June 22, 2010

Honey baby sweetheart darling babe cuddly umpkins

Okay, so I’m swamped and out of control and have NO business blogging today but I need your help.

What am I swamped with? A book due on the first, five teenage girls needing my attention before they take over the world and not in a good way, basketball summer league including two different teams in a town an hour away, and a flare up of SUMMER-ITIS.

And don’t even get me started on Frat Boy. Who managed to eat an entire package of salami including the plastic. Since he’s not dead, I can only assume he has a stomach of iron.

And a severe eating disorder.

But forget about him. I need your help. What, if any, endearments are acceptable in a romance, from the hero to heroine? My two favorite heroes of all time each have very two distinct forms of endearments they use. Janet Evanovich’s Ranger calls Steph “babe” and oh my God does it work for him. And JD Robb’s Roarke calls Eve his “darling” in that too die for Irish accent. But each of these names are so deeply ingrained in my head as Steph and Eve, they’re off limits to me.

And everything else is sounding cheesy. Or maybe I’m just hungry.

So help. My question is this — and let’s make it twofold for shits and giggles, shall we? Tell me what names your significant others have called you, and then tell me what your fave is. In the real world, and in fiction, or just in general.


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  1. Sweet Pea. Or I like honey.

  2. Honey Bunny. Babes. Treacle Pudding (don’t ask!) Sweet Pea. Darlin’. Lover. Doll (it’s a Welsh saying!) Babs (that’s an English one!) Munchkin. Good Girl (rather patronising – normally followed by a wallop!) Can’t think of any more at the mo. Caroline x

  3. I like honey, too. Or hon. Sweetheart. Or hey Beautiful. Hey Gorgeous (don’t I wish LOL).

  4. Personally, babe and baby set my teeth on edge. Never liked it, but someone I cannot stand uses it a lot, so enough said.

    My current hero has a knack for pet names for just about everyone and I’m still trying to figure some out myself. He refers to the heroine as My Love, in his yummy english accent. At least when she’s stopped threatening to deck him, lol. She often uses Idiot, but said with love and a kiss, so he’s got no complaints.

    Mental note: must read Robb novels for yummy irish accent! *swoon*

  5. I get: Sweetness, Baby Girl, variations of my maden name, in public. In private: Baby and others I would blush to tell you :oops: :lol: !!

  6. I have never been one for fungible nomenclature but my new man calls me honey and I quite like it. I didn’t think I would but there you go.

  7. I like Babe and Honey.

  8. We call each other many names (all good of course) some are; baby cakes(his for me), sugar lips (mine for him), muscles (mine for him but would be funny for a girl). The won that always gets to me and makes me melt though is the one only he can call me, wife. ‘Hello, My Wife’ and I melt like butter and it’s steak and potatoes for a week.
    I do not thnk it is the ‘cutesy’ that makes a name, but the history behind it (unknown to all but those two people) that causes all the heat.

  9. I like Babe and Honey too. There was a hero in a book that said “Sweet Thing” with a southern drawl. Did it for me.

  10. I have been called Babe, Honey and Doll. I prefer Honey.

    I really don’t like when men call women darling in books. To me it sounds more like a name that women would say to men. Every time I read it in a book, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

    All that said, it really depends on the personalities of the characters.

  11. Let see….we may or may not use all of these.. ;-) — Hiya Hotstuff, Sweetlips, Honey, Handsome, My Dear, Love, and Mistress of the Manor (usually when a decision is involved..as in “Let me consult with the Mistress of the Manor”). :lol:

  12. In our 41 years of marriage the repeatable names he calls me? My darling, baby doll…the most common is Kid with the occasional Warden thrown in.

  13. I like sweetheart and honey

  14. Fungible nomenclature. That’s fun to say! Thanks L. :smile:

    My guy calls me all sorts of pet names. He knows how much most of them bug me though, so it’s often tongue in cheek. When he wants to be particularly obnoxious he calls me his little honey love moofy, which actually makes me smile.
    As far as my favorites, I’m with you. I LOVE it when Ranger calls Stephanie babe. But then it’s Ranger. He could call me anything and I’d probably go all shivery. BTW the newest Stephanie Plum book comes out today. Yay!!
    But, I absolutely, LOVE it when my favorite hero ever, Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series calls Claire his Sasenach. Sigh.

  15. Sweetheart. The first time I was called that, it made my heart skip a beat. So I figure my brain likes it :D

    I’m with Melissa on the idea that the history makes the name. Especially if the name is not that common but just between the two of you.

  16. My b-i-l always calls my sister “my precious”. Sounds funny, unless you hear the love in his voice. Any nickname spoken with love means the world to the one for whom it is meant. That’s what makes them so wonderful. My love calls me just that – “my love”. He also calls me the freak queen due to my OCD, so take it all with a grain of salt. :razz:

  17. My husband never calls me Amy. Always Honey, babe, baby girl. My sister is czlled princess by her hubby!

  18. Sweetie–the first time my husband called me that when we were dating I knew I could fall in love with him. These days, I’d prefer goddess, although that hasn’t quite caught on…yet. But I’m patient and persistent.

  19. We’ve never used pet names or terms of endearment. (it just doesn’t sound right coming from either one of us!)

  20. I’ve always liked the British endearment ‘luv’ and even ‘love’ in Amurican.

    My girlfriend calls her husband ‘Mr. Wonderful’, it can be sincere or it can be sarcastic, depending on what he has done.

    I end up calling almost anything ‘sweet potato’– I have no idea why. And I love it when my sweet potato calls me ‘babe’. He doesn’t do it frequently and it makes me feel hot.

  21. My hubby always calls me “beautiful”- on the phone, in public, when he walks in the door after work – “hey there, beautiful” and since I am very clearly NOT, it makes me feel really loved. (Mind you, he also has been known to call me Lizard lady, since I am always cold and could sit in the sun indefinitely….LOL)

  22. My hubby calls me Babe cause of Ranger. He knows of my love… :)
    Sometimes he says “Hello Gorgeous” like he’s pleased as punch to see me or hear me on the phone.
    Most often it’s Darlin’. Makes me smile inside.
    I call him Babe, Honey, Sweetie, anything really.

    My friend, when she really wants me to do something for her calls me and says “Sweetie, baby, honey pie” All drawn together, it’s funny.

  23. I am loving reading these responses. I expected help on my book and I’m getting that, but I’m also getting lots of warm fuzzies reading your personal accounts. So sweet. Keep ’em coming.

  24. My boyfriend and I have always used the term “baby” when referring to each other or “sexy”. Its definitely nice on a day you are feeling drab to have your boyfriend say to you “hey sexy” lol. I have to say that I wish my boyfriend was British now because that “luv” sounds pretty dang good :-)

  25. My favs: Darlin’ (Of course, I’m from Texas); Querida (Again, that TX influence) & Mi Amor ;-)

  26. Well, my fiance calls me Babe and I call him Baby or his real name not some short version of it (he’s chris but I call him Christopher). However, when reading I like Baby, sweetheart, duchess or princess(if the story calls for it like, in Nora Roberts Daring to Dream the hero calls heroine duchess and it fits her so well it works wonderfully. I also like it when the hero changes the heroines name into a endearment with the way he says it, so he still uses her name, but it’s in a way no one else does so it makes you tingle :)

  27. its kind of pathetic but my husband calls me darlin and I call him tim dear. we had an email address that was timdear and darlin like lady and the tramp :) Now I just call him big daddy.. nothing kinky he’s just really tall and built like a football player.


  28. My husband never calls me by name and never has in 11 years. I sometimes wonder if he remembers what my name IS. ;) He calls me sweets or little one (he is nearly a foot taller than I am). :)

  29. I was reading all the beautiful comments after i posted of course ( cause im kind wierd) they just reminded me of my gramma and grampa. My gramma passed away last year after having been very ill for a long time, he always called her my darling. Even now when he talked to my children about her he patiently shows them the picture he carries in his wallet and says this is my darling wife. Never your Great Grandmother or Inez its always my darling wife. Im crying now but I just needed to share that memory with you all. He took care ofer when she was ill.. he wouldn’t allow her to be put in a nursing home and when she passed away it was in his arms.

  30. Sugar, Honey, or Sweetness.
    Hmmm–I guess there is a pattern. I never really thought of it before.

  31. I’ve always liked sweetheart, sweetie, honey and dear.

    I’ve got two characters that call each other rather long endearments. She calls him her green-eyed hottie with an incredible body and he calls her his brown-eyed hottie with dangerous curves on a sexy body.

  32. My ex called me Hon or Honey. My brother calls every woman Sweetheart, it drives me crazy.

  33. I like Love (w/english accent), Darlin’ (w/southern accent), Baby (if it’s during a private moment, not in public), Sweetheart anytime and absolutely anything Roark would want to whisper to me anytime!

  34. We refer to each other as Babe. Or sometimes I get a “Hey Pop Tart.” Darling and honey drive me nuts. Yuck.

  35. My husband almost always calls me Pretty or Beautiful. Even in emails or voicemails. Fourteen years later and I still love it!

    I’ve read all of Toni McGee Causey’s Bobbie Faye books and her FBI guy, Trevor, calls her Sundance. She’s fierce, wild, out-of-control and his perfect partner. Love that one, too. (If you haven’t read these books, you’re missing out!)

  36. Great stories! Rachel, that brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful story & role model.

    When I was married I usually called my husband Honey. I also called my girls that, still do sometimes even though they are in their 40’s. They are my honey’s.

    In books I love Darlin’ if it fits the character (him to her), Luv works for some characters as does Sweetcakes, Sweetcheeks, Honey, Sweetie. The name really needs to fit the story & the characters.

    When my Mom & Dad were first together (I’m from a former marriage!) I called my Dad Honey because that is what Mom always called him. Loved hearing her tell that story. :smile:

    I’ve been on a trip I missed your blog Jill. Great subject matter for my first day back. Later when I am caught up more I’ll have to read what I missed!! :cool:

  37. My husband usually calls me honey or sweetie. When he’s messing with me (OFTEN) he calls me sweetie, but he says it all innocent. I probably can’t do it justice in written form.

    What about darlin’? Would that work for your character? I could see someone drawling the word darlin’ and it might just turn me to jelly in the same way Ranger’s “babe” does.

    Good luck!!!

    • This happened to me last night. A man called me “Darlin” he definitely drawled it and I melted. OMG! Love it! I’m pretty sure when he said it, it was not supposed to be flirtatious at all. But it definitely had that effect on me.

  38. Princess, always puts a smile on my face, I feel like he treasures me. Hot Stuff always makes me strutt with a grin on my face. My love…..makes me sigh. Cara…lovley. Angel.

  39. It really depends what British accent you have when you say luv!! Soft Irish yes, broad Yorkshire or Glaswegian no,no,no! ;-)

    He’s my monkey or mr. :-D

  40. Not that I have anyone currently….but my favorite to use when writing is “love.” I don’t know why but the way my one character says it to another in my head is precious!

  41. I’ve always been called some version of doll (doll face, babydoll…) or love. And ‘little one’ is cute (I’m very petite). And though this isn’t from a book I always loved in Days of Our Lives when Bo called Hope ‘Fancy Face.’ The endearments are so much better when they’re unique to the person. But you can never go wrong with sweetheart!

  42. Ok, I’m team Morelli so I love when he calls Stephanie “Cupcake” but I agree that “Babe” is the perfect nickname from Ranger.

    One of my friends calls his wife Buttercup.

    I also really like Love and one of my characters calls his girl Kitten (her name is Katherine or Kat).

  43. My sweatheart calls me sweetie. But sometimes when he’s away on work, he’ll call and say ‘Hey you’. And though it doesn’t sound romantic, it’s the way he says it that make my heart skip a beat.

  44. In the scene at the end of the Kiera Knightley Pride & Prejudice movie, where she tells him that he should call her Mrs. Darcy, was really, really nice. I don’t remember the details ’cause my brain is melting, but it was wildly romantic in a way that let them be very intimate in public, and the world would never know.

    My uncle calls my auntie “Woman!” Which looks kinda dumb written, but is just adorable in person. Like he’s some macho barbarian potentate instead of the cuddly teddy bear that he is.

  45. I recently read a book where the man called the main character “baby” constantly and it drove me crazy. On its own it doesn’t really bother me that much but it just did not fit for the characters and gah! Crazy-making!

    I find my favorites are always the ones that are special to just those two people. Like the woman above who is sometimes called “Pop-Tart”? I love that and you know there is a probably a story behind the name.

  46. For 30 years my husband has called my “baby” or “my sexy woman”..occasionally D(first initial of my first name) but not by my first name. Last month we were on vacation and he went to introduce me to a couple he met and actually had to pause when it came to my name. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. Poor guy looked like a deer caught in the headlights(lol).

  47. My current man calls me Badass, because I’m the first gf he’s had who is an athletic, physical sort. I give him a run for his money while hiking/backpacking, and fearlessly tackle his activities of rock climbing and mountain biking. Hopefully in the future I’ll earn some more traditional endearments, but Badass is a name I wear with pride. :mrgreen:

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  49. I’ve always been partial to Lil’ Momma or Baby Girl (both with a Southern Accent, please!).

  50. My friends husband calls her Bella and with his Italian accent it melts my heart.

  51. Just for kicks and giggles my better half and I both like to loudly screech “Honeyyyyyyyyy!” in the loudest and most obnoxiously white-trash whiney nasal accent we can manage.

    In public.

    There’s our everyday “darling” & “Babe!” (It’s sexy when she calls me “Babe”.)

    To top them off there’s:

    Sex God
    Tax of my Love
    Light of my heart
    She Who Must Be Obeyed
    She Who Would Like To Be Obeyed More Often.

    And the pinnacle of our endearments:
    The Man among Men (I think there are people in my wife’s office who think that’s actually my name)

    My Beloved Wife.

  52. I had a boyfriend who called me variations of my name, Martell, Martini, Martoi. My father’s term of endearment for my Mom was Boops. Not sure where that came from. Every time he left the house or came home, he’d give her 3 pecks on the lips; not 2, not 4, always 3. It was really cute. They had 52 years together and loved each other dearly.

  53. Awwww! Poor Frat Boy…I am sure his breath smells great. ;-)

  54. Heh… all the good ones have been taken.

    I dunno, depends on the guy. The guy in one of my current WIPs is calling the heroine princess, and he’s doing it to piss her off, but it’s becoming an endearment, without either of them realizing it.

    Babe or baby can work, depends on the guy. Darling works better for Europeans, and darlin’ from the south or Texas…

    Oh, good topic. :mrgreen:

  55. An ex of mine used to call me little lady, with his super sext texas accent. I loved it.
    My current boyfriend calls me baby, sugar, and princess. I love them all! He also uses babe, but mostly when he is mad at me. loke, “Are you serious, you paied how much for thoes shoes?! BABE!” lol.

  56. I used to be called babe all the time. Can barely stand to even read it now.

    Angel and My Love are my favorites for me though.

    Like everyone here though, I agree – that it’s what is in character for the couple

  57. I call my husband ‘hon’; my son gets called ‘sweetie’ although he is probably going to start objecting pretty soon. My husband calls me MO, short form My Only.

  58. My hubby calls me baby, which I don’t like all that much – but it’s bearable because it’s him. I call him Honey and sometimes Sweetcheeks. The cat gets called Fuzzbutt, but I suppose it could work for the right guy who’s hirsutely gifted. I like Darlin’, do NOT like Darling. Sweetpea is always nice – plus it’s my favorite flower.

  59. I always enjoy a “Honey” or “Sweetie”, especially at the beginning of the feelings phase, when they haven’t really expressed anything yet and are just realizing that they care. These endearments are usually followed by the hand cupping the face and going through the hair, looking soulfully into each others eyes. I like the classics. ;-)

  60. I like to lay it on thick when I’m being silly and have been known to call him “Honey Bear” and “My Love” and “Baby Pie” and my personal favorite “My Little Alex-y Galaxy.” He (being an unromantic engineer type) responds to these endearments by mocking them and calling me his little strawberry cheesecake or something ridiculous. Ahh, love. :mrgreen:

  61. When we were in college, I called hubby studloaf (so much bigger and better than a studmuffin – hey, I was 18, gimme a break here). So he called me loveberry muffin. OK, no gagging. Now he calls me babe, sweetheart, or sweetie. Love them both. But sometimes I still long for loveberry muffin.

  62. My husband calls me “midget.” (I’m about five feet tall.) I call him “sweetie.” He also calls me “goober” and “stinker” and just about any other irritating nickname you can imagine, but I know it’s because he’s not the sort to use actual terms of endearment, so they mean the same thing.

    He never really grew out of the phase where you pull the pigtails of the girl you have a crush on.

  63. My partner calls me pretty lady and has been calling me that since our first anniversary. We may have aged but I love that he still sees me as I was when I was 23.

  64. On a personal level, when I get a deep, breathy “Ms. M” I’m done.

    Lit wise, there is nothing like a drawled “Darlin” or and Irish/Scottish accented “Love”

    An intimate “Baby” is high on my list too!

  65. The first time my husband called me “Binky” (my late mother’s nickname for me), I might have cried a little — I didn’t know he was paying such close attention! I call him “Snuggly Bear,” usually, though he’s also Bert and sweetie. A few people have called me “Annie,” and one calls me “Juice” after a poem I love. Nicknames which arise out of shared personal experiences are, to me, the best kind.

  66. Being from Texas like Sonya M got the
    Darlin only in my case it was
    Lil Darlin cuz I am a shorty.
    Punkin (Tx again) but nothing beats
    Mi Amor whispered in your ear at the
    appropriate or even better inappropriate

  67. These entries are great ;-)
    Am a fan of babe but thats just a Ranger thing Rawr!! I think a couple of people mentioned maybe a word that only the two of them get.eg I just finished a book where the MC is called Tulip by a guy cos she has a tattoo of one in an area not seen by most:smile: I just found that kinda sexy!

  68. Not one for nicknames, but I get “Hey, baaaaaaaaby?” a lot when he wants me to do something that I probably won’t want to, like run to the store for something he forgot or see a stupid comedy with his friends that I was dead against 20 minutes ago. And the way he says it makes me laugh so that I can’t say no.

  69. Also, I don’t know if this is appropriate, but my father has made nicknames out of my mother’s name for as long as I can remember: Pamalamadingdong and Pammy and Whamela Pamela.

  70. After 32 years, my husband still comes home and asks how his “lovely wife” is today…..and then calls me a Sugar Nazi when our meals are exactly on target for his diabetes…. :)

  71. When we were dating, my hubby called me S.G. short for Sex Goddess. :oops: He would always say it while giving me the sexy eyes which made me totally melty. Now he calls me Love of My Life. As in “Hello, Love of My Life.” or “How’s the Love of My Life today?” That gets me every time. I also get Beautiful, Honey, Sweetheart and Babydoll.

  72. What about something related to a common interest or shared experience? Sadly, this comes from my ex-husband and me, but it was cute at the time. We honeymooned in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where Beiler is a common name. Hence we became “Benjamin and Becca Beiler” or Becca and Beiler. It was cute at at the time and had a sentimental tie.

    Presently, my much beloved partner has a very alliterative name with first and last names starting with the same letter, J. Hence, JJ, a pet name which is exclusively mine.

  73. I agree about the endearment needing to have personal significance; I also like it when what started out as a “cut” turns into an endearment for the characters. Stupid, I know, but my husband & I used to call one another mama cat and daddy cat (clearly, before children)… that is now shortened to MC and DC. But mostly after all these years, he just calls me my love. I occasionally call him Boss, which he really likes b/c it’s kind of a joke. ;-)

  74. totally agree that the name needs to fit the ppl and situation. my alltime fav is darlin’ coming from a southern man, just seems to ooze sexiness and promise.

    i often use dear or babe (i know, not original) and i am often snugglebear, which is just really like.

    and right on with the associations with ranger, morelli, and roarke

  75. Hmm, now this is a tough one, since the best pet names are specific to the couple.

    For instance, my name begins with a B, so I was “honey bee” for a while. Then after an amusing incident involving building maintenance, a yellow jacket hive in a bathroom wall and an exuberant worker yelling “BEES! HUNDREDS OF BEES!”, I became “hundreds.” In a bizarre rhyming slang sort of way, it’s really cute.

    So, I like the unusual ones specific to the characters – Bones and his “kitten,” Christian and “Maddygirl,” a Latino hero and his querida, a cranky spitfire whose man calls her “sunshine” half-ironically, etc.

  76. From the past: First the negative.

    Baby..Yeah that one causes my teeth to grind, and makes me want to smack a man. Babydoll, just as patronizing and irritating.

    Now the possitive: An ex would smile and say “Yes Dear” which although it would get an eye-roll, made me smile inside. “Sweetie’ also had the same response. He always used terms like these when he knew I disagreed with something, but he wanted me to give his view a chance…or not be irritated when he did not give in to my ‘well argued’ objections.

  77. My partner is from Buenos Aires and he calls me Morocha. When he first sent me an email calling me that, I had to look it up, and it means different things in different regions of South America. Essentially he’s calling me a fair-skinned brunette (but in a sexy, Latin way). More recently, he’s taken to calling me Peaches – he’s not sure why.
    I agree that names have to fit the characters, and nicknames that tease turning into nicknames that express love are amazing. I also like names that pick up on colouring or a specific feature (Sawyer calling Kate “freckles”; Gilbert calling Anne “carrots” – and getting a slate cracked over his head for it).

  78. At home we use “honey” for both of us. My hubby calls me “sugar” a lot.

    In one of my books the heroine was a blonde and the hero called her “Sunshine”. I love that!

  79. my dad calls my mom, my lady and also sunshine because she’s always happy. she calls him her tiger. My mom’s name is Lisa, but he’ll also spell is Leesa sometimes…he’ll also call out her name as leesee sometimes. I love darlin and hun. and nicknames that come from a characteristic or start off as teasing are awesome.

  80. My exes seemed to all go the nontraditional route with their endearments. One bf called me Ace. I have no idea why. To my ex-husband I was usually Dear, or even The Dear. (“How’s The Dear today?”) He never, ever used my actual name. He also hit me with Wifey-Poo from time to time. (Is it any wonder we’re no longer married?) And my platonic soulmate, who I see or hear from once every 5 years if I’m lucky, will always start a phone call or email with “Hey, Sparky!”

  81. Babe, honey, and bella (as in the Italian meaning for beautiful).

    In fiction, my favorite has got to be and Brit, Scot, or Irish character who says luv. Just the whole combination works and sounds great!

  82. These comments are so great! I’ve been called a bajillion different things over the years, and most of them I like. For some reason, many different people (family and boyfriends) have called me “Pookie”. I’ve also gotten “sweetpea”, “hey lady”, and “little bit” (I am super short), but mostly “babe” or “baby” which I really like. One of my dad’s favorites for my mom (or me) is lengthening “honey” to “honey bunch of stinkweed”. Weird but cute :)

  83. I love “baby”, can’t stand “babe” – have no idea why.

    One of my faves in a book is from Elizabeth Lowell’s Donovan series – in which Honor refers to Jake as “buttercup”. Makes me giggle.

    I am also partial to “Sugar” – which could be a southern thing, since only my southern relatives (never the Yankee ones!) use that term of endearment.

  84. Sweetie, Honey, Sweetheart, Sweetie Pie, Cutie Pie – okay, but I told my boyfriend that I draw the line at Baby Pie.

    About Cutie Pie (or QTπ), an ex of mine called me “Ru-rho” based on that (or RUσ). Ah, geek humor.

  85. Sugar, dear, love, hun, sweet cheeks, beauty, bug-a-boo…

  86. Pooky, pookybear, sweetie pie, your Highness, my lord and master…


    My love, my darling, my duck…

  87. I forgot to mention – when my hubby calls on the phone, a lot of times he’ll bellow “hey bacon!” to which I reply “yo, cheese.” Short for some tomfoolery that started with “how’s my lil’ bacon cheeseburger” or something similar.

    Now I’m hungry.

  88. My Hub mostly calls me Puss – or Honey when he’s exasperated with me. I call him Sweetie or by his first and last name together.

    Can’t say that I have a favorite.

  89. My personal favorite is “love,” but I think they’re best when they kinda form organically between the characters.

    I also like the “some version of their real name” that others have suggested. It reminds me of Linda Howard’s Now You See Her where the heroine goes by her last name, “Sweeney.” The hero says there’s no way he’s calling her by her last name and starts calling her “Sweetie.” It sounds so much like “Sweeney” that she doesn’t catch on for a while though she’s suspicious. I thought that was very cute, and it fit the hero the way he snuck in the endearment.

  90. Mi Amor, no matter how English you are it’s HOT! :mrgreen:

  91. OH! Also, my husband when he’s trying to be funny always says, “damn this woman!” But in spanish, “esta mujer maldita” He’s crazy! ;-)

  92. Reading all these posts drove home that Mr. Richland and I don’t have any nicknames other than using our first initials – we never sign cards or notes to each other with our whole names, and we never have since the very beginning (12 years ago?) I was the only “A” and he was the only “J”.

    This may fall in the “TMI” category, but the one time I tried to call him a lovey-dovey nickname in a throaty voice, I guess it didn’t work so well b/c he busted out with inopportune laughter and I had to smother him with a pillow.

    In my book, the hero calls the heroine “Doc” b/c that’s what she does. They’re both in the army, and they use each other’s ranks as well, and he uses “ma’am” both formally, to show his hurt when she’s pulling rank and pushing him away, and then later as a sexy endearment. All those were natural parts of their character so I didn’t feel forced into using an endearment that might grate on the reader.

  93. He calls me Kitten… and when I’m mad it’s Killa, short for killer kitten. It started early on because he said I snuggled into his lap like a kitten.
    In books I always liked descriptive nicknames: Red, Legs, etc.

  94. My man is a type 1 diabetic so we always calls me either pretty lady or his sugar-free buttercup. I call him sweet cheeks….and I think you can guess why. :)

  95. I like dear: Yes dear, no dear, oh dear.

    And for some odd reason I am really partial to snookums.

  96. I’m the one who uses most of the endearments, calling my husband of 26 years honey, hon, sweetie, or sweetheart. He calls me cutes, and when he’s teasing he calls me “wife-woman,” as in “Hey, wife-woman, what’s for supper?”

    Christin~ My husband (jokingly) signs most of his emails “snoogums”. It started as a joke years ago and has endured.

    I don’t mind endearments in books usually. Some that have stood out as working well for the situation: hero calls heroine “bunny” in Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy because she was small and had on a fuzzy sweater when he first saw her. Bones in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series calls the heroine, Kat, by the name Kitten. That works, especially because it was an insult that became an endearment.

  97. Am I awful because I hate all endearments? The sweet gooey sappiness thing makes me gag. Now, if you’ve got a nickname that is out of the ordinary/doesn’t drip of sugar, fine, but otherwise I just don’t like any of ’em really.

    (One of my exes actually complained that I didn’t call him dear, sweetie, honey, etc. Sigh.)

  98. My ex used to call me baby, or babydoll, or babe (toward the end it drove me nuts, but I suspect it wasn’t the endearments themselves so much as a reflection of the deterioration of the relationship). Prior to him none of my other significant others used nicknames or endearments, as I recall.

    My mom maintains that the most romantic thing my stepfather has ever said to her is “good morning Mrs. (last name).” Which feels very Mr. Darcy of him, so I can see her point.

    One of my favorite instances of nicknames/endearments happened in a TV show a few years ago, though. It got canceled after two seasons, but in the first season when the female protagonist meets and becomes friends with a guy that would eventually become her boyfriend, he started calling her Jane, though her name is Joan. Something about it combined with who he was–kind of distant and quiet and pegged, wrongly, as a stoner–together with the fact that he did know her name was Joan, he just liked calling her Jane…I don’t know, it just felt very sweet to me. It was his word for her, and I think, attached with his feelings for her, it just made me a big pile of mush.

  99. Jacinta Puccini

  100. Rudolph Wisneski

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