July 17, 2012

What’s next

So I’ve had a lot of email, FB and blog posts asking me what’s next, and finally I have an answer for you… My publisher (Grand Central) has just contracted me to write more Lucky Harbor novels!!

I don’t have any more details other than that. Okay, well I sort of do. I know that there will be a new trilogy. I know that the first new hero will be a San Francisco Lieutenant Detective who goes through hell at work and escapes to the house his grandma left him in Lucky Harbor. All Luke Hanover wants is peace and quiet, except … there’s a woman in his house, looking a little bit wild and crazy as she stands nearly naked in his kitchen breaking up with someone’s voice mail. Meet Luke:

Hero number two will be Luke’s childhood best friend, Jack, a sexy hot Lucky Harbor firefighter. More on Jack to come later … (as well as the third muskateer, the three guys were childhood trouble makers)

So. Happy? Annoyed? I have to say, I’m so honored and thrilled and excited. And grateful to all of you who’ve bought my books. Now go ahead, let’s discuss. :cool:

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  1. Congratulations! Love the Lucky Harbor books and busy trying to find it on the map! :lol:

  2. Ummm, hell yes! I love Lucky Harbour! The only question is… when do we get the new trilogy? :P

    Congrats on being contracted for more books!

  3. So excited! I’ve read all of the Lucky Harbor books. Happy we have more coming.

  4. So freaking HAPPY!! Lucky Harbor is one of my favorite series of all time. Congrats on being contracted to do more in the series.

  5. AWESOME!!!! Thank you Jill!!! I LOVE the Lucky Harbor series!

    Now can we talk about the hottie in this picture?

  6. Awesome. Such a lovely series. I keep trying to find Lucky Harbor’s FB page. ;-)

  7. Awesome news! Congrats.

  8. I love reading the Lucky Harbor books and am super excited we will get at least 3 more stories. :)

  9. Yay!

  10. Congrats on your new contract…Lucky Harbor is near and dear to my heart.

  11. Yay! More to read! I love the lucky harbor series!

  12. Wow, makes me wanna move there. So many hotties in such a small town! Can’t get enough of the Lucky Harbor Books, so hell yes, looking forward to more books!!!

  13. This is good news. This is very good news. Of course, hearing about any new books you have coming out is good news. :) Have loved the Lucky Harbor series so far, and look forward to the next Trilogy. You going to give Robyn Carr and her Virgin River series a run for it’s money? ;-)

  14. Well, the first time you asked about more Lucky Harbor I thought 6 would be enough. I don’t wanna get tired of it, BUT I have to say I am completely excited! I just can’t get enough of this series. I truly believe they get better with each one. As long as you keep writing other books too! I get sad when I don’t have a new Jill book! Congrats on the success of Lucky Harbor!

  15. Congrats!!! I’m soooo excited, I love the Lucky Harbor books!!! Can’t wait to read more!!

  16. OMG, I am so freakin happy that there will be more books in this series :) You are totally awesome and so is your publisher for contracting more Lucky Harbor Books. Woohoo !!!!

  17. :lol: Yaa!!! So excited for you and for more Lucky Harbor :!:

  18. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  19. Best news ever! I love the Lucky Harbor series! Can’t wait for the next three to come out!

  20. This is so awesome! I was kind of bummed when I thought the last Lucky Harbor book would be out next week. It left me with nothing to look forward to, but now I am psyched!


  21. Yay! I love Lucky Harbor. I want to live there. Although as I have said in the past, I am more of the age of these hunky men’s fathers. How about a widowed or divorced hunky dad as a sub-plot? Yummo.

  22. YAY! Tenative release dates? I need something before baby comes in January when I won’t have time to read anymore. :)

  23. Oh yes he is definitely a Luke!! Can’t wait to read his story, as well as Jack’s & the others. Congrats and so happy that Lucky Harbor is around for a while longer, Awesome Jill!!!

  24. You just made my week! So happy!

  25. no time to comment now. gotta do the happy dance. lol

  26. So happy! And so excited for you! Of course your publisher wants more Lucky Harbor books…I mean, they are AWESOME!

  27. OMG!!! Can’t wait!!! woohoo!!

    and big congrats!!!!

  28. Excited! So Luke, Jack, and unnamed are childhood friends – like the guys in the first 3 books – did all 6 know each other in Lucky Harbor?

    It seems you have the chance to bring in lots of new people – being a tourist town someone could have visited and then come back or have a relative that lives/lived there. And it should be interesting to see if there will be a cross-over with characters from other stories making an appearance and showing how their lives have changed since the beginning.


  29. Yay! I have really enjoyed the Lucky Harbor books! I’m excited for more!

  30. I’m really excited there’s going to be more happening in Lucky Harbor, equally excited awaiting the release of the third Animal book…..but just wondering if there are any plans to write more of the Pacific Heat series….I love Double Play and Slow Heat. Keep em coming!!!

  31. Congrats! Lucky Harbor is a wonderful town and I have been wondering about more residents. I alsO love the inter-connection between the characters. I feel like I am visiting with old friends. Yay!! 😍😍😍

  32. Wow, you just made my day:) im so happy, i read so much that you guys can’t keep up with me..lol So just hearing that more books are coming…Yay…woohoo……love your books..keep them coming…Have a great day :grin:

  33. That is such great news! I love Lucky Harbor and all the crazy, fun people who live there. Yay!!!

  34. Congrats!!!

    Looking forward to the books – big question is…what will the chapter quotes/saying be??? Loved the “advise” and “chocoholic” quotes in the previous books – they always provided a good ole chuckle.

  35. SOOOOO FREAKIN’ HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!!!! I yelled “YES!” so loud my Shepherd jumped about 3 feet in the air. I am in complete love with Lucky Harbor and wish there was a real Lucky Harbor I could visit.

  36. OMG so so happy!!! sounds like another great series. childhood friend is a great idea!!! Keep them coming

  37. Oh my Ty & Sawyer may have some competition for the hottest guy in Lucky Harbor.

  38. This is the best news… Congrats… The Pointer Sister song “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it” is going through my head at this news…
    YIPPEE more Lucky Harbor books….Just made my day.

  39. Yay!! Thank you Jill & Grand Central publishing! I love the Lucky Harbor series & can’t wait for more!!! Woohoo!!

  40. This is GREAT news! Congratulations and long live Lucky Harbor!

  41. That’s great. Imagine if all the Lucky Harbor Hotties got together for a function. I think you’d have a nuclear meltdown. *visualizes*

  42. YEY!!! :mrgreen:

  43. congratulations on that! and it sounds like more best friends are coming along the way in Lucky Harbor it definitley is great news.

  44. OMG! You’ve made my day, week, year!! I am beyond excited! I love all of your books especially Lucky Harbor. I hope you keep writing them forever!

  45. Ohhh, YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!

  46. YAY!!!!!!! Can’t wait. You have such a gift writing these stories. But what happened to the third Animal book? Did I miss it?

  47. So glad to hear, I just finished At Last yesterday, looking forward to Josh and Grace’s story. Just recommended Lucky Harbor books to someone I think will also fall in love with them.

  48. Waahooooo! *happy dance*

  49. Hello Luke :grin:
    And congrats, I love the Lucky Harbor Series.

  50. YAY!

  51. I will be looking forward to all that will be coming….especially if they include pictures!

  52. I love the fire fighter stories…I’m already excited about reading them! :razz:

  53. Wooohooo! More Lucky Harbor! I love this series

  54. Hello Luke!! Still waiting on Adam to arrive but knowing that Luke and friends are around the corner can not be annoying in any way,shape or form. Thank you for keeping the hotties sent our way!! :grin:

  55. WOO HOO !!!! :razz:

  56. Oh my gosh…… I would say that I’ve VERY happy…..

  57. I love Lucky Harbor so I have to say I’m very happy with this news!!!! :)

  58. YIPPPPEEEE!!!!! :grin: I cannot wait! I LOVE Lucky Harbor! VERY HAPPY!

  59. Great news! I really like the series. But are your publishers ever going to let you continue on with the baseball books? I miss the Heat players.

  60. Congratulations! Lucky us! ;-)

  61. Love your premise with Luke and the “crazy woman”. Congrats on the new contract!

  62. I loved the first 3 Lucky Harbor books. I bought and read “Lucky in Love” and “At Last” the day they hit the shelves, and I have my calendar marked still waiting on hunky doctor Josh. And now we’re gonna get a HAUNTED DETECTIVE, A SEXY HOT FIREMAN, and A 3RD EQUALLY HOT FRIEND YET TO BE NAMED…the only thing bad about any of that is the long wait ahead until we get to read these next three fabulous books!!

  63. Yea! Go Jill!

    ~~*waving poms*~~

  64. Yay! And I love the name Luke Hanover! Happy indeed! :lol:


  66. Happy. So happy!!! :mrgreen:

  67. Yeah! Very happy because I am coming to love Lucky Harbor – OK, actually I already do love Lucky Harbor! Congrats to you to on the success of the books. It’s good all around!

  68. Oh please make Jack, Luke’s childhood best friend a wildland firefighter! He can work closely with Sawyer and Ty that way!! :) Plus my husband is a wildland firefighter in Oregon and it might be like reading about him and me! :)

  69. AWESOME!! Big Congrats to you! I’m so thrilled to know there will be more books in the Lucky Harbor series!:)

  70. Cannot wait…..excuse me while I do my happy, happy joy dance! :smile:

  71. Wouldn’t it be funny if the third guy ended up being the …… MAYOR?!? After all the other 2 are public servants and think of the fun they could have with the elections and hot romance. :twisted:

  72. Jill – so excited about the new books!!! I have to say I love reading your blog and all your FB comments too. They really make me smile!!!!!

  73. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never disappoint. With those visual pictures and your top notch writing skills you know how to keep me coming back…book after book after book.

  74. Woo-Hoo!! I am so excited!!! Can’t wait for these books!! They sound so good already!!

  75. Congratulations, Jill. I’m thrilled. I haven’t missed one of your books since discovering your work. WAHOO!

    I want to know where you’re getting your man pics. I do. I surely do.

  76. Congratulations Jill, that is wonderful news. I’m so glad your publisher recognizes how much people love your books. :smile: Keep us posted. Love that picture! Whew!!! I’d love to visit Lucky Harbor. :smile:

  77. omg!!! This is such fabulous news!!! Congrats! And I cannot wait to read what you bring us readers! Go celebrate! :P

  78. Ridiculously Freakin’ Happy!!!

    Love the world you’ve created in Lucky Harbor and look forward to reading more of your fabulous books!

  79. I’m excited! Luke and Jack sound awesome. I can’t wait for more.

  80. Such great news :mrgreen: :lol:

    I love the Lucky Harbor series and I’m sure the next 3 books will be just as good as the 5 books I read so far!

  81. I am so happy there are going to be more. I’m just wishing it was sooner rather than later.

  82. Congrats on the book deal, Jill. Very happy we’ll have more Lucky Harbor books to look forward to.

  83. Congrats on the contract. Excellent news!

  84. Yay! Can’t wait! Much success to you.

    How about the 3rd book being about an FBI agent? Love ’em.

  85. Woo-Hoo! Glad to hear it. Write, write, write!

  86. Very exciting news! Now comes the tough part of waiting for them to come out. Patience is so not my thing. ;-)

  87. I am happy for us both. I just finished At Last and hated to finish it. Congrats Jill

  88. Are you kidding??? I was getting depressed just thinking that “Forever and a Day” would be the end to this series. This is FANTASTIC NEWS that there will be more stories from Lucky Harbor!! Congratulations on the new contract!!!

  89. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Congratulations. Jack looks yummy, and I will be increasing my book budget this week just to celebrate your good news. :mrgreen:

  90. Yay you made my totally crappy day so much bettter! So excited to have more Lucky Harbor adventures to escape into and forget the blahs of everyday! Congrats and happy writing!!

  91. woohoooooo! More Lucky Harbor!

    Def. NOT annoyed! :)

  92. I am thrilled! Congratulations! I am starting At Last today. I love the Lucky Harbor Series. And wow, that man…HOTTTTTT!!!!!

  93. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lucky Harbor books and so glad there be more coming! *Snoopy happy dance!*

  94. OOPS! I forgot to congratulation you, Jill! :)

  95. So excited! I can’t wait to read them!

  96. Yay!!! I just discovered you this year and you’ve become one of my favorites. Keep ’em coming!!

  97. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  98. Congrats Jill! That is fantastic news. I love the series and the little tidbits about the coming stories.

    You have spoiled us this summer with back-to-back releases. Waiting for the new trilogy and Adam’s story is going to be tough going. It’s definitely worth the wait!

    PS. Where do we send cookies to inspire/reward your muse?

  99. Oh, I’m so so so happy! Congrats to you, Jill! And yay ***big happy dance*** for us! I just love the Lucky Harbor books and am so excited for more stories in this wonderful setting.

    And hello Luke. :grin: Niiiiice….

    (Nuff said!!)

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