May 18, 2007

Fun With Daughter And Dog

“No, the dog may not sleep on your bed. In fact, YOU may not sleep on your bed, not until your room is clean. Do you understand?”


Cut to an hour later, bedtime. Middle daughter is missing. Her room is still a disaster zone, and then I find her.

In the dog’s bed. Because I didn’t specifically say not to sleep in the dog’s bed either…

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  1. ah what a cute picture. Ashes sure has the life

  2. awww, cuteness :love:

  3. aaaaawwwww that is so cute.

  4. Now this is just adorable. Best friends forever :)

  5. Good lord, your dog has a bed that big??? :mrgreen:

  6. Well now that was clever of her! She is so cute.

  7. That is too sweet. :love:

  8. OMG!!!! That is too funny… cute… and inspired on her part! :yes: LOL


  9. That is one cute picture, and every inventive of your daughter to find the solution to not cleaning her room……… :thumbsup: :mrgreen:

  10. She was tired mom. Cute picture.

  11. No the dog’s bed isn’t that big but the daughter simply spread out a few blankets and helped herself to as much space as she needed. She even brought her own pillow to share with Ashes…

  12. LMAO! Oh that is too cute. :rotfl:

  13. :roll: Sorry Jill, I like you from your blog, but I must be honest: There is no real discipline in your home. Permissiveness is the easier way. Very postmodern. But children need clear standards. You as their mother must teach them, guide them, they will thank you later. They have to clean their own rooms, but more than that! Why do YOU always do the laundry for them ? They are girls, after all, some day they will be mothers, and then they will need the knowledge and the discipline to run a family. You are too soft, Jill. They are really old enough to help you. You deserve it – but so do they. Today’s well disciplined girl will be tomorrow’s efficient mother.

  14. :lol: Love the picture. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and laugh.

  15. I swear, give them the least little loophole…. You’re like: :talktothehand: And she’s like: :bananadance: And you might as well be :blahblah:


  16. :rotfl: HAHAHA that sounds like the kind of loophole I would try to find when I didnt want to clean my room. But we didnt have a dog, we had a pet bird… I dont know how that would have worked out… lol

  17. Awwwww, cute and clever.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Thats just too cute :heart: :heart: thats love!!!!

  19. I would have done that. I was the type of child would find the loopholes and use them to my advantage. :) No matter what my parents said or did, I would have found a way. Some kids are like that. And we all grow up just fine.

    Very cute picture. Love the puppy cuddling going on.

  20. LOL!! :rotfl: I wonder who she takes after… :wink:

  21. Cute picture, clever daughter! :yes: Kids, you just never know how their minds are working! :smile:
    Everyone have a great weekend. :wave:

  22. Erika,

    After reading your comment, I had to comment on your misunderstanding of Jill’s role as a mother. As someone who has the pleasure of spending time with Jill and her family I see the way she deals with them. She is not soft on them at all. Her girls have their own chores which they do without being told. Dishes are cleared from the table and the dishwasher emptied and filled and counters are washed off in the blink of an eye. They always offer me something to eat or drink and make me comfortable. They have good manners. Jill washes the laundry. They seperate and fold their own. Her oldest daughter works two part-time jobs in addition to working at the hospital. All three daughters are straight A, honor roll students because of their mothers dedication to them and how hard she is on them to get a good education. If a man doesn’t appreciate the qualities all three of these wonderful girls have, the girls are better off without him. A man does not make a woman who she is.

  23. Jill, I love your girls! They are way too funny.

    And now that I have heard this story, I will not cave to the little one’s insistence that our dog needs a bed. I know what’ll happen to it! :)

  24. I’m all about sleepin with my cat. He purrs me into the dream zone…

  25. Wow. Someone has their heiney-hairs in a twist. :whip:
    I have to agree with the previous comments…what we see on Jill’s blog is a very small slice of life in that household. How can anyone presume to know
    what kind of disipline is administered in a home unless they are there 24/7?

    My boys pull the same stunts with chores sometimes. We have a good laugh over whatever outrageous exploit they have concocted, then they do as I ask. They may grumble, but as a child, who didn’t?
    They are both responsible, caring, respectful and helpful individuals.
    There is a thing called “picking your battles”.

  26. Jill,

    That is just too adorable! Your girls are great and your blog is always humorous. Thanks for bringing some laughs into our day and sharing your family with us.

    Being an efficient mother is all in the eyes of the beholder, and Jill you are very efficient, as your daughters no doubt will be. As mothers, we all teach and guide our children in ways we feel are appropriate. Who knows, your daughters may all aspire to be CEO’s and send their laundry out. :wink: :wink: I know I would if I could.

  27. Angie T. :wave: LOL!!! What you said is so true. And I’m glad I’m not the only one to laugh at the antics of my children and their crazy excuses to get out of doing chores.

  28. ROFL…cute picture. Definitely one to keep! :lol:

  29. Erika,
    Are you kidding me? Do you really think you can judge a person and how they raise their children by a blog where a few sentences are written each day? Give me a break. You have no clue as to what you are talking about.

  30. May I just say BRAVO ladies! (For the comments to Erika).
    Jill, your daughter looks so innocent and sweet, not to mention she found a lophole, so we know she’s smart too! Good job, Mom!

  31. Wow I’m not sure who won this one…you or your daughter? Although maybe you because that seems like prime blackmail material. Maybe when a boy comes to pick her up for a date in a couple of years.

  32. I wasn’t going to say anything, because we all have our opinions, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But it is true that one can’t get a sense of a person from a snippet on a blog. Especially mine. I purposely keep it light here, because sometimes, a lot of times, life isn’t light and we all need a break, an escape. My blog is my escape and I love LOVE love having you all here with me. You make my day.

    I will say that I have no idea what the CORRECT amount of discipline is to have in a home, but I do know I have the RIGHT amount of discipline in my home.

    Also, thanks for all the letters on my recent releases SMART AND SEXY and SHADOW HAWK. I appreciate that you spend your hard earned money on my books, and am grateful you’re enjoying them!

  33. Awww, that’s a cute photo :grin: Wish I had a few like that of me with my doggy.
    Can’t wait to pick up Shadow Hawk :bananadance:

  34. Oh, the beauty of unconditional love. :heart: There is something about a girl and her beloved pet…nothing can keep them apart.

  35. Cute pic! Sounds like your daughter is almost too smart for her own good. :wink: Maybe she gets it from her mama.

  36. There’s a fine line – you want your kids to listen to you but not to the point that they never have any selfconfidence and independence. I always said I wasn’t raising clones. Kudos to your daughter (and mom)lol.

  37. I’m sure that while we all enjoy the antics you relate to us, Jill, there is much, much more that goes on in your home that we don’t know about – because it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to defend yourself to anyone who visits here. If someone doesn’t agree with any of the things you have to say because of the ridiculous, mistaken notion that it *is* any of their business, they should just go away – and maybe see someone about getting the stick out of their ass.

    I loved Shadow Hawk – it’s very special to me for obvious reasons and I thank you for that.

  38. What a cutie (both of them)!

  39. Erika, judgmental MUCH? And antiquated in philosophy even MORE? “Disciplined daughter is efficient mother” ptui! Blech, even! You sound like a bad and preachy 1960’s physical education filmstrip (remember those?) that they played to keep girls in their places. Hello! It’s a new millenium here!

    I firmly believe that compassion and humor are the keys to raising good kids. I am sure from what I read here that Jill’s got great kids because her heart and her wit are on display for all of us to see. No, life’s not altogether like that, as she points out, but if you can find the humor in it all, you’re 95% of the way toward keeping it rational, real, and caring.

    I’m sorry you’ve inferred otherwise, but I find it egregiously rude for you to come to Jill’s place and pass judgment. Blech again.

    And though we’ve never met irl: (((((((((((((Jill))))))))))))) (

  40. That picture is SO sweet. Your daughter sounds wonderful. *hugs*

  41. I’m thinking Erika is a joke… surely.

    Too cute pic — although, you’re not making me hopeful for when my 5 yr old going on 13 twins really reach their pre-teens!! Yikes! :fryingpan:

  42. Go away for a while and everything goes to pieces. Jill – you are the best! Although I have never been to your home, I have been honored enough to know some of what goes on and you are a good mother. Your daughters will be just fine.

  43. So darned cute!

  44. Ohhhh…not REAL cats…

    Hugs, Jill. As a daughter who still looks for loopholes, you must be glad she’s that sharp and outside the box ;)

  45. I am 21 and I have been caught doing the same this with my dog Daisy. She is a smart girl :smile: How can you get mad at something so cute. Last night I wanted to have the dog sleep with me and my mom said no, well I waited for her to go to sleep and I went and took her :rotfl: all my mom could do was laugh when she found her in my room.

  46. That is so cute!

    And Erika’s joking – right? As someone who has been known to sleep with two dogs and two cats on the bed – oh, yes, and a husband in it, I sure hope she’s joking!
    Your daughter is showing great initiative and a loving heart. What more can you ask from a daughter?

  47. Jill, that’s a lovely pic. (And a very, very funny story.)

    As for discipline – apart from the fact that no way can you judge someone’s real life from a blog:

    a) it’s your choice how you raise your children

    b) your daughters clearly love you and trust you and THAT is what’s important: if they’re in trouble or have a problem they’ll come to you and know they’ll get love and compassion and help to sort it out rather than a lecture. They’ll also know you’ll laugh at their jokes and help them see the bright side of life, and that for me is what being a mum is all about.

    You carry on doing what’s right for you and your family. Hugs from over in England :thumbsup:

  48. OMG this is too funny. The only reason our dog doesn’t have a bed is because he shredded it. Then adopted our youngest daughters’ bed. They sleep the same way as your pair and he cries to be let into “his” room if she is at a sleepover.

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