November 30, 2012


I’m sorry, I wanted to pick these out personally but it’s been quite a week. And each of them made me laugh. So I couldn’t pick faves, I just couldn’t do it! So picked … #18 Shannon and #102 (Terry K)

Original Post:
Sometimes I amuse myself by captioning animal pics.

“Hi. We’re cheaper than teenagers AND we will never leave a mess in your kitchen, swears. We’ll clean up every little crumb!”

(Now you, and I’ll be drawing names from the comments, winners can pick a book from my backlist…)

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  1. Not that we want to brag, but aren’t we too cute for words? Maybe Esquire would photograph us.

  2. “Hand over the cake and we’ll quit singing ‘It’s a Small World.'”

  3. Did you say that today is Friday? Can we start the party now?

  4. “e are family i got all my sisters with me!

  5. There really is a Santa Claus.

  6. You like cookies too??? Cookie crumbs are our FAVORITE! Please to share…

  7. Shhh…look cute she’ll never know that we ate her last cookie.

  8. What did you say? UFO?? Whoa! It’s so bright. Beautiful… You think they take us if we behave?

  9. Timon and Pumbaa stole that song from us, you know.

  10. “Would you look at that. Hey, Petey, what’s her name again?”
    “Jill, something or other.”
    “What she doin’?”
    “It’s the ‘damn it’ dance.”
    “How come?”
    “That’s what she yells when she locks herself outta the house…and it’s the fourth time this year.”
    “Does the dance help her get back in?”
    “Nope. Some big guy comes to help and laughs his ass off.”
    “Well…she is kinda funny.”
    “Yeah. We should write a book about this stuff”
    “Don’t think so…no one would believe us.”

  11. And this year’s winner of Dancing with the Stars is……..

  12. If I come live with you, we all have to come..we’ll be really quiet and you won’t even know were here..until the party starts..but keep that’s just between us.

  13. Can we have cookies pretty please?

  14. If you take him you have to take all of us!

  15. Dad please smile this time!!

  16. And for this years family vacation we will be going to ……………………. ;-)

  17. “Jimmy, I told you to put your fangs away!”
    “But Mom!”
    “No Jimmy, put them away. We’re supposed to pretend to be cute and cuddly!”

  18. We have come for the dogs.

  19. if we continue to smile and look cute, mom may not see the mess we’ve made in the bedroom! :razz:

  20. “Pleeeeaaaaase can we be in your next book?”

  21. “Hakuna Matata, What a wonderful phrase, everybody sing together now” :mrgreen:

  22. Says their mom “I can’t believe I got them all looking at the camera at the same time/this is going to be our Christmas Card picture!”

  23. Haha! Our family get togethers do not require liquor!

  24. “Keep looking precious girls, she’s gonna let us in any minute now!!”

  25. “Everybody better smile this time, I swear we will keep taking this Christmas card photo until everyone smiles”

  26. “This is our Mom. She puts up with us even when we’re being little devils….which is almost never….” :)

  27. Please adopt us – we love you – I love animal pictures and your books too, Jill. Happy Friday!

  28. Look at us! Do we look like the ones who broke into the cookie jar?

  29. Now remember on the count of three we all break ;-)

  30. Meerkat Manor was foreclosed – can we stay with you?

  31. “Fighting, who was fighting? It wasn’t us, at all, we just love one another so much.”

    “psst Fred pull in the teeth because you do that when you are lying.”

  32. I’m cuter than all of my brothers, don’t you think?

  33. Everyone now… Sing in harmony
    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

  34. They are watching a Notebook-ish movie!

    The one on the top and bottom can’t stop the tears.

    The three in the middle:
    “Isn’t he just the…”
    “Thing???”…..they all swoon!!!

    One to the left:

  35. We never ever fight or bicker. Never.

  36. Not a caption, but it makes me think of something one of my nephews did when he was little (now 24). He was the baby of the family and knew the benefits of cuddling up. He had misbehaved and been sent to his room as punishment in the second story of thier home. A short while later he was peeking down saying “I be good now!” (This is the same nephew that with is brother – 17 months older – drew a path between their beds with permanent marker)

  37. “Please sir, may we have some more?” :smile:

  38. We told Howard not to go out last night. We told him the vampire bats were having a convention. We told him he couldn’t outrun them. But did he listen? Noooooo…

  39. The Whisker Family…Shakespeare, Mozart, Rocket Dog, Tosco, Daisy, Mitch, and Axel…Axel squeeze in…now who said we were adopted?

  40. Lthis will be the best christmas card pic everyone say cheese and show no teeth
    such a cute pic :smile:

  41. We are so sweet, take us home, pleaseeee

  42. As the ladies of the harem looked at the sultans new wife they though she was the ugliest of all the wives.

  43. Did ya bring cookies?

    (one head) Did ya…. (another head) did ya, (another) did ya,(another) did ya, (one more) did ya?

  44. Marvin? Marvin never would have stolen your lunch. He is one of our own and we are standin’ by him.

  45. “maybe if we all stand in a line alpha man will think there’s really only one us …and then she can keep us all…” :twisted:

  46. #1 Oh she is as beautiful as they said!
    #2 She looks so skinny today!
    #3 Have you lost weight?
    (psst,keep it up she knows where the cookies are hidden)
    #4 Did you just get your hair done? You are so pretty!

  47. If we stand real still and look cute she won’t know we ate all the cookies.

  48. ouch.. why they are so lovely. “Could you just love us” face

  49. Ohh look! It’s the cute UPS guy! Everyone smile maybe he’ll notice us and take us home with him! ;-)

  50. These munchkins :lol: of mine can’t get any…worse…right?

  51. Your family is missing…? I thought we’d could be it.

  52. Frank! Put your tongue back in your mouth. You are not going to mess up the picture this year with your shenanigans! Why can’t you be more like your sister!

  53. Did you say man wars?

  54. I love your stories!! You can actually feel yourself as a character :)

  55. “they say there is always one crazy one in the bunch….maybe if I shows my fangs, they will believe it’s me!”

  56. Please don’t make me pick between cookies and cake!

  57. This one for the family Christmas card photo woulda kicked butt, but no. Timmy had to step half out of frame AND do the fang smile! Timmy, reset the timer, behave and let’s try it again. Everybody together now….

    Again, Timmy? Seriously!

  58. “Hey girls! Have you seen all the firefighter pics that Jill Shalvis and Christie Craig posted recently??? We are thinking of starting a fire, who’ with us?”

  59. Take The picture already! Brad, get your paws off my ass!!!

  60. Then what happened Jill? You have to tell us more. Did he kiss her yet?

  61. “This is a package deal, we come in 4’s, we love each other, won’t fight, ALWAYS use the toilet, and clean up after ourselves. Can we come live with you, Mrs. Jill?”

  62. We want to play with Frat Boy! PUHLEEZE!

  63. “Why, yes. He’s our favorite brother and he’s like the Channing Tatum of our species… Now back off hussy, you can’t have him.”

  64. Sister Wives…The Meerkat Edition.

  65. “She’s eating cookies again!!”
    “Do you think she’ll drop any crumbs this time?”
    “Let’s watch and find out!”

  66. “Do you think it’ll work?”

    “Sure. If we sit real still, she’ll think we’re chocolate chip cookies and bring us inside.”

  67. “OMG there really is a Santa Claus”

  68. O hai! Sooooo…what ya got there? Hmmmmm?? A cookie??

  69. “No, you can’t have Jimmy, he’s ours; find another one for your “Man Wars” with that Kristan girl….”

  70. “Mom, they won’t let us get in on the group hug, can you make them” :x

  71. We promise not to be any trouble!! Honest we will be so good you won’t even know we are here – NOT!

  72. It will be ok – Jill will have man wars again soon so just hold on.

  73. “Christmas, Christmas time is near,
    Time for toys and time for cheer.
    We’ve been good, but we can’t last,
    Hurry Christmas, Hurry fast.
    Want a plane that loops the loop,
    Me, I want a Hula-Hoop.
    We can hardly stand the wait,
    Please Christmas don’t be late.”

  74. HI this is my family. My dad,mom,2 sisters,and my brother. If you give me all your money we will walk away.

  75. Tooooo cute!

    We love you! :grin:

  76. Awkward family photos…

  77. “ummmmmm…. HEY moM!! v r hungry!!! again!! :razz::grin:

  78. Places peeps, maintain eye contact. All it takes is one weak spot & we’re in like flynn.

  79. We are all so adorable, don’t you want to adopt us? :grin:

  80. Awww look, see? Doesn’t it bring a tear to your eye the way Jill is able to disguise her eye roll when Alpha man is asking if there are any cookies left?

  81. Thought OCTOMOM was bad? Well come here and meet my 50 brothers and sisters. That’s how we do it MEERKAT style!!!

  82. YaHoo it really is Friday!!!!!

  83. We loooooove our Mommy!!!

  84. It’s Friday….maybe she won’t notice us if we are really quiet.

  85. Look! Look! She’s writing a book about US!

  86. Will you take us home, please? We promise we won’t bite or make a mess. We’ll be your BFF. For Reals.

  87. Santa see how good we are, we even love our little brother (the pest)! Please bring us chocolate for Christmas.

  88. God save us! Teenagers approach!

  89. Will work for cookies!

  90. Whoa, that’s one serious hottie.
    George get that goofy grin off your face.

  91. Really, you write romance novels? Can you introduce us to Kristan Higgins? Plllleeeeaaassseee?!?!?!?!?? :grin:

  92. Only legal in Utah and countries overseas.

  93. Even meerkats are entranced by their own cuteness when they watch MEERKAT MANOR.

  94. :grin: Bob, move your hand! This is a family picture. :roll:

    Happy weekend to all. :cool:

  95. “Hold me back…I see Santa!”

  96. I swear we aren’t all the same. That’s my son, daughter, etc…

  97. “How long is this photo op? I’m booked solid today.”

  98. The other two won’t participate in the group hug….bratty kids.

  99. Cookies, did someone say cookies!

  100. “… and the rocket’s red GLARE….!”

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