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  1. I didn’t mean to eat your book, but it tasted so good I had to roll around in joyful abandon. ..too bad poo was in the way😕

  2. 🎶 Scat-scat-adodo
    Dat’s da way we Frat boys roll roll roll
    Gots da bear nuggets love in my soul 🎶

  3. What?! It looked like that stuff you and the girls put on your faces – I think you called it a mud mask?

  4. We did not live near bears, but we used to have horses. I remember that look. And our dogs were cocker spaniels with long hair – and were supposed to be going to dog shows.

    I always thought Happy (the usual suspect) would have said…Gee, you should have been there and then you would understand.

  5. But Moooooooooooooommmmmmmm…it’s the scent I know you love! Right????

    Poor baby. He LOOKS remorseful… 🙂

  6. I thought this would smell better than my doggy scent. I could not stand the smell of myself. I needed a bath and this was there.

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