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So I’m back from a reader con in Kansas City. I packed light this time, trying something new. Which meant I missed everything I purposely (and accidentally) left behind. Like my computer cord (GAH!) and some Zantac because I tend to eat stupid things when I travel that give me heartburn. Like a whole rack of Ritz crackers on the plane and then a pepperoni pizza in the airport. I don’t want to talk about it. BUT I do want to talk about traveling. What can’t you travel without? What have you forgotten that you wish you hadn’t?

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  1. I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years so I learned early on to pack light. I cannot travel without actual paper books…invariably I’ll be stuck somewhere that doesn’t have electricity or I can’t log into my accounts to get my ebooks… So there you go, physical books! (Hey, anything else you can buy when you are there.) Glad you amde it home safe and sound!

  2. Thanks for coming to KC! You are so wonderful and I’m so fortunate to have met you!…..I forgot my hairbrush on two long trips….also once forgot deodorant….at least you can just visit a local store to pick up little items….I now make a list of everything I need before I pack…just in case

  3. I’ve learned to bring a power strip to charge all of my electronics, along with my 10 foot charging cords. I need to make sure I have comfortable walking shoes, don’t ask about the blisters on the last trip because my hubby made me forgot those shoes. Benadryl has become a recent addition because of hives appearing due to anxiety.

  4. I over pack every. single. time. I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten anything and before you get all jealous, that means that I’m stuck carrying a crap ton of…well, crap! Lol

  5. Alcohol pads to clean the seat/tray/armrests/enough books/lots of underwear/toothbrush and paste/skin cream

  6. First order of business is the in-flight activity bag: knitting project (because I have to do something with my hands), iPhone with AirPods and wired earbuds (because i need noise in my head that isn’t the airplane engine) and iPad mini (because). Mostly I figure I can buy whatever I need when I land. But on a recent trip, when I reached for my earbud pouch, it wasn’t there; it was on my desk from a phone call the day before. The good news is that I was still in the airport. The bad news was it was not quite 5am and the only shop open was the snack shop, which did have earbuds. Something is better than nothing.

  7. I went to Boston in May a few years back & the weather forecast was sunny & 70s – reality was very wet & 50s – I froze the whole weekend so a coat, gloves, & ear muffs plus decent shoes. The even was held in a big tent & it was very muddy. I didn’t care for Boston at all – the best thing about that trip was when the plane took off leaving it behind me!

  8. Because our suitcases were packed full-I left shoes and a pair of black juans in a Paris hotel with a note for the maid to keep or sell them. Once I was home though I did miss them but I just replaced them.

  9. I can’t go anywhere without a book or two in my purse and my kindle. I got kicked off the family kindle account because I “download to many romance books” my brother said “my friends are questioning why I have so many half naked men.”

    I forgot my medication bag once with all my testing supplies. That was a rough week.

  10. I never pack light whenever I go anywhere. I feel like I need to take everything with me. Because of that, I usually have everything I need. My husband is the one who is constantly forgetting things because he likes to pack the bare minimum. He never packs himself enough clothes.

  11. I always keep my makeup, medication and jewelry in my carry on. It drives my husband nuts that I need a large carry on in addition to my purse and suitcase. The thing I forgot that I had to replace immediately was my hairbrush.

  12. I formerly traveled for work and lived out of suitcases for months at a time. I got really good at remembering things. It has been a long time and I am about to take a week’s trip shortly. I bet I will forget something important. I reckon that is part of life, forgetting things and making do with what you have.

  13. I can’t live without my iPad when I travel. I use it to read my books on the Kindle App and play card games.

    I have forgotten a charger for my iPad and had to buy one when I got to my destination. I now own my iPad chargers than I care to admit.

  14. I travel frequently for business and I can’t travel without my collapsible tea kettle and my teas. Gets me through every trip!

  15. I travel enough that I keep an overnight bag with everything I might need except for clothes. I have duplicates of everything – phone cord, toothpaste, travel size hand lotion, etc. The first time I used it I left the tickets for the concert I was traveling to attend at home. Sigh.

  16. OK, not at the same time, but I usually forget one thing. Once I realize what it is I feel better. There’s been the two bathing suit tops and one bottom missing. Underwear. Face wash (most of the time and it drives me nuts). The addresses of the people I was supposed to send post cards. Do people still do that?? Can’t remember any more but there have been a lot more.

  17. Because I travel very frequently, I started a spreadsheet of items and tasks that needs to be done a couple of days prior to leaving home. I print it about three days before I leave. There’s a section with items that have to be be packed and with me. And last minute duties for day of travel. The spreadsheet has evolved over the past couple of years but by travel day, I’m confident that I’ve got everything.

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