December 20, 2012

Thursday’s Musings

And then he said WHAT? Shirley, you were right to dump him…

Now you… You know how this works. I’ll pick a few winners. :smile:

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  1. “Come oooon. Why wont you play with me, kitty?”
    “I already told ya, fatty, your freak of nature tail is freaking me OUT!”

  2. Before I accept a lift I have one question, “Are you allergic to cats?”

  3. “Just… a bit… further…almost there! Grab my trunk, I’ll pull you out!”

  4. I don’t want anyone to hear us talking; come a little closer.

  5. “The mouse killing is non-negotiable.”

  6. come on kitty…really the water is warm! :razz: :razz:

  7. elephant: there’s a mouse, i’m scared
    kitty: don’t worry i gots it

  8. Dude! Your tail is on the wrong end!

  9. Gee whiz, people. It’s a private conversation!

  10. “u big dumbo!! go back or u will fall on me and meke me a puddle of goo!!! ”

  11. Kitty just step onto my trunk. What? No I am serious! Pretend its a bridge. Look it’s the only way you got outta this jam you managed to get yourself in, so–hop on!!

  12. “Come on, Tabbie, grab hold of my truck before you get washed down the river.”
    “I can’t reach – come closer.”
    “Hurry. I never know what right around the nearest tree…it’s a jungle out there!”

  13. Oh, heck no! I know how you get food to your mouth! Grab on… Pffft.

    Oh little kitty… You poor small brained… I’m a vegetarian!

  14. Just a little closer. I’ve got ya.

  15. How did you get down there little fella?

  16. Come on Dumbo, quit being such a chicken. Just jump down here like I did!

  17. “Do I understand this correctly? You rescue me and I have to kill every mouse that comes near you?”


    “Well what are you waiting for, lower the trunk and let’s blow this joint.”

  18. Just grab my trunk and I will swing you across.

  19. Kitten: Come on! You can jump in! It

  20. Kitten: Why is your tail on your nose??

  21. Hey Mamma Jamma, get me out of here!

  22. You’re going to squirt me, I just know it!!

  23. The fish is right there! Where my trunk is pointing! What? You don’t like water? We did not think this plan through.

  24. Are you a yummy peanut?

  25. Come on! Grab on. I promise I won’t drop you!

  26. “I don’t know, Mr. Jingles, it looks pretty cold…. I’m gonna test it first.”

    “Aww, just jump in already!”

  27. Ya know Kitty this is getting old!!!!

  28. ” I told you! All you have to do is reach in the water for me and pull out a nice fat fish! “

  29. Are you sure it wont hurt?

  30. I’m telling you…in order for water aerobics to work, you have to actually get in the water. Now get down here!

  31. Elephant: “Dont worry little one it’s going to be ok..I’ll help you..

    Moral of this picture:
    One little random act of kindness can change someone’s day…

  32. Love when somebody helps out the little guy.

  33. “If I get you out again, will you please promise you won’t do this again? Please?” :)


  35. ‘Here kitty kitty kitty… I have a kitty treat for you!’ :grin:

  36. C-No, you know I don’t like wather
    E-Come on you got that far
    C-You tricked me, now I am stuck on this rock
    E-So just get wet and get it over with
    C-Not till you do…
    E-If I jump in you will get wet even if you don’t want too!

  37. every bad luck, needs a little good luck

  38. Stretch…you can do it. I’ll just run on up.

  39. Jump, baby! We got this!

  40. Grab my trunk! Grab it! I’ll save you!

  41. Here’s what we’re gonna do… You point the fishies out with that trunk of yours, I’ll attack the tasty fish snack, then you pluck me outta the water, and we’ll share :)

  42. You’re NOT going to squirt water on me, RIGHT?

  43. Come on you can do it, just a little further :)

  44. Do you come here often?

  45. Elephant – “This is how my mom helps me when I get stuck…but I don’t know if I can reach you. I might have to get mom, her trunk is longer”
    Kitty – “what am I supposed to do? I don’t want to hurt you when I grab on. if you get mom, she won’t eat me will she?”

  46. “But I don’t want to come in, it looks cold. Hello even you’re sitting on a rock”
    “Oh stop being a pansy and just get in”

  47. Cat: You can totally fit on the other rock. Don’t be scared.

  48. Almost there! I can almost touch it!!

    I shall sit back and laugh as soon as this ‘Dumbo’ lol falls in

  49. “So…you come here often?” :razz:

  50. I’ll help you out, but if I feel ONE claw in my trunk you’re going for a swim…

  51. Cat to elephant “C’mon, just a little further…”

    Cat thinking (yeah, this is going to be great)

  52. “Water isn’t going to come out of that thing is it? Water and me don’t exactly mix….”

  53. Horton hears a cat?

  54. Kitty oh please, please save me. I am afraid of this water and I can’t get off of this rock by myself. Just bring your trunk a little closer and I can climb on.

  55. Ya know this would be easier if you’d just come to the next rock…

  56. Kitty: Come in, the waters fine!
    Baby Elephant: It doesn’t look sanitary to me!

  57. I’ve heard of a “trunk call” but this is taking it a step too far!”

  58. Elle: Come on sweetheart just grab my trunk.
    Kitty: But I might get wet.
    Elle: You can trust me, I’ll rescue you my friend!
    Kitty: OK but stretch closer! Are you sure the bank won’t give?
    Elle: Just stretch and jump. I’ve got you!

  59. My, what a big trunk you have!

  60. Are you sure? Because I don’t see no damn elves from this vantage point.

  61. Do you need help little fluff ball?
    Uh yes big creature, whatever it is on your face will do the trick.
    Oh! You mean my truck, it will do the trick but you have to swim.
    Swim!! I don’t swim, I can’t swim.

  62. No need to escape, I’ve also brought flowers for you!

  63. Are you my mother?

  64. Heeere, kitty kitty…

  65. Kitty: Jump on the rock
    Elephant: Do you think that is a good idea?
    Kitty: If I can do it you can

  66. That is the biggest cat toy that I’ve ever seen!!

  67. E. How, did you ever get yourself out there?
    C. Its a long story. Now please get me off this rock.


  68. E: Hi, my name is Horton. Are you a Who?
    C: What?
    E: No, not What, Who?

  69. My, what nice fur you have…climb on kitty, I’ll be your hero!

  70. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

  71. Just jump and grab onto my trunk and I will save you…

  72. So, Jill told you that there will be naked men in the pond, too right? :oops:

  73. Don’t caall mr dumbo or I will do a cannonball an d get u all wet Missy

  74. Tell me another story, pleasssssssssssse.

  75. Come any closer with that trunk and you’re gonna get it you elephant you!

  76. Elephant: Did I tell ya, there is a place called ‘Sunshine’ you can go to. A animal shutter run by the three handsome and sexy Connelly brothers. They will find you a nice place to stay there
    Kitten: Really?! They give me a nice home?
    Elphant: Yep, and you’ll love it in Sunshine! Plus these Connelly brothers…yummy!
    Kitten: Okay, where do I sign up!
    Elphant: Come on, I help you up! Gotta go before this Jill Shalvis’ lady turn us into ones of her “I Love Lucy” story moment, if we get stuck in the river all night…

  77. You’re are taking another bath!!!

  78. Jump for it! But you use your claws and we will have words!

  79. I”m trying to save you kitty, Stretch a little more to grab on. :smile:

  80. How’s the weather down there? ;-)

  81. elephant: grab on!! psych! :P

  82. i’m not touching you, i’m not touching you, i’m not touching you…

  83. I’ll save you, but uhh I don’t want to get in the water either. So furball if you could just reach and grab on, that would be great.

  84. why hello! You’re the fuzziest creature I’ve ever seen! Let’s be friends.

  85. Friends? I’m here to help

  86. It’s OK, I’ll get you.

  87. Elephant: “Don’t worry you ugly, hairy, nose-less, baby elephant….I will save you!”

    Kitten: “Ugly…why I never!!!”

  88. What are you, a scaredy cat?

  89. “You have to take a bath sometime”

  90. Grab on!! It’s not REALLY the end of the world!

  91. such a stressful day today….hey this is MY watering hole cat!

    first come first serve ya Giant plus I’m more loveable

  92. Climb on little fellow, I’ll help you!

  93. Ok, if I just stretch aaaaaaa little more I’m almost there, help me out a bit will you Kitty pleeeease!!! I love you, I really do. ;-)

  94. It’s ok, I’ve got’ll always be safe with me

  95. Friends will always help you out of a difficult situation! Climb on kitty

  96. “Sure you took the high ground, but I’m an oasis of calm sunning on this nice warm rock while the water lulls me to sleep.” (I couldn’t do another trunk, mouse, or squashing tag.)

  97. I was thinking the sweet, friendly elephant was extending her trunk so the cat could climb up and be rescued.

  98. “Hold mine sweet kitty and trust me”
    “I want to, but i’m scared, how is I fall?”

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