December 11, 2013

Wednesday’s Musings of a Sick Chick

I have caught a cold. I blame the ass-hat who sat next to me on the Salt Lake City to D.C. leg of my flight the other day and kept sneezing on me.

There is a special place in hell for people who don’t have any sneeze manners.

Just sayin’…

Also, because I have a cold, when I tried to call my insurance company to get some things straightened out, the computer couldn’t understand a word I said.

Me: I’d like to speak to an agent
Ins: For Spanish, press 2.
Me: I’m good with English
Ins: I’m sorry, we don’t have that language on file.
Ins: I understand you’re having trouble, would you like to speak to an agent?
Me: YES!!!!!
Ins: You have selected an option that is not available at this time.
Me: But you just said it was!
Ins: Goodbye…

I normally have low blood pressure, but calls like this change that pretty darn quick.

Oh! Before I go, CHRISTMAS IN LUCKY HARBOR is still on sale in print everywhere, and now it’s also on sale for $2.99 digitally, if you’re so inclined to read book 1 and 2 of Lucky Harbor (Simply Irresistible and The Sweetest Thing) AND two bonus short stories. Kindle, Nook, iBooks… Share the word, or maybe even share the love if you know someone who hasn’t yet started the Lucky Harbor series, cuz this is a great place to start. :lol:


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  1. My loved one yanked the phone out of my hands the other day when a customer service agent for the cable company finally came on the phone after a six minute wait. This red head has no patience, and I was not going to be pleasant. Luckily the loved one has a calmer head!

    Get better soon, Jill.

  2. Feel better!

  3. Feel Better :)

  4. I hate insurance companies!!!! As a Pharmacist, we have to call insurance companies all the time and there is a bazillion options that you have to go through! I feel like its an obstacle course that takes 20 minutes and at the end I’m just pissed off and most of the time there’s no resolve. I am a very patient person but insurance companies are the devil!

    I haven’t started your Lucky Harbor series yet – I’ve only read the Animal Magnetism series. But I am extremely excited to start this series! :-) But I hinted to my husband that this book is on my Christmas list so I hope to open it up on Christmas morning!

  5. I hope you’ll feel better soon :)

  6. Feel better soon.

  7. In all your travels haven’t you learned about airplane cooties yet? They will find you no matter where you are. Seriously, feel better quick. And you can usually press 0 when on computer calls to transfer to an agent. Most of the time. Except when dealing with insurance companies.

  8. I hope you feel better fast. Take care & hang in there.

  9. Another reason I hate flying… germs everywhere on planes.. in seat pockets, trays, recirculated air… ick.

  10. It’s been a long, long Nora Roberts book-signing weekend.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Yes, those automated systems are awful, and the insurance companies’ automated systems are even worse than awful! Take deep, calming breaths (if you can breathe with a stuffed up nose), and feel better soon!

  12. I get sick every time I fly! Feel better soon!!!

  13. I get sick every time I get back home from a trip. It doesn’t matter where I go or how I go, I get sick as a dog.

    Hope you feel better very soon.

  14. That sounds my experience with my new health insurance company.

    I get the automated system, which asks for a member number. I don’t have one and there is no option but to input one so I just wait. Eventually it says “we” have a problem and it will transfer me to someone, and I get a live human.

    “Hi, I haven’t heard anything and I want to make sure my insurance is going to be in effect January 1.”

    “What is your member number?”

    “I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything since I sent in my forms.”

    “I’ll need your member number to look you up in the computer.”

    “I don’t have my member number.”

    “I’ll transfer you to someone who can help you.”


    I wait 20 minutes on hold. I am funneled out of the hold system (overwhelmed, no doubt, with people without a number) and back to the automated system. It asks for my number, and I wait again to get transferred – turns out, to the first person I talked to.

    “Hello, can I have your member number?”

    I freak out and say (rather loudly, um) that I have been waiting 20 minutes to get my number and now I am back again and I am not going to wait on hold another 20 minutes to go through this ridiculous conversation again and their hold system sucks.

    “One moment.” I am then transferred to a live person.

    He asks if I have my member number.

    There is a very long pause while I take a few deep breaths.

    “Ma’am, are you still there?”

    I did eventually get my number, which I wrote down everywhere.

  15. Feel better!!!! Automatic response systems are ridiculous!!! I think there’s a special place in hell for them. To make you feel better, even though I already have books 1 & 2 on my kindle, I bought Christmas in Lucky Harbor just for the novellas. Oh wait, maybe I own 1 of them too. Oh well, just supporting my favorite author. :-)

  16. If you curse repeatedly into the phone, the same word over and over, I’ve found that they connect you with an operator quicker. Works everytime I call AT&T.

  17. Feel better soon. Love lucky harbor

  18. Hope you feel better soon and drink lots of hot tea with honey & lemon while you’re eating all those Cookies you love!! Glad you enjoyed your visit with Ms. Nora! =)

  19. There is a special place in hell for the person that invented automated call answering…just sayin.

    Feel better soon!!!!

  20. I’m so sorry you caught a cold on your trip. Despite sitting next to a woman that coughed during the whole trip I did not get sick. I was thankful for that. This happened a long time ago! I hope you feel much better very soon.

    When are you going to tell us about the book signing, etc.? I’m looking forward to hearing about it. :-)

  21. I’m so sorry you’ve got a cold! Just think how many people could be employed if “they” went back to real people instead of automated call answering! What makes my blood boil is when I call my internet provider to let them know I can’t get online and the stupid ass automated call service tells me that I can get faster service if I go online!

  22. You poor think…I hate that automated crap…I want to talk to a live person…I have gone through the same thing…it’s so frustrating…
    I had something happen…that do not get me started…I yelled at my doctors nurse and hung up on her she made me so angry….my blood pressure probably shot right through the roof..
    I hope you feel better sweetie…My hubby always the people on the plane when he gets sick…

    Wish I could send you cookies to make you feel better…
    Love the picture of Jax…I’m thinking of your book for my friend for Christmas…part of her present….

    I love LUCKY HARBOR…I may said this before… ..I just got mom started on your books…ALWAYS ON MY MIND….

  23. I am Super Insurance Agent, so let me know if I can help! California is my territory! I primarily work with Life, Retirement, Auto and Property, but I do work with Health Insurance and many other things as well. Feel free to email me or call my office, I am truly happy to help… And not an 800 number. (661) 726-9197 #0B91902

  24. Ways to fight off a cold…

    At FIRST indication you might be getting sick
    1. Zycam ~ naturalpathic nose swipe of zinc & other stuff
    2. Airborne ~ Chocked full of zinc, vit C and other stuff that helps fight those nasty bugs before they have a party in your nose and lungs.

    I have high blood pressure and can’t take lots of over the counters but this stuff WORKS If you do it at the first sign of getting sick and repeat for a day or so.

    I hope this helps =)

  25. Zicam is the best. I start using the spray as soon as I feel a tickle or sniffle. Feel better fast! Oh and I just got my copy of Christmas in Lucky Harbor today in the mail!

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  27. True story – We were doing some consulting work for a local hospital. I called them one afternoon, and while the automated greeting was playing I cleared my throat. The voice cut out, there was a pause, and then the voice came back on it said “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear you. Did you say cat scan?” I laughed so hard I had to hang up and call back.

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