Marriage and bad hair…

So when you’ve been married since the Ice Age and you’re traveling to a place of high humidity — which your hair reacts to by becoming a squirrel’s tail — and someone says very seriously to you and your husband that they want a nice pic of the two of us…

This is the sort of thing that happens. Yes, we’re a pair of twelve year olds.

But seriously, since the dawn of time. I’m curious, what’s your longest relationship?

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  1. 29 years and counting. He retired last year and it’s been “interesting” having him home 24/7 but we’re working it out. JIC, starring a chapter of the Future Widows of Retired Husbands.

  2. We were together for 52 years & married 49 years, 11 months. He died a month before our 50th. Having him suffer the past few years with multiple health issues, it made me appreciate all the great years we had together. Miss him every day but know he is pain free & is in a better place. We’ll meet again when it’s time. Love your life! You are so lucky to have a great one!

  3. Will be married 25 years next month but dated for 3 so 28 years. My hair does the same thing in humidity and it drives me nuts!

  4. I am closing in on another big milestone birthday and still have good relationships with my sisters so those are the longest. Romantically speaking, my marriage lasted 29 years. However, 5 years and a divorce later, the friendship is still strong. We consider ourselves best friends.

  5. Outside of the family I was born into, Is have to say my husband. Married 44 years this coming August. We’re both retired and someone asked me how we get along now that we are retired. I said. “We laugh more”!

  6. The boy and I were friends for a few years before and married over 35 years ago. He, too, is a keeper (most days!) And you two always take great pics! Your hair looked great; didn’t see any squirrel’s tail.

  7. So glad you guys have fun together. That’s how it should be.

    I met my husband 46 years ago in January, got engaged two weeks later and married 46 years coming up in August. It’s all good.

  8. Nothing compared to most of these commenters! We’ve been together for a bit over 11 years, but being young with very little money we waited to get married. We just passed our 4 year marriage anniversary a couple months ago.

  9. Rob and I have been married 43 1/2 years and he still makes me laugh. We are both retired and together 24/7. He is my heart.

  10. My husband I will be married 34 years in May. We met in the Army. Dated a month, got engaged & married 8 months later.

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