November 15, 2012

Thursday’s Musings

Today is brought to you by the letters A & W. A for the Advil I’m taking and W for the whine. I pulled out my back and I can’t move. On the one hand, it means Alpha Man has to make the bed and do the grocery shopping. On the other hand, it means I can’t climb up the cabinets to get the cookies I’ve hidden away or make opening day at Northstar Ski Resort this weekend.

I actually broke my back several years ago. It was a compression fracture between L3 and L4, which is lower back. And that’s what goes out sometimes now. I’ll just be walking along minding my own business and WHAM, I’m frozen and can’t move. So frustrating. Although it is fun because when I’m like this, I can’t carry a thing. Not the cat, not my purse, not even a book. Any weight in my hands at all is too painful. So lucky Alpha Man. He gets to carry the cat, my purse (I tried to get a pic of this but he flat out said he’d kill me dead if I did), and my books. It’s like we’re in school and he’s carrying my backpack for me. :razz: I’m far more amused by this than he is.

One thing this does is that it makes me slow down some and smell the roses. Except we don’t have any roses and there’s snow in the yard.

And yet … there is a silver lining. My Kindle is fully charged. Your mission? Tell me what you think I should read. I’m all ears. And, as it turns out, I’m not going anywhere…

p.s. For those of you who bought RESCUE MY HEART, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The book hit the New York Times Bestseller list and the USA Today Bestseller list, making my entire week. You are all so very important to me and I appreciate each and every one of you. Even the one of you who keeps writing to tell me to stop swearing in my books. I’m not going to do that, and I’m sure you’re not going to stop complaining, but I still appreciate you. :razz:

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  1. awwww feel better but lucky you have AM around.
    anyway i recommend back to you by priscilla glenn just finished it it was a lovely and heart warming read i enjoyed a lot :) it got me over my rescue my heart hangover

  2. Feel better Jill! When you said A&W i was thinking rootbeer though lol

    I just read Enslaved by Elisabeth Naughton and it was SOOOO freaking good. It’s part of a series and i have only read this one and the last one but it doesn’t much matter. You can read them alone in my opinion. Good stuff!

    Get some rest!

    Lisa B

  3. Run The Risk by Lori Foster. Feel better. Bad backs suck.

  4. Oh no I hope you feel better soon. Right now I’m reading All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey. I love the Kowalski’s. I also highly recommend Tart by Lauren Dane. Just a heads up. This book is a triad and this one’s 2 guys and a girl. If you have issues with Male/Male and Male/Female/Male action this book isn’t for you. I think my Kindle is still smoking from this book being so hot.

  5. Oh Jill I know from experience lower back issues are horrible! I hate it when mine goes out and I have to break out the cane to walk. Ugh! I love the MacGregors by Nora Roberts especially the grand sons and grand daughters. I am also reading the Kowalskis for the first time and am on Sean right now…by Shannon Stacey. Jill…rest and make sure Alpha Man cooks amazing dinners for you, and don’t forget…the cat box he has to clean! 😈😈😈

  6. I hope you get to feeling better. I know your pain. I had to deal with my mom being like that! But now she is doing better. But i hope things get better for you. As well as, I honestly think you should a stephen king book. if you enjoy those. As for your husband, you can have him do all the cleaning! that would be nice. LOL
    Hope you feel better. I’m going to go buy Rescue My Heart today! I finished all the others so i need another one to read.
    Feel better soon.

  7. I hope you get better soon. I like the swearing! I also liked Adam, but have decided that I still like Dell best. :lol: I’m reading Cherrie Lynn’s Leave Me Breathless and I’m really enjoying it.

  8. Sending good vibes your way; get better soon. Reading Shannon McKenna’s Blood and Fire.
    And what’s this No Swearing thing?! Don’t you dare stop, Jill!! Makes your books so funny….:) Part of your style. Rescue my Heart is on the kindle, but haven’t got around to read it yet.

  9. I just finished reading The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James. Cute book. Very enjoyable and I would recommend it.

    I hope you feel better. My hubby has a herniated disk in his lower back so I have witnessed the pain you go through. He bought himself an inversion machine and everyday hangs upside down for 10 – 15 minutes. He says it really helps. I like to call him Batman!

  10. Animal Attraction…oh wait…you wrote it…so how about JD Robb? Or Marie Force (I hear her romantic suspense is really good).

  11. Awww, I feel so bad for you. Sending kisses and big hugs for your recovery. Take some time and rest and while Alpha Man is running around doing chores take sneaky pictures while he’s doing them. (You may need them later on for nefarious reasons) :lol:
    I think you should keep the swearing in your books. It’s normal for people (guys) to do.
    You should read RESCUE MY HEART. I just finished it and the writer DID make the hero suffer greatly, but he finally, FINALLY saw the light (I was worried there for a minute). It was very good. But if you’re familiar with it already, I suggest you reread any R.D.Robb book, ’cause Roarke would be the only man to make you forget about the pain in your back. Get better soon :smile:

  12. I hope you feel better soon!!. In the mean time I just finished Sandra Browns Low Pressure and Karen Robards The Last Victim. Both were Very Very Good. If you have not read it yet the latest J D Robb is Awesome as well.

  13. Don’t stop swearing. It makes the characters seem real.
    Try Jenny Crusie “Bet Me” or “Agnes and the Hitman”.

  14. I suggest the Crossfire series (there are two books out now out of three) by Sylvia Day. Feel better soon! And thanks for Rescue my Heart…finished it in record time! I find it impossible to put down your books!

  15. Yikes, feel better soon. I deal with back issues as well and know they are frustrating.

    I just finished Robyn Carr’s MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS, and Laura Kaye’s ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO. Now it is time for RESCUE MY HEART!

    Don’t ever change, Jill. You are you, don’t let anyone change you. You rock!!!

  16. I’m so sorry about your back! But what a great excuse to sit and read!!!!! OMG – picking just one is going to kill me. So, since my family needs me and all, I’ll list more than one and stay alive! :smile:

    If you’re going to be off your feet for a while, you’ll have extra time for a series. I love series. It’s a lovely continuation of a friendship that you invest time, thought and love into!

    Here are a few of my favs: Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings or Chase Brothers are good. So is the Compass Brothers by Mari Carr and Jaynce Rylon. Don’t forget about Christina Dodd and the Bella Terra Series or Victoria Dahl and her Donovans.

    Sorry, :oops: too much, I know. Anyway, feel better and enjoy delving into another author’s mind for a while!

  17. Praying you feel better soon! I just finished Shannon Stacey’s new book All He Ever Desired. It was great.

  18. J. R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series

  19. All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey is a good one!

    HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER! (Yes, I’m yelling!)

  20. Oh no! The broken back must have been frightening, now your back going out on you! Hope you are all better soon! But don’t stop the swearing or the sex, lol (in your books of course)… I am reading Stalker by Allison Brennan.

  21. Hope you feel better soon! I visited my sexy chiropractor yesterday and am grateful I don’t have a one-time visit kind of back so that I get to feel the magic touch of sexy chiropractor again tomorrow (and he always smells good)!

    I just finished All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey and it was great. She turned up the heat a notch or six in this book. I also just finished Cheryl Bradshaw’s A Stranger in Town. Both books were released this week and I were so good I read them both in less than 24 hours.

  22. Hope you feel better real quick like. :grin:

    My all-time favorite book is Charles Martin’s When Crickets Cry.

  23. Jill,

    Sending healing your way, hope you feel better. I am currently reading Widow’s Web by Jennifer Estep. It’s the last one in her Elemental series.

  24. Sorry about your back, I can relate. :cry:
    I like #13 Joyce N’s suggestions. Bet Me is one of my favorite books. You might also try a Kristen Ashley book, like ‘Rock Chick’ or for great alpha males try The Dream man series or Colorado Mountain series.

  25. Hope you feel better soon! Both my mom and my brother have had back surgeries (for herniated disks) and I know how much pain they are in…I can only imagine what you are going through. To help alleviate the pain, I recommend reading Wicked as They Come by Delilah S Dawson. It’s a steam punk paranormal romance — and honestly, I was skeptical (any time a book has too many genres attached to it, I avoid it like the plague), but it was so freaking good! The world building is great, the two lead characters are pretty well developed (although there could have been more of that) and action and romance are exciting. I bet you’ll love it too — or at least be distracted enough to notice your back for a while :lol: !

  26. I hope you feel better soon Jill, back problems really do suck. Oh wait its that classified crussing ???…LOL

    One of my favorite authors, other then you :) is Marie Force and IMO all her books are great but my favorites would have to be her fatal series! Nick and Sam are really hot and really funny! :mrgreen:

  27. Something that may give you some relief from the pain is acupressure. If you have Alpha Man rub your feet on top where the foot meets and ankle and the instep of your feet it may help. I do this for my husband almost every night and it has bee 8 years since his back last went out. You can find acupressure charts on line that show exactly where he should rub.

  28. Obviously you could read one of mine but you could read Phillipa Ashley’s Miranda’s Mount which has a wickedly sexy piratical hero and a brilliantly uptight heroine and it’s modern day Cornwall on a castle which gets cut off by the tide every day – there’s swords and the funniest almost sexy scene in a rowing boat ever, complete with limericks.

  29. Hope your back is better soon. Reading list..anything by Shelly Laurenston shifter series..Here Kitty, Kitty is my favorite (laughed through the whole book) or her Dragon Kin series under GA Ainken. Sharon Sala, Janet Chapman, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, JR Ward, Lori Foster are all on my favorites list.

  30. Oh no!!! Hope you’re all better soon!!!!

    There’s this one author that you absolutely MUST read; she’s fabulous!!! She has quite a few series that all feature super hot (& sometimes, super stupid) Alpha Males but they totally make up for their stupidity in other ways. You may have heard of her. Her name’s Jill Shalvis! Sound familiar? Although, I will admit, I’ve been waiting, albeit impatiently, for another book to add to her Heat series. She has yet to get on that.

    If you, by chance, ever get the chance to speak to her, could you please notify her of my impatient waiting?? Thanks!! ;-)

  31. I hope you feel better soon! If you wanna read a fun romance, “the chocolate thief” by Laura Florand is sexy and fun!

  32. feel better Jill Summer Hideaway by Susan Wiggs is cute and kind of whimsy I love it

  33. Poor you. Just finished Twisted in Laura Griffin’s Tracer series. SOOOOOOOOOO good. Hope you’re better soon. :|

  34. Tart by Lauren Dane (and her Brown Siblings series if you haven’t already), any of the Nauti series by Lora Leigh, A Christmas Carol by Dickens (to get into the spirit), The Art of Fielding, and anything by Janet Chapman or Lucy Monroe.

  35. Feel better soon, looking for some new books here are 2 new authors that I have found Melody Anne her Billionaire series and Tycoon series are great akso Ruth Cardello just released Saving the Shiek the 4th book in her Legacy series

  36. Recently read – No Mistletoe Required by Jeanette Murray; Mistletoe Wisconsin Series by Stacey Joy Netzel; and Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller. Of course if you want an old smutty romance The Kadin by Bertrice Small is one of my favorites.

  37. Awww hope you feel better soon!! Enjoy the spoiling by Alpha Man and happy reading! It totally makes my week when you have a new book ;-) coming out! Congrats on Rescue My Heart’s success!! :grin:

  38. Oh forgot to recommend some good books, I recently read Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn and its sequeal Leave Me Breathless, both very hot steamy reads. Plus they were both less than $4 on Kindle.

  39. I can so commiserate with you on your back problems. And I would also hide those cookies in a container that your Alpha man or the kids would never look in at a low level when these back problems attack.. If you have not read any of Bella Andre’s The Sullivan’s series, I highly recommend them and also the Bluegrass and Bluegrass Brother’s series by Kathleen Brooks… Happy Reading and feel better soon..

  40. I’m sorry to hear about your back. Happy to hear about the bestseller list. I think this book definitely deserves the honor. I have had a crazy week so I am only halfway through it but it’s great. I adore Milo. And the main characters, of course. But I love animals in books.

    My recommendation is On The Island. I really enjoyed that story. By Tracey Garvis Graves. It’s a romance.

    And just for the record, I love it when the characters in your books swear. They are true to life that way.

  41. MASSIVE hugs Jill from cold old UK. Hope you are feeling better soon! Books? I love a good historical – and you can’t get better than Nicola Cornick. Try her – her books are sooooo good! Caroline x

  42. Oh hope you feel better soon. Been there, done that, had the spinal fusion to fix it.

    Nora Roberts’ latest series about 3 brothers and an inn(the Innsboro series) is what I have on my Kindle. Starts with The Next Always, then The Last Boyfriend, and finishs this month with The Perfect Hope. I’ve read Nora Roberts forever.

    I agree swearing is a part of life and I don’t mind it.

  43. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Back troubles suck. Maybe have some Wine with your Whine :smile: I just finished Julie Anne Longs new book. It was a good read. Stay warm!

  44. I suffer from sciatica so I sympathize with your pain. Hope you’re up and about soon. I have been enjoying the Spellbound Falls series by Janet Chapman. I’m hoping to read Rescue My Heart over Thanksgiving weekend. Feel better!

  45. I hope you start to feel better soon and get a little relief!

    For a Laugh: Can you keep a secret, Sophie Kinsella

    For a cry and suspense: the mountain between us, Charles Martin

    For pure romance: Everything and the moon, Julia Quinn

  46. Hope you feel better in time for Turkey Day. You need all your strength to gobble all the good stuff.
    As for what to read…. hum… I would suggest Allison Fox. She has a new book (second in the series) Come Fly with Me!!! Another author is Lisa Kleypas. Start with her Sugar Daddy book.

  47. I’m listening to “The Ideal Man” by Julie Garwood. Big, strong FBI guy and a beautiful trauma surgeon. Oh yeah! :)

    Have you drawn a winner for your novella yet?

    Did I tell you how smashing you look today, Jill!

    Sorry to hear about your back. At least your hands work, right? Reading rocks! :D

  48. Victoria Dahl’s new book, Close Enough to Touch, is really good. I think you might like it. :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  49. Sorry about your back.. Maybe slowing down will show you something useful (maybe for your next book or just life in general)! If anyone ever asks me what they should read….other than saying your books (I call them “feel good books”)…I would say Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander and Fever books… Highlander first (and start with Drustan…that’s book 4 I think…because the others are decent, but not quite relevant). The Fever series just wraps you in another world…and will give you Jerricho Barrons! He is the perfect man that ironically never gets sappy and rarely shows weakness (and his weakness is not show but to one person).
    — Hope you get better soon…but don’t pass by the chance to breathe!

  50. First, I hope you are feeling betterm I love your books! While waiting for the release of “Rescue my heart”, I read and absolutely love “Mariana” from Susanna Kearsley. I swear you will read this book in 3 days, like yours! ;-)

  51. So sorry to hear about the back..Ick..Personally have been on and off pain killers and muscle relaxors over the past month.due to my lower back.. Beginning to think I may just need to go see a back doc to find out if something isnt where it’s suppposed to be since it’s not getting any better..

    My recommendation for a good looooong read:
    Debbie Macomber’s Cedar cove Series!

    REst up and feel better!

  52. So sorry to hear you are suffering with your back. Backs scare me a lot, it is so debilitating. I have injured my back several times and I just hate to be in pain. Then again who doesn’t. I feel for you but you sure have a great attitude to make it a little lighter in your life by teasing Alpha Man. They are so easy to tease, don’t you think? I suggest reading Nora Roberts new series “Boonesboro Inn”. This place actually exists and you can book rooms in this renovated Inn in Maryland. Cool huh? Feel better soon. Happy reading. Don’t forget to write for us too. ;-)

  53. I’m really enjoying the Kowalski series by Shannoe Stacey and the Sullivan series by Bella Andre. Both have great humor and romance.

  54. Ouch! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    You have gotten some terrific suggestions already, but for Romantic Suspense, I would recommend Cindy Gerard anything, Tara Janzen Steele Street boys, Cynthia Eden’s FBI series, and Shiloh Walker’s Ash Trilogy. Funny is harder, because I usually would recommend you! Lori Foster’s new series is RS, but it has a lot of funny parts. I see a lot of people have recommended it already. If you haven’t read Victoria Dahl’s Start Me Up, Talk Me Down and Lead Me On, I would highly recommend those. So funny!

    Feel better!

  55. I can understand. My back goes out every so often. I need help to roll over, stand, sit, everything! It gets better each day. You seem to have a good outlook though.

    As for book recommendations other than your own stuff, I have really enjoyed Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series. If you haven’t read them, you should since you two were twins at ALA Annual in June. ;)

  56. Take care of yourself…. bad backs aren’t fun at all. My will catch every so often, but only for a second or two. Can only imagine the pain you are in…

    Since I finished Rescue My Heart, I have been reading Sherryl Woods, Midnight Promises…. two more books in this group…. part of the Sweet Magnolia series. All great books.

  57. I’m so sorry to hear about your back problem. I’ve been there, though I didn’t break anything, and it can be worse than giving birth. As you know, lie low and ease back into things.

    I recently finished reading THE CARE AND FEEDING OF AN ALPHA MALE by Jessica Clare. Very good!

  58. hope you feel better soon.
    I am reading your book now.

  59. {{{Jill}}} Gentle hugs.

    I’ve been on a Teresa Medeiros kick lately. I loved YOURS UNTIL DAWN (Regency) and CHARMING THE PRINCE (Medieval).

  60. I have just been reading some Christmas books on my kindle but nothing stands out to recommend. So sorry to here about your back. I have been having back problems myself since January. Had surgery in July and had shots in the back just last week that didn’t do anything. Still having problems. I think its something that I am just going to have to live with. The surgery did get me to where I could stand up straight because I couldn’t do that before the surgery. I had to walk bent over, but now I am still have hip and leg pain. I just getting old before my time.

  61. Snow is a comin’ tomorrow in these parts and lasting for some days. Are you sure you aren’t just trying to get out of shoveling? :)

  62. Feel better soon! My book recs for you are SCORCHED by Laura Griffin and A NOTORIOUS COUNTESS CONFESSES by Julie Anne Long.

  63. Soulless by gail carriger. It is so much fun! I laughed my butt off.

  64. I’m sorry about your back. Feel better soon!

    This book is pretty good: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, by Jennifer Cruise, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart.

  65. Sorry to hear about the back. I have a standing appointment with my chiropractor so I can sympathize with back pain.

    I read Head Over Heels on my Kindle and now I’m reading Aussie Rules. If you’re looking for something you didn’t write (can’t imagine why you’d want to do that) I enjoyed Heart of Steel and The Marriage Trap both by Jennifer Probst.

  66. hi jill i would reread from the start the in death books by jd robb. its a fun thing to do and if you haven’t read the first one is a while it is amazing what you remeber and missed the first time

  67. Sending you gentle hugs, Jill. Hope you feel better soon.

    Loved the new Kowalski book from Shannon Stacey. Actually love the entire series. Anything by Ruthie Knox is awesome too.

  68. Hi Jill! I’m so sorry to hear about your back :( You’re lucky to have such an awesome husband though :) I hope it gets better fast! As for book recommendations: I just read “Stay” by Allie Larkin, very cute, Rachel Caine newest in her morganville vampire series and “This Charming Man” by Marian Keyes.. Hope I gave you at least one you haven’t read :) hope you have a speedy recovery and thank you for you’re amazingly awesome books!!!

  69. Jill, I hope your back heals quickly. Heating pad has always worked better for me than ice, along with Naproxen and Flexaril. Your husband sounds like a great guy. Recently finished the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, didn’t think I would like it, but ended up loving it, even though a few parts were a bit hard to take…I also loved the Chicago Football series and To Die for by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Loved…. :razz: It Must Be Love by Rachel Gibson. Get well soon!! :razz:

  70. Sorry about the pain you are in. Hope you are up and around soon! But I have to say. No matter your mood you always make us laugh! Picturing Alpha man holding the cat, your purse and books. Hehehe

  71. Hope you feel better soon. I know the feeling, for me it’s my neck. Had a C1/C2 bone fracture and every so often it stiffens up and I can’t move it very much. As for reading suggestions, I’m currently reading Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Wild About You series. First book is A Werewolf in Manhattan and it kept me entertained. BTW, loving Rescue My Heart :)

  72. Take a moment and savor the book “Love Walked In” by Marisa de los Santos. It is beautiful, smart and very entertaining. I hope you feel better soon!

  73. :sad: awwww hope the back is better soon……try some of the Deadly series by Cythinia Eden………pretty good…..get better soon

  74. Have you read Cherry Adair? I loved her newest release: Ice Cold – awesome action adventure romance.
    Feel better!!

  75. I’m assuming you’ve already read all of K Higgins’ books, since you’re besties and all.

    I would highly recommend ANYTHING by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Two of my faves of hers (although, truly, hard to choose a fave) are Natural Born Charmer and Call Me Irresistible.

  76. DO NOT change your writting style!! There are plenty of us who love you just the way you write now. :smile:

    Good Luck with the b

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