April 12, 2012

Frat Boy In Dog House

Oh, Frat Boy. He rolled in bear poo. Our hoses are still frozen so I had to take him into town to get him washed because hell to the no was he going to get into my tub. Good news, the guy at the groomers was very cute. Bad news, it cost me 20 and now I smell like bear poo.

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  1. Frat Boy in the crapper again!! Hope cute guy saved the day ;-)

  2. Poor guy… at least he’s not bear food!!

  3. How could anyone stay mad at that sweet face? Poor Frat Boy.

  4. You should have had the cute groomer do you too!

  5. I have a dog who rolls in stinky things, too. I try to keep our yard free of such items but sometimes he finds the dead bird before I do.

    I am positive bear poo smells worse than dead bird, though it is probably no less gross to wash off.

  6. A boy has to roll – my dog is always rolling! Secretly, I think he likes baths! Just being a dog means he can’t really tell me he wants one. Caroline x

  7. At least it won’t cost you $20 to take a shower to get the bear poo off.

  8. Yuck, bear poo! :sad:

    Frat Boy is a cutie. :smile:

  9. Have you finished Adam and Holly’s story yet? Might be a cute scene – them trying to give a bear poop smelling animal a bath together. A slip of the hose, a slip of the shampoo, or whatever else. ;-)

  10. My golden doodle, Whidbey has found and rolled in stinky poo twice. One time I’m pretty sure was bear poo. I live in Anchorage, AK and was hiking. Yeeeeeuck. The other time was near my house. I’m not going to say it was a dirty diaper (we were walking through a greenbelt) because I did not want to investigate the source. Such a naughty dog. I used my own tub though. :???: Would have rather had a cute groomer guy do it. Next time…

  11. he is too cute for words

  12. What is it with dogs and pooh? I love labs, we had to put our lab mix down last year and she always found a stinky place to roll whenever she could. We miss her….but not the stinky stuff. ;-)

  13. How can you ever get mad at that face? He’s so cute!

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