December 26, 2012

Hump Day

Update: Winners are Alyce, Michelle V., and Kai W. Email me with a few book choices and your addy! :)

Original post:
And I can’t button my pants. Okay, I lie. I’m not wearing pants. I’m wearing yoga pants. But they’re too tight. And also, this is true.

Anyway, here’s what I want to know. Your favorite Shalvis book. Extra points if you tell me why. I’m going to draw names for a book from my backlist for the winners.


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  1. The Sweetest Thing. Tara and Ford are my favorite couple ever. Love when he stops taking pain meds so he can come see Tara.

  2. All of them?? Because they’re funny and sweet and sassy and there’s never a doubt reading a Jill Shalvis book will be time well spent. My favorite in recent history would be Animal Attraction. Before that, probably Head Over Heels. If we want to go farther back, probably Strong and Sexy or maybe Instant Attraction.

  3. I loved them all but my fav are the first 3.
    Chloe & sawyer I just loved how much he took care of her. Paid attn to her needs with the asthma.
    Tara and ford she couldn’t deny her attraction still. After all those years. I loved that ford stepped right into father role.
    Jax and Maddie who doesn’t love a carpenter with a tool belt? Jax helped her out of abuse issue.

    I think those three are my fav because of the sisters. I loved them all but the connection of those three was great.

  4. Any or all of them ! But as much as I love all your books, I will have to go with the very first book of yours I read a looooong time ago, a duets book called Hug Me Holly / Kiss Me Katie. I read it every Christmas for years and still have it :)

  5. Head Over Heels is my favorite right now because Sawyer took the time to find out more about Chloe’s asthma and how to deal with the problems that come with it. I also love your books for their just right combination of humor and sexiness! You just can’t go wrong when you pick up a Jill Shalvis book to read!

  6. Anything Lucky Harbour? No? I have to actually pick?? Okay then–

    Simply Irresistible because Maddie is not the typical annoyingly perfect heroine and overcomes (and grows) so much, and Jax is such a sweetheart and perfect for Maggie. I want to marry both of them every time I read it.

    At Last because underneath that kick-ass ”tude, Amy’s just a vulnerable girl like the rest of us who’s gone through some tough times. And Matt is… well, Ranger Hot Buns– that’s self-explanatory :)

  7. How can I pick just one…but if I must…

    Mia and Kevin are hot, hot, hot – Her Sexiest Mistake. Starting out in bed and hero on a motorcycle – how could you go wrong.

    Okay, so I picked 3 – Slow Heat and Double Play – Love baseball themed books and the dialogues in your books are always so funny.

    And you look lovely today, may I say!

  8. This is so hard. I would probably say Forever and a Day. I love all the Lucky Harbor books! They are so funny!

  9. Let’s see, Simply Irresistible is one of them because when Maddie meets Jax for the first time and doesn’t know she has potato chip crumbs on her chest. That was so funny! The other is Head Over Heels because Sawyer and Chloe together are funny and sexy and you can just picture how much she drives him crazy. I love all the Lucky Harbor books(well actually all of your books.).

  10. Simply Irresistible. Because we mean the cast of characters for the first time. But, Jax in a tool box is hot and the girls spending time together is sweet.

  11. Animal Attraction. I just love the hero, the sexual tension between him and the heroine, and the animals, OMG the animals…<3

  12. Simple Irresistible was the first book I read and I love it! Maddie the mouse looking to start over and than finding Jax who looking to protect her! I love the story of sisters.I am one of 4 sisters I love the sister in the story too! I don’t think it would ever work for my sisters and I to run a B&B but love to ready about family.

  13. Wow. Thats a pretty tough question. I love so many of your books. It comes down between Jax and Maddie, Josh and Grace, or Matt and Amy. I’m going to have to say Josh and Amy with Forever and a Day, because I love both Josh and Amy, but who doesnt love a rambunctious pug and a barking little boy. But For the record I do love all the lucky harbor books.

  14. Love all your books, especially the Lucky Harbor Series. I love the the first one with Maddie and Jax. I loved how they met on the highway and later when she hired him but didn’t know who he was and she was in such bad shape because of her and her sisters’ druken night under the Christmas tree. Jax treated her tenderly at all times and loved every quirk she had. It’s so nice to have someone love you for who you really are without putting up any false facades.

    Take me the way I am – warts and all.

    P.S. My pants are tight too! I don’t understand. I behaved and stuck with the basic chocolate food group the entire day. ;-)

  15. Oops Josh and Grace. Its way too early for me to be on the computer.

  16. Probably Head Over Heels. I really love the dynamic you built between Chloe and Sawyer, the complexity of their characters and how they deal with Chloe’s medical issues. It hit home for me. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. I think Chloe/Sawyer are probably my favorite. I like the quiet/stoic-but-deep guys. Sawyer always came off as a little socially awkward to me- or maybe not awkward, but quiet and a little less comfortable with himself or other people than, say, Jax or Ford or Ranger Hot Buns, and I like the fact that you feel like he couldn’t have what he has with Chloe with anyone else, and like she gets to see parts of him that other people don’t.

  18. I loved Trouble in Paradise. An island romance plus Dorie and Christian = magic!

  19. okay I meant The Trouble with Paradise – still in a Christmas coma!

  20. I adore all your books, but truly love FOREVER AND A DAY! I love Dr Josh and his relationships with his sister and how sweet he is with his son Toby. Can’t forget the hot pool scene either and of course ya gotta love that deliquent puppy Tank! I just love the beach scene were Grace thinks she’s lost Tank in the ocean. Grace and Josh are just such a sweet and sexy couple!

  21. I love all of your books. I have to say that Simply Irresistible is my favorite because it was the first one I ever read and the one that got me hooked!

  22. I love Head over Heals. Chloe and Sawyer overcome so much to find their way to each other. But Aftershock was also just as awesome. I love Dax and how much he felt and how he was not afraid to share it with Amber.

  23. Animal Attraction — Jade and Dell crack me up!

  24. Simply Irresistible! It was such a sweet and funny read. Everything I like to read about in a book! :)

  25. I loved The Sweetest Thing. The character of Tara really captivated me.

  26. Simply Irresistible. Because it was the first Jill Shalvis book I read and I was like, “Where the f*** have I been?” and I started glomming your backlist. But this one remains my favorite…because you always remember your first. :)

  27. Hands down, my favorite is Head Over Heels. I love Chloe and Sawyer. The Painting Scene….my favorite of all Lucky Harbor books. You have such a vivid way of writing, that the characters come to life in my head. I can see Sawyer’s jaw clenching everytime she needles him. Love how she pouts at the end cause he said “I Love You” first…LOL.

  28. Lucky in love. Love the ending when Ty comes back for Mallory. Have re-read the last couple of chapters over and over again. Makes me smile every time

  29. Head over Heels!! I go back and read parts of this book weekly. I love how tough both of them are – I love how he researches her condition – I love how he punches the wall outside the hospital – I love seeing her become the responsible one at the mud springs – I love the quote “I’d be worth the inhaler”. I feel like I have asthma just reading about these 2!

  30. To be honest, I just found out about you and haven’t had the chance to buy any yet, but would love to win and see… thanks for the opportunity

  31. I really love the Lucky Harbor series, and up until recently the story of Jax and Maddie. However the more I re-read your series (all your books if I must be honest) I really do love the story of Chloe and Sawyer. I love how they both fight it, give in to it, and grow as a result of letting themselves both find love and be loved. Good stuff!

  32. I have to put “Lucky in Love” at the top. I love Chloe and the tension between her and Sawyer is phenomenal!

    My next favorites are “Double Play” and “Slow Heat”.

    I love your characters! Keep up the good work!

  33. Simply irresistible Maddie and Jax story… I actually loved the entire series and can’t wait for more but the first book is my favorite. It was easy for me to believe the story line of these two… I also LOVED the fact that we could hear about them through out the rest of the books… What a great couple :-)

  34. It is so hard to choose just one. I guess it would have to be The Sweetest Thing.

  35. I would pick Animal Attraction. I just love the hero, the heroine, and the animals.

  36. I would have to say Head Over Heels because I LOVE Sawyer! Also, I love the way he tries so hard to resist Chloe and he just can’t!

  37. I loved the Lucky Harbor series. I think the first three are my favorite and what introduced me to your books. I love the connection of the three sisters that were distanced and reading about the connection they made while remodeling the Inn. I love family connections.

  38. I have loved everything I’ve read by you so far, but the Animal Magnetism series is my favorite, especially Rescue My Heart, I loved grumpy old Adam and was so glad to see him finally get his happily ever after!

  39. Well at the moment I am reading Instant Attraction so that is it…at the moment. Why? I like the fact that Katie had no idea who he was, and that she has no idea how attractive she is. I am dying to find out how she makes her life more exciting, besides getting together with Cam…I always enjoy the lead up and foreplay…thanks for the chance at the giveaway…

  40. Simply Irresistible…love Jax. And love how Maddie and Jax are together :)

  41. Just finished Instant Temptation. LOVED it. Love allll of your books for that matter. The ones I have left to read are starting to twindle. :(

  42. Trouble in Paradise- It has hilarious on board antics with on shore romantic adventure. :lol:

  43. One of my favorite books is Slow Heat. I love the dynamics between Sam and Wade. I like how the situations between Sam and her nephew evolve throughput the book.

    I also love ALL the Lucky Harbor books so far and can’t wait for more! Really it’s just too hard to pick on of your books!

  44. Instant attraction! And not just because it was the first one I read. I really loved the Wilder books, we were a very outdoorsy family growing up. Lots of skiing, kayaking, hiking, and rafting adventures. I miss the old covers though. Those Wilder men were a good looking bunch!

  45. All of them!! Ok if I have to pick one I’d have to say Slow Heat. I fell in love with Wade and Sam in Double Play and I was sooo excited for their own book. I loved every minute of it. I loved how they loved each other from the start but couldn’t admit it to themselves :) plus Tag was just so darn cute. :)

  46. Simply Irresistible was my first book of yours and I fell in love!

    There’s just something about Maddie finally figuring out how to stand up for herself & Jax liking (& eventually, loving) her all the more for it that just gets to me!

    Now that I’ve read all your books, however, I will need you to write faster. Much, much faster!

  47. Simply Irresistible! I loved Jax and how patient he was with Maddie. Not to mention her character as peace maker with her sisters. I’ve read it numerous times and it is still my favorite.

  48. My absolute favorite is Naughty by Nice! It’s just such a great book! I read both Naughty but Nice and Naturally Naughty about once a year! :mrgreen: LOL Cassie & Tag have such an amazing story & I love Cassie’s reaction to being loved for HER not for her body. :) Happy New Year to you Jill!

  49. I want to read The Sweetest Thing! It seems to be one of the most popular! Who am I kidding! ALL OF THEM!

  50. My Favorite was Instant Attraction…. because Katie and Cameron are both survivors from accidents. Katie is a fearless but vulnerable and Cameron sexy and brooding. It’s a fantastic love story while over coming life obstacles!!!

  51. I have read SO many but, hmmmm….I will say that I loved the story in The Heat is On. I just could NOT put that one down….great read!!

  52. Picking a favorite Shalvis book is like picking a favorite child—-I cannot do it! If forced to choose a favorite, which I should not be forced to do :), I’d have to say Rescue My Heart or At Last. Why? Three words: Adam and Matt =). Hope you had a great Christmas!

  53. I recently discovered your books, so each and every one I have read so far I absolutely LOVE! So far, I think Simply Irresistible is tops on my list….the sisters are hilarious with each other and then Jax and Maddie together! I loved Jax and now I’m reading the Sweetest thing and am in love with Ford and Tara!!Don’t know how I didn’t know about your books, but so glad I found them!! I will be reading each one!!

  54. At Last – I loved Amy’s quest and I have a soft spot for forest rangers.

  55. Hmmmmmmmmmmm tough call on the day after Christmas! I love LOVE LOVE all of your books because you can make me laugh, cry. empathize & fall in love all over again! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your wonderful characters in your head! Happy New Year!


  56. How can you not love a book with the title “At Last”? Anyone who has heard the Etta James song knows that we’re all looking for that special someone who will make our hearts complete. Amy and Matt find each other and that’s what makes this story so special.

  57. Time out with Rianey and Mark, love the sports books.

    I’ve read all your latest ones, and need to catch up on all the anthologies from the past…

    In Time Out I love how they get to date one another. The teen girls and their conversations with him are just priceless!

  58. Animal Magnetism. I love it because the animals–particularly Abigail the duck–add more humor to the story. I can also appreciate Lilah’s affinity for Snickers bars. ;-)

  59. My favorite is simply Irresistable. It was the first one of your books that I read,but boy the last :)

  60. It’s hard to pick just one book, all of your books are really good but I think my favorite would be the Animal Magnetism series because I love animals and Im glad Adam is finally getting his happy ending. I can’t wait to read Rescue My Heart! :)

  61. Oldie but goodie, I love Flashpoint. Always a sucker for a hot firefighter!

  62. I loved Simply Irresistible…loved reading the story of Maddie and Jax and seeing Maddie grow during the course of the book. So far it’s the only one I’ve read – I’m reading The Sweetest Thing now. I’m hooked on the Lucky Harbor series and can’t wait to read them all!

  63. It’s not easy to pick just one book as a favorite! I loved the Lucky Harbor series. Maddie & Jax; Tara & Ford; Chloe & Sawyer all great reads. Oh and Mia & Nick. I just got Animal Magnetism at the suggestion of a friend, but I haven’t read it yet.

  64. Hi Jill. I’m new to this site and am always looking for new reading material. I love books that make me feel like I’m part of the story when I read them or that I get so caught up In it I don’t put it down till I’m done. I was hoping that I could get some recommendations on where to start with your books. Any comments to help would be great. Thank you and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas:-).

  65. the entire lucky harbor series because i want to live there

  66. At Last. I feel like Amy is misunderstood woman. Everyone just sees her as a bada$$ when she is so much more. I see me in her. And Matt is just plain hotness!!

  67. Sure is hard to pick a favorite, all of your books are great, but Animal Magnetism ~ now that one caught my eye !!!!!!!!! yes, I like that and I need to read Rescue my Heart !!!!!!!!!!! another cover that got to me !! Animal Lover at Heart ~ that’s me.. thank you so much for the chance to win one of your books !!! OUTSTANDING !!!!

    Rosemary Foley

  68. The first book I’ve read of yours is still my favorite, Simply Irresistible. I loved the relationship of Maddie, Tara, and Chloe they were witty, funny, and loving. And of course can’t forget Jax! He was just divine!
    I have now read all the Lucky Habor books and now I’m ready the Wilder Series. I love your writing, after a long day at work it’s great to pick up a book and forget everything else.

  69. Goodness, you want me to pick just one?!?! It can’t be done, Jill!!! :shock:

    lol Okay, so I would have to say it’s a tie; Lucky in Love and Instant Attraction. Here’s why – for some reason I love a hero with a tragic past who wants to stay away from the girl, but just can’t help it. That’s pretty much Ty and Cam. Also, I really connected with Mallory and Katie; they were like me, only learning to be “a bad girl” and living “balls out,” something I really wish I could do in my life. :lol:

    All in all, I know you said one, but I just couldn’t chose between the two of them. And choosing those two was hard enough!! :mrgreen:

  70. :grin: I can’t choose, I love them all! Still looking for many of your first books to enjoy!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Stay warm with all that snow you are getting! :razz:

  71. I love them all, but I am going to go with Lucky in Love because it is the first one of your books I read.

  72. Honestly, I love all of your books. I buy them, read them, and then I reread them. :smile:

  73. Ok, so hard to pick just one favorite because I love all your books. BUT, if I have to choose, it probably would be Rescue My Heart. I love Adam and Holly’s characters, that even though he’d broken her heart years before, the attraction they had for each other was still there. I also loved your entire Animal Magnestism and Lucky Harbor series.

  74. Gosh – so many to choose from! Probably Head Over Heels. It was the first time I read you and I loved it and had to get all the Lucky Harbor books.

  75. I love all your books but I have a particular fondness for the Wilder Brothers. There is just something special about them and their stories.

  76. I love your books! I fell in love with the Lucky Harbor Series. What a wonderful escape from real life. I felt like I knew all the characters personally.

  77. While I agree with *everyone* that your Lucky Harbor books are to die for, The Trouble with Paradise is wonderful! I loved that book and have read it again and again. Why? I don’t know. I kind of identified with the heroine. Plus your humor shines through in it, even though it’s not always a funny book. Just great writing. Of course, I can’t forget those Wilder brothers though. Love those too. :)

  78. it was forever and a day!! simply loved josh and grace and the presence of a child in d book made it “the one” for me !! . . it just made d book more charming! and also there was tank! altough i like the 1st 3 books of the lucky harbor series even more dan dis one bt i cant simply choose one of them! :]
    and i hate the part that not even one of your books is available in india :/

  79. Favorite is “Lucky in Love”. I love the opening scene with Mallory, Amy and Grace trapped in the diner eating chocolate cake. :smile: Also I love how Mallory talks to Mrs. B throughout the book.

  80. Oh my gosh, Jill, how could you possibly ask this ? Of your readers? I cannot pick just one of the many books I have read of yours. I love them all because you fill the pages with great characters that we’d all like to get to know or have as friends; there’s steamy chemistry; funny conversations back & forth & lots of sweet romance! I’m always recommending your books to family & friends who haven’t read any yet.

  81. I loved all the Wilder stories. They were the first ones I ever got of your books. I think that I can not just pick one of them as my favorite though.

  82. I love all your “Lucky Harbor” books! The way your characters interact, the humor, the emotion I feel when I read them make the series one of the best I’ve ever read!

  83. It is tough to pick one. Lucky in Love and Forever and a Day are strong contenders, but I would have to go with Head over Heels. Strong personalities, fun, laughter, passion, just plain caring & fighting for each other and great supporting characters make this one my favorite…to date

  84. It’s a toss up for me. I relate a lot to Maddie in Simply Irresistible. I am a bit of a mouse trying to break out of it. I also like The Sweetest Thing.

  85. My favorite is Instant Attraction as it is the only one I have read…so far. :lol:

  86. Anyone who knows me,knows how I feel about the entire Lucky Harbor series. And truthfully it would be hard to pick a favorite from those, my favorite book of yours Jill is Flashpoint, why you might ask….because it was the first book of yours I read and it led me to you. So, it’s really quite simple, without that book I might never have discovered you. (I doubt it, but that’s my crazy way of thinking!) ;-)

  87. Strong and Sexy because this is what started my love for you books. It was funny,sexy and I loved how Shayne went after Dani. Not your tipical heroine. She was super smart and clumpsy. I didn I say how SEXY Shayne was lol. Have a great day and dont worry you will fit in your yoga pans again.lolol

  88. I LOVE all your books and to be honest I can’t decide between Slow Heat and Double Play – I LOVED them both. I loved that Sam and Wade were so different but they worked and I loved Holly and Pace, the chemistry you wrote for them was amazing – those were great books alone and together! I also LOVED the Animal Magnetism series (can’t wait for the next book) this series is GREAT (OH Adam in Rescue my Heart is may favorite, strong and silent type, he can take me on a rescue mission any day of the week – LOVE IT) and then there is Lucky Harbor (sure would love to live in that city!!!) Can’t just give you one book, if you write it I will READ IT and enjoy it!!!!

  89. Double Play and Slow Heat are two of my favorites. I can read them over and over again. Write more baseball heroes please!

  90. Just finished the Wilder Series this morning. Read all 3 in 2 days. My favorite was Instant Temptation. Crazy how Harley waited so long to tell TJ what had happened between them so long ago. Though The Lucky Harbor Series is definitely my favorite as a whole.

  91. Animal Attraction is my absolute favorite because the chemistry between Dell and Jade is HOT.

  92. Small Town Christmas……First book I read of yours…really liked it and have been back tracking since. Still have not read the first book yet!!!! Getting there and having fun!!

  93. Christmas in Lucky Harbor. It was the first book of yours I’d read. It sent me scurrying to buy what I could find of your back list and every Lucky Harbor book after.

  94. One is nearly impossible to pick…however, I think my all time favorite is At Last…with a close second is Head Over Heals. I absolutely love the humor and chemistry of both couples. I really haven’t found a Shalvis book yet that I didn’t like!
    Happy New Year!! Can’t wait for more…

  95. I have to be completely honest. I haven’t read any of your books YET. I stumbled upon your Facebook page and blog and enjoy them both. I will be reading your books as soon as humanly possible.
    Do I get points for honesty?

  96. My all time favourite is the Lucky Harbor series, but I LOVED Animal Magnatism aswell. Brady & Lilah were so cute yet Hot and Abigail the Duck was Hilarious!

  97. The sweetest thing has to be my favorite book of all time. I bought it after i had read some nice reviews about it but after I actually read it, it became MY FAVORITE BOOK. It has got everything , it’s funny, sweet, sexy, just everything.
    My bookshelf is now full of lucky harbor books :razz:

  98. Simply Irresistible..simply because it was the first book (of many) love pretty much all of them

  99. I have to say I think “instant attraction” and “double-play” are my favorites. Double-play because it was my first book I read by you and Holly was just the best lead female character. I also say instant attraction because I just loved Katie and Cameron. I guess you could say that they were my “gateway books”, lol. I mean after those two there was Double Play, and after that the rest of the Wilders… You can see my slow spiral….. ;-)

  100. Time out is one of my favorites its one i go back to time and time again.

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