present. The beady eyes belonged to a life sized Afghan-hound stuffed toy for my sister.

  37. When I was 15, in 1980, and my sister was 12, my dad had placed an enormous box undo the tree. He told us and my mom that it was very heavy and fragile. We just new it was a new color TV with an actual remote. We had only a twist knob. On Christmas morning that is the first gift the three of us tire in to. My dad had not bought the TV but instead had purchased every size, style and type of feminine napkins, tampons and panty liners. He had also bought every color and style in all three sizes of pantyhose! He said with a smug smile that two buggies and one shopping day a year was better than stopping once or twice a week to shop for an emergency run for one of us. Daddy has been gone now 9 years but every Christmas my mom, sister and I giggle thinking about the looks he must have garnered shopping faith two carts full of “gifts”!

  38. When I saw my nieces’s faces for the first time on christmas morning. Wonder still exists.

  39. Gosh. Love reading the comments from other folks. I guess one of my favorite memories is my hubby purchasing a special ornament for us our first Christmas together. Thank you for this wonderful memory reminder!

  40. When I was a kid, every year on Christmas Eve, my parents would let my brother and I open one present each. It was just enough to take the edge off the excitement so we could go to sleep. As a parent now, I understand that my parents were just as anxious to give us presents as we were to get them!

  41. I still remember the Christmas my grandparents gave me my Easy Bake oven. I know it was only a light bulb, but I loved that thing. I STILL love to bake!!

  42. We all gather at Mom’s house a few days before Christmas and all the presents were under the tree. My 5 Year old niece was very upset so my brother told her Grandma wanted the tree to look nice but the boxes had rocks and sticks in them and Santa would come and replace them. She did didn’t believe him so he let her open a box and it had a rock in it. Santa usually came to our house Christmas Eve because of all the houses he had to get to but my niece wouldn’t let us open presents until she heard Santa’s bells on the roof. So finally my brother had to do his bells on the roof routine. Even then my niece carefully opened her first present.

  43. I think this Christmas will be one of my most memorable. I have a brand new granddaughter this year. Nothing can compare to cuddling with your first grandchild in front of the Christmas tree.

  44. 1. Seeing the look on my granddaughter’s face when she first enjoyed opening Christmas gifts.

    2. Not my fav but when my 7 yr old son snuck out and opened ALL his presents before we were awake.

    3. My daughter did not like dolls and one year she was thrilled to get her requested Hulk Muscles which you obviously could attach to your body.

    4. Opening homemade gifts by my children, granddaughter and neice.

  45. I would say a very special and yet bittersweet Christmas from a few years ago is a memory I will treasure. My sister-in-laws mom had been diagnosed with cancer and we had all still been in a state of shock but she was like Christmas must go on. So that evening as my 6 month old niece opened her first presents I will always remember that joyous look on Barbara’s face. We would lose her in July, but I will always keep that memory in my heart.

  46. About 3 weeks before Christmas last year I sent both my daughters (18 & 21) a remnder of FB that if they didnt give Mommy their lists for Santa they werent getting anything.. Without confering with eachother, the first thing on both lists was a Ferrari.. Oldest asked for a Yellow Ferrari and Youngest wanted a Pink one.. Smatry pants thought they got one over on Santa. NOPE!! After searching long and hard on the internet Santa found both Ferraris in the requested colors.. Now mind you tey were Matchbox Cars but hey, noone specified REAL!!! I wrapped said cars in HUGE boxes and marked them “To be opened last”… The looks on their faces and the laughter that followed was precious!! They got there Ferraris and a lesson in “DONT MESS WITH MOM/SANTA!!”

  47. As a kid I used to shake the gifts that were for me to figure out what they were. My mom stopped that in the most irritating way. She stopped putting name tags on all the gifts and started putting numbers. Random numbers with no meaning to help identify the true owner :( . Then she got even more creative. Small gifts would be wrapped in a box, then a bigger box with bricks so the weight would of it would make me go nuts. Opening a box that belongs to a TV and then realizing you got clothes is not a fun experience in my mind but she enjoyed it. There was one Christmas where I got a bike but not “yeah its a bike under the tree”, no that would be too easy. I had to work to find it. Literally. Fist a note (in a large heavy box) that said go check the laundry room. In the laundry room was another note, go check the microwave. Of course another note, go look in the bbq. In the bbq another note. Go to neighbors. HUH?? She actually got the neighbors involved in this twisted gift giving?? Went to the neighbors, another note. Go to laundry room. But I was just there?? Went back to the laundry room and found another note. Make your bed and you will be rewarded. By now I was frustrated but went and made the bed thinking this has got to be an awesome gift for all the trouble I am going through to get it. After the bed was made I was told to go back to the backyard and there was my new bike. During all the running around my parents kept moving the bike. It drove me nuts but it is one Christmas that I clearly remember.

  48. Christmas morning 2003, we woke up to a broken furnace…and our firstborn was only 9 days old. While I cuddled her by the fire, we waited for the furnace repair service. We expected it to take hours, but he was on the scene in less than 45 minutes. He wore a santa hat and embodied the spirit of Christmas. He explained that his kids were in high school and college. His family celebrated on Christmas Eve so the kids could visit with friends and significant others and his wife could sleep in on Christmas day. He always volunteered for the on-call shift so his co-workers could have their holidays. He gushed over our baby and showed us pictures of his kids. When he left, we sent him on his way with a hug and a plate of cookies. After all, that’s the traditional way to thank Santa Claus.

  49. This Christmas……it will be the first? My girls and I have ever spent with my family. And I haven’t seen my girls since August so my Christmas magic will start on the 21st, if my ex actually brings them to the exchange point.

  50. When my husband proposed in front of my whole family on Xmas eve. My sisters knew but my mother didn’t . So after it happened she still didn’t get it. I don’t think she still doesn’t get that I’m married and has a kid. JK…
    Also when I made my husband ( then boyfriend) pick out his own Xmas present. I told him the clothes I got him were for my brother he hadn’t met yet. So on Xmas he opened the boxes up and said “hey, didn’t I pick those out? “. Totally, got him. Now he is too wise for my sneakiness . Gosh, darn it.

    Happy Hoildays Jill! 🎄🎅

  51. I have had many memorable Christmas’s from my childhood to my children & grandchildren. I have to say tho my most treasured was in 1992 that was the last Christmas we had with our youngest son Dwayne, the following March we lost jim from injuries he received from a car accident. He was only 19 years old when this happened and it’s been 20 years ago but I still hold tight to all my sweet tender moments with him.
    Hold your children close and make many treasured loving memories every day!

  52. I don’t know if it’s one of my “top” moments, but definitely one of the most memorable. I spent parts of both Christmas Eve and Christmas day of 1997 in the ER with a bout of kidney stones. My family got a kick out of it because I was totally looped due to the medication and it might have been the quickest that presents were ever opened and put away! One of the most painful experiences of my life for sure!

  53. It would either have to be the Christmas morning when I fell going down the stairs (it’s still a running joke in my family almost 20 years later) or the Christmas a week before I turned 10, it was the last Christmas before I lost 3 of my grandparents within 5 months. Two died in Janurary and the third died in May of that same year. I am extremely thankful that my parents remembered their video camera that year so I can watch that tape whenever I want.

  54. I also did a #4 – found the gifts in February. My fondest Christmas memories are with my mom, who always baked cookies and decorated the house (even though my dad kept insisting it was all too much). When mom would say she not decorate so much next year, my dad would reply, “No you can’t do that!”

  55. My husband was a NYC police officer when our children were young. One year he was scheduled to work a day tour on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I took the kids out to the car while daddy got the presents and put them under the tree. We drove around looking at Christmas lights and pointed out some lights in the sky that could be Santa. The kids were thrilled when they found their presents on our return home. The next day my husband was scheduled to drive the sergeant; on learning that he had young children at home, the boss sent my husband home to spend the day with his family! This was in the early 80′s and I still get choked up thinking about it.

  56. When we were young we were allowed to pick one present to open Christmas Eve. Always looked forward to that.

  57. As a child my family lived on Alcatraz Island. Yes, the Rock. Dad was a guard. We celebrated 11 Christmases there. Every Christmas eve the guards families had a party in the social hall and the real Santa came. I knew he was the real Santa because every year he was the same Santa. He remembered ME and asked me about my family and how did I like visiting disneyland that summer… When it had just opened. Every guards child sat on Santa’s lap received a gift and a brown paper bag full of nuts apples and citrus fruit. We all got a candy cane. Just like kids visiting Santa in San Francisco. When we went home after the party Santa had visited and left our gifts.

    It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I learned the “Real Santa” had another job; every night he ran the lighthouse.

  58. being with my family… because now we all arent together during Christmas anymore because my brothers live in different places!!!

  59. Every year my two sisters and I would get new Big Wheels to race around the block in. I can still remember the thrill of seeing those shiny new fun-on-wheels around the tree. I have no idea how my single mom of three girls managed to afford them, but it kept us busy for the rest of the day (and most of the following year).

  60. My ex was a total and complete Scrooge (as well as being a lazy jerk, which could explain why he’s the EX). My kids were 7, 4 and 3 and I worked at a grocery store on Christmas Eve. The manager bought us all a Santa hat to wear that day. I ended up putting in 3 hours of overtime to help close the store and didn’t get home until almost midnight. My ex was asleep in front of the television and none of the Christmas presents I’d bought were set up. I was so disgusted that I tossed that stupid Santa hat onto the television before spending another hour and a half setting up all the wonderful things from Santa. It was well after 2 in the morning before I could crawl into bed. Right at 5 AM the kids were awake and poking at me to get up so they could go see what Santa had brought. I shooed them out to the living room and told them I would be right there. While I was shrugging into my robe and slippers I waited to hear the squeals of delight. Instead, I heard dead silence. When I got to the living room, all three were standing in front of the television staring at the Santa hat. My daughter (the oldest) turned to me and said, “Mom, Santa left his hat at our house!” All three children were horrified at the thought that Santa’s head was cold without his hat. I assured them that Santa had extra hats in his sleigh and they accepted it.
    Next year came and on Christmas Eve my daughter pulled out a box. Inside, wrapped carefully in tissue paper was the Santa hat from the previous year. She said they needed to leave it out just in case Santa wanted it back.
    Fast forward to present day – My daughter STILL has that Santa hat. She gets it out every Christmas Eve and tells my granddaughters about the year that Santa left his hat at her house and how they need to leave it out just in case he needs it back.

  61. The time the tree was so huge you could not get from one side of the living room to the other. LOL

  62. I pretty much love every Christmas. We go to my aunt’s house where they have 5, yes 5, real trees all decorated. My uncle makes his traditional Filipino food and we play BINGO. I think this year will be the best yet because my almost-2-year-old niece is Christmas crazy!

  63. wE DONT HAVE christmas here but the funniest moment we had on christmas was that my mom kept gifts under my pillow and when we woke up we informed her that santa doest leave them under pillow :D

  64. My favorite memory is the year me and my husband decided to have Christmas at our house for my side of the family. My parents came sleep on Christmas Eve that way they could have the joy of watching our boys open their gifts. I remember my parents went to bed and the weather guy said we could see snow with in the next couple of hours and my dad told the boys there was no way it would snow. Well let’s just say you should never tell boys that the weather guy lied about the snow,because those boys stayed up in their room and when it really started to snow,well they had to prove their grandfather wrong,so they decided to go wake him up in the middle if the night and made him get up and see for himself. We still laugh about it.

  65. My husband could not surprise me, ever. Every Christmas I knew what he was getting me. On the Christmas of the year we were married 14 years we went out Christmas eve to look at lights and have dinner. What I didn’t know is he had my mom sneak in to our house and hide my present under the tree. It was a ruby and diamond anniversary band that I had picked out a few years before but we weren’t able to afford at that time. I am not explaining it well but it was and still is my favorite present ever…more so since my husband passed away 2 years ago.

  66. First of all I loved reading the other comments..My favorite memory was when my 2 year old found all the gifts at nap time in Mommy’s, room and preceded to open them all very quietly and then he tried to re-wrapped them…I went to check on him and he was asleep in the pile of gifts…He has never been so quiet before..He is 35 now and still tries to find the gifts. I’ve learned to hide them better :)

  67. The Christmas I have the best memory of, was the Christmas when I was 10. It was early Christmas morning, and my brother, sister, and myself were hanging out in my brothers room waiting for 7am. Growing up, we had to wait until our mom and stepdad got up, checked to make sure Santa had come, and to start the coffee. Well my brother and sister both talked me into sneaking out, to see if Santa had come. Being the youngest, it wasn’t difficult. So I went out and car back, pretending to be really sad. I told them that Santa had come, but only left me presents. I told them that maybe they needed to be nicer to me and then maybe he would bring them something next year. They were so upset! Lol it was so funny to see their faces when they realized they really did have gifts!

  68. When my son was 4 my hubby and I were extremly broke and living with his mother til we got back on our feet. We didn’t know how were going to be able to afford even one gift for our son. About one week before Christmas we received a mysterious check for $800 and our church got tegether and got gifts for him. He woke Christmas morning to a room full of toys and love.

  69. My top five:
    1~When my son told me he didn’t believe in Santa but instead he wanted to help ‘trick’his little sissy & brother so they would still believe
    2~Every year I forget to move our Elf during the night! (I forget ALOT)
    3~Last year I visited my parents and walked in the kitchen and watched my mom teaching my daughter how to make Christmas candy. My heart melted & I will never lose that image of them in their aprons & hands full of chocolate!
    4~The first year my hubby had to work his 12 hours night shift @ Christmas & I was in charge of being Santa. I fell asleep & woke up to my son telling me he must have been really bad this year because Santa didn’t come!(luckily it was like 4am so I told him he’s still delivering so he needed to hurry back to bed)
    5~Every Christmas Eve we do Cookies, milk & carrots for the rain deer-the kids place them down beside the fire place with a thank you note. Every year this is my favorite part of the whole holiday season!!

  70. Six Years ago My sister’s then boyfriend got her a ValleyBull Puppy for Christmas. We had lost our family dog who was 19 a few years before, and I was sure I didnt want another dog, I was still sad from losing Max. But then in the house comes this little black and white ball of fluff and I was gone! Christmas afternoon, everyone was having a nap so new baby Bruno and I were on the couch, and he curled up on my chest and fell asleep. He’s had me wrapped around his paw ever since! Even at 70lbs he still trys to lay on me to nap!

  71. It was the Christmas my nephew was born. He’s a Christmas day baby. We spent all of Christmas day in the hospital waiting room waiting on news of his arrival, walked around the corner to grab Subway for dinner (Pez for dessert!) and waited some more. A very healthy 9 lb. 10 oz baby boy was born about 9PM that night and I wouldn’t chance it for anything.

    My nephew will be 3 on Christmas Day. He has his own birthday tree for his birthday gifts as well as the Christmas tree in the house :)

  72. My husband works at a hospital and volunteers to work every Christmas morning for whoever in his department has the youngest child. We have Christmas later in the day when he gets home from work. He’s been there almost 20 years and has always done this. We don’t have any children, so he’s able to give this gift to someone who does.

  73. The my son’s first Christmas that he understood Santa and he came running out of his room screaming “He came, he came!”

  74. Every Christmas my family (or most of us) get together at my grandma and grandpa’s house, eat dinner, go to church, and open presents! Everyone is having a fun carefree time…until the Uno cards come out. Then things get serious. This is always my favorite part of Christmas! We sit around the table taking vicious swipes at each other using Draw 4 and Skip cards as our weapons of choice. Everyone ends up breaking out in laughter at some point and we all have such a good time! :)

  75. My last Christmas my Mom was here 12 years ago at the age of 59
    She went to heaven God got a wonderful angle then <3

  76. My favorite memory was the year my sweet father,(he has since passed away from pancreatic cancer) arranged for a friend of his to dress up as Santa & come to our house to surprise my 2 yr old daughter, Hannah…it wasn’t so much of a surprise as it was a screaming fest…Hannah took one look & took off like a cat shot in the butt, screaming & crying…poor Santa!! LOL!!

  77. My favorite memory is from 3 years ago. My mom had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for over two years. I am one of six children, and we all got together at my sister’s house. Mom had her last lucid moments that day. She passed away the following April, but I will always cherish those last Christmas memories with Mom. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thanks for the chance to win!

  78. One of my favorite memories is that my three sisters & I got Barbies for Christmas and they all had different colored hair so we wouldn’t fight over them. WRONG, but we settled our differences and had a lot of fun with them. I still have mine in a cedar chest. Still love being around family at holidays, but we live 1100 miles from any relatives so it’s pretty quiet in our house. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

  79. My favorite memory about Christmas was from when I was a kid. My dad comes from a pretty large family and for 17 years my brother and I were the only two grandchildren so EVERYONE came and stayed at my parents house. Some years we would have 20 people staying in the house sleeping on anything and everything.
    It was always funny to see where everyone ended up. Then on Christmas morning there were so many presents that you could hardly fit into the living room. It was so much fun to have everyone together.

  80. My daughter was 2 and a friend dressed up as Santa for her. We left a gift on the front porch for him to give her. When Santa finally showed up and gave her the stuffed Bear (she named him Cuddles) she screamed at the top of her lungs and proceeded to say “you peed on Bear”. The bear was actually wet from the snow outside while it sat on the porch. We all laughed pretty long on that one.

  81. A few years ago, I put some gifts away so well, that I forgot where I put them.. went out and bought a new one(of course it was the wrong color) and on Christmas Day after telling my kids what I did.. my oldest daughter found my hiding place! Oh yeah.. I put them there so I wouldn’t forget where I put them!.. Then when I tried to take the camera back to the store that does not do refunds.. exchanges only.. but surely they will make an exception for me.. I am one of their best customers.. I am always in there for photo advice.. I got STORE CREDIT instead.. which was good for me… as well. Turns out my daughter never liked that camera for on land pictures but it took great underwater pictures.. I wonder where it is?……

  82. Mine would have to be this year so far. Not because of any one event but because I was able to get a job this year so I could provide some of the gifts my 3 kids asked for. Material things may not be what makes Christmas special, but the feeling of knowing my kids are going to get some of what was on their wish list is amazing. :)

  83. The sparkle in my children’s eyes when they saw the tree on Christmas morning!

  84. My happiest Christmas memory is spending Christmas Eve at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would come too. We always had a big dinner and present exchange. Makes me miss my grandma, though!!

  85. I cherish the last Christmas that I had with my Aunt. We always had so much fun with everyone playing games and hanging out.

  86. The first Christmas with our daughter was one of the best. She was all smiles in her photo with Santa and had a blast opening presents (aka ripping paper). But the most special part of that Christmas was the fact that she sat up by herself for the very first time on Christmas Eve, got her first two teeth while we were Christmas shopping and had her first solids in time for Christmas dinner.

    Every Christmas since then, having kids is what saves the season for me when I’m not in the most festive mood. This year, my daughter was so excited about the arrival of our Elf on the Shelf, Drifty, that she couldn’t sleep the night before or the next morning (he arrives on December 1st). She can read and write now, so she’s making her own Christmas list, will write a note for Santa and has been reading Christmas stories. Life is good.

  87. The look on my kids faces Christmas morning when they see the tree (we don’t put any presents under it until after they are in bed Christmas eve)!

  88. My favorite memories are just being with my family. I cherish every moment with them.

  89. Growing up, we always had a fake tree. After my parents got divorced, we moved to an old farm house that had a high ceiling in the living room. We put up our fake tree and it looked fine, but my mom commented on how small she felt it was in the room.
    The next day while she was at work, my brother called me and told me to take the decorations off the tree and pack the tree away. He came home with a huge, real tree and extra ornaments. We had less than an hour to get the tree situated and redecorate the tree before our mom got home from work.
    The look on our mom’s face when she saw the tree was the best present.

  90. It’s gotta be Christmas Eve when my whole family gets together and it’s just a big party. There’s lots of food, a bunch of kids running around and too many aunts and uncles to count. Last year I was living out of the country so this one is especially important cause I missed all this craziness while I was away :)

  91. One of my favorite Christmas moments was when my husband proposed to me! So it’s Christmas Eve and we always go to my Grandma’s house to eat and be merry with the whole family. My husband had a long weekend off from the Marine Corps and I had came home from college and he came with me. I was literally wearing my pajamas in the bedroom and my mom was yelling at me to get in the shower so we could get there on time. I picked something up off the dresser and told Jeremy to hold it for me please and he said “No” – I was totally floored! I didn’t expect him to say No and I was like seriously you’re going to say No and we don’t have time for this. So I turned around to ask him what he was talking about and he was down on one knee with my ring – I don’t really know what he said because I was so caught off guard. I kept telling him he wasn’t for real and saying no way – he laughed hysterically at me and told me he was serious. While all of this is going on, my Mom walks by and realizes what he is doing and starts to freak out and yells wait! let me get the camera. So I’m crying and in shock, Jeremy is laughing and trying to tell me he is serious and my mom is running around the house for a camera. It was totally unexpected and completely my husband! Funny side note – that was not how he planned it at all! He thought we went to my Grandma’s house on Christmas night so his plan was to propose Christmas morning after we opened presents. His plan was that I would open my present – a Marine Corps teddy bear – and then he would propose to me. Yeah – a wrench got thrown into that plan and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about how it happened! And that will be 6 years ago this Christmas Eve!

  92. It should be the day my son was born (He is a Christmas baby) but who really wants to be in labor for almost 2 days, especially in Hawaii? But one of the gifts he received was a teddy bear from my Grandmother who had been against our marriage from the beginning. The next year he sat on her lap with the teddy bear and there is big smiles on both their faces. She passed away a few years later and that teddy bear is on his bed (he is now a teenager)

  93. One of my favorite and one that I still give my hubby a hard time about, is the first Christmas after we were married my mother-in-law gave me a nightgown that was sweatshirt material it was a turtleneck, long sleeved and went to the floor. Guess she didn’t want any grandkids. My husband said my expression was priceless. Of course I thanked her nicely. Still makes me smile today (not so much back then)

  94. the year I was 3 or 4, I knew what one of my Mom’s gifts was (already wrapped and under the tree). One evening, she was wrapping other gifts in the family room and asked me to put it under the tree. I responded with “Okay, I’ll put it right by your boots” – giving away the surprise. My sister has NEVER let me live this down.

  95. When I was a little girl I visited a fancy gift shop with my mom and we looked at the beautiful Royal Doultons. We had very little money as my mom was a single mom. My mom loved The Balloon Seller lady figurine and she pointed to it and said, “One day when you get big and rich you can buy Mommy this.”
    I remembered her comment always and couldn’t wait one day to buy her that figurine.
    Years later, I surprised her at Christmas with The Balloon Seller lady Royal Doulton figurine. It was her first Royal Doulton and she cried. I cried and then we all cried and hugged. I will always have this amazing memory.

  96. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year. I feel good and I have money to buy gifts as I have almost paid off my medical bills. I did some holiday bsking and sent it to my parents and brother. My sister snd I will Skype with my parents and brother on Christmas.

  97. Every year on Christmas Eve after we attend church, we come home and let my boys (I have 3)open up 1 gift. Every year it’s the same thing (Christmas PJ’s) then we all cuddle up together and watch a Christmas movie before sending them to bed!

  98. When my parents used my Dad’s work boot to make shoe prints leading from the fireplace to the tree…. I was amazed!!

  99. I have a 2 foot tall tree that I like to call the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” complete with a creepy Santa face topper. Our tradition is the family badgers me until Christmas Eve to put up the tree. Every CE, I drag it out and figure out what the them will be. My favorite so far has been the jewelry tree where I pulled out all different colored bangles and earrings and decorated the tree with them.

  100. We got a cat from one of my hubby’s friends because they couldn’t keep him. His first Christmas with us he brought down the Christmas tree shattering some very pretty bell ornaments in the process. The tree is now secured to the wall every year to avoid a repeat.

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