November 8, 2012

Thursday’s musings

Update: Winners randomly drawn by are #77 (Kris), #116 (Olivia H), #62 (Meghan L), #38 (Michele S), #152 (Ev). Please email me with your email addys where I can deliver Under The Mistletoe.

Original Post:
I took this yesterday while writing beneath my favorite Aspen tree. We had a good long bonding moment, Mr. Aspen and me because there’s a huge storm blowing in today.

By this time tomorrow, the leaves will be gone and we’ll have a foot and a half of snow. And unlike a few weeks ago, this time the snow will probably stick around until spring.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve just gotten resigned to no more paddle boarding and lake fun until next summer, but I don’t feel ready for the constant twenty-five layers and snow shoveling. But on the positive side? Shoveling snow takes a lot of calories, so guilt free cookie consumption… Silver lining!

Oh and while I have you here, a tiny tease quote for Rescue My Heart, out on shelves now:

Looking directly into Adam’s eyes caused a condition known as lust,
which in turn caused its own condition. Stupidity.

So my question of the day is … if you intend to buy the book, or if you already have, what form? Paper or ebook? And if ebook, for Nook, Kindle, or other? I’ll be drawing five names from today’s comments who will receive a copy of my Christmas anthology UNDER THE MISTLETOE, but remember this is a SHORT story and it’s digital only. You do NOT have to have an ereader, it’s short enough that you can read on your computer or phone or whatever device you want.

Now I’m off to make sure we have enough cookies to last through the duration … :grin:

p.s. for those of you who’ve read RESCUE MY HEART, would you mind rating it at B&N? You’d have my undying gratitude. :smile:

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  1. I own Rescue My Heart in both print and digital format. Found print copy at Books A Million and my eBook is for kindle. Loved Adam’s story so much!!!

  2. I have it on my Kindle and a copy of the book also. You don’t get the covers for kindle.

  3. I got it on kindle.

  4. Definitely going to purchase Rescue My Heart via ebook for my Nook cause I’m a Nookworm!

    Can’t wait for the short story as Mia is one of my favorite characters. Keep them coming Jill, we lovem!

  5. I’ve already finished the book. I pre-ordered it on Amazon and read it on my kindle. The story was outstanding. I really did love it.

    As for the snow I kinda miss it living in Florida….oh but wait the cold is why I moved from NY to FL…LOL :)

  6. I buy both. I have a paper collection that I cannot let go of. Sometimes I just need to feel the paper in my hands.

  7. I’ve got my order in for a print copy, so it will match my collection. Buying would love to win the Christmas anthology because we can’t get it here in Australia and I want to read Mia’s story sooooo bad :)

  8. Just finished Rescue My Heart late last night. Sleepy this morning, but it was so worth it! Loved Adam and Holly’s story. I had preordered it for my Kindle.

  9. I preordered it for Kindle. I got my first Kindle 2 1/2 years ago when my husband started suggesting I had too many books. Silly man, there are NEVER too many books!

  10. I preordered a print copy, which has not yet arrived because of the storms in our area :(. . . . I really like to have an actual book in my hands!

  11. I have both digital and paperback ;) I love having access to both…my husband on the other hand….but shhhhh what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Heh.

  12. I will probably get the nook version, but I’m not picky — either digital or paperback is good for me!

  13. I have the Kindle version. Currently 70% through. Loving every word.

    Stay warm. Have you discovered Your favorites – delivered!

  14. I have almost all of your books on my Nook. I use that mainly, but do have the Kindle apps on my phone and computer. I consider it the best of both worlds! Hunker down, then eat and shovel away!

  15. Bought it for my Nook and am amost finished reading it. By the way, LOVE IT :grin: . When she drove the ATV into the ditch I laughed so loud my husband came out to see what I was watching on TV…he doesn’t get my love of books. Can’t wait for book 4 :smile:

  16. I got the print version from the library. I do have a tablet for those novellas and other books that are only available as eBooks, but certain authors I prefer hardcopy when I purchase – you, Higgins, Cruisie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Susan Andersen

  17. I plan to get it for my Kindle. I can only read for a short time with a print book because of my arthritis. Don’t have the problem with the Kindle. Looking forward to reading it.

  18. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it still has not come yet! I’m dying here!!

  19. I bought it on Tuesday on my Kindle. That bookstore is open 24 hours a day and is in my home. You just can’t beat that for convenience. Kindle comes in very handy when we are traveling.

  20. I picked up the print version and read it last week.

  21. ebook. I had it pre ordered so it magically appeared on Tuesday. I love that Frat Boy makes a showing in the book.

  22. I have the print version. I likemy kindle but I love to hold a book.

  23. bought in both print and nook!Loved this series….. :razz: :razz:

  24. There are certain authors I have to buy in print and you are one of them. I’m going to look for Rescue My Heart today didn’t have luck yesterday.

  25. I have some books for kindle only…and then there are yours. Yours are special, so I get them in print so I can line them up and look at the pretty covers. (BTW you need a hottie on one of your covers again soon). I want to feel the entire reading experience with your books. I received mine yesterday so I start reading this morning…it looks like a very good day. Thank you, Jill :smile:

  26. Kindle but I will also get a paper copy.

  27. Got it for the Nook.

    Had to wait until I came back to work to get it because I have no power at home… and no home to go :( I’ve been displaced by Hurricane Sandy and been staying with family members. It’ll be a long time before my neighborhood gets power back, as many houses were damaged and destroyed in South Queens in NY. I need to make sure all my books are ordered while I’m at work.

  28. I love paper books. I try to get paper books when I can as it’s more satisfying to read a paper book, but I do have a Kindle that I will buy some books on.

  29. Bought it for my Kobo on release day… But ended up reading it with my Kobo app on my phone at work because I couldn’t wait :-)

  30. Got the eBook from Kobo, read it with the Overdrive App on my iPhone. I read most books on my iPhone. It’s always with me so I can read whenever and wherever :) Loved Adam’s story. Looking forward to Griff & Kate :)

  31. I purchased it on my iPad. Love it!!!

  32. Have a kindle…love it, use it everyday! Am currently reading Rescue my Heart. Absolutely love it!!!! Not to give away any secrets for those who have not read it yet, but I had a huge smile on my face when I read Milo’s nickname as a young pup.

  33. I’ve already read it. Loved it!! I’m actually reading it again now. I downloaded it to my Kindle Fire. :lol:

  34. Got it on my Kindle.

  35. I preordered and was very excited when it popped up on my Kindle a couple of days ago! All the way to France. It’s so clever when it does that ;-)

  36. I’ll be buying it in print. While I’m not averse to ebook, I have the other two in print, that I just like REALLY owning your books. :)

  37. Nook Color but I also love paperback books. I now rent paperback books from the Library and only purchase books on my nook.

  38. I’m currently reading Rescue My Heart on my Kindle. Have waited forever for Adam’s story and am savoring every page!!! <3 him :)

  39. Reading it now on my kindleee!! Obsessed! :)

  40. Have it as an ebook for my nook. It is on the this weekend reading list. Looking forward to it.

  41. Already reading in book form!!!! Love it so far

  42. I am going to buy it in paperback as Wal-Mart has it for $5.99 and the Kindle edition is $7.99. The more I save, the more books I can buy.

  43. I already bought it – downloaded it to my iPad. I haven’t started it yet because I also just downloaded your three “Sexy” books, and I’m partway through Strong and Sexy. I’m trying to get that finished and then I’ll have to make the tough choice between Brody and Adam…

  44. It was waiting for me on my Nook yesterday AM. *cough* let’s not mention that I may or may not have finished the book during my working hours *cough* Loved, loved, LOVVVVVVVED this book!! You need to write & release faster, Jill!

    Faster, Jill, faster!!!

  45. I just bought it last night in hard copy! Paper! I love the smell and feel of a new book! I have an readers for those books I can’t get in my preferred format. :)

  46. I have not gotten out this week… But when I do. I will buy book! I have all the others in book form. Im ocd like that :mrgreen: BUT I have kindle app on phone for my ebook onlys! :cool:

  47. Ebook! Nook! Bought it Tuesday! XD

  48. Ebook- kindle

  49. I read both forms, print and ebook, depends on the whim. When I read ebook it is Kindle.

  50. Paper copy! Unless I can’t find it at B&N, then I’ll do Kindle…

  51. I have a kindle and I love paper books. My preference is a paper book. Some authors that are my “I must by their new book”, I like to have in paper copy so I can add it to my library. (You are one of those) I will be getting it in paperback.

  52. I plan on getting it in the e-book form, for my Nook color. My husband got me one as a gift after I had first used one at the library. Planning on making all book/magazine purchases through my Nook from now on, so I can take everything with me everywhere. :)

  53. Hi Jill! I got it in paperback. I will read it as soon as I finish reading your book Messing With Mac.

    Have a wonderful day!!! :cool:

  54. ebook. Kindle. Already have it! I have all or most of your books. I love them all! I have a small collection of author signed paper nooks, otherwise I only buy ebooks now. It was that or move. My house runners over with books.

  55. I bought the e-book! Can’t wait to read it;)

  56. I bought it already with my kindle for iPad. Haven’t read it yet I’m rereading the fever series then your book. Pretty picture. I envy you I live in deep south Texas and we are still in the low 90’s

  57. I bought it for my Kindle, and I’m saving it for our Thanksgiving cruise to the Caribbean. Holding off is very difficult.

  58. I’m in Bulgaria. So I can’t wait so long to deliver paperback. I buy e-book for my Kindle.

  59. Already bought it for my Nook. 8-) And if you want to get away from the snow, we would love to see you in Virginia sometime!!!

  60. Paperback – it the Kindle price is the same as the paperback, I always get the paperback (and my bookshelves attest to that)!

  61. Already have it ready for my Nook :mrgreen: and no snow in FL :smile:

  62. Purchased for Nook!

  63. I will buy it in paperback form, still not use to my e-reader, like the feel of the book

  64. Got it on Kindle

  65. I purchased the book in paper yesterday evening. I have a nook, but for my most favorite authors I like to have the paper book in hand.

  66. I bought the book in paperback and loved it

  67. Since I have the other two in print form, I’ll get the ppbk tonight to keep the set in tact. Now if the store will please put out the book, I’ll be thrilled (checked too early on Tues and is wasn’t out yet).

  68. I already have it in print. Grabbed it at Target.

  69. Purchased it on Kindle and already read it!

  70. I preordered it for my Kindle. Can’t wait to read it. If only work would quit interfering with my reading time.

  71. Got it on Kindle.

  72. All of my favorite books and authors (which, of course, includes you and Kristin Higgins) HAVE to be bought in book form. Having a book to hold and read is still the best. All others are downloaded onto my Nook.

  73. I will be reading it on my Kindle. Love your books!!

  74. I have a Kindle, but I have bought the other books in this series in paperback, so that is how this book will end up on my tbr Shelf… I like to keep everythig uniformed.. yes I know a bit anal that way… Can’t wait to get my hands on Adam.. I mean his book.

  75. Kindle… because I am saving it for my vacation to visit family during Thanksgiving. I want to read it now but am waiting so I have something to get lost in when I need a break from family.

  76. Have it and read it. Loved it and whined when I saw when G & K’s book comes out. nook.

    Sorry to hear you are having snow. Glad we don’t have it yet. I can’t complain when we do, I’m not living in the NE of the country right now. Happy, happy Thursday!

  77. It’s on my Kindle. I had hoped to read it immediately, but wanted to do a re-read of the other two first. Sadly, life has gotten in the way and I’m still reading Dell (but he is sooooo good). Brady made me cry AGAIN and I’m desperate to get to Adam, but I NEED to savor Dell first. :lol:

  78. Purchaed on Kindle like ALL YOUR BOOKS!! I just finished reading Head over Heels AGAIN.

  79. I get my books on my Nook. Special cases (like, your books) I get it also in print so I have the best of both worlds. :D

  80. It’s on my Nook. I have all your books in ebook format. If I ever get to meet you in person, I’ll get the paperback versions so you can sign them. :D

  81. Definitely buying the book! I’ll be getting the e-version for my Kobo.

  82. Kindle is my fave form of reading.

  83. Already got it and finished it! (LOVE IT!) I chose paperback, though within the week I’ll probably get it on my kindle, too. I like options when rereading. :)

  84. I will definitely be buying and Kindle is my favorite form. I have the Kindle app on my computer & iPhone too so it’s nice to be able to change between those 3 so easily and sync up. Love your books!

  85. I am mostly a Kindle girl these days, so I will definitely buy the Kindle version. I

  86. I bought the book because sometimes you just need to have an actual book in your hands vs. digital. I love my Kobo e-reader and my Google books and Kindle on my smartphone but sometimes you need to hold a physical book.

  87. I’m reading it right now on my Kindle. Loving it.

  88. OK, here’s my answer, complicated because I haven’t read any of this series yet. I have a Kindle and checked to see whether any of the early books were marked down. If so, I would have ordered all 3 on the Kindle. They weren’t, so I’ll support my local, independent bookstore and buy print.

  89. Kindle for me! And already finished reading it. Love all the dogs and puppies :)

  90. I got it on my Kindle and just finished it last night. Loved it!

  91. Ok first off – is it REALLY Thursday already? I swear it was Monday yesterday – how did that happen? Jill – I started reading Rescue My Heart and Im LOVING it! I love that its based in Northern Idaho WHERE I LIVE and I love that youve incorporated Frat Boy into the story!

  92. I am planning on getting a Kindle version as soon as I get more “book money” on my Kindle gift card account. The whole family puts their loose change in a jar for my book habbit ;) When it gets full, I take it to my local coin cashing machine in exchange for an Amazon gift card – no fees! :)

  93. I have the Nook and finished the book this morning!!

  94. I have my paper copy right here. I am anxious to read it but since I know I will not stop until I am done, I’m waiting until Saturday to start it.

    I had a wee bit of frost on my grass this morning. That’s about as exciting as my winter weather gets. Please post photos of your show when you get it. I love admiring your beautiful scenery in all seasons. That tree shown today is magnificent.

  95. I mean “snow” not “show.” Sigh.

  96. Kindle for moi!

  97. Yesterday morning, first thing I did after the morning dawg walk actually! I bought it at the Sony eReader store.

  98. I will get it for my Nook.

  99. I’m may be a little old fashioned but I still love getting paper copies of books (or hardcover) mostly because I love adding to my home library (10 bookshelves & counting!).

  100. I have your books in ebook format for my kindle. I read on my kindle keyboard and my phone using the kindle app.

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