May 22, 2012

It’s the IT’S HERE Giveaway

Update: I used to draw three #’s: 25,204, 299. This is Lynne G, Tricia D, and Wendy. Email me! Thanks for all the comments, loved them!

Original Post:

So today is the day LUCKY IN LOVE hits the shelves. You should be able to find the book in Target, Kmart, Walmart, BN … wherever books are sold. If you go looking for it and don’t see it, be sure to ask — it might just not be shelved yet.

In celebration, I’m going to draw 2 names from the commenters today for … a copy of next month’s AT LAST, and another name for a copy of an audio version of one of my books. So be sure to let me know which you want.

But for now … to entice you to RUN DON’T WALK to get your copy of LUCKY IN LOVE, here are…

Five Fun Facts for LUCKY IN LOVE
1. I wrote the hottest sex scene in this book on a road trip with a full carload of family. Every time someone asked me what I was writing, I said I was writing an article on quantum physics so no one would care enough to try to read over my shoulder.

2. My bad boy hero Ty Garrison is an ex Navy SEAL whose entire life has been one adrenaline rush after another but none of it compares to the adrenaline rush/roller coaster ride of falling in love with good girl Mallory Quinn.

3. My heroine Mallory and her best friends think that they

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. Your books are labelled under ‘treats’ in my ereader. I went to buy Lucky in Love this morning for a special 30th birthday treat but alas I cannot get it in the UK on the ereader yet (Sony not Kindle) … I’ll be stalking Waterstones until I can :-).

  2. p.s. congrats on getting out what I am sure is another fantastic book.

  3. I preordered it on Amazon and it’s already waiting for me to start reading. Can’t wait to get home tonight and get started.

  4. Because I’m in Brazil, I buy 99% of books in Kindle format, but sometimes books have geo restrictions (like The Lucky Harbor Series), so I have to go to Bookdepository and wait 6 weeks for the book to get here… But it’s so worth the wait, wish they could download instantly to Kindle like the awesome Animal series tho…

  5. I usually buy my books at Barnes & Noble, because I can walk there, but I also buy from Amazon when i just cant wait & have it automatically download to my Kindle. generally I prefer print books to e-books, I guess I’m just old fashioned that way.

  6. I buy my books from all over the place. Most often probably through B & N since I have my nook, but if I can get a good deal at Target or Books-A-Million, I will. I browse the used book store often for treasures. And twice a year our county’s library boosters have a big sale of used books.

    I can’t wait to read Lucky in Love!!!!!!

  7. I am soooo excited to read Lucky In Love!!! It’s 5am here in British Columbia and I am buying it online from Kobo for my Sony ereader. :) And then I am going to try read at least half before I head off for work this morning. I buy all of my books online and most from Kobo but some from the Sony Store too. I would love a copy of next months At Last. Thank you for all the amazing books you’ve written I have read and loved them all.

  8. :mrgreen: I will be downloading from amazon for my iPad. Very soon. And possibly trying to discreetin read at work using the iPhone app :)

  9. I loved this book. I got it last week from B & N. I also have it on my kindle so I can read it whenever I want since my kindle is always with me.

  10. I just started ch 4 and I’m hooked already. I don’t want to go to work. :cry:

    I buy most of my books in book format – either Kindle or from the publisher site. If it is a Kindle purchase, I use the link on your site.

    I wonder if my boss will accept a “book reading emergency” excuse today? :lol:

  11. I buy most of my books from either Amazon, B&N or Kobo. I have 3 eBook readers and an iPad and all are full! That doesn’t stop me from picking up hard covers and paperbacks. Books are strewn all over our house. I was one of those lucky kids who developed a love of reading early and it stuck! By the way, I love that you wrote the sex scenes on a family road trip. Did you fidget much ?

  12. Congrats on LIL. Looking f/d to it as well as At Last. Thanks for giving it away.

    I will probably get it from b&n. Also buy books at Target, Kmart or amazon.

  13. Hi Jill, as I live in Australia I will be buying your book and all future books from an amazing little independent bookstore called Rendezvous the Romance bookstore. They feed my book addiction and have the most phenomenal staff. Plus an added bonus is that they don’t hang up on me when I ring to ask (harass) if the lastest Jill Shalvis book is there yet. :)

  14. Loved your fun facts about writing the book – can’t wait for that love scene.
    I get most of my books for my Kindle through Amazon, but your books are a different story. I have to hold your books in my hand, smell them and enjoy the front cover so I buy your books as a hard copy to enjoy the whole reading experience. E-books are fun and convenient but nothing compares to a real…live…book! Can’t wait.

  15. Hi Jill,

    Your books aren’t readily available in Singapore, so we especially pre-order this from The Book Depository. Glad to know Lucky in Love is printed, means my copy is in the mail!

  16. Happy Release Day! Looking forward to continuing the Lucky Harbor series. I get my books from Amazon and sometimes Sam’s. I also frequent the library to support my reading habit :smile:

  17. It was downloaded last night while I slept from the fairy to my Kindle (my adult version of the tooth fairy).
    I don’t know how you do it, writing those sex scenes with people around (family) I sometimes cant even read them if my kids are near me! Then again, it may be because they are 4 and 5 and I think they think that they can’t breath if they stop talking. Hard to give my full attention those scenes deserve! I wait until I’m beside my husband and reread them then attack him, (I let him think he did somehing good that day!) Hhahaha (teasing) ;-)

  18. Yeah!! Another book that I have been sooooooo looking forward to . . . and just in time for summer!!

    I usually buy my books from Target or Amazon in paper. I had a Kindle but one of my children sat on it and to be honest, I would rather hold a “book” than look at a computer screen!

  19. Lucky in Love popped up on my Kindle just after midnight last night. Ahh. Sweet Dreams!

  20. I usually buy and ereader copy and then go to target so I can have a copy for my book shelf. I can’t not wait to read this book I’m off on Thursday so I have to wait till the. And it’s killing me. :-(

  21. I usually buy at Target and if I can’t find a book there I buy from Amazon for my kindle. Thanks for a great blog to read and books that I love to read.

  22. I buy books from Walmart, B&N, and Amazon… it all depends! I’m looking forward to starting your book this weekend!!

  23. Most books I only buy for my kindle. However, there are a few authors (you included) I buy in both print and digital. I try Target first, because it is closest to my house and then branch out to bookstores in the area.

  24. I buy for my Kindle. I can’t wait to get off work and read LIL.

  25. Pre-ordered on Amazon. Just so much easier! Love this entire series. :)

  26. I preordered on Amazon for my kindle weeks ago. So, I have my coffee, my kindle,cell phone off, and given do not disturb orders it’s just me and Lucky in Love. If I were at the beach life would be perfect!

  27. I usually buy my books at Chapters or Kobo. Chapters won’t have “Lucky in Love” until next week but Amazon tempted me this morning with a reminder that I could get it as soon as Wednesday…

  28. I will buy it tonight in ibooks or kobo for my ipad. :)

  29. I usually buy my books from Amazon for my ipad. Can’t wait to start reading your lastest. Good thing it is a long weekend:)

  30. I buy most of my books from Barnes and Noble and I like the old fashioned ones made out of paper with the new book smell,lol!

  31. I buy for my kindle mostly.. Sometimes i will pick a book up at Walmart. Cant wait to start reading this one!!!

  32. Mine downloaded overnight from Amazon! Yay me!!!

  33. Can’t wait to read it! I usually use Kobo or Amazon to get ebooks. I tried buying Lucky in Love in ebook form off Amazon, but that plan was foiled by region restrictions. So instead it is coming via snail mail from Book Depository! :mrgreen:

  34. Finally!! I buy most of my books from BN.

  35. My copy has been downloaded from Amazon and is ready for me to read once I get off from work today. Congratulations on the new release!

  36. I am a Kindle girl, but since I won a copy of Simply Irresistable in print, I’ve collected the entire series in paperback. I’ll pick up my copy of Lucky in Love at Target or Books A Million. :) Happy release day!

  37. I buy all my books on Amazon for my Kindle.

  38. Hi Usually get my books at Barnes and Noble (I miss Borders) Would love this new one!

  39. I love to buy my books from Walmart, Target, Barnes and Nobles in stores and online. Don’t like e-books because I love to have my book in hand and be able to feel the pages. No fun if am just looking at a screen. I will be buying your books in Walmart. Good luck in your new release… :razz:

  40. Cant wait for your new book… i love them all! We are in the process o moving and my husband laughs because i refuse to pack my books yet… we move in less than 2wks!

  41. I am super

  42. Looking forward to reading this new Lucky Harbor Book.

  43. I’ve got it!!! Super excited I pre ordered it and it was on my Kindle this morning!! Can’t wait to start reading it!! :lol:

  44. I used to buy all my books from Borders :sad: My local store had such a better romance section than the B&N.

    Now most of my book purchases are made from Amazon for my Kindle. I buy a few paper books from Target and from the library’s used book sale each winter.

  45. Books.. and to buy for my ereader or a paperback copy. It depends on the writer. If it is for my Kindle – – I’m an Amazon girl. Got to love pre-ordering and forgetting about the book and finding it on my Kindle.

    Books that are on my keeper’s shelves? I’ll normally go to B&N (have their reader’s advantage card & use gift cards which helps my temple scrip program), but when they fail me… Target at times and if all else fails .. I order online. :)

    More than you wanted to know, eh? Ask a girl a simple question and it becomes an essay.

    I’m tad behind on this series. Still catching up but I’ll be at my local B&N to fill in the gaps and buy this one.

    Happy Release Day!!!

    (Tissues are what I needed this a.m. as I’m reading Tara’s book)

  46. Just love your books and can’t eait to read the new lucky harbor novel

  47. i mean wait

  48. I usually buy my books at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Congratulations on the new book!

  49. I can NOT wait to read this book! I buy almost all my books through Barnes and Noble for my Nook.

  50. Hi Jill! I have enjoyed all of your lucky harbor novels. For the authors that I really enjoy I buy the paperbacks at Barnes and noble. For the authors I’m just trying out or for book club I buy on my kindle. As for your book I will purchase ASAP at Barnes and noble!! I love your series and look forward for what’s to come :)

  51. Hi Jill! I buy your books at Barnes and Nobel! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with this book!!

  52. I love print books but they are hard to find without a long drive.I found that the Walmart that is 20 mi
    les from me doesn’t usually carry your books for some odd reason. My family in CA knew how frustrated I was at not being able to find the books I wanted so they got me a Kindle for Christmas. Now I order from Amazon but this one will have to wait ubtil next week when I get paid. It sucks to get only one check per month. Money always runs out before the month does. Happy release day.

  53. YAY! YAY! IT’S HERE! Oh sorry, was I yelling? Ive been impatiently, can you tell? Well, I’m one of those dreaded ereader people. On a happy note, I get to read the new book on my kindle fire! (My hubby got it for my bday) My book has already downloaded and I’ve started Mysterious Cute Guy’s story! I got your back and preordered it, cant wait to read the next book already!

  54. I buy my books all over the place – Target, Walmart, B&N, online through Amazon or B&N and also buy some to read on my iPad. Can’t wait to get my hands on this latest! Thanks Jill!!

  55. Congrats!
    I usually buy (physical) books The Book Depository since they have free shipping, for e-books I usually go to Amazon.

  56. I read your books on my Kindle. LOVE THEM!

  57. I usually buy the print books where ever I happen to find them in stock. Usually B&N but I found your last Blaze one at Meijers (local grocery). I got a Nook at Christmas but find I still like the feel of a paper copy book. Besides if someone sees me reading it I can brag about how WONDERFUL your writing is and then hook another reader for ya! :lol: ;-)

  58. I prefer to read on my kindle, so I’ll be buying it from Amazon. Love the instant gratification. Adding a copy of At Last to go with it would be great.

  59. The book sounds HOT!! Can’t wait! I pre-ordered Lucky In Love a few weeks ago, from Amazon, and due to their “shipping rules”, it won’t be here until early June. I tried to order books that had close pub dates but Amazon ALWAYS wins those battles. Oh well. I’ll just read it straight thru when it gets here! The stores in this area don’t stock new books right away, which is why I try to order ’em from Amazon, as I think it is against the rules of the universe for them to have books out when they are published. (Seriously.) So Congrats on the pub! Can’t wait for the rest of your promised books to come out this year, either! Wait. YOU could blame Amazon… :lol:

  60. Yay! I’m so excited about this one. Hot military men are kind of my thing. ;)

    I read almost all of my books on my Kindle.

  61. CONGRATULATIONS Jill!! :razz: I am SO happy that the Lucky Harbor series got extended with these 3 more novels, I love that little town and its inhabitants, they are adorable :mrgreen: (and of course the heroes are all dreamy and sexy ;-) lol) So I couldn’t be happier :grin:

    I usually buy my books online (99.9%) either from Amazon (for my Kindle) or from the Book Depository for my paperbacks.

    Thank you for the chance and so looking forward to reading At Last! :razz:

  62. I download to my ereader. Nook. I buy paperbacks at Walmart during hurricane season in case the power goes out.


    I buy my books from The Book Depository. Can’t beat the free shipping & prices.

  64. I’ve bought your books from Border’s (when it was in business), Amazon, B&N, and borrowed from the Library. I’m so looking forward to reading the newest book! Thanks for sharing your humor and awesome talent!

  65. Congratulations on this new release! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Glad to hear it will be at Target since I haven’t found your books there yet. I buy books at Target, Walmart, Amazon, or a used book store. Where ever I can find what I’m looking for.

    Thanks for the chance to win :!:

  66. I usually buy books from The Book Depository, so I had this one pre-ordered. :) I would love to be entered for a copy of At Last! :)

  67. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for Ty’s story since I saw that first excerpt. I see a trip to Target in my very near future … please enter me for the paperback version of AT LAST! Thanks ~

  68. Happy Release Day! I buy my books from Walmart and online from Amazon,Barnes and Noble, and The Book Depository.

  69. Happy release day! Lucky In Love downloaded to my Nook as I slept. It is waiting for me now and I can hardly wait to start. (today is my birthday – what a great way to treat myself!) I buy most of my leisure reading through my Nook.

  70. I was fortunate enough to find Lucky in Love in B&N over the weekend. Even though I had a million things to do, I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely LOVED! It just might be my favorite of the series, but, then again, I say that after every one of your books. I have both an iPad and a nook tablet, but nothing beats having the actual book on your hands – especially when it’s by your favorite author.

  71. Wal Mart. And there is no author I look more forward to than you for new releases (and I don’t say that just to win). I still have the handwritten note you wrote me about 15 years ago. :grin:

  72. I still buy your books in hard print even though I have an ipad and use B&N for it, because you are my fave and I want to be able to loan you out!! I’m hoping the local Target is better at getting you on the shelf than Wal-mart, they’ve been terrible. Can’t wait to read LIL!

  73. I buy print copies mostly.. but have an ereader which is nice for travelling..

  74. Happy book release day, Jill! I usually buy my books from Amazon. A friend purchased Lucky in Love in paper book format for me, and I can’t wait to read it!!!

  75. Lately I have been using my kindle…but sometimes still buy books at our Wal Mart. I love your books and been waiting for the new Lucky Harbor book!

  76. I usually buy on amazon when I can. =)

  77. I buy pretty much all my books for my Kindle from Amazon. I love the instant gratification. Looking forward to reading Lucky In Love – loving this series!

  78. I buy books everywhere. I got Lucky In Love at Barnes and Noble because it was out early there. I’m half way through it and love it! Can’t wait for the next one. :)

  79. I have read all your books and this one is next on my list. I will be downloading it on my kindle or buying it on Amazon if my daughter swipes my Kindle again. Life with a teenager LOL…

  80. Congratulations on the Book Drop!

    I’d like to say I buy all my books from a local bookseller, but in my area, we don’t have one anymore. So, when I can budget for a book, it comes from Target or Walmart. Unless I’m planning a trip, and then I get Kindle for my phone, or B&N for my Nook.

    Also, I read a LOT of books at my local library. And, I often request new releases be purchased if I don’t see them on the circulation list.

    Love Lucky Harbor!

  81. I pre-ordered for my Kindle. I do occasionally buy at Target but I prefer e-books.

  82. I got to download mine at 11:21 last night. I GOT MINE EARLY!!! (much like Mallory :)

  83. Happy release day Jill!!

    I will be getting your book for my kindle next week…gotta wait for pay day. :cry:
    can’t wait to get reading it, I have been waiting so patiently for it too!

  84. Happy release day, I can’t wait to read it. I have a Kindle but my first love is still a print book. I buy online mostly, but sometimes I pick up a few books locally at Walmart or Target.

  85. I am split on how I buy my books. And of course yours. If I get the actual book it is usually from Barnes & Noble or Wal-Mart. If I get ebooks, I have both a nook and a kindle so it is split between Amazon and B&N. I also do get books from Half-Price books and some used bookstores. That is how I have found new authors also. Pick up a book for a couple of dollars and if not something you like then you are not out anything. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  86. I buy books from everywhere.Target,Wal-mart,grocery stores B&N(both on line and in the stores) it just depends on where I am at,at the time.

  87. It depends on the timing – if I’m not out & about I’ll buy from Amazon. If I’m organized, I’ll buy from a local independent bookstore. And if something catches my eye I’ll pick books up at BJ’s Warehouse club.

  88. I usually get mine at Target, otherwise online! I just finished Animal Magnetism and Animal Attraction…those are great as well! Can’t wait to get Lucky in Love, although I just started that series and have only read the first two.

  89. I have a Nook so I buy from Barns and Nobles. I can not wait to get home from work to read this new book.

  90. On Amazon for my Kindle.

  91. Since I got my Kindle almost always Amazon.

  92. through my Kindle app for my iPad but I think you said it will be in Target so I can’t wait to see it in my favorite store!!!

  93. I would order it on my Nook. It’s a quick and easy way to get the books I want to read. :mrgreen:

  94. I’m a book scavenger – I’ll buy second-hand paper copies, digital copies from Kindle for my phone or Kobo books for my e-reader

  95. Most of my book purchases come from Amazon and B&N. Sometimes, I buy from my local Half-Price Books, WalMart or Target. Congrats on the new book!

  96. I buy my books from Chapters… kinda like B&N
    The only thing is… I haven’t found your last Lucky Harbour Novel, Head over Heels.
    I guess I need to order it from Amazon.

    Can’t wait to read more of your books.

  97. I buy through all kinds of places. It depends on where I am and what kind of money (i.e. cash, debit, etc…) I have at the time. Generally I buy from either Amazon or a Barnes & Noble physical store. Sometimes Target and WalMart have a deal, though.

  98. I buy from Kobo for my Sony reader. Haven’t bought a print book for ages. I’ll download Lucky in Love tonight, as soon as I get home from work and settle in for a lovely evening. Love your books!

  99. I usually get my books from Amazon, except ones (like yours) that I want the day they come out. Then, I just go to my local bookstore, or BN. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I am absolutely addicted to my Nook, and buy everything for that now. The only paper books I buy are ones that I have signed. Boy do I wish I could attend the RWA national conference this year, as just about all of my fav authors are signing there (including you :grin: ). My husband is currently undergoing treatment for tonsil cancer, and my Nook and your books, and those of my other current fav romance authors Kristan Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson, have helped me through many an hour in hospital waiting rooms.

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