November 27, 2012

Is it time?

Just wondering … is it time to dig out the holiday decorations? I had my doubts. Told myself we were just going to open one box. And then it happened.

The mood struck me.

How about you? Have you started decorating yet?

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  1. I haven’t pulled out my Charlie Brown tree yet, but I do have most of my gifts bought already. Hate crowds, so I have to buy most things early if possible. Still have my dad to buy for, which is the hardest gift I buy. He never wants anything and if he does, he usually just buys it for himself.

  2. I put my tree up on Monday. I’m slowly decorating the rest of the house though. I love decorations.

  3. I put my lights up outside on the weekend. We have a strict “no Christmas tree before December 1” rule in place, otherwise I’d have it up the day after (Canadian) Thanksgiving.

  4. we decorate on my birthday (12/11), never a minute before. stuff gets put away on new yr’s day…no matter what. :lol:

  5. That is a cute pic. My house is for sale so I’m not going to do a lot of decorating. I’ll do just enough to make it cozy, I guess.

  6. Finished with everything but our big tree. Have to have help with that one :). Love this time of year!!

  7. You look cute…my deer :smile:
    I finished Christmas shopping/wrapping/boxing for UPS.
    I finished writing my Christmas cards.
    And I finished decorating.

    Now…I can enjoy the parties, baking and cooking with peace on earth and good will towards any hot men that may come my way :cool: :grin:

  8. That photo would be a good Christmas card.

    Got out the small artificial tree and put out some of the indoor decorations. Have to dig out the rest; too soon to get the tree decorated for me yet.

  9. I start decorating the inside on the first weekend in December. Hubby has to do the outside so it can take longer. Although we have our 14 month granddaughter living with us and she’s already fascinated with the Christmas lights on our street. I think that will be incentive for him to get them up quickly.

  10. I’m finished decorating! Unless my Mom gives us some of their outside decorations we’ve got everything up! I love decorating!

  11. Not really, I have put out a few decroative holiday place mats and center peice on the table, but that is about it. I won’t do much until after Dec 1st..

  12. Nothing yet. Maybe it’s because I’m still full of pie.

  13. Yes, we have but I gotta say those Rudolph ear muffs you are sporting are pretty snazzola.

  14. Love the picture!

    My sister put hers up on Sunday and I helped a little. No tree for us this year, it may have survived the hurricane but the house is no where near finished to put it up. Next year :)

  15. no I am hardly home so there’s no point. I leave when it is dark(6am) and get home when it’s dark(6pm).

  16. I have most of my shopping done and Christmas cards ready to mail, but the decorating mood hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe in a week or two. :)

  17. I haven’t dug out any of my own decorations yet, though I did dig out the Christmas movies and CDs, and spent the last two weekends helping a friend put up all the Christmas lights in her yard.

  18. My husband started decorating outside the first part of November. We are the house with Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer on the roof. Grand lighting was Thanksgiving. The tree went up and was decorated on Sunday. The village and train are now under it. Sometimes one or both cats are found sleeping in the village. My two little dogs are being good so far.

  19. Thinking about putting up the outdoor decorations before VT gets any snow..Much easier without the white stuff..Inside probably wont get done for acouple weeks yet..

  20. We started on the Friday after’s a tradition at our house..although it felt really early this year. With us having a full week left in November after Thanksgiving. O’’s done..even the outside lights!

  21. No, not in the mood this year. Family illness

  22. I won’t let the hubs decorate outdoors until the first of December. As for the tree and decorations inside? Usually the beginning of the second week in December and everything is taken down on New Year’s Eve (tree) and New Year’s Day (outside decor).

  23. Not yet. I wasn’t smart like my neighbors. They put up all their outside lights last week when the weather was so warm. Now it’s gotten colder and I haven’t wanted to do it. But soon because i don’t want to be the only house in the subdivision that’s not awash in lights. :|

  24. Oh yes. We think of Thanksgiving as a starting line for the Holiday race!

  25. Love the pic!

    No decorations here. But I was sorting the stocking stuffers into labeled bags this morning and I have most of my shopping done. Now to wrap and ship. I seem to be getting it done early this year. Yea, me! *snicker*

  26. The outside lights are up and hopefully the inside decorations will be up tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. Majority of presents are bought too.

  27. I have a seven year-old. The day after Thanksgiving, with NO prompting from adults in the house, The Kid decides we need to put up the tree, like, NOW.

    So, it’s up.

  28. Outside. I’m still looking around the mess inside and arguing with myself.

  29. Yep, started on Sunday, almost finished but have to wait to do the tree this weekend coming up. Just could not fit it all in and I mentally had to tell myself to calm down. I had to take some deep breaths and say there is no hurry, why are you getting so crazy? Crazy, what is that all about?

    Have fun, and remember to take deep breaths, it’s all good. ;-)

  30. No decorating for me yet! Too early! That said, with the nasty weather headed our way for tomorrow & the rest of the week I thought it would be a good time to get the decorations down off the shelf & start deciding what I will put up. No tree as my apartment is just to small for even a small tree. I have lots of candles, figureines & things that I have collected over the many years of life! I also splurged by buying a clear glass container to fill with ornaments. Not sure I still have the ornaments!! Oh! No!! :grin: I also have a collection of Christmas books including The Night Before Christmas, The Twelve Days of Christmas that I stack up on a shelf or table as a decoration. I like to buy them after Christmas at discounted prices!!!

    Love the picture. Thanks. Share a picture after the decorations are up. Pretty please. :smile:

  31. I put up my tree on Sunday and the boys put out the outside decorations. Now it I can just get the Christmas shopping done and had lots of money, I would be alright.

  32. everything is up. I decorate Thanksgiving weekend. I like to enjoy them as long as I can. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

  33. I put my tree up today. It’s never too early for Christmas decorations or Christmas music.

  34. Ha, ha, you look great!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I have not started decorating or shopping yet… :o This is the first year in 5 years we are not holidaying in December and returning just before Christmas and my body seems to feel it should be preparing for a holiday, not decorating!

  35. hi i dont decorate but have finished christmas shopping and have wrapped them all and down cards.mind you i finished shopping in june.

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