December 5, 2012

How I got kicked off Facebook

Yesterday Facebook grounded me for posting “pornographic” content. Now I am flat out guilty of posting, ahem, tasteful, gorgeous man flesh pics, I’ll give you that. But pornographic? Uh, no. Never.

Okay, once.

Here’s the first of the two pics that I got locked out of my account for. Oh, and fair warning, NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

Hee. Goodness, that one still makes me laugh.

As for the other pic, well, I have no defense. This one really was naughty. I do know it. But I couldn’t help it. Because I captioned it as follows:

“Damn, I know I’m forgetting something!”

Seriously. That’s a little funny, right? :lol:

Anyway, so that’s the story. That’s how I got locked out of my Facebook account for 36 hours and counting. Someone complained — twice — and just fyi, Facebook has a three strikes and you’re out policy. Which means one more strike and I’m banned for life. Page shut down. Fun over.

We all know that’s just a matter of time. :evil:

Whatever will I do with all the hours I regain? Hmmm, that’s a thought for later. :razz:

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  1. I’m pretty sure I saw the second picture posted on more than just your Facebook page. The first one made me snort. ;-)

  2. I’m very worried about what might happen if his fly goes awry.

    FB need to get over themselves.

  3. Geez! Couldn’t they just stop following your page? Why’d they have to report you for that?! I personally find the first funny and the second, well, not funny… ;-)

  4. Whoever complained needs a life ! Seriously, why can’t Jill post a few pictures for fun ? The only complaint I would ever have is that I should always have a tissue ready so I can wipe the drool off my screen :)

  5. People need to get a life. We love you Jill. I’ve seen far worse on other Facebook pages.

  6. It only takes one to ruin the good for the rest of us! Love both pics! Did u celebrate National Cookie Day yesterday?

  7. Geez whoever complained needs to get over themselves!! And they must not get out much. I mean have they SEEN what’s out there on the web???? And this bothers them?

    If you get banned then we should all close down our FB pages in protest. (Is that possible?)

  8. I love the cartoon. I needed a good laugh.

  9. Why didn’t they just ‘unlike’ you and be done with it. My niece is a teacher so she doesn’t use her name for FB because all the parents wouldn’t like it if she posted an adult joke. Maybe if you get kicked off you could develop a different name???? Just saying, I get such a kick out of what you Kristan post…I have seen 10 times worse so it must be because someone complained.

  10. So no more hottie pics on Facebook… just pinterest! Weird, considering Jed Hill the model has half naked pictures of himself up on Facebook and no ones complaining… ROFL. Some of your readers are ultra conservative aka boring I guess…

  11. But they won’t kick the guy off who continually posts on Amazon Kindle’s page, when his profile pic is two people actually having intercourse? Go figure.

  12. WELL…I suppose those hottie pics will have to be relegated to Pinterest and the blog!

    Of course, one person’s porn is another person’s art.

  13. Well, it seems to me they should clikc ‘unlike’ if they wish not to see such content.

    I on the other hand look forward to your daily post’s & man wars. Always keeping extra kleenex at my desk for the drool.

    Good thing we still have Pinterest :grin:

  14. Have the the facebook people never read a hot romance before? Don’t they know what is in these books. The pictures just reflect the same. We never see the ‘good’ parts anyway (sigh). But you can put them on the blog EVERY single day and no one here would complain. In fact, all our aches, pains and problems would magically disappear…you’d be helping us. We could start calling you Dr. Jill.

    Loved the cartoon…but you know you will hit a third strike soon…you can’t help yourself ;-)

    BTW…THAT MAN IS HOT!!!!!!!!

  15. This could only happen to you Missy!! Thank goodness for Twitter.

  16. I’ve often heard it said that the most aggressive and mean-spirited acts come from those with repressed, angry lives. Sad, really, that anyone must be living a life so devoid of joy, humor and appetite to stoop to complaining about gentle fun like your photos.

    The best revenge is to keep on living your own life with zest. And it goes with out saying, by the way you enrich ours. :cool:

  17. You are just a rebel. Just think of all the fun you can have saying you are too sexy for Facebook. Banned books just get more press so you should be laughing all the way to the bank when they ban you from FB.

  18. I agree whoever complained needs to get a grip. I always say if you don’t like something then turn the other way. I have seen way worse on FB and if I don’t like it, I either “unlike” the person or let it go…oh well, we still have Pinterest and Twitter. Bring on the hot men!

  19. Ya know I did notice I didn’t see very many posts from you lately. Now I know why. You devil woman! It makes me wonder why people follow you if they are going to complain about a picture. You didn’t just start acting this way, you have been giving like this all along ;-) I love that pic! Keep your head up and keep posting! We love you!!!

  20. Well, if you do get a third strike be sure to go out in a blaze of glory! The Full Monty style! Been missing you on FB. How much more time?

  21. I have seen that first one on several pages…including my sister in now the second is just a fine piece of art..nothing wrong with the human body.. ;-)

  22. This is the great thing about being online, the people have the CHOICE to not be on your page or any others they don’t like. Just like they have the choice to not read a book or magazine if they don’t want to. Unfortunately all it takes is one apple to spoil the bunch and it happens way too much. But please, please don’t get kicked off of Facebook because I don’t have Pinterest or Twitter nor do I want to.

  23. It is just so sad that people can’t mind their own business…BTW….I loved your picture postings, Jill!!!!

  24. Have they seen the pictures of teens and what they pose like? I also remember when you had to be above a certain age to be on facebook – thereby an adult.
    And whoever has this problem I guess doesn’t own a TV and see perfume commercials and the like.

  25. Both pics were cute and funny. FB obviously has no sense of humor. :|

  26. People seriously need to get a life. If the person didn’t like the pictures then they should just leave the page. Same goes when someone doesn’t like a book because it has swearing or something they don’t like. Instead of bitching about it they should just not read it. No one is forcing them to look at the pictures or read the books. I hope you get out of Facebook jail soon.

  27. There are numerous Facebook pages out there that have nude women on them. and Facebook doesn’t choose to ban those people. I totally get it’s their house and their rules, but the double standard when it comes to enforcing those rules… banning people for man candy and not for big boobs… it tells you that a man is probably behind the decision to lock the account. And the fact that someone complained is yet another example of some people in society really not being that willing to accept women who are open about their sexuality and what they enjoy. Seriously, if someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to subscribe to your page. It’s that simple.

  28. Can I ask for “thirds”? Have the fly fisherman turn around would be good! I mean if you’re gonna’ get banned, then get banned for something HOT ;-) Caroline x

  29. Wow people are uptight. Why are these people even on your page to begin with? Although, just recently I saw a post from another author saying she doesn’t understand the need to post “naked” photos of men, so she posts pictures of horses instead. That made me laugh. I’ve seen far worse on Facebook than what you’ve posted. And I must say, I enjoy what you’ve posted. All in the name of research! And I do LOVE your research!

  30. Maybe the idiots, err, people were related to your neighbor that complained. :grin: My thought is if I don’t like what someone is posting I just unlike them. That shouldn’t be that difficult a concept. I personally love your post both yummy man candy and your i love lucy moments. They are always the hightlight of my FB browsing. BTW, how did I miss HOT fisherman guy…

  31. That second picture. I seriously couldn’t stop looking. LOL

  32. Since I missed those pics on Facebook, thanks for posting them here. lol

  33. Seriously! Some people are not happy unless they are causing problems. The logical thing to do is stop following your page if they are offended. I thought the first one was just funny and the second was “art” and inspiring. Oh and drool worthy :)

  34. Ridiculous! If they read your books they should beable to handle these 2 pictures. Gosh, some men post some pretty racy pics of women. These are not porn and if they feel that offended they should not follow you on FB. I find you rather funny! :lol:

  35. I really think this is selective censorship..I have seen some pretty nasty stuff come thru FB..Everyone that knows you Jill, knows you are just having fun and that you don’t have a pornographic intent at all.I think the meanspirited person that takes the time to complain needs to just ” Unfriend” you…will you be offended? nah…I love your fun attitude..I just can’t see you doing anything to ruin your reputation … Can’t wait to read Under The Mistletoe…lol…Hope that dumb person that causes trouble gets coal in their stockings..oh, and I didn’t see either of the pix…Hmm….xo, snowhugs

  36. I’ve seen both these pictures on more than one page. And I’ve seen way worse on pages that as far as I know haven’t been banned.

    It would behoove FB to start using “real” people to monitor complaints before they ban people. :-(

  37. I love both pics and have seen both on FB more than once, anyway its not has if we can see his jewels is it? Keep up the good work. perhaps they prefered the firemen :razz: just a though

  38. Seriously?! It would have been different if he was facing frontwards. Or maybe that’s why they were complaining. ;-)

  39. Sorry you got kicked off and sent to the naughty corner. I wish people would just “unlike” rather than report – and Facebook’s policy for not smartly reviewing the disputed content is asinine. :???:

  40. You know you won’t be able to resist the next picture….Should we start a countdown to the third strike??? :razz:

  41. I enjoyed both pictures…always make me smile when I see them on my Facebook page! ;-) thanks for the entertainment :grin:

  42. Sheesh! What a prude! How can they be fans of you if they find this offensive?! Get a life.

  43. Sorry you’re on restriction, but thank you for the laugh and the drool. I really needed it!

  44. :lol: I just think people have to much time on there hands. They need to get a life and leave others alone. I agree if they don’t like the content don’t look at it. I have seen worse trust me. Jill I love what you do keep on doing it and will follow you on here ;-)

  45. Face book need to get a life and so does whom ever complained. I loved the pics. as I have all the pics you post. they always make me smile, giggle or just plian old laugh out loud. (and i am at work when I do)

  46. People need to get a life and they need to learn how to use unfriend! I will sorely miss man wars and your other funny things you post. Glad I’m not the only one with a twisted sense of humor! How can we protest this?

  47. I’m with everyone else on this one. It’s not that you force us (except out of fear of missing something good :smile:) to look at Facebook. Whomever reported you needs to get over themselves and stop being so dang squemish! Geez! And seriously, that first cartoon has been a round for years and frankly, IS A CARTOON OF KIDS! How the heck is that pornographic! I think we’re all reasonably riled up for you. Don’t let a couple sticks in the mud ruin your day.

  48. Can’t believe you were banned from FB for either of those pictures…. guess some people are only happy when they are complaining and spoiling the fun of others. We all love you, and can’t wait for you to be back.

  49. I’ve seen them both on many pages. All of the nude girls ones are more offensive than them. Unless the person who complained was the guy in the photo. And he didn’t know there was a photo. I think fb needs to do more checking before threatening.

  50. I’ve definitely seen both this pics going around FB! I ‘like’ them everytimg! ;-)

  51. So ridiculous. Why can’t people who don’t like posts just GO AWAY and unlike the page instead of ruining the fun for everyone else? Hmmmmmmpphhh….

  52. That’s just bull**** Jill I’ll follow your post wherever you go. Some tight a**es ruin it for everyone

  53. I think they are just bulling you, :evil: I’ve seen worst, those were cute, esp the arsh man :mrgreen:

  54. There has to be a way to appeal! What happened to freedom of speech – its Facebook for cripes sake!

  55. Well, all I can say is that if you’re going to get banned from Facebook Jill, this pic made it totally worth it. I remember it. Well. It made my day! Lol

  56. It steams me (as I am sure it does you) that someone visits your page or has selected to have your content in their newsfeed and then complains.
    If someone doesn’t like the beautiful pictures, then just unfollow. I really don’t like people to speak on my behalf or feel they must be the spokesperson. Urgh!

  57. I have decided from now on to wear the cape I use when I cut peoples hair..that way all the drool falls onto a surface that will not be ruined..:) Some people need a life..we need to see those pictures..;)

  58. This is too funny!
    I’ve got both of those in my albums.

    You should post a disclaimer or something stating that some “veiwers” may find your posts to be blah, blah, blah…..and they should just “unlike” you or something. How ridiculous!

  59. I must say that now I am wishing I had a Facebook account, as I have apparently missed out on good stuff! LOL

  60. someone complained??? HAH you know their life is full of no fun what so ever.

  61. I am sure I have seen both of these pictures previously as well. You are so funny Jill. I love your post because lots of times they are things that have happened to us, but most of us would never admit it.

  62. Oh, that second picture!!!!! LOVE it!!! Just almost wish I could see the front… I was in my chair at work scrolling through my fb on my phone and when that came I up I literally squeeled and jumped out of my chair!! Still not what I would consider pornographic! And the first one, funny, but not pornographic!!!
    Really, I thank you for all the great stuff you post!
    If it were me I’d be so po’d that someone has liked your page, then complains about it!!!
    I think you’re great and I love your stuff!

  63. Lame!! What spoilsports!

  64. Jill I love your pictures, you make me laugh every day!!! I hope they don’t shut you down – I love following you on Facebook!!!

  65. What an ASS!!!!! The tattletale I mean . . . ;-)

  66. You are SUCH a bad girl!!! :grin:

  67. people need to get a life, if they dont like what you post then get off your page…we love it all ….the cartoon was funny, but that 2nd picture….well thank you for that…

  68. What jerks! I personally LOVE your pictures :). If they are offended then maybe they should just take a hike. We all love you! And I’ve seen pictures that are way more pornographic on some of my groups :)

  69. That’s crap! We all look forward to your pics!!!!! The person who complained should just unlike or unsubscribe and seriously get a life!!!!!! Hell, I wish I happened by that stream when he was fishing! :lol:

  70. I didn’t see anything wrong with either pic and I’ve seen much more revealing stuff on Facebook, and I do believe I reposted the cartoon! Some people are a$$hats, it’s the only explanation… Don’t stop posting :)

  71. Seriously if someone doesn’t like what you are posting they should either unfollow you or make it so your posts don’t appear in their newsfeed. I mean come on it’s not like you just posted those two pictures and haven’t posted a ton of other pictures. If they follow you they know you do Man Wars (which totally make my day btw) so they need to get over it and stop bitching.

  72. I can’t believe there’s any mechanism for complaints on Facebook. A couple of years ago, an unbalanced person was regularly posting items indicating criminal intent toward a minor in my family and FB kept saying “their hands were tied.” And you get questioned over that? Unbelievable! :shock:

  73. That’s just so wrong. I hope you still plan on posting those pictures on here. BTW my 14 yr old daughter is scared to look at my FB page b/c of you ladies…LOL

  74. oh thats no fun!

  75. Facebook’s rules do seem very arbitrary. I have heard several things much like what LSUReader posted but goodness, gracious don’t post any nudity!

  76. I don’t like the haters. But, I certainly enjoy your tastefully unclothed sexy man pics. :)

  77. OMG! Facebook guy needs to get over himself and the people/person who complained should just not look! I know several people who’ve been on restriction of FB for much more than a naked ass! I agree with someone above….turn the guy around and let us see you go out in a blaze of glory!!!!!

  78. Jill, you are just too funny for words. You make me laugh all the time. You can post anything you want here. I am not a facebook fan anyway. So keep them coming our way!!!

  79. Hhahahaha I loved the cartoon one, still do. The second one is just simply distracting…I’m still staring at it for some reason. I’m not sure if FB will be the same if they kick you out.

  80. I really can’t understand people- if they don’t like what you post they should just unlike your page and that’s it! Why do they feel the need to report you to Facebook and maybe even shutting down your fun page?
    Sometimes I feel like people are happy when they make other people unhappy and mad :evil:
    I really hope Facebook won’t shut down your page and that people will get a live and leave you alone :x

  81. :mrgreen:
    Not sure what there is to complain about…oh wait you forgot the shot when turns around!!!
    Forgetting to include that photo is something to complain about!

  82. Okay, if FB is going to kick you out after the three stikes, then for god sake make it a full frontal shot of naked guy fishing.. GO out with a Flash… and bang..
    I would take up fishing if I could I could meet up witht his guy.. talk about buns of steel… ;-)

  83. Those are NOT pornographic. The cartoon is funny and it has been around a while. I’ve see it before. And the picture, well, let’s just say that it is a work of art. That makes it renders it no longer “pornographic.” Also, there’s always Google+. I can’t loose my Man Wars! The horrors! :lol:

  84. I also shared that yummy man and they did nothing to me… what is up with that????

  85. You know, Google+ doesn’t have these kind of restrictions on posts. Maybe you could move there and we could all follow you and enjoy your “art” photos.

  86. What did you get blocked for the first time?

  87. Criminey! Really? Those were both HILARIOUS!

    Does the complainer (read: loser) know that they can unlike your page? Does he/she have a life? Wait…

    Hang in there, Shalvis. We still love you.

  88. The photo is quite ironic considering he is fly fishing…

  89. Why is it that men can look at boobs falling out of shirts, but we can’t look at a nice butt.

  90. Jill, we miss you. Whoever complained is just jealous that you have great taste and the don’t. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  91. :sad: Sorry some people can’t take a joke but to report you is stupid, people need to get a life if that is all they do all day.Hoping to getting you back soon , stupid people!Agatha

  92. Bummer!! I look forward to you posting these kind of pics on facebook! :sad:

  93. Who could complain about that?! I personally look forward to the ‘treats’ you post for us on your page! I would love for him to teach me a thing or two!! ;-)

  94. Like several other people said, the complainer should just unlike you, unfollow or whatever so that your wonderful and humorous pictures do not show on their newsfeed. Obviously, it’s someone who is a prude and obviously hasn’t read any of your books. Meantime, we will have to think of an alias for you so that you and Kristan can continue to make our days brighter on facebook with your man wars! :)

  95. E-mailed the first one to my dad – so it can’t be all that bad.

    And I second the recommendation to migrate to Google +.

  96. I do have a Facebook page but don’t to often go there! For some reason I never remember to check out your “manwars”! Sorry. It seems a bit much that someone could complain about either of those pictures. The cartoon is priceless & has an innocence about it that is so typical of curious little kids. Why anyone would complain about something funny is beyond me. Why would someone complain about that fisherman!!! :cool: Are they crazy!!!!!! :roll: Have they not heard of choices. I vote for you moving to Google+, I’m already there. Come on over!! :smile:

  97. Haha, I’ve received messages from photobucket but never facebook concerning questionable material.

    Just thought that I had to share this new meme with you because it made me think of the Wilder and Bell Haven series. It’s essentially pictures of models from the LL Bean website combined with outdoorsy romantic scenes, haha. Love it

  98. It’s for your books! They are just jealous that they don’t look like that ;)

  99. SERIOUSLY? I wonder how many time he/she sent the joke and picture on to someone else. Those people need to get a life

    I am behind you all the way.

  100. I have seen both on fb on other pages so that is dumb you got locked out! I will just keep up with you on here you are too fun! :mrgreen:

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