December 13, 2013

Oh Oldest


Meet Oldest’s new foster assignment — two week old orphan Valentina, named such because the hope is that by Valentine’s Day she can be adopted out. She can’t see and can’t hear, not yet anyway. She has to be bottle fed, and she makes these adorable little piggy noises when she does. I can hardly even look at her without my ovaries aching.

Click on this for a seven second TO DIE FOR VIDEO of Valentina feeding: IMG_5446

Seriously. I can’t even take it. SO CUTE.

oh and p.s. my next book, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, is available for preorder AND on sale!


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  1. Cuteness overload!!!

  2. I love a good sale! Merry Christmas to me!

    Now, will this become a foster fail too???

  3. So very adorable.
    I love a sale too.

    Ya’ll have a rushing-around-like-crazy weekend.

  4. OMH! Way too adorable!! So, is this going to be the newest addition to your “foster fail” group?? It would be hard on me to give the little girl up, especially after bottle feeding, etc. That’s pretty hands-on to try to remain unattached… ;)

  5. That puppy looks just like my boston terrier as a baby. Boston’s are the best. So precious!!

  6. Adorable….I would not able to resist giving her back…I want to Foster dogs as well…
    I can’t wait to see what happens…if you do or don’t….
    Hope you have a great day Jill….xoxo

  7. Adorable little Valentina

  8. You know what happened the last time she fostered a puppy!!

  9. Very cute. Don’t get to attached. Keep us posted on her growth.
    Everyone have a great weekend.

  10. She is too adorable!!

  11. Love the pup!!!! Can’t wait for the book!!! You must have done something right to have a child who cares for these foster animals!!!

  12. We’ve had fed so many animals over the years…baby rabbits (drop by drop so they don’t drown ~ every two hours), kittens and even a squirrel. It’s time consuming but so worth it!

  13. So cute!!!

  14. Puppy is so adorable. And I LOVE your books. Thank you so much fot writing them!

  15. How adorable!

  16. What a cute puppy to take care of. My Christmas is having a homemade Christmas lunch on Christmas day and then exchange presents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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