December 21, 2012

Today’s page

What I worked on today:

She did her best to appear as though she hadnt just been sitting in an interrogation room for hours being questioned about a crime she hadnt committed. But as it turned out, the pretense was far too much for her overloaded emotions, and she closed her eyes, trying to disappear into the seat. If she disappeared, then he couldnt see her fall apart.

You okay? he asked.

Her throat tightened further, and she shook her head. Nope. Not okay. Not even close. Dont, she said.

Dont what?

Dont be nice to me right now. Ill lose it.

With surprising gentleness, he pushed the hair from her face, then clicked open her seatbelt.

It was all the invitation she was going to get, and all the invitation she needed. Turning to him, she burrowed in as steady, strong arms closed around her. He stroked a hand down her back, and she pressed her face into the crook of his neck, soaking in the warm comfort he offered.
It was the safest and most secure shed felt in far too long and she wasnt sure she was going to be able to let go.


Afraid he was going to pull away before she was done soaking him in, she squirmed a little closer. Please not yet.

He tightened his grip. Its okay. Ive got you.

Thank God. For just this one second, someone had her.

It’s a page from IT HAD TO BE YOU.

Yes, I’m a mean tease. But you can preorder if you are so inclined. 😛

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  1. In a word…Awesome! lol

    Lisa B

  2. May is way too far away! Can’t wait!!!

  3. On my must READ list!

  4. Sounds good. And you look very nice today. LOL.

  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeekk!!!!!!

  6. It will be difficult to wait but I have 40 books on my Kindle to read. That should make the time go a little faster.

  7. oh you tease you… love it

  8. And we don’t even get a shot of a half-naked man along with the teaser.

  9. oh you are so mean! How long do we have to wait for this one?

  10. That was so good and a big tease. Felt her pain and his strength in a few short paragraphs. This one’s going to be another great one.

    BTW…if today is Armagedden, wouldn’t pre-ordering be fruitless 😕 😯 😛

    Only kidding…will pre-order right away…and also wouldn’t want to miss my b’day tomorrow :smile:

  11. I cannot wait for this to come out!!!

  12. Yay…Cant wait!

  13. You’re killing me! Sounds really good – can’t wait!

  14. Love love love! Cannot wait to read!

  15. One word: “WOW”.

  16. I love me some steady, strong arms. Can’t wait for more Lucky Harbor!

  17. 😐 OK… That was just mean… I was thinking OMG I have to go out and find this book! And now I have to wait 😡 Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  18. Nice :) Maybe I will have a chance to read if we get as much snow as they are saying…..have to start my Jill Shalvis electronic TBR collection on my Kindle :)

  19. You big meanie!! I am dying here. May can’t get here soon enough!!

  20. Thank you for such a wonderful sneak peek!!

  21. Can’t wait!!!!

  22. Wow, that is so mean it is almost grinch like! Can’t wait to read it:)

  23. So excited!!

  24. I’ve had it on pre-order since the second it became available on Amazon. :)

  25. Can’t wait!!!

  26. Good work. This is going to be a good book.

  27. Counting the days until this comes out!

  28. LOVE IT! Can’t wait until spring!!! 😆

  29. Can’t wait!!!

    I’m so glad I found you. I’m in process of collecting most of your back list. I love your writer’s voice and you such me right in. THANK YOU 😉


  31. So where do I order the man with strong arms to ‘get’ me?

  32. Awwww! Can’t wait for this book. 😀

  33. I will be looking forward to this! :smile:

    Enjoy the weekend. Are you snowed in?

    :smile: 😎

  34. Love it!

  35. okey dokey it is preordered !! :-)

  36. oh oh oh SO cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  37. May is too far away!! Can’t wait LOVE the Lucky Harbor books!

  38. OMGosh! You expect me to wait 6 whole months for this book?!? :sad: That’s just cruel. *sigh* But I’ll wait and then get it ASAP because it’s your book, Jill.

  39. LOVING it!!! :mrgreen:

  40. Sounds fabulous!!!!

  41. You mean I have to wait until May for more?!? No fair!!! 😕

  42. WOW! With just a few paragraphs you slay me 😉

  43. You do good work. 😉

  44. OMG, I buy all your books in paperback from Book Depository so thought I’d be spared the extra spend for a few months. But I can pre-order it there too! My poor, poor wallet just turned grey (Christmas is a shocking time of year).

    And as for why I don’t order on Kindle, I’m not sure we could get it in NZ anyway (we’re out of the geographic region for Mia’s book), and worse, if I buy a book I love, love, LOVE on Kindle then I have to buy it in paper form to go on my bookshelf. You don’t want to know how many books I’ve bought twice (sigh)…

    Since I’ll love yours anyway, I’m cutting the Kindle out. 😉

  45. I just came across Simply Irresistible several days ago and just loved it! Thank you

    Can’t wait to read the rest of Lucky Harbor books. The spring won’t be so far away that way lol!

  46. Thanks for the sneak preview! Happy Holidays!

  47. The book cover on the book is so wonderful. Could hardly wait for the book to be out.

    Merry Christmas

  48. Aww man, it’s so far away! Hurry up and get here spring! 😀

  49. oh ♥♥♥

  50. May seems soooooooo far AWAY!!!! Seriously contemplating running away from my life to Lucky Harbor. They sure seem to grow them “right” out there, wonder if my Alpha Male would mind a little holiday? haha

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