December 10, 2013

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So Frat Boy has this thing for bear poo. I don’t know why but he INSISTS on rolling in it. I thought we’d broken him of the habit until yesterday. Youngest and I were on a hike with him and he came running out of the woods covered in brown gunk. STINKY brown gunk that turned out to be bear poo.

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Seriously, NOTHING smells worse than bear poo. Nothing.

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Except Frat Boy after he rolls in it.

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So we did what any girl would do. We ran home and pretended we didn’t notice so that Alpha Man had to bathe him…


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  1. Poor Alpha Man…but I thought you were stuck in Boonsboro…what happened? Are you home, sleeping in (I don’t blame you)…hope you had a good trip.

  2. Glad you made it home safely.

  3. Devious! And hilarious.
    I am sure Alpha Man believed you hadn’t noticed…

  4. I am helpless with laughter! Poor Frat Boy thinks he smells like a million bucks and the ladies run the other way …

  5. You girls are very smart

  6. Lol. I would have done the same thing.

  7. That is too funny. You deserved a break.

  8. My dog, Shadow, who is gone now and I miss her so had a thing for rolling in neighbors cow pooh. So I know what you mean. But I’d endure it to have her back.She was Saint Bernard/Rotweiler

  9. lol I am so relieved to see that I am not the only one who ignores catastrophe’s so my husband can find and fix them!

  10. Something about the word catastrophe made me insert an apostrophe… sigh. If that isn’t an alert for more coffee, I don’t know what is!

  11. Poor Frat Boy…poor Alpha Man….
    You are both so funny.

  12. Lol- I take it doesn’t read your blog?

  13. Lol! TOO funny!

  14. And this people is why I always let my brother’s have the pets… Growing up with four brother’s, I was not going to be responsible for the four legged creatures just give them the love.

  15. Too funny!! I’m sure Alpha Man thinks you couldn’t smell it. He’s probably so happy you’re home that he would do anything Foote you!!

  16. I bet Alpha Man was so happy to bathe Frat Boy…Poor Frat Boy..well feel for you and Youngest…would not want to be in your shoes…
    Did he love his bath? My friend’s dog ran into the swamp behind our houses…she came out covered in muck…she had a nice bath outside with the hose…she have her the cold shoulder for the whole day…
    Then I watched her the next day…little brat gave me attitude…I didn’t hose her down..she smelled like mangos afterwards…hahaha

  17. Too funny!!!! Wouldn’t happen in my house. Everyone would just dump the dog in my arms, he’s 6 pounds, and make me give him a bath. I don’t think anyone but me has ever given him a bath. You are so lucky & definitely loved!!!

  18. Did you get home? Your bear stories are funny!! This is not funny but it is the way your tell it, cause you make us laugh!!!

  19. I think they do it as a leftover from hunting instinct to cover their scent. Still, bear poo?!?!? yuck

  20. I would have done the same thing!!

  21. Goose grease (poo) is a close 2nd to Bear poo. My dog, normally so prissy, LOVED rolling in goose grease.

  22. ewwwww

  23. Well handled! Like true girly girls! And there’s nothing wrong with being girly girls, especially when it comes to stinky brown stuff or hairy, multi-legged insects… Just sayin’! LOL!

  24. If you see it or smell it then its your responsibility to clean it or wash him/her in our house …so everyone is blind with stuffed up noses with the exception of Mom (me). Teenagers who claim their dogs until either of them have an accident or roll in poo while playing in the yard.

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