November 19, 2012

Under The Mistletoe

So I have a little surprise for you — I wrote a Lucky Harbor Christmas novella coming out 12/3. Now brace yourself, okay? UNDER THE MISTLETOE is going to be cheap, only $1.99, but … it’s also going to be digital only. Wait! Before you yell at me, know this — the novella is short. Real short, so if you don’t have an ereader, all is not lost. You can simply load the Kindle app or the Nook app onto your computer or phone and read it that way, and because it is short, you won’t get eyestrain.

Okay? We all okay? We can still be friends?


Here’s the cover:

You can preorder from Amazon here. And BN here

Now for those of you who are up on all your Lucky Harbor reading, this is Mia’s story. Mia, all grown up from THE SWEETEST THING (Tara and Ford’s daughter). Don’t panic, you absolutely do NOT have to read THE SWEETEST THING before reading Under The Mistletoe.

Want an exclusive sneak peek that no one has seen before? Ask and ye shall receive …

Holding onto her hat, Mia ran along the streets on her killer four-inch red heels, her matching red skirt ruffling in the breeze. Late. She was late.

It was the story of her life.

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  1. I have preordered my copy. :grin:

  2. I am preordering mine now!

  3. I did it! ;-)

  4. As soon as I finish this comment – I will be preordering. I hope your day is made. :-)

  5. Sadly its not available in any shape or form to us Aussies :sad: :sad: :sad:

  6. I pre ordered this one the minute i saw it was available on my nook. looking forward to it.

  7. Oooh, I don’t like the kindle only books; I really have to get one so I don’t miss out on my fav authors’ kindle only stories.

    I may just have to d/l this one. LOL.

  8. You write it, I buy it. I’m happy to help keep you from working at Taco Bell. :-)

  9. I’ve always wanted Mia to have her own story. I’m so excited and it has been pre-ordered for weeks.

  10. I pre-ordered it in Sept., so yes, we’re still friends. :lol:

  11. Stop apologizing already…yes, we’re still friends. I’ll pre-order right now. BTW…you look good too, even if you didn’t comb your hair yet. There’s that one piece that’s stickin’ straight up… :razz:

  12. It has been on pre-order for a while. I can’t wait to read it, fun teaser!

  13. Pre-ordered it for my Kindle the minute it was available. Trying to make sure you never run out of dough $$ to buy more cookies….lol!!!!! Seriously, I’d buy anything you write…love your books!

  14. Pre-ordered it is! Hope you are feeling better!

  15. I think I look pretty fantastic today too – thank you for noticing!

    And yes we are still friends and I plan on ordering.

  16. You do not have to go to work at Taco Bell as I have pre-ordered it too!

  17. Haven’t pre-ordered it yet, but I intend to! Want to read :) I’m looking forward to Christmas break. Lots of doing nothing but reading. Or, maybe helping with rebuilding of the house, if we’re at that stage yet.

  18. Ordered mine last month and cant wait for it to be released.

  19. I need a kindle or nook now

  20. OK so i don’t have a nook or ereader or anything but i like my books! I am going to wait it out until i can get the book! But I am looking forward to more of the Lucky Harbor Series. I have read all of them and now just patiently ( or not so patiently) waiting for the next one! :) Hope your back is better

  21. Just preordered my copy. Finished Rescue My Heart last night. SO GOOD!!!!

  22. I will pre-order my copy today for my nook. I loved the Lucky Harbor series, and wanted a followup about Mia, just wish you would have written a full novel so I could enjoy it longer!

  23. Day made!

  24. I already have it pre-ordred… Can’t wait to read it..

  25. Pre-ordered when you first told us about it. Can’t wait!

  26. Already had mine preordered. Just trying to patiently wait for it to come out.

  27. Hello, I’ve preordered and it’s just sitting on my nook waiting for the big day!

  28. We are still friends. I’m dragging my heels on reading digitally. In fact, when I have my eyes checked tomorrow I’m going to ask my doctor his opinion about reading on a Kindle or other device. I’ve worn glasses since I was 19!!! Longer than you want to know. :smile:

    I hope your back is doing better.

  29. I have a Nook tablet but I think it’s jinxed. Both times I’ve preordered books I’ve had issues. The first time I couldn’t get it to d/l until a week after it became available. The last time I finally had to delete and re-buy a book because it would never d/l. *deep breath* So UNDER THE MISTLETOE is in my wishlist and I will d/l it the day it becomes available.

    Thanks for the great excerpt!

  30. Next stop, Amazon. Mia’s all grown up! They grow up so quickly…

  31. Already preordered it….

  32. Why thank you I needed that. Ordering now.

  33. I pre-ordered this last week :) Can’t wait to read it!

  34. You write it..we buy it no problem and as for the people that dont have a kindle they can download the kindle app to their laptops, desktops ar even their phones. It is so easy need to miss a book big or small..hope your feeling better :razz:

  35. Can’t wait!! :D

  36. Already preordered on Amazon.

  37. I’ll definitely be buying it.

  38. I already pre-ordered it. :grin:

  39. I just got Rescue My Heart in today and can’t wait to finish what I am reading to get started on it. I don’t do pre-order but will get it I am sure.

  40. Can’t wait to read Mia’s story!

  41. It’s queued ready to download on 12/3. Can’t wait to read this story!!! Actually can’t wait whenever you have a new story out because I love your books!!! :grin:

  42. First, Mia’s blond??? Really? Because I have always pictured her with straight, black or really dark brown, long hair, like down to her bra strap or longer. Adjustment time for me I guess.

    Second, you’ve posted that excerpt before. Therefore, I think you own us all another excerpt that truly has not been shared. Then we can remain friends. See, I’m being reasonable. ;)

  43. I have to wait to order… :sad: …some nasty criminal stole my credit card number and tried to go on a shopping spree. I didn’t even lose my card! :evil: The good news, the transactions didn’t go through, but I have to wait for a new card with anew account number.

  44. Can’t wait!! Is it going to be available outside the U.S.?

  45. I am definitely getting this!!!

  46. Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait!

  47. I’m buying it the day it comes out ;-)

  48. I LOVE Christmas stories! A Christmas story in Lucky Harbor is definitely a must read!!

  49. I have been trying to get on that 12 Days of Christmas site, but keep getting an error. Does anyone have any suggestions. Would love to get my name in there.

  50. Hi Jill! My all time favorite Christmas movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life!” Another excellent Christmas movie is “Love Actually!” The Holiday is also a warm fuzzy Christmas movie. Haven’t read a lot of Christmas books. Can’t wait to read this one! Just finished Josh and Grace’s love story! Another wonderful book, Jill! Kudos! ;-) :smile: :razz: :mrgreen: :cool:

  51. ;-) I love all Holiday books and look forward to all the new ones that come out from my favorite writers each season. Yours is on my list. My favorite book is “The Night Before Christmas”. I read it every Christmas Eve when my children were small. It was a tradition. They have grown now and I miss that. But it brings back warm memories. My favorite movies are all of the chickflicks old and new on Hallmark and Lifetime chanels this time of year. I’m old and in menopause, so I cry alot at them.

  52. […] Last Christmas, New York Times and USA Today best-selling romance author Jill Shalvis announced she was releasing a seasonal novella for her Lucky Harbor series (which is excellent, by the way). Here’s an excerpt from the announcement: […]

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