Happy Hump Day

So I’m writing a very emotional, revealing scene and it’s stressing me out — so I went looking for some pictures for inspiration…

I can definitely feel the emotion in these pics, as silly as it might seem, it helps me see my scene.

Anyway, thought I’d share. ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you all feel about my Hump Day posts? Should I continue them?

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  1. Hump Day should be every day in my opinion…Is there a reason why your book covers don’t look this good? I don’t really care what the girl on the cover looks like as she is always a bit like a Miss Goody Two Shoes…But the GUYS…come on!!! I am looking at the cover of ” Instant Gratification” …Stone is described as ‘ …a mountain bum. tall and built with that sun-kissed hair and California good looks,,,’ And the cover show this skinny boy, wearing an embroidered short sleeves shirt showing little skinny arms and he’s wearing a red scarf wrapped around his neck…with a short sleeve shirt!?!? Please Jill, I’m begging you…veto those guys!!!!
    I love you…I love your books…but the covers? Really? Lollll

    1. If it helps, the original cover of Instant Gratification was a million times more true to Stone’s description. The one you describe (very accurately, BTW) is on newer editions. Go on ebay, there’s probably a cover there to see the original…Stone is still my pretend boyfriend of choice based on the first cover.

  2. [yelling at my computer] OMG don’t you dare stop!!!!!
    [clears throat more politely] Yes, please continue to do so, it makes for a great midweek pick me up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Stupid question…. you know your pictures have many drooling over them, you’d be depriving everyone of their weekly fix of hunk if you stopped

  4. What were you saying? I couldn’t understand over my drooling and panting. Something about words and….
    Don’t stop the hump day posts woman.
    Could that Caleb you’re writing about?

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