December 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I was going through my pics, you know, making a cursory attempt at organization. You might ask yourself if that’s even possible.

It’s not.

But we’ve had five feet of snow in two days and I’m feeling a little pinned in. Our house is buried. Literally. So is our mailbox:

Here’s the rock I like to sit on in the summer and contemplate my naval:

In the winter, we sometimes snowshoe across Donner Lake. I was with Middle (hi Middle in red!), and constantly saying CAREFUL DON’T FALL IN!

And then I fell in. But that’s another story. Here’s the view once we hiked in:

Oh, and I love this shot.

Right after I took it, those branches unloaded. On me.

But here’s my favorite, the one with the rightward lean, the one that makes me giggle and think naughty thoughts, and if you giggle and think naughty thoughts too, then I know we would be great friends:

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  1. Love the pictures. No snow here, so thanks for sharing yours with me. Have to say I totally giggled and had naughty thoughts of the last pic. ;-)

  2. We had like 5 inches of snow & people freaked. Can’t even imagine 5 feet. Is that how you became a writer? You were trapped with nothing to do ? Lol
    I giggled too. ;)

  3. Yup. I totally giggled.

  4. Hahahaha!! Too funny! Brrr. We are cold here but no snow.

  5. We got 4-6 inches of snow which is too much for me. I love your pictures though. It is beautiful.

  6. Was wondering if you would include the last one. HEEHEE.

  7. Yup…we’re the best buds in the whole wide world. Hehehe…

    Love your pix, but would go crazy not being able to move around and not see people for weeks on end…brrrr!

  8. You know, just about every time I read this blog a smile comes to my face. Great pics!

  9. Wow! We’ve only had about 2 inches of snow so far.

  10. Great pics funny have great week
    any winner from Thursday musings thanks

  11. Heehee my mind went instantly to the naughty files…I know we’d be great friends…We already are bffs in my head! Thanks for all the laughs, great reads and eye candy! :)

  12. How can you NOT giggle and have naughty thoughts when seeing that last picture? lol Great minds think alike!
    Love your blog-it makes me laugh-or drool-every day. :)

  13. I love your pictures!!! Do you use your phone or a regular camera? You make me laugh and like others, in my head we are friends.

  14. Beautiful pictures! I wish we got snow around here more often, I live near Seattle and an inch of snow causes snowpacolipse and the whole city shuts down, it’s kinda funny really (except when my normally 40 minute commute home takes 6 hours but luckilly that only happened once) And that last picture….giggle :grin:

  15. Love your pictures but glad we have no snow here in TN. And yes, I had lots of naughty thoughts…almost as many as I had when I look at yesterday’s picture of Jeremy Renner. ;-)

  16. Wait, back up. You FELL into a frozen lake?:shock:

    See, that stuff never happens in my part of Texas. Not to brag, but it’s sunny and 59 degrees here.

  17. Thanks for making my Friday! I swear I thought Mr. Trunk hung left. Oh well. Happy New Year!

  18. love all the above pics the last one its missing something ROFL! great post have a good new year!

  19. We only got 2″. Thanks for braving the snow & cold to take the pics! Hope nothing got frost bitten.

  20. No snow in Miami, FL. Oh Jill how I envy you! I would like a white Christmas at least once. Great pics.! :smile:

  21. My good friend used to live in Tahoe, and on her property they had “penis rock.”

    I think your snow-covered tree should just be nicknamed “John Holmes,” or “Ron Jeremy.”

  22. You are my bestest friend FOREVER! But I didn’t just giggle – I almost fell off my chair giggling.

  23. love it. no snow in melbourne.just inconsist weather :!:

  24. Wow. *said reverently* I’m great friends with Jill Shalvis! *gg* How cool is that?!

  25. you are the best. Love your snow. Sadly we are having another snow storm tonight

  26. Yep I had naughty thoughts also. Your snow is beautiful but you can keep it there. We have only had a light dusting of snow so far but a lot of rain. The past couple of days have been pretty cold, but other then that the weather has been ok. I don’t really want your snow. I like to get out and walk on dry land myself.

  27. Jill, those are beautiful pictures. I would love to have a winter wonderland close by. The closes to me is a 2 hours drive to the snow and mountains.

  28. Beautiful pictures. And yes that last one made me laugh, not giggle, but laugh. I wish we had snow here, you are lucky.

  29. Beautiful pics, my friend ;-) Thank you!
    Next time: careful, don’t fall in!! ;-)

  30. Of course I giggled!! :roll: :grin: Can we be friends? :smile: :cool:

    Love the pictures especially since we don’t see anything like that here. :grin:

  31. I didn’t giggle, I laughed long and loud. Can we still be friends :P

    And great pics. We finally got a whole inch of snow here in Illinois today.

  32. Love the pics, totally made me giggle. I really miss snow…..ok, not really.

  33. Jill, I’m pretty sure we’d be fan-freaking-tabulous friends. I usually use a different f-word, but I’m trying to do better with that.

  34. LMAO at the last picture….

  35. Yep, had a good ole LOL moment! Then my coworkers wanted to know what was so funny! Oops, guess I am supposed to be working, not reading your blog. In my defense, your blog is much more fun than work! Of course I have been having this problem with Lucky Harbor vs work…..Lucky Harbor keeps winning! God bless iPads so no one knows what I am up to! I just like to call it multi-tasking!

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