April 27, 2012

Pretend Boyfriend Day

Him: How long did you want me to stare deeply into your eyes?
Me: All day. You don’t mind, do you?
Him: Of course not. You’re so beautiful in your sweats and ponytail.
Me: Aw, thanks. Do you by any chance also cook and clean?
Him: For you, baby, anything.
(from the fantasy life of Jill Shalvis)

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  1. If you get tired of him, send him my way.

  2. I wonder what Alpha Man thinks of this very active fantasy life you have going on? :grin:

  3. I love your pretend boyfriends ! I wouldn’t care if he could cook or clean, as long as he’s willing to sit there and look that good I will take him. :)

  4. I would think your active imagination must keep Alpha Man on his toes…no wonder he swims everyday to keep in shape ;-)

    If this new pretend boyfriend knows how to give the big ‘O’, stands at 6’2″ and does regular home maintenance, I want to rent him out for May. He does wonderful things for dark wool and my libido.

    Have a happy, hunky weekend :smile:

  5. Can you send him to me when you’re done with him? ;-)

  6. perfect!

  7. He may need a Scottish brogue. I’m thinkin….

  8. I heard he wants to be in the running to play Christian Grey in the movie version of “50 Shades of Grey”. Yup, I definitely think he could be a contender.

  9. Oh my.

  10. I could sure use him…for that cooking and cleaning part too….

  11. Yummy! Thanks for sharing. :grin:

    Have a great weekend. :smile: :cool:

  12. Well ….as long as I didn’t have to sleep with him. Boyfriend can turn into jerks if you sleep with them, makes them think they are now in some privileged group of men. Nope only husbands have certain privileges, within limits. Sorry…being a bit of a meanie today.

  13. I think my Husband is getting jealous. He’s starting to hit the gym again. So thank you and the pretend Boyfriends.

  14. Thank you for my afternoon daydream ;-)

  15. Oh, I could stare into his eyes all day – AND all night… I am glad you shared your pretend boyfriend day with us ;-) YUM!

  16. My goodness, he’s delicious!

  17. Nice fantasy.

  18. Where did this picture come from? ‘Cause just when I thought he couldn’t get any yummier, he did the impossible :shock:

  19. He almost scares me, plus he looks really young. Not my type, so I won’t fight.

  20. So pretty pretty :)

  21. Can we *all* have Ian Somerhalder? Is he man enough to handle us all? ;-)

  22. Love that!!

  23. can he clean the bathroom too?

  24. Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!

  25. Well I tell ya… I look at men and want to puke!!! Liars, and fake is all I see…..

  26. I’d love to live in your head for a day. Just sayin.

  27. I could get into that!! Definitely Where do i get one?? A pretend boyfiend I mean in case you thought i meant something else. lol

    Lisa B

  28. You’re so funny! He cooks, alright.

  29. Thanks, Jill. :-) I look forward to these. LOL.

  30. Thank you Jill
    Now I know I’m not alone in my fantasy world. PS I have 17 celebrity boyfriends…and counting. ;-)

  31. ahh… :lol:

  32. Love him!!! :D BTW, he’s currently rooting for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie :)

  33. Only in my dream world!

  34. Not too hard to look at. Never heard of him tho’.

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