November 21, 2012

An I Love Lucy Tale

Today I took Frat Boy and Ashes on a hike. It was a rough one. On the trail we came around a corner and faced this extremely good looking guy with three big black dogs. The guy appeared to be training them, and from his build and the way he carried himself, I figured him for a cop or military. I started to smile at him and he pointed at Frat Boy and Ashes, and yelled

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  1. I enjoy reading about your adventures! I also enjoy reading your books!

  2. Mean people suck! Lol. Glad you are well enough to be hiking again!

  3. Maybe the lady with the perfectly groomed dog needs to go to a local city park. And cop guy needs to train his dogs at his bunker facility! You just keep hiking those trails and pee on the cranky pants people!

  4. Every day is good day for cookies!

    And I hope one of those guy’s dogs bite him on the @$$.

  5. I agree, sometimes it is just best to stay home and eat cookies. Lady with the perfectly groomed dog needs to get a grip or her dog is going to poop in her shoes one day when the poor dog has had enough and the psycho guy needs to stay in his own psychotic area if he can’t be nice.

  6. Sheesh… a public area and people are just plain rude. Poor Frat Boy & Ashes…and you.. but glad to know you’re feeling good enough to be out & about!

  7. Glad you are feeling better! Poor Frat Boy and Ashes. That a-hole needs to chill out. No cookies for him or mean lady!

  8. Don’t be upset…the holidays have a tendency to make people grouchy and touchy. We should be kind to them because maybe they don’t have any family and have no invitation for Thanksgiving dinner.

    A cookie is as good as a {{hug}}. Have yourself a bag full :smile:

  9. Cookies almost always take the pain away! Good cookies.

  10. Hate to admit this but I’m pretty sure I would’ve lost it on dude who was no longer hot telling my dog to get the fu*k back! Grr!!

  11. My poor 14 year old daughter and her friend were walking our dog yesterday and got yelled at out of the blue as well. What is with people lately :shock:

  12. How RUDE!!! Sometimes I wonder what the h**l people are thinking. Oh wait they ARENT!! so much for a nice relaxing walk with your doggies..

  13. So glad you are able to get out. Even if you keep running into people with issues.
    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  14. Only you… :lol:

  15. This was a rather hilarious story, though, I must say. A lady at Wal-Mart told my daughter “Happy Easter” yesterday. Maybe it’s the stress of the holidays that are upon us . . .

  16. Apparently “Military Guy” isn’t a very good dog trainer. If his dogs were well trained, he wouldn’t have to worry about what your two were doing.

    Both your encounters sound like very lonely people. I hope that they are nicer to their animals than they are to other people.

    I bet Ashes and F-boy were glad that they got to go home with you.

  17. I take it from your saga that your back is better? There are somedays when you’re the recipient of another person’s bad moods. Just let it go and enjoy the holiday weekend!

  18. PS I love that Frat Boy appears in Rescue My Heart! I really enjoyed that book!

  19. Kinda want to kick cute guy for yelling at Frat Boy and Ashes. Sounds like Frat Boy at least had a good time. ;-)

  20. OMG…this made me lol. I so did not expect the Frat Boy ending….. you go boy, his name matches his personality! That’s what she gets for
    judging before she knew the story. Sorry you got yelled at :sad: Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  21. I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. Karma is a wonderful thing and they will get theirs at some point. They could find themselves in a book. Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. :lol: I know the whole thing wasn’t funny but I laughed all the way through it. You brighten my morning. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  23. I was pissed for you up until you said you found frat boy humping “baby”…then just busted out laughing.

  24. OH dear. Cookies are just the thing

  25. Now that is a classic “Hump Day” story! LOL Very nice. But some people like those mountain men, can be very rude. But that was funny! HAHA I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! :smile:

  26. As the Doggie Mama to two not-so-perfectly groomed Golden Retrievers, I say, GO FRATBOY!!!

  27. OMG, sorry but Frat Boy’s adventures are hilarious!!!!!

  28. Shooting for a positive outlook here – The mean dude knew his dogs were not completely controllable and was protecting you by shouting and he wrongly thought anything less forceable wouldn’t have deterred you enough. The woman was concerned for Ashes and didn’t know what a wonderful mother you are to her. She was really looking out for Ashes and just didn’t understand. And Frat Boy got some extra happy exercise…

  29. Only you!!! :grin: Thankfully I’ve never had people act like that when I see them on my hikes. Most people are just glad to be where ever it is we are hiking!!!
    Have another cookies! For me right now, it will be pumpkin pie. I’ll get mine made later today.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Jill, your family & all the people that post here. :smile:

  30. I hope “Baby” was fixed.. or that Frat Boy I just love your adventures.. And as for Dog training guy.. He needs to chill and find another place to train his dogs…

  31. Ummm…. WOW. Only you. But seriously, I’m still bent over the a-hole who cursed at you. WTH?! And some people (the lady) need to have a stick-ectomy and stay out of other peoples’ beeswax…

  32. How very rude! (Said in my best English accent). Some people have no manners. Next time you come across them ham it up a bit by shouting “Stand still! There’s a bear behind you!” Bet they run like the clappers! ;-)

  33. Well you. An always hole a$$he guy’s dogs mistake him for a fire hydrant and pee on his leg and the snotty b!tch ‘s baby has a
    Little accident on the car ride home. Your nice than me I would have told them to both f**k off. Have a nice Thanksgiving and may al they cranky people it there grip.

  34. That’s suppose to say you can always hope.

  35. Nobody puts “baby” in a corner…especially Frat Boy! LOL

    Sorry that cute guy had an ugly interior and took it out on you. What a waste of a nice body. *gg*

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  36. How disappointing for what started out as a good walk. At least you can find the humor in things! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  37. So glad you back is better! That was very rude of that guy. I am not sure why people are that way. Sounds like Frat boy enjoyed his walk though.

  38. Next time – actually I hope you don’t have a next time you’re yelled at – be sure to mention that you have a blog, twitter and FB page that is followed by thousands and thousands of your adoring fans. Because of course, you’re a NYTimes Bestselling author and you will be sure to mention their unpleasant behavior in previously mentioned social media! :razz:

  39. OMG!!! I laughed so hard. I really don’t know how you get yourself into these messes Jill but expect to see something along this line in one of your books. Did the cookies help? I know, couldn’t hurt. My 1 year old 5 pound morkie loves humping arms, even after being fixed.

  40. Hahah that’s so funny! But gee whiz, I can’t believe that guy full on yelled at you! SHould’ve told him to f*** off Jill. You could’ve totally pulled that off lol

  41. There are a lot of moody people out there with dogs. A lady once told me off for letting my retriver get covered in mud on his walk, to be fare he did have a tide line running round him but he was happy unlike her pristine clean pointers on the lead and looking longingly at him

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