November 23, 2012


For anyone who’s ever had kids.

p.s. I’m still full from yesterday. You?

p.s.s. Have you picked up RESCUE MY HEART yet? If so, where did you find it? If not … what are you waiting for? :roll:

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  1. I bought Rescue My Heart on Kobo and I loved it :)

  2. I’ve just received my copy of Rescue My Heart! I’m so happy, can’t wait to start it. I had preordered it in Germany and had to wait so long, but I’m sure it’s worth the waiting! :-)

  3. That is funny!

    I have Rescue My Heart on my Nook. Have a great weekend!

  4. I got my copy at Books a Million in print and Amazon for my kindle. :grin:

  5. Liked the rappin’…it’s ALL true…having kids does take your ‘cool’ away :lol:

    Am full from yesterday too…was doing good until the dessert arrived…I still have a sugar rush :shock:

    Finished RESCUE MY HEART…thank you for another great read.

    Saw your nominations in RT for Contemporary Career Achievement and FOREVER AND A DAY contemp love and laughter awards….GOOD LUCK :smile:

    Now, I think I’ll go shopping and see what’s left over and still on sale.

  6. I am working today and I brought cereal to eat for lunch because the thought of eating leftovers makes me want to pass out.
    I bought Rescue My Heart at Target last Friday and am going to finish it today at work if it’s slow. So so good!

  7. That was awesome! And yes, I am still insanely full.

  8. Lol!
    Bought in my Kindle app on my iPad!
    Is it to soon to read it again?

  9. I was good yesterday and only had one helping of food! That means that I brought leftovers for lunch today at work! Leftovers are the best. And of course I got Rescue My Heart. I got it on my Kindle, pre-ordered of course!

  10. I’m at work today and my stomache still hurts from all the food. Rescue my Heart – Kindle, bought and read the first week it was out. Love the Parent Rap. totally cute vid.

  11. I got mine at Target the day it was released! And I loved it!

  12. Funny… I love it, although I never had kids… I was out yesterday and darned if I forgot to pick it up. We were so rushed for time, as I had to make my bus connection back home, that I did not have time to get to the books store. Will have to go out over the weekend to get it..

  13. Walmart

  14. I picked it up at Target on Tuesday since I refused to pay full price for kindle (sorry, on a budget since I’m flying to San Diego next month). Oh, and picked up Instant Gratification too. Still love me?

    Love the rap! I’ve been telling my twins for nearly 20 years I’m still cool. I think they are starting to believe me :)

  15. Love the Parent Rap, I can relate. I’m still trying to convice my 15 year old that I’m cool, but he doesn’t agree. :sad: Yes I am still full :shock: I originally ordered Rescue My Heart from Amazon, but it was taking to long to arrive (I think Sandy was to blame!). I finally bought my copy at B&N and loved every page! Have a great weekend!

  16. I had my first non-traditional Thanksgiving yesterday and the first in 19 years I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK :cool: My daughter & BF hosted, amazing :o Unfortunately we have no leftovers either :cry:

    And YES I have Rescue My Heart that I found at Target. I also saw it at Walmart last night. I hope you and your family are having a fantastic holiday.

  17. We had a low key holiday so I didn’t overdo on the meal. Now I still have room for leftovers. LOL

  18. I’ve already read rescue my heart, just waiting on the other ones to come out. Now I am not even close to being full from yesterday! It’s weird. But I hope you had a great day yesterday.

  19. Yes, I have Rescue My Heart. Just bought it Wednesday at Target! First chance I had to buy it. :smile:

    I’m not still full!! Yesterday I spent most of the day at the coast. It was a beautiful, sunny day about 65 degrees (more or less!)the waves were huge, booming, awesome creatures hit the beach. I loved every moment of it. Wish I could have brought the sound home with me. I even saw a few whale spouts! Wonderful day. Dinner, when I got home, was fresh crab, green salad & a dinner roll, dessert later! It was so yummy & I was so hungry. The daughter that lives closest to me & her son both had to work. My other daughter & family live in another state. It was not a lonely day!

    Love the Parent Rap!! :lol: :cool:

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  20. Loved the video!!! Too funny, yet so true!!! Haven’t read it yet nor picked it up yet. It’s on my wish list, so I have to wait. :cry:

  21. I saw this on Facebook, its to funny.

    I just started reading Rescue My Heart last night. I just got it in the mail the other day.

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