November 29, 2012

Whoops I did it again

Was on a snow hike yesterday, ipod cranked up to earsplitting levels, singing to myself as I went. You see where this is going, right? Now to be fair to me, I was out in the middle of nowhere, with no one in sight, no one around for miles. I knew this because I was making the only tracks …

So I sang.

And sang.

And then something made me turn around. I wish I hadn’t. There was a guy behind me. And he wasn’t just smiling. No, he was bent over, hands on his knees laughing his ass off.

Yeah. That was embarrassing.

ANYWAY … what’s the last song that you sang to? I’ll go first! The song I was wailing to when I got caught: Some Nights by Fun.


Now you.

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  1. Buried Alive by Avenged Sevenfold. It’s one of my favorite songs. Every time this song comes on my radio I have to crank it up and sing. This is on the lighter side of music that I listen to since I love Heavy Metal music.

  2. Feliz Navidad.

    Except we were with my parents, and they were singing it as “Philipe’s not a dad,” which they got off a motivational CD, and I couldn’t get the words right. My children were amused though.

    Glad you were able to bring a smile to someone else, but sorry it was under embarrassing circumstances. :)

  3. the theme song to saved by the bell. it was playing on the radio :razz:

  4. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood.

  5. I believe it was Blow Me… One Last Kiss, by

  6. HAHA, I would’ve bit my lip to try and not laugh though! Mine was same song by the Glee Cast though.

  7. Yeah by Usher and Ludacris. Had the earbuds in and was walking down the hallway at work early and turned the corner and this lady was just laughing and laughing. Luckily she was the only one there besides me.

  8. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Got caught by my son who just said, “Please don’t!”

  9. I sing out loud when I’m running on the track at the gym. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. LOL

  10. Oh, I always sing in my car, especially if I am on the freeway where I can have the radio up loud. :mrgreen:

  11. I often listen to Pandora while I’m working. I hope I don’t sing out loud, but I definitely dance in my seat. I’m surrounded by open cubicles, so I know everyone can see me, but whatever! I’m feelin’ the groove!

    You just sing your little heart out, Jill! If you made someone smile (and even laugh), you’ve done a good deed!

  12. now my husband is the one who sings..out loud, in the shower, off key and about 12 octaves higher than his voice..its a running joke with my boys..they ALWAYS know when dad is in the shower..rofl

  13. Consider Me Gone, by Reba… Good thing I live alone.. no one to hear my singing…

  14. Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight
    But my family wasn’t so fond of my performing :-)

  15. Zombie Jamboree by Rockapella :lol:

  16. Ok Jill now I KNOW we are kindered spirits.. I was in my car yesterday with “Some NIghts” by Fun blasting. Yup, you see where this is going..I was singing at the top of my lungs AND dancing in my seat. Pulled up to a stop light and proceeded to continue singing until the vehicle next to me tooted it’s horn . When I looked, there sat 4 hunky construnction guys in their work truck laughing their asses off..(Crawl under car moment!!) I just smiled and did my best impression of a Nascar driver on the pole for a green white checkered restart….Bu-bye boys….My motto, 44 is not to old to enjoy a good song and life is to short not to sing!!! :)

  17. Dancing Queen by Abba can’t sing so I was humming it. My daughter turns around and says” Mom what are you humming?” I say ” Dancing Queen by Abba” She gives me this funny look and says” No, maybe in your head ,but not out loud.”

  18. I’m gonna be by the Proclaimers. Whenever I hear it, I don’t care where I’m at I will sing it very loudly.

  19. :oops: I car karoke all the time! Dancin’ included, I’ve been stuck on Taylor Swift’s Red CD lately, We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together….now it’s stuck in all who read this post head too! :mrgreen:

  20. While taking out the trash on Tuesday night, I was crusing through the yard to get the trash can. I didn’t see my 2 neighbors on their porch. Sooooo, as I’m taking the tash to the curb, I start singing Face to the Floor and Hats Off to the Bull by Chevelle. Even had a drum solo on the lid :o) As I walked back towards the house, I heard 2 guys chime in with the lyrics. I looked and just kept singing. Then I threw a fist into the air. Gotta keep rock’n \m/ :oP

    Kelli B: Love A7X – Almost Easy :o) Pantera is my favorite though, and I guess I’m partial since I am from Arlington, TX too hehe

  21. First off, I LOVE that song and I don’t blame you for singing (loudly) along to it. I was listening to a Christmas CD this morning, so the last song I sang to was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

  22. I’m a photo major and I spend a lot of time in a tiny room processing sheet film in total darkness. Where I sing. Loudly. Because I’m in the dark for a good 30 minutes so what else am I going to do? One day last semester I had been singing through a Matchbox 20 playlist and I came out of the film processing room to a small group of students applauding and laughing. So much for my reputation as the quiet one in class.

    Last song I sang to wasPapa Roach’s Getting Away with Murder… While I was processing film again yesterday.

  23. Angels by Robbie Williams while cleaning my kitchen. Fortunately nobody could hear it. But I also like to sing in the car and have to be really careful in summer when the windows are open.

  24. “Jingle Bells” by Michael W. Smith (off his third Christmas album), which was playing on the radio last night as I drove to Walmart at 10:45p. Singing loud. And boogie-ing, because it’s such a fun song.

    Alone in the car and on the roads, because it was so late and usually the sidewalks roll up here around 9.

    Usually not a problem, because I *can* sing. It’s when I’ve got the earbuds in and I’m harmonizing with the music in my ears that there’s a problem. Harmony parts without the rest of the music are just ICK.

  25. I was channeling my inner diva – Steve Perry style in the car….Journey: Lights.

  26. I love your posts;) They are always good for a laugh! I wish you had a photo of the non music lover LOL!

  27. Turn me on by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj I love belting on that song in the car too bad I suck at rapping

  28. LOL! Oh to have been a bird in the trees… I got caught singing “Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me” by Elvis yesterday in the middle of the tile aisle in Lowe’s. At least I was caught by an older gentleman, and he just smiled, didn’t horse laugh me!

  29. Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

  30. One more Night by Maroon5. and my three year old was singing along too. Although most of the time she tells me not to sing. :lol:

  31. LOL… That is epic… I would say something by Adele. I was playing the CD in the car and I know most of the words to every song on it.

  32. Moves like Mike Jagger by Maroon 5. I not only was wailing the tune but moving around the kitchen trying to dance. My husband still mocks me about it.

  33. i was singing the rugrats theme song

  34. First off thank you so much for the laugh…its one of those days and i relly needed that :lol: Ok i was singing, You are my sunshine…because i had been singing it earlier to my grandson and it was stuck in my head….and I sing horrible..couldnt carry a tune if it was in a suitcase!…thanks again you always make me smile :smile:

  35. I was singing Frosty the Snowman in the car with my niece, pretty sure I sang it wrong too! Not sure how you can mess up that song, but for some reason I can’t seem to remember it all :)

  36. I sang Christmas carols yesterday with my CD’s. Only my two little dogs heard me.

  37. I sing every song I know when it comes on, but the last one was Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by Luke Bryan.

  38. Living in the moment, Jason Mraz

  39. You rock! :) I love that you share your embarrassing moments!

    “Juicy” by Better than Ezra

  40. What a great song!! I guess his reaction means you should reconsider sending in that audition tape for “The Voice.”
    Right now my go to song to sing is “As Good As I Once Was” by Toby Keith. But to be fair, I cut loose in the car all the time. I’m sure the people around me think I’m yelling at them. I don’t care.

  41. That is freakin’ hilarious! Mine? Pumped Up Kicks… in the car… thankfully no one could hear me. Yep, windows rolled up tight.

  42. I sing in my car AFTER I drop off son at school. This morning it was Die Young by Keisha. I love that song by Fun (and the Glee cast). Good choice!!!!

  43. The Wanted “Chasing the Sun”. Hubby came home, looked at me, asked what was for dinner and went on his way like he saw nothing.

  44. Don’t ask me how, but the song “Lonesome Pine” by Laurel and Hardy came into my head last week. Next day while I was walking the dog I started singing the really high bit that Laurel sings – you remember “lonesome piyneeee” like his wotsits had been squeezed REALLY hard. I thought I was alone…until I saw an old couple sitting on one of the (hidden) benches grinning ear to ear! The old lady winked and said she hadn’t heard that song for years! Embarrassed – you bet – but at least I made someone smile that day. Caroline x

  45. I have a habit of singing either songs by Elton John or Queen. Last week I was working in the garden and I must have gotten a bit loud, because the teenage girl across the street yelled,” I so love Queen “.

  46. Adam Levine (Moves like Jagge) was playing through my head during my OB nursing test this morning. I wasn’t singing it out loud, but I am not sure he had a place in there when I was trying to concentrate.

  47. Skyfall by Adele. We just saw the movie (LOVED IT) and I fell in love with her song.

  48. Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down) – Johnny Cash

  49. I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift…I am that girl in the car lol

  50. No picture!! Look at it this way Jill, you make us laugh all the time with your “Lucy” moments. This time you got to do it in person. That guy will be chuckling all day, sharing with his friends. You spread joy & laughter. What a great thing. :smile:

    Last night I was singing along with Mariah Carey when she was singing “All I Want for Christmas”. She sounded great, me not so much!!! It is such a catchy tune. I love music. Guess I need to get out the Christmas CD’s.

  51. P.S. I was watching the Rockerfeller Tree Lighting on TV & Mariah was the opening act. :smile:

  52. I sing to ALL of them. :-)

    But the last one I remember really wailing on was Cracklin’ Rosie by Neil Diamond.

  53. I do this all the time! The last one was last night I was in the drive through at mcdonalds and I was singing The Heart Won’t Lie by Reba McEntire and Vince Gill when the girl at the window just looked at me shook her head and smiled. Yeah it happens all the time, lol! The funniest is when I was mowing the grass and I stopped to get a drink of water and my husband was laughing. I ask him what he was laughing at and he said he could hear me singing over the lawn mower, lol! Yeah but it didnt stop me from singing.

    Have a wonderful day!!! :cool:

  54. you know Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega? i’ve been repeating it’s intro over and over and over this morning after a horrible meeting :lol: ♫ ta-ta-tara ta-ta-rara ta-ta-tara ta-ta-rara ♫ and my friend/officemate said, “stop singing that. you know, it might loop into my head, become an earworm today.” :lol:

  55. I would have said to laughing man….”You’re welcome. Laughter is the best medicine, and I just boosted your immune system. I’ll send you my bill.”

  56. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen – it was on the radio. It’s catchy & you can dance to it – I give it an 8.

  57. Been singing none stop this week with the Christmas tunes!:grin: to soon I know but I can’t help myself.

  58. I sing all the time in the car. I have been known to play the drums on the steering wheel. I usually listen to Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Redlight King just to name a couple of them. I try not to pay attention to the people around me so I can enjoy my music. When my son is around I’m not allowed to sing so I sing when I’m alone.

  59. The last song I sang was also ‘some nights’ it was in my car on my way to class today. I love that song.
    The last song someone else heard me sing was probably also ‘some night’s at the Giants victory parade!!!

  60. You make me laugh out loud every time! Oh, and anything on the Glee soundtracks, in my car.

  61. And that sounds like a great scene for one of your books!

  62. That was hilarious! Happens to me when I am in my car all the time. I prefer to keep my windows down while driving and I just belt it out in my horrific, tone-deaf voice. :grin: Last song I sang was “I Hate Love” by Garbage.

  63. Hurt Me Tomorrow by K’naan. While my friends were waiting for me to get out of the car at movie theatre. They said they understood lol.

  64. I love that song.
    Today is was… You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch. Have an evil asst office manager

  65. It was Girl on Fire by A Keys, just blasting away :)

  66. I got caught singing my heart out to “I WANT IT THAT WAY” by the Backstreet Boys – alone (or so I thought) in my office. Im more ashamed that I knew all the words!

  67. I sing all the time at work….last song I can remember singing along to was today as I was listening to my Trans-Siberian Orchestra – one of their songs on the Christmas Attic (can’t remember which one but basically all of them that have words as I was listening to the whole CD)

  68. Was he at least cute?

  69. Next time (*gg*) get a pic of the laugher. :lol:

    I sing along whenever I know a song…even if I get the lyrics wrong. The last was probably “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.

  70. Pretty sure I’ve been busted singing the Wicked soundtrack at he top of my lungs before. Glad I’m not alone. ;-)

  71. Thanks for the funny! I love how real you are!

    My last song was One Direction, Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful?

  72. I busted myself singing to Alanis Morissette “ironic”. My ear bud fell out and I realized I’m glad I was the one who busted myself… B.A.D!!!

  73. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen at the gas station as I was filling up.
    Yesterday I had to shut the office door at work because “Gloria” by Laura Branigan came on.

  74. Blown Away by Carrie Underwood couldnt help myself

  75. LOL!!! Somebody That I Used to Know…

  76. For some reason the song Forever in Blue Jeans got in my head the other day and I ran around singing it all day.

  77. I downloaded Insensitive by Jann Arden the other day cause I loved that song when I was a teen. I belted it out on the way home from work yesterday!

  78. The one that got away (acustic version), love this song :)

  79. Funny! I had carbon monoxide poisoning years ago and now I am constantly humming. Drives my family crazy! I can identify as people in the grocery store look at me oddly

  80. Sang along to One Direction this morning. I do it too! Happy Friday and keep posting!

  81. I love singing out loud. Does not matter who hears or sees, Jill. Only matters if it makes you feel good. I enjoy C’mon C’mon by One Direction. Great song to turn up loud!!

  82. Werewolves of London, this morning to my boss who had inexplicably never heard it. Ah-oooooooooooooo! yeah.

  83. I don’t sing. Ever. lol Well ok, if it’s dark and I’m driving alone…maybe. But I know how bad I sound, so I don’t inflict it on the innocent. I did catch myself yesterday with my grandson singing along with Dominick the Donkey. :razz: But only the heehaw heehaw and the lalala parts. He’s not 2 yet, so he doesn’t care how bad I sing.

  84. I did the same thing walking on the golf course. Okay, I wasn’t supposed to BE on the golf course but it was getting close to dark and there were no golfers and it’s a prettier view than the street. I’m singing at the top of my lungs, I turn a corner and there’s a family of four coming the other direction… laughing! Yeah, at me! After they were quite a ways behind me, I returned to my singing figuring I’ve never run across anyone on the course before so that couldn’t happen twice, right? WRONG! Here comes another guy walking his dog. :roll: Anyway, typically what I’m singing out loud and probably dancing (yes, while I’m walking) to as well is Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger. But really, I sing to anything as long as I know the words or can make something up that sounds like the words. ;-)

  85. The last song I was singing was “Cowboys & Angels” by Dustin Lynch – absolutely love that song!

  86. This Man by Jeremy Camp. I love his music!

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