November 26, 2012

Very important …

…research question. Okay, two. Two very important research questions.

1. Tats or no?
2. Chest hair or no?

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  1. Tats = absolutely, it’s extremely hot : ;-)

    Chest hair = some but not bear proportions :)

  2. I’ll say ditto to everything Rachel said. ;-)

  3. tats ok just not over, same goes for chest hair some not beary extreme haha

  4. Tats = neutral.
    Chest hair = agree w/ Rachel. And that little line of belly hair. A must.

  5. i would saaaay…. yes, to both :oops:

  6. Tats Some. Love the picture of the guy you posted.

    Chest hair none or very little.

  7. Tats, yes.
    Chest hair, just enough to be manly. Not grizzly.

  8. Tats? Not a big fan.

    Chest Hair? Yes but again, not a full rug. :)

  9. Whatever fits the hero, I say…a sexy hero can get away with tats and chest hair or none at all. :cool:

  10. Tats – absolutely, I love them.
    Chest hair – oh no.

  11. Moderation in everything, but yes on both counts.

  12. Tats, nothing to big and chest hair yes but not overly hairy.

    And that hunk is easy on the eyes.

  13. Tats: YES. Oh hell yes! :grin:
    Chest hair: I find it sexy. But what really gets me going is a nice happy trail ;-)

  14. Yes to tats and chest hair, just not too much chest hair.

  15. Those tats-yes.
    Chest hair-little or none.

  16. Tatts would be a YES!! :lol:
    Chest hair.. not so much.

  17. Light on both. Love a happy trail!

  18. Yes to tats…such as the posted hunk is sporting.
    Chest hair, not so much.

  19. Tats yes, chest hair a little just to look like a hnk! ;-)

  20. Tats… yes. As long as his whole body isn’t covered with it.

    Chest hair… no.

  21. Tats – not so much, small and tasteful
    Chest hair – Some, not too much

  22. Any or all in any combination, just amoderate amount.

  23. I like a few tats. Chest hair a little because how many men have none without waxing and too much is just gross.

  24. Tats: On some guys okay; abstract tats are sexiest.

    Chest hair: YES! To brush a feminine cheek against, mmmm.

    While we’re at it: Masculine hair lightly strewn across muscular forearms…(sigh).

  25. Ah…ah…huh?
    Oh! The question. Didn’t realize there was one there for a moment.

    Tats are fine JUST where they are. Man, is he looking good.
    Chest hair in moderation…do so love following happy trails, but hairless does show off those wonderful abs to perfection.

    Just send the guy the way he is by UPS and I’ll pay the extra postage :shock: ;-) :grin:

  26. yes and yes

  27. Tats – yes.
    Chest hair – Some.

  28. Agree with Rachel :smile: Tats very important but not too much and chest hair also not too much.

  29. Tats – no
    Chest hair – yes (but not too much)

  30. Tats – some and always good in the “interesting” places! :oops:
    Chest Hair – again, some and definitely a happy trail … :twisted:

  31. I’d say a tat on the arm is hoot. Not too many (like sleeves or on the neck. Some chest hair, not a hairy rug. LOL.

  32. Yes tats. Yes hair.

  33. Some tats but not overdone
    Same with chest hair a little but not too much ;)

  34. Tats are good within reason

    Chest hair is good as long as they aren’t big foot

  35. Tats – yes
    Chest hair – ok if not much.

  36. I agree with all above. Tat’s ok, not covering his body though, and chest hair the same.
    All that manscaping is a little weird, especially no armpit hair! :shock:

  37. No to tats, yes to (some) chest hair.

  38. I love guys with Tats!! Chest hair is fine with me just as long as it’s not a lot.

  39. tats are optional depending on how much the guy has as for chest hair I prefer a clean chest

  40. Tats sure as long as they are tasteful. Hair clean or a little, definitely NOT a gorilla.

  41. Always say YES to tats!!!!!!

    Chest hair – not too much, just a light sprinkling!

  42. Tats – yes. Like in the photo.
    Chest hair – yes. Just not a wooly bear.

  43. Tattoos: Oh, yes, please! Nothing is sexier than a man sporting tattoos!

    Chest hair: Yes, yes! My boyfriend has amazing chest hair and its wonderful to feel!

  44. Tats–oh yes, but never a ‘sleeve’!

    Chest hair–light sprinkling that leads to the ever popular happy trail… ;-)

  45. I would have to say yes to both, but not over-done. P.S. I like the visual aid you provided!

  46. I love tattoos on a guy! for the chest hair I like the happy trail and thats about it.

  47. Yes on the tats; no, or just a bit, on the chest hair :)

  48. Not a tat girl but hey whatever (shrugging)
    Hair is good but hey again whatever ;-)

  49. Tats = Would prefer none but a smallish one would be okay but NOT on the neck or anything ending with “ck”.
    Chest Hair = Yes

  50. Tats – definitely. Especially on the chest.

    Chest hair – definitely not. I don’t know why but I find any chest hair on a man YUCK :???:

  51. Tats.. in moderation. A few that actually mean something. They are after all a way some choose to map the story of their life to their body and that can tell you more about a person than words sometimes.

    Chest hair… yes. Men have chest hair, boys don’t. Besides, a girl’s gotta have something to grab on to.

  52. Tats yes, arms and back! Like the ones that start at arm and curl around and down! Hair, yes but not crazy. :)

  53. Chest hair??? Fo sho! LOL Yes, for sure. :-) :mrgreen:
    Tats?? Depends on my mood, where they are, what they are, the guy wearing them….
    We are talking about guys, right??? ;-)

  54. Love tattoos, not a fan of chest hair. I’m very happy to see you take your research seriously, and gather critical data from research subjects while providing motivational photos! :grin:

  55. 1. No tats; 2. Yes (but not a Burt Reynolds rug)

  56. I like small tats on the upper arm. Just a little chest hair.

  57. Tats: YES! (a very different answer than I would have given a few years ago)
    Chest hair: as long as there’s not too much

  58. Hells yes on the tats. Chest hair – yes, but not a whole lot.

  59. No to both. Just perfect muscles!

  60. Tats- yes, as long as they aren’t covered in them from head to toe.
    Chest hair- I like bare or very little. Don’t want to be with a bear :)

  61. Tats? Hell to the YES!
    Chest Hair – no thanks!

  62. Dont mind a tat or two!
    No chest hair

  63. Tats= Yes!!!
    Chest hair= a little is nice but no bear rug!

  64. Tats? gawd YES! Hair? That can go either way as long as it’s not gorilla-back style! :razz:

  65. Yes to both!

  66. Tats aren’t really my thing. Bare chested or some hair is very good. I’m with the majority that if the dude is furry to the point you can get a rug for in front of the fireplace, that’s bad. No back hair!

  67. Tats = yes
    Chest hair = I’m flexible and can think of great, sexy examples of both smooth and hairy (Tom Selleck, anyone?)

  68. Generally a No to tats. I will qualify that – I don’t mind the ones in the picture you posted – one color and graphic. I’m not as much a fan of the pictures of people and things – those remind me of cheap “nudie” tats from old guys Navy days.

    Chest hair – yes, just not too much.

  69. Tats ok, as long as there aren’t too many. But there’s something incredibly beautiful about the unmarked nude male form. Yum. Chest hair, prefer none but sometimes some guys just look better with some.

  70. Tats – doesn’t matter
    Chest hair – yes! I want a man, not a boy!

  71. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some tatted guys. Although, I definitely want them to look nice. And, I don’t really care how many there are.

    Chest hair…… I’m good with a bit, but too much is nasty. A dusting around the pecs is nice. But, I’ve got to see that happy trail. MAJOR TURN ON!!!

  72. To be truthful, I don’t like tattoos, but if a man has one of two is fine.
    Like a littl bit of chest hair.

  73. Question #1 – Yes
    Question #2 – No

  74. Tats- Yes as long as it’s not over done.

    Chest hair…no or just a little…but who doesn’t love that happy trail?

  75. Yes to chest hair, just not grizzly bear style.
    Yes to tatt’s, but just one or two medium to small ones.

  76. Yes, no, whatever – but no scratchy facial hair unless he knows how to kiss without causing injury!

  77. Ditto to what Rachel said :)

  78. Moderation on both. I love me a tat and in real life I don’t mind chest hair but I do not like reading about it. Weird? A little but true.

  79. Tats..yes..very sexy, chest hair…nah not really…have an awesome day :smile:

  80. Tats – some if you must.

    Chest hair definitely.

  81. Wow! I’m going with the majority above! Some tats are good, just not too many. Chest hair fine, again not too much.

  82. Generally NO to tattoos, but some exceptions for them if located where they can be covered. I understand certain military and family connections. A big YES to chest hair! No metrosexuals please! Lol

  83. Tats are nice as long as the hero isn’t covered in them. Some chest hair is good, but without is ok, too.

  84. Yes and yes.

  85. Tats and chest hair: none, either or both are all good :).
    That is as long as is not that he has chest hair and shaves it off.

  86. Tats — NO.

    Chest hair — A little is okay, but if he looks like Sasquatch? Hell no.

  87. No to both, but it looks like I am in the minority!

  88. I’ll just take him, thanks.

  89. Tats – Okay, but not overdone.

    Chest hair – I like a bit and especially the happy trail. *sigh*

  90. tats yes tastefully done and if there is a special meaning behind them. Chest hair not a big fan if very light amount i can live with it. one of the biggest turn offs for me is a “hairy” man especially if it is on their back and you can see it above their t shirt collar…. just giving myself that image in my brain gave me a migraine lol……

  91. The exemplar you provided……fine – oh-so-fine!

    Tats – yeah, heck yeah!

    Chest hair – not a huge fan.

  92. I prefer no chest hair and can go either way on the tats. This guy is definitely looking hot with the tats!

  93. Definitely chest hair, light and a happy trail. And yes to tatts too, but nothing too over the top.

    Go for the whole manly, rugged and badass thing!

  94. The male person in the picture may make me rethink tatoos on a man! If the tat is small or tasteful it is okay but a lot on the neck face all over…no! Chest hair okay as long as the poor man isn’t covered!!!

    Yummy picture, thanks. :smile:

  95. 1. Tatts YES!!!

    2. Chest hair NO

  96. I think a lot about tats depends on the guy. One tat, with a story, means a lot more than a million tats. Also, in this day and age, it seems like it’s LESS common to have NO tats.

    Chest hair… depends on age. 30+ hero = YES to chest hair. If he doesn’t have any by age 30 (barring heredity), he’s shaving or manscaping it. I’m personally not ready for a hero to do a lot of manscaping…

  97. Tats…yes, within reason. Something tribal around an arm is hot
    Chest hair…YES! I like a little grass on the playground!!

  98. I like a little chest hair. I want a man not a boy!
    I think that’s depends on the man and type of tat.

  99. Chest hair, no.

    Tats are okay as long as they don’t cover up the entire body or even the entire torso. A couple is okay.

  100. Happy trail…yes. Tats one that has a deep meaning, not one like a drunk sailor got after a Saturday night binge of drinking and a visit to a cat house :lol: :lol: ;-)

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