Marriage and bad hair…

So when you’ve been married since the Ice Age and you’re traveling to a place of high humidity — which your hair reacts to by becoming a squirrel’s tail — and someone says very seriously to you and your husband that they want a nice pic of the two of us…

This is the sort of thing that happens. Yes, we’re a pair of twelve year olds.

But seriously, since the dawn of time. I’m curious, what’s your longest relationship?

The Good Luck Sister

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  1. I married the boy next door. We’ve been married 44 years and together for 48. Love seeing the pics of you and your hubby.

  2. I’ve been in a relationship with TJ for 40 years and married to him for 38 of those years. I am both grateful and blessed that he is in my life

  3. Your hair looks fine just a little fluffy. You two are a cute couple. My longest relationship has been Mr second marriage which will be over soon and we are add of now 6 weeks shy of 27 years together married and we lived together about 1.5 years before that. He moved out at 25.5 years. We filled almost a year ago in July but we are legally still married so yeah total 28.5 years.

  4. Will be 19 years married this June. Total is 22 years together. Been together since i was 16 1/2. Love him more than ever. You two are so cute together. Goofing off with ur love is the best!.

  5. Me and my husband have been married 44 years and together 45 years. Wouldn’t change a thing. Still hot for each other too!

  6. I’ll be 34 this year and my husband and I have been together since I was 17. This year we’ll be celebrating our 10yr wedding anniversary.

  7. You two are so cute and funny together. I was lucky to have 34 years together. We had fun times like that. Enjoy every moment. We did.

  8. We were married 27 1/2 years before Cancer took him. Together for 28 years. And people thought we wouldn’t last much more than a year. HA!!!

  9. I love reading about your special relationship – and the pictures are always fun.

    It is encouraging to know that y’all have such a sound marriage.

    And I don’t think your hair looks like a squirrel’s tail….not at all…nope never.

  10. Was married just short of my 19th wedding anniversary, we were together almost 24 years (he passed away unexpectedly).

  11. We have been married for 26.5 years & together for 29.

    You two are so cute together & love your silly pictures together.

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