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  1. Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume! He’s jummie with or in regular clothes, but that costume is the bomb!

  2. WOW! Chris Pine’s blue eyes are something else., and a rare find like Paul Newman. I know I’m going to be showing my age, but find an old pic of Pail Newman and compare. The eyes have it. 😍

  3. With Chris Pine it’s always the eyes. When he comes on screen, I’m so mesmerized by the eyes that I forget to watch the scene. Not that I couldn’t make a case for the stubble too!

    I’m going to go with Chris Hemsworth, or Liam Hemsworth. I’m not picky 😉

  4. This Chris Pune pic?!? … 😍
    But … for next week?? Hmmm … since DP2 is in theaters Friday, I say … Ryan Reynolds!!!!! 😁❤💕😍

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