April 13, 2012

How to make me crazy

Conversation overheard:

Probably you

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  1. THAT is AWESOME!!!! Totally has me laughing this morning – thanks for that!! :)

  2. Such a funny conversation. Typical Shalivs banter – I love it.

  3. Lol love Middle’s sympathy!

  4. Thanks for the laugh!! I am a middle sister and would have said the same things to my little sister growing up!!

  5. love it! LOL :grin:

  6. You know Youngest can drive now and go out and replace the cookies…

  7. Behold the wisdom of Middle :lol:

  8. Not a strong sense of self-preservation in Youngest yet, is there? lol There are always more cookies to be had – so be happy!!

  9. I sure hope she made you some to make up for what she ate! “Know your audience.” Middle is so wise.

  10. this is making me miss my siblings!

  11. aww the guilty ones are always more fearful of the one whose cookies they ate. makes me miss my siblings too and can’t wait for your next books to come out I’m already saving up to get them

  12. Every time I read your blog I can’t stop laughing LOL

    “Know your audience”- such a smart kid!

  13. :lol: I had two younger brothers, sometimes it is good to be older!!! :grin: :cool:

    Everyone have a great weekend! We’ve got sun!! :smile: :cool:

  14. Nice! I have so heard that between my 2 kids, but usually its about my ice cream! :lol:

  15. Teehee!! Middle has gained wisdom with age. ;)
    My poor Mom had to deal with 6 kids plus any friends or stray guests getting into her secret stashes. So, she kept a roll of red tape and would stick a piece of it on everything that she didn’t want people to get into in the kitchen. We didn’t DARE touch it either because it was one of the few times we’d incur her wrath. Yikes!

  16. Why is it that whenever you find out you have no more cookies, you suddenly crave them? I feel sorry for youngest lol

  17. Ha, well I say middle can drive youngest to the store if she can’t yet and buy you some more cookies! However that might create yet another set of problems. Such as “Why should I take you to the store when you were the one eating the cookies!” Kids, how we love them. Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

  18. Grasshoper must learn her lesson

  19. Sounds like a conversation between The Spawn and her father. :evil:

  20. You all are too freakin cute.

  21. I’ve got to admit…..that was very cute! I can remember my Mom hiding “goodies”; but I was always very good at finding her hiding spot. I will never forget when I had to hide my Hydrox cookies from my teenagers. I hid them in the oven, because I figured that would be the last place they’d look. Well…hubby was cooking dinner one night, turned on the oven & my cookies/pkg started to burn. Didn’t I get my butt reamed out & looked like an idiot. LOL

  22. I wish I could beam some cookies to you right this moment!

  23. I remember reading that after Marlo Thomas married Phil Donahue – she took to hiding her oreos in her undies drawer to keep his boys from finding them!

  24. You’d better have a hidden stash of cookies!

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